The Democraps have indeed won the House, with the Senate still under control of the Republican Party. This means a few things. One, the Republicans are going to find it impossible to get any bill they write brought up for a vote. Two, anything the Democrats write and send to the Senate will be ignored. In other words, it’s very likely there will be no new legislation at all for the next two years, until the Republicans can win back the House in the next election, which will also be to re-elect Pres. Trump, versus whoever the Democrats offer up.

So while Congress is stymied, Pres. Trump can continue to appoint judges to courts, issue Executive Orders covering a vast range of subjects, de-fund projects or fund them, in other words continue to run the government.
The Dems have and still are threatening, now that they control the House again, to “make his life a living hell” as they put it, by instigating constant investigations of everything he does and has done, the idea being to get judges to demand halts to whatever he’s doing while they investigate it.
Pres. Trump has responded to these threats with a threat of his own, reminding them that the Senate can also start investigations, CRIMINAL investigations, into all the great many classified information leaks and many other crimes it’s known that most of the House Democrats have committed. The illegal dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders are just one of many. Either they’re going to calm down or both houses of Congress are going to be in constant state of war over the next two years.

Lastly— Three Senate races are still undecided. One may go to a Democrat but the other two are leaning Republican, and if they fall that way, the new Senate lineup will be 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats. With that 6 vote majority, we can stand to have a few RINO turncoat senators like that now dead asshole, John McCain, and still have no trouble approving any new Supreme Court judges, should the opportunity arise. My hopes are high.

“NEW YORK – Progressive New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez easily defeated her Republican opponent college professor Anthony Pappas in the state‚Äôs 14th district Tuesday to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, according to news reports.” Copied/pasted from a news report.

The truth is that this “Progessive” is a Communist, a full-blown,outspoken Communist, and incredibly ignorant about everything and anything. To put it bluntly, this horse-mouthed ninny doesn’t know shit. So of course they elected her because most of the people in her voting district are Hispanic and her opponent is not. They would have elected Godzilla if the monster spoke Spanish and was on the ballot.

I know that Conservatives, Republicans, Independents and anyone else who cares about America voted for Republican candidates, but turncoats like Fox News, currently run by Socialist Rupert Murdoch’s sons, reported hours before the last polls had closed that the Democrats had taken the House. The fact is that right now as I’m typing this, the race for control of the House is still undecided. The Democrats are currently ahead but they haven’t won it yet.

No word on the total yet for the all-crucial Senate, where bills are finalized and sent to the President for his approval or rejection, but that looks safe from the clutches of the Far Left for another 2 years.
Final tally on that maybe by tomorrow.

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