Yesterday, General Mattis ordered an inadequate 800 troops to defend our southern border against a mob of perhaps 15,000 people intending to swarm in, in violation of our laws. Today, the word is that President Trump has increased that to 5000 and is including Army engineers.

The engineers are to construct holding pens for any invaders who get through, but that may not be all they’re to do. They also need to oversee the construction of “temporary” walls, fences and other blocks to entry.

At the same time, I can’t help wondering if they may also be planning the construction of the actual Wall that we need, because these troops and engineers are being sent to all 3 of our border states with Mexico and not just the one area that the long string of marchers is headed toward. That seems significant to me and I hope I’m proven right.

President Trump has the authority to have The Wall built out of the military budget, because it’s in the defense of our nation.

Meanwhile, word is also going around that he may use the power of his office to deny entry to certain entire Latin American nations, regardless of any amnesty claims by their citizens, and of course Honduras is on that list. These people have been abusing our admittedly weak immigration laws by claiming fear of persecution in their home country and demanding amnesty and entry, and we’ve been giving it to just about every single one of them. This has to STOP.

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  1. x says:

    I think the whole UN convention on asylum needs ripping up. Now that travel is so easy, aided by hordes of gangs making money, there is an unnecessary burden on developed countries.

    We should probably intervene in other ways to help people in real conflicts or under malignant dictators but too many people qualify for asylum just because they have local problems, threats from gangs etc. which their own governments should be sorting.

    Not to mention all the frauds who make up stories. The liberal left live in a dream world on this issue. If you ain’t a white westerner you’re a perfect human being who never lies.

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