Got an email just now from our rock club secretary. Her name is Sheila. Lots of women’s names start with “She”. Different spellings too, Sheila is also Sheela and Sheala, for instance, and there’s Sheena, Sheba, Shealyn, Shealy…

So I got to wondering, why are no men named Heeba, or Heela, or Heena? 😀

2 Responses to “WHAT’S IN A NAME?”

  1. x says:

    Aaaah! Does the fact that you you call yourself Black Sheep mean you are secretly yearning to be a lady? Black Heap would be a great name!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    The choice of Black Sheep as an avatar name reflects directly on my relationship with my family, most of whom have now expired, with my gratitude for finally doing so.

    Black Heap isn’t bad, tho. I’ll take it under consideration and thanks for the suggestion. May I suggest one for you? Heh heh. Heh heh hehhehhehheh.

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