On Dec. 12, nations that still intend to will sign onto the UN Global Compact on Migration, which states that migration is a human right, and being a human right, supersedes national borders and sovereignty. Let me tell you how this is going to work out for those nations that sign onto this.

The nation of Crapistan looks at this and says “Hmm, we have 6 million impoverished men of Army age but we’re too poor to outfit them as an army. On the other hand, here’s Flogistan not far away and they have lots of money and a perky little army to defend them. So since we have a Human Right to migrate, let’s send all 6 milliion young men into Flogistan and get as many as possible to join their army. Once there’s more of us in their army than of them, we’ll just take over Flogistan, take all the good jobs and nice homes and ship anyone who complains here to Crapistan.

Obama had signed us up for this crap but Pres. Trump withdrew our signature. Try to imagine nations without any say at all over who comes in to their countries. Armies can march in and take over. Hospitals in poor nations can empty their sick into richer nations, cause disease outbreaks no one is prepared for. Imagine all the millions of Somalian bush people, riddled with parasites and diseases, swarming into Europe, all of them Muslims, tearing down all the churches, setting fires everywhere, defecating everywhere. It would be almost as bad as San Francisco is right now. And yes, that’s a joke, but not much of one.

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The nations that sign onto this will be The Globalist Bloc. Those who don’t will be the Anti-Globalist Bloc and there will be war between them, exactly because of what those Globalist states become and what they’ll do against the Anti-Globalists. This is going to become yet one more major war front on our planet.

Right now we have imminent war between Israel and several Middle Eastern states, plus the “Palestinian” terror groups. War in Afghanistan. War in Syria. On and off wars in Africa. Russia and Ukraine. The areas of unrest aren’t decreasing, they’re growing and Western Europe is about to become a big one.

Nations without borders aren’t nations, they’re just areas without government and open to anarchy.

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  1. x says:

    Not quite sure what any of it means or implies for the future TBH.

    It does say it is not legally binding and that it reaffirms the sovereign right of States to determine their national migration policy. On the other hand, much of it is so general it is not easy to see what it really means, not that the word means means much anyway.

    Eg “promote evidence-based public discourse to
    shape perceptions of migration”. Sounds sensible but we all know how biased “evidence” is. Here, liberals regularly trot out figures showing the big net contribution migrants make to our taxes without grasping that it is much less than the increase in population. Any real evidence about disproportionate contribution to some crimes etc. is denied as racist of course.

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