Iran is complaining that unless they do something drastic and soon, they’ll lose 70% of their farmland within the next 20 years. Of course, they blame changing climate on the United States, even while admitting that encouraging population growth has resulted in excessive demand on the water supply in that arid country.

Nations still blessed with clean rivers and good average rainfall along with arable land to feed their populations are the same ones that are steadily increasing their manufacturing abilities and welcoming in more foreign workers. The result is that these burgeoning and mostly unvetted people are increasing the crime rate dramatically along with having lots of children, and putting an increasing load on the available food supply.

The climate is changing. Africa has been getting more arid for decades, with the deserts steadily expanding. Meanwhile, thoughtless do-gooders have made it possible for these people to prosper and multiply instead of allowing them to go through the famines that reduce their numbers to equal the food supply. So now hordes of them are swarming into Europe to escape the wars at home that resulted from there being too many of them.

There are now hundreds of thousands of homeless people living in the streets all over Europe and more coming, and all of them demanding to be fed by the local governments, which have no choice but to do so to keep them from looting en masse. And of course the crime rates everywhere have soared anyway and these people urinate and defecate wherever they feel like, creating a massive health problem.

This is Globalism at work. These people are invited in on the premise that they’ll vote for the political party that puts food in their mouths. Once enough of Europe is under just one party, which has enough power, Europe will become a de facto dictatorship. By the time that happens, cities will have become high crime ghettos, as London is doing now, and food shortages will result in constant riots that overwhelm local police forces and the choice will be to either stand back and let them go at it, or send in army units to shoot them down. This scenario is inevitable if Globalism in Europe becomes a fact, and shooting them down will be the only working option because they will have to be pacified.

Eventually, the cities will be divided up into separate areas patrolled by military where the people inside each area are kept under control. Dividing to conquer is the only possible outcome. Trying to manage a crime-ridden city as a whole unit doesn’t work. Chicago is an excellent example of that and it’s coming that the worst areas will have to be cordoned off and patrolled, to contain the violence.

Do cities this way, then nations this way, and you have Global Domination. This was Adolf Hitler’s plan, except he tried to do it through war and conquest, and lost to greater might. The Globalists are doing it through economic control, peacefully. Instead of destroying people and infrastructure, they’re creating more of both, more and more, and getting richer and more powerful as they do so.

This dictatorship is being orchestrated not by the elected leaders of nations but by the mega-rich of the world. Those leaders are either Globalists themselves or paid puppets. Virtually all the wealthiest people on the planet with very few exceptions are Globalists, global domination is their goal, and massive migration from the poorest nations to the richest is their means of accomplishing it.

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