Getting a dud pipe bomb in the mail has gotten to be all the rage the past few days. Even Robert de Niro, the has-been actor who’s been blurting outrageous political statements in a geriatric bid for attention, now says he got one.

These “bombs” are pieces of pipe that may or may not have some gunpowder in them, no one’s revealed that yet. What they do have is no means of making them explode. They have cheap little 50 cent Chinese timepieces on them that connect to nothing, just taped on, and a wire stuck in one end, and the whole thing wrapped in black electrical tape.

No self-respecting mail bomber is going to mail a bomb without making sure that opening the package would set it off. Some of these have been opened by recipients, who took the thing out and looked at it, went “Huh, that kind of looks like a bomb” and called someone to investigate. None of them have exploded or were capable of exploding. They’re perfectly harmless, it’s all a hoax. More Fake News and most likely done by the Democrats themselves to generate sympathy and hopefully, votes. I mean, Robert deNiro? Please.

Moving along here, I Have A Dream. Not the Martin Luther King kind, a different kind. Actually I have this waking dream about half the time I have dreams, and I’m being confrontational with some bad person and it always involves guns. I’m shooting bad guys. I have done this in real life to a small degree, don’t want to say more about that, but it’s true that I’m a confrontational sort of person. That’s something that I’ve had to severely temper with the onset of old age and the offset of agility and strength. But in my dreams I always win and never get hurt. Who could ask for more?

The title should arrive any day now for a little place I bought on the other side of town, in a nice, clean and picturesque neighborhood, that needs fixing and tender loving care. Once done I’ll have gotten some good exercise, more than doubled the value of the place from the very cheap price I paid for it, and I’ll have a rental to start providing extra income, which I’m going to be needing for various reasons including inflation. I’ll be 80 in a few more months and still going strong, which I’m certainly grateful for. As an old friend of mine said, I don’t want to go out slowly, I’d rather just drop in place. A little WARNING would be nice first, though.

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