It’s obviously on, a brand new Cold War, this time with China as the main opponent and Russia doing her best to be important and relevant too. China’s working hard to develop attack aircraft that are competitive with ours, along with other technologies useful for advancing their power in the world.

To that end they’ve been spreading tentacles into every nation they can, in the form of loans, factories, all kinds of assistance, with the goal of eventually dominating those nations one way or another. They’ve militarized coral islands in the China Sea and are actively trying to claim the only right of passage through those waters. They’ve been taking over the fishing grounds of various small nations as well.

Pres. Trump is trying to curtail as much of our trade with China as he can without damaging our own economy, in his effort to rein in Chinese aggression. The whole point of opening trade with China was to enrich our manufacturers at the expense of American jobs, and the result has been to enable an evil dictatorship to threaten the world. I saw this coming back in 1969 when Nixon opened up trade with China, and now it’s here, in force.

The Russians are playing their own hand. It was hoped that they’d have the sense to ally with us, but paranoia seems to be in their DNA, they refuse to establish trust, repeatedly violate treaties, have no allies and any appearance otherwise is an illusion. They’re only out for themselves and don’t care at whose expense or who they threaten.
Their latest aggression toward Ukraine is directly because Ukraine is a pending NATO member. The NATO alliance keeps growing, and it’s newest members are former slave states of the USSR. Russia violently opposed NATO membership for Ukraine, and their media portrays the NATO states as being “The Enslaved” and Russia as “The Land of the Free”. Once a nation becomes a NATO member, Russia doesn’t dare to attack it for fear of inevitable reprisals.

The EU leadership has come completely out of the closet now as a gang of Globalists hell-bent on wiping out all national cultures and sovereignty and making all Europe into one single dictatorial tyranny. They’re chosen form of government is Socialism, but it’s very Fascistic in form and application and getting worse.

America’s allies in the world have become ones of convenience rather than the true friends we used to have, thanks to the greedy and shortsighted mishandling of the great public trusts people of many nations had placed in their leaders, including ours. The horrors of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, aren’t over with the end of that war, we’ve had others, Chairman Mao, who was a mass murderer, the Kims, a litany of African leaders, and today we have Junker, Merkel and May, Xi and a host of leaders of nations great and small who all want to rule the world just as the ones before them did.

We are not done with war. War is the normal state. Peace is a temporary vacuum waiting for war to fill it.

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