Something’s been percolating in the back of my mind for months now, that finally finished whatever it was doing and rose to the surface, and it’s this: Who is it that truly deserves credit for the USA becoming the greatest nation of them all? Because it is, there’s no denying that. The United States is the nation that other nations turn to in time of need. It’s the richest nation of all, and enjoys the most freedoms of all. It’s true that Socialists are hard at work attempting to destroy all that and reduce America to an average Global level, which is why they’re called Globalists, but they haven’t succeeded as yet. The United States is still Number One.

What are the reasons for this? One is that the colonists of this nation were able to break free of a tyrannical regime that held sway over them, and found the United States as a new country. Another is it’s great size and vast mineral wealth, which provided the means for this nation to become so rich. Then, there’s the hardships endured in not just settling this land and building communities that became cities, but also in the battles fought to wrest the land away from those who were already here, who were and still are called Indians.

The timid stayed in the East to build their cities and develop trade, it was the brave and adventurous, the strong and willing, who set out to conquer the land and build homes. Then it was the wars fought and won to keep this land, wars after the Indian wars, fought against the British, then a civil war, then the Germans, twice, and Japan.

So we honor our heroes and our military dead, our great leaders like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Yet we don’t honor those who gave us the one thing that made it possible for the United States of America to become what it is, the one magic ingredient that kept us, that saved us, from being just one more nation, no different than Russia or France or the England that first dominated us.

I’m talking about the rules that govern us. Our Constitution was the very first document that ever guaranteed freedom to the individual and provided safeguards for that freedom. Our Constitution stands alone on this Earth as treasuring the rights of the individual over the dictates of government. And that Constitution was taken directly from the Iroquois Confederacy, which had operated since the 16th century and which was an unwritten. oral agreement. It was an Onondaga Iroquois named Canassatego who suggested that the colonists form a nation similar to the Iroquois Confederacy during a meeting of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania in Lancaster on June 25, 1744.

And so they did.

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