This British private school for little kids Bewsey Lodge Primary School is teaching 6 year old children to be homosexual.

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Ten Foot Pogo Stick!!! No wonder the world is going to shit.

Back in college, first year, Psychology 1A, I mean, this is basic stuff, we learned about studies done with rats. One of the studies was about letting them keep breeding more rats but not giving them any more room to live in, and when they started getting crowded, some of the rats became homosexual.

So okay. Britain is crowded now, causing more people than usual to become homosexual. But that’s an ABERRATION due to unnatural conditions, and why promote it to children as being a good thing?

Of course, since the reason for more queers is the overcrowding, and since queers don’t make children, I can see why Mother Nature has this little trick up her sleeve. More queers, less children, population stabilizes. Fine. BUT DON’T TEACH THIS SHIT TO LITTLE KIDS, OKAY? I mean, teaching them to write homosexual love letters? WTF?

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  1. x says:

    How’d ya manage to find that?

    This transgender stuff in schools is ridiculous, what does sexuality mean at that age? Can’t recall ever being obsessed with my gender back then, I was just me. I suppose some kids did not have the “correct” interests, we called ’em cissies or tomboys, but can’t see it was a sexual issue.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


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