It’s been known for awhile now that the Universe is not only expanding but that the rate of expansion is increasing steadily.

The Universe as a whole is expanding, not the galaxies within it or the solar systems within the galaxies, okay? It’s the galaxies as units that are all moving away from each other.

So it isn’t Space that’s expanding, as otherwise the galaxies would all be expanding too. Or so it seems, but one claim is that they aren’t because there’s too much internal gravity holding them together to let them expand. Maybe so. We do see galaxies that got too close to each other colliding, so galaxies aren’t repelling each other either. It must be something to do with space and I think I know what it is.

Imagine that you’re rich and sailing on a yacht to some fabulous South Sea island and you suddenly find yourself floating alone in space in a suit that’s running out of air.

Imagine that you’re on a warm beach with the sex partner of your dreams and about to get it on, when suddenly you find yourself alone in the utter cold and blackness of space.

Imagine that you’re just relaxing comfortably at home, maybe watching a TV show, when suddenly you find yourself floating in the blackness of space without a suit, and all the air is sucked out of your lungs as your chest caves in and your eyes bulge out and your veins blow up from all that internal pressure against the total vacuum of space.


Okay, I’ve had my little joke. The current “cause” of “expansion” is “Dark Energy”, a no-see-um similar in nature to Dark Matter, which was conjured up to explain what appears to be a shortage of matter in the Universe.
The reason the Universe is believed to be expanding is because the farther away a star or galaxy is, the redder the light is from it. Because of a phenomenon called Doppler Shift, the faster a light source moves away from us, the redder it’s light appears to be. Therefor, the Universe must be expanding faster the farther away it’s parts are from us.

How about this? Light color is a function of vibration, cycling or whatever. Like radio frequencies, run them up high enough and they become light in different colors according to their frequency. What if the FREQUENCY of light slows down over time? It keeps moving at the same speed forever but is there any reason it’s rate of vibration can’t run out of steam over the billions of years?

And about this Dark Energy, let’s not forget that light PUSHES. Photons have a pushing effect on anything they strike so could it be that it’s light that’s pushing galaxies apart from each other? Gravity is actually one of the weakest known forces and if galaxies are too far apart to attract each other, then why shouldn’t it simply be light energy that’s pushing them apart, assuming that my other little theory about light losing vibrational steam is incorrect?

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