Socialism is government providing all the basic needs of citizens. Food, housing and medical care. This is paid for by taxing everyone. Those whose employment provides them too much income to qualify them for some or all of the government welfare programs are the ones who pay most of the taxes that support those who do qualify.

Anyone who is employed pays taxes to support those who are unemployed, and anyone who is unemployed qualifies for welfare, in a Socialist state.

Some states are very strict about making sure that those on welfare are unable to work for legitimate reasons, but most Socialist states are lax, especially if the economy is poor and unemployment is widespread. In this case, so many people apply for welfare that those who process applications are overwhelmed, and hand out approvals with little or no verification, simply to speed things along.

Economic downturns are cyclical for all nations and the world, and unemployment increases during downturns. Since Socialism naturally stifles economic growth because of the greater taxation than non-Socialist countries, leaving less money to spend on growing and expanding businesses, any increase in the welfare rolls results in increased taxation, driving small businesses out of business, thereby increasing unemployment and putting even more people on the welfare rolls.

This is a chain reaction that keeps increasing until the government is hopelessly lost in debt and collapses. Normally, policy changes are made before this happens to stave off the collapse, such as inviting foreign investment and factories and granting them low or no-tax status.

But when you have dictators in place, as in Venezuela, this doesn’t happen and the people either starve to death or rise up and overthrow the dictator.

Canada has a Socialist system that mainly focuses on free medical care, and so far it’s working pretty well only because they have high employment and little else in the way of welfare programs. But England, their parent nation, also has Socialism and free medical care, along with other welfare programs, They also have excess population and more steadily coming in. who immediately get on the welfare rolls. England is an industrial nation and has managed to balance their high taxes with high employment, but their free medical care is a disaster and has been long before they joined the EU and let in hordes of impoverished people.

Every time a government experiments with Socialism, they have problems, because Socialism requires those who are financially responsible to support those who aren’t. This can only work on a small scale. As soon as the burden increases on workers, and their taxes go up, they have less money to spend on goods, so businesses suffer, workers are laid off, and it all spirals down the drain.

Socialism only works during the up cycles, during prosperity. During hard times, the only Socialist system that works is work farms, put people to work growing food to feed themselves with and to sell, until the next upswing.

But the only system that always works regardless of world economics is democratic capitalism, where people are expected to support themselves without government aid. It’s surprising to see how well most of us can walk once our crutches are taken away from us.

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