4000 migrants are walking and riding their way toward our southern border with Mexico, and President Trump has just informed Mexico that if they don’t stop this assault on our border, that he will order the military to CLOSE OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO.

That means nothing comes in, nothing goes out, all trade both ways is stopped utterly. This will run the price of vegetables and some car parts a lot higher but it will also destroy the economy of Mexico. No more tourist dollars that they depend on so heavily, no money for anything manufactured in Mexico, no nothing.

Pres. Trump clearly stated that the security of our borders is more important to him as President than our new USMCA trade treaty with Mexico.

Now let’s see if the corrupt assholes running that country have the sense to stop fucking with us and turn back that crowd of unwanted wanna-be-illegals. Because I’ve no doubt whatever that Pres. Trump will keep his word. In fact, he’s famous for it. He’s done his very best to keep every promise that he made, and the only ones not kept so far are because the Republican Party scoundrels haven’t backed him up to make it possible.

But this, blockading our border, he has the Constitutional authority to do and he can’t be prevented from doing it. One of his primary Constitutional duties is to protect our nation from any attack, and an invasion by an army of 4000 people is certainly an attack. Personally I hope he gives orders to shoot them if they cross over our border.

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