Disparity is, of course, the differences between two similar things, and in this case I’m referring to the United States and Mexico. Our two nations have literally grown up alongside each other. We share a border almost 2000 miles long. Yet we’ve become far more prosperous than Mexico and far more advanced both socially and technologically.

In Mexico there are still villages where the people live in mud huts and have never used a flush toilet, have no plumbing, no electricity. In Mexico City, their largest city, there’s thousands of abandoned children, many dying of starvation, disease and violence, uncared for by the State.

Wages in Mexico are way below ours, their average living conditions are shabby and poor, their crime rate is unimaginable, with drug cartels murdering each other and anyone who gets in their way by the tens of thousands. The entire country is a swamp of corruption. Everyone is corrupt. Life spans are shorter, diseases that we’d eradicated here are common, there. In every way, Mexico is a squalid blight joined to us at the hip.

The question is, why? We have a much longer border with Canada, and while we and Canada have our occasional differences, we don’t have a problem with Canadians swarming across our borders and bringing diseases and crime waves with them.

I think the answer is this: Canada was settled by mostly English and Scots, people with a good work ethic and strong moral ethics who wanted good farm land to grow crops and raise their families. Mexico was settled by Spanish looters and treasure hunters who didn’t care how many natives they killed to get the gold they sought. They were corrupt from the very beginning.

The Spanish invaders interbred with the native women. They also imported a lot of Negro slaves who’ve mixed in with the rest, and racial heritage matters in Mexico far more than it does here. Only those of pure Spanish descent get to become presidents of Mexico. The more Spanish you are, the higher up on the social ladder, and it’s the Spanish who made Mexico the poor and corrupt state it is today, and who continue to do so.

Mexico needs another revolution, only this time, one that establishes true but limited democracy and equal enforcement of fair and reasonable laws. Mexico could be a modern and prosperous nation but the ingrained corruption holds it down. By Limited I mean within certain parameters. Our form of democracy doesn’t work for Mexicans because they usually choose to abuse it. It’s that tendency toward corruption. So built-in blocks against that tendency would have to be included. Yes, it would be a dictatorial sort of democracy, but right now what they have is chaos.

What I’d love to see is a coup engineered by us, that does exactly what I described. Throws out their old constitution and puts one like ours in it’s place, kicks out all the corrupt governors, mayors, judges and law enforcement people. One that puts in place a military government until all the riots have been quelled, all the protests have died down. Socialism and Communism would have to be outlawed. So would Islam, Mormonism and a host of other cultish religions. It might be best to only allow one religion, which for Mexico would be Catholicism with a few changes to keep out homosexuals.

If we avoided any appearance of taking part in this coup, we would have a free hand in dictating pretty much everything we wanted to because Mexico is a separate country. It’s not subject to any laws but it’s own. We just need to be the ones making those laws.

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