The little town of Paradise, California, is no more. Burned to the ground now, from a fire that swept through like a thundering herd of buffalo. All gone.
More is lost, the fires in California continue to rage, in the North and in the South. The Rich-Bitch attempt at Elysium, which even has a park called Elysium Park, called Malibu in the wooded hills adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, is now burning, along with a swath inland from it. Looking on a Fire Map of the state, it looks like half of California is burning, tho it’s not.

This statewide calamity and one which happens every single year to some degree, is almost entirely due to the state failing to manage it’s forests properly. Part of this has to also be attributed to Pacific Gas and Electric, since their equipment failures have started a good number of these fires in wooded areas including the one that destroyed Paradise and has so far killed 9 people. I keep wondering when they’re going to be taken to task by the State, but then keep remembering that they have lots of money to pay people off with.

Regarding money, Pres. Trump’s declared the Calif. fires a State of Emergency, which automatically gives California access to emergency Federal funds. At the same time, he also threatened to withhold those funds if California doesn’t deal with their forest mismanagement.

Another fire burning is in Florida where the evil bitch who oversees their voting processes is doing her best to defraud a few Republican winners out of their victories and give them to the Democrat challengers who lost. Legal challenges and criminal threats are being tossed around, we’ll see how that one goes. Same deal in Arizona, fraud, fraud, fraud, all to take a victory away from a Republican and hand it to a Democrat. The Leftists know no bounds.

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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    I SHARED this must-see article.

    Some react:

    “instead of dealing with rebuilding their infrastructure ,they spend all their money on illegals votes to keep them in office, its a calamity thats going to send California in a spin off as a third world country.”

    • Black Sheep says:

      That response is exactly right, and it’s happening. California is still a major economy, but not nearly the one it used to be. As for it’s cities, not one person who lives out here in the mountains where I am would volunteer to live in Bakersfield., our nearest city, because of all the violence and crime, which is due to all the illegal aliens living there now.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Another reply:

    Waray Warrior:

    “I like this better! It makes more sense to me!
    The focus must be with in the real problems! The true mission or purpose.”

  3. x says:

    violence and crime due to illegal aliens?

    You’re lucky! Our biggest problem is violence and crime of legal migrants that our lax immigration system waves over our borders!

  4. Black Sheep says:

    When scum is allowed to enter freely by government, they’re legal regardless of what we call them. It’s not a lax immigration system you have any more than what we have. It’s all planned and deliberate. Nothing lax about it at all.

  5. Black Sheep says:

    Over here, our government no longer calls them illegal aliens, now they’re called illegal immigrants.

    Every English dictionary on the planet describes immigrants as those who enter countries to live legally. So what in hell is an illegal immigrant? They don’t exist. Illegal aliens, illegal invaders, illegal entries, that works. Illegal immigrant doesn’t fly.

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