A Chinese naval admiral has publicly stated that the way to calm down things around their militarized atolls in the China Sea is to sink two American aircraft carriers. Statements like that are always approved of first by the top level of their government before being published, and the point of this is to observe our reaction, which is to totally ignore it as it deserves to be. No response is always the best response with threats like that.

The Chinese seem to think that this will get us to back off from our patrols of the South China Sea lanes, and if we should do this, it will encourage them to be even more aggressive.

I’ve been wondering just how aggressive China would get with the increasing trade sanctions against them. What is actually, literally happening here is that China is threatening to attack us if we don’t start buying more of their products again.

It’s our money that’s been developing the war machine that China wants to destroy us with, and they’re well along in this plan but not close enough yet to begin their assaults. Pres. Trump is on top of all this, of course, which is the real purpose of the tariffs and the trade war. China’s economy is crashing because of it.

So this is probably Crunch Time in China right now. Do they go to war against us with what they have, or wait decades for another chance? My guess is that they’ll wait it out. Right now they’re pushing hard to get their newest and most lethal weapons functional and into production but that will be years yet before they succeed, and meanwhile we’re doing the same thing.

There can be no doubt that war with China will come unless the USA can force them back into Third World status, or else make it impossible for them to win, otherwise, or both.


Not sure, or able to prove it anyway, tho the train of events look like it to me, that a less than fully competent technician with my service provider screwed up some files, ultimately resulting in WordPress starting this blog out all over again.

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