Watched Solace this evening. It’s a movie with John Hopkins and other good actors where he plays an exceptionally talented psychic who becomes entangled with another, much younger psychic who’s killing people.

It all ended well, and afterward I got to thinking how most people really don’t accept the existence of ESP or any such abilities. I’ve now lived a longer life than most, and I’ve met many thousands of people in that time, all over the world, and I’ve never met a single one who had any sort of psychic abilities, and I would know one if I met one, because I’m one of the few.

I can say things like that on my little blog here, because only a few good friends read it and while they will probably think I must have a few screws loose, I doubt they’ll call and have me taken away to the nut house.

The reason I’m about to tell on myself is simply that I’d like to leave my story behind me on the Internet, in some cache somewhere on some server, just so that it’s not entirely lost. Just because I hope someone someday might read it and say “he was just like me”. It’s not good to be one of a kind, sometimes. It gets lonely. This is not the sort of stuff you can tell new friends about and expect them to hang around. But it would have been wonderful if I’d had a life partner that was like me.

All my life I’ve known things were going to happen before they happened. Sometimes I’d see the event, sometimes I would just “know” that a thing was going to happen. This has actually saved my life several times. I know when people are going to call me on the phone. I know when someone is thinking about me and when someone is lying to me I know what the truth is, I can see it as an actual language in the movement of their face and I can feel it in their mind. I can feel the minds of animals sometimes, once a lost dog even told me it’s name, so I could find it’s owner. Now, that one should recommend me for a straightjacket for sure, right? Animals do broadcast, tho, they’re probably more telepathic than people.

None of this has ever been anything that I can control. I can’t turn it on and off, but what I can do is focus on this “sense” or “feeling” or “inner voice” or whatever the hell it’s called and if I keep doing that over a long period, days and weeks, the ability strengthens. When I don’t do it for a long time it weakens, so it’s definitely some sort of brain function that can be trained.

Okay, that’s all. I said it and I’m done.

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  1. x says:

    Darn it, Better not post anything on here. You’ll know what I really mean!

    Psychic abilities sounds like bollux to me, but it’s funny, sometimes things that sound like crap seem to work. Once went to a place for what I thought was an allergy assessment, only to find it was a hocus-pocus new age health place and they gave me a homeopathic remedy. Having paid a tidy sum for it, I took it and, oddly, the problem immediately disappeared, although homeopathy is complete nonsense and I did not believe in it.

    So maybe you are a psychic. Come on Mr S, tell me my future.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I’ve always wished it was something I could control, but it isn’t, and the older I get the less it happens. When I was in my 20’s it was a constant thing, I knew what people were thinking, what they were going to say, what was going to happen soon, it was just all day every day, no surprises. But over time, as I say, it’s mostly faded away. It’s still there, though. I still get feelings and forbodings, just not very often.

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