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Monday, November 23rd, 2015

The argument over whether to bring thousands of Syrian refugees from the fighting there, 8000 miles to the U.S., is mindless. There will be some among them who are intent on terrorist acts and there will be others with them who will be persuaded to join them. Obama wants 10,000 brought here as the starting point, with possibly hundreds of thousands following, instead of simply setting up safe areas for them over there or compelling neighboring nations like Jordan to take them in. The United States is not required to save every displaced person. For that matter, it’s not our problem anyway. Did we lift a finger when Chairman Mao was killing off tens of millions of Chinese?

At a time when our poverty rate has never been higher, wages lower or jobs of any kind harder to get, Obama wants to flood us with refugees who are unskilled or skilled in crafts no business here has any use for and who are almost all Muslims hostile to democracy who will never assimilate, and who will all go on welfare programs. This even as illegal aliens are pouring in over our unguarded southern border in record numbers.

The leaders of France and England are uniting with Russia’s Putin to aggressively attack ISIS, while Obama makes aggressive noises and tells Russia they can’t support Assad in Syria. Syria and Russia have been allies for decades, and Obama’s mouthings are nothing more than farts in a paper bag.

The Democrat Party is starting to rebel against Obama, because while many of them are sincere Socialists, they don’t agree with his desire to wreck our country. Turn it into a nanny state, yes, they want that, but turn it into a third-world nation, no. His veto-proof majority is shrinking rapidly.

Obama IS a maladjusted homosexual and he WILL try extreme measures to achieve his goals. So far he’s gotten away with many violations of our Constitution and his Oath of Office, but only because his party backed him up. When that support is gone he’ll be like a one-legged cripple whose crutch was snatched away, and he will act out of panic. That is the point at which he may declare Martial Law. So now we wait and see.

Back to Syria, the British and French are absolutely not going to do anything to counter Putin’s support of Assad. They will unite against ISIS and may even help beat down the Syrian rebels that Putin and Assad are also fighting. After all, how do you tell the difference between ISIS and rebels when they’re both attacking Assad and wearing the same sort of clothes? French and British strikes against the rebels would be met with howls of anguish from Obama, and could cause our President to use that as an excuse to create a lot of discord with those allies and pull out all of our already diminutive support. This would be very disruptive to NATO too and weaken us with those allies. Another Obama goal realized.

The alternative to his pulling our military out of Syria is the possibility that he may order some “accidental friendly fire” strikes against French, British or even Russian troops. He really might do this, I don’t put it past him, and there will surely be hell to pay if he did.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

“While France and Russia tout their aggressive air campaign, the U.S. has carried out 95 percent of the airstrikes in Syria since the coalition air campaign against Islamic State militants began in 2014…” Yeah, but Russia has never been a part of the coalition. Hello? Any brains in there? France has been operating under the US imposed and very restrictive Rules of Engagement and was only in on part of the attacks. Duh? That’s called SPIN DOCTORING, Fox Supposed News. If you tell all the truth, the picture changes.

Anyway, JUST NOW Putin has ordered the Russian Navy to “work with France as allies against ISIS. What’d I say yesterday?


Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Quite awhile back I posted an article entitled “Why Mexicans Suck”. People keep finding it on Google and linked on other sites, and the comments keep coming in, over 450 now not counting all the ones I deleted for being troll attacks and racist. The racist remarks are deleted because the article is not about race, it’s about the attitude of Mexicans, and Mexico is a country, not a race. They come in all colors over there just like we do here.

The vast majority of racist comments that I’ve deleted were made by Mexicans, whining that the article was racist for saying that Mexicans suck. Mexicans are the only people on the planet Earth who call themselves a race instead of a nationality, and it’s all because of their shitty attitude. We have illegal aliens pouring in here from all sorts of Latin American nations besides Mexico. There’s Guatemalans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans, and others from Columbia and other South American nations, yet not one of those groups has ever marched or demonstrated or otherwise caused a civil disturbance in my county while displaying their national flag. Just Mexicans. In fact, I’ve never seen a single case of any of those other nation’s flags being flown here. Just Mexican flags.

Those non-Mexican migrants who pass through Mexico on their way to the United States do so at their peril. The ones hiding atop trains and in box-cars are often murdered, and the ones riding on buses are often pulled off the buses and murdered or enslaved, by Mexicans. Those who finally do reach here aren’t boasting about their nationalities and waving a flag from the place they left because that’s the place they wanted to leave behind for a new life. Not so the Mexicans, they want to bring Mexico here with them, with all it’s corruption, drugs, crime and violence. They aren’t looking for a new life, they just want to take all they can take. They’re nothing but fucking looters.

It used to be that America was a true land of promise, and immigrants flocked here seeking an end to their poverty and misery, and hoping for a new and happy life. Many of them found it, too. America was built by immigrants. My own family roots go back to Europe, all over Europe. My ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Poland, Germany. One of them even came over on the Mayflower, John Rogers, from whom descended my great grandfather. They worked hard, those who didn’t speak English learned the language and it became the common language, they assimilated. They may have been proud Irish or proud Germans but they were first of all, proud Americans.

Then we have the Mexicans. Boy oh boy. Those who came here legally, learned English, named their kids Susan and George and Mary and Frank, they became Americans, proud Americans. The rest of them are proud to remain human trash, to keep their useless, hostile attitude toward this country that they can’t seem to stay out of, they’d rather be proud of Mexico instead, corrupt, drug-infested, poverty-ridden Mexico, the place many of them died of thirst in the desert trying to leave. Is it me or are Mexicans just the stupidest people on Earth? Most of them are here because there’s no work and high crime in Mexico and if they stayed, they’d starve to death, be forced to work for a drug cartel or be murdered. Yet when they come here they don’t want to be part of what makes America great, they just want to suck away as much of that as they can while screaming their hatred for America.

You can’t fix stupid, all you can do is deport it and lock the goddam gates.


Sunday, November 8th, 2015

The older I get the more they drop like flies around me. People, relatives, friends and all the rest who were there when I was there long ago, all blinking out like so many fireflies on their last flash, and afterward all those things that could, should and might have been said, can only be said to the wind and the walls, and it doesn’t matter.

Nothing is important except on a personal level. If a war started and bombs began falling, each of us would only be thinking of our own personal wants and needs. Self is always the focus, and then there’s no focus when self ends.

Everything ends, and that’s the most important point. Current estimate is that there’s up to 400 billion stars in our galaxy. Our star has 8 planets and a host of smaller bodies including moons which could qualify as planets. So how many planets in just our galaxy? Current estimate again, is that there’s maybe 200 billion galaxies in our Universe. Let’s see, 200 billion times 400 billion times 8…..

Then there’s the Expanding Universe, with an unknown number of galaxies we can never detect because they’re moving away from us at a relative speed greater than that of light and it’s believed that there are other Universes. How’s that for perspective on one’s personal insignificance?

All stars die, they all eventually use up their fuel, go nova and collapse into themselves, turning all their planets to crispy cinders in the process. The Human Race will cease to exist. Billions of years have passed, billions more will pass, it’s all as nothing. 2000 years is nothing, yet to us it’s Ancient History that we’re still trying to learn about as we dig into the earth and uncover whole cities that had gone to dust. 2000 years, so long ago, yet that’s only 33 average lifetimes or less. 60 years per lifetime. Short lives. Some trees started growing before then, some sea critters live over 200 years. 70 years seems like a long time to us only because we’re pretty old at 70. If we lived for 700 years, 70 would be young. It’s all relative. If we lived for 7000 years, most of us alive today would remember ancient Rome and no few of us would have been born there.

It’s good to maintain perspective. None of us is the Center of the Universe except in our own minds. Nothing that we do is important beyond our own immediate human sphere, and nothing that happens today is important tomorrow except to ourselves. Importance is merely an idea, a concept, no more real than any other thought that sparks through a brain and is gone forever.

I like to remind myself every so often of my utter unimportance. It’s possible that 100 years from now my name and a few bits of data about me may exist in some computer database, but otherwise not one of my children will still be alive and probably not their children either, and no one will ever think of me or mention my name, assuming human civilization hasn’t mostly wrecked itself by then anyway. In the overall scheme of things, nothing matters whatever at any time. There is no such thing as importance.

Knowing this is freedom. It’s when our lives and our minds become filled with Important Things that we have no freedom, we’re slaves to all those Important Things that must be taken care of, done, attended to. Perspective matters. Everything that I want or need is totally important to me, certainly, it’s just that I am totally unimportant to the world and so my ego is kept in check.


Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

If you think the worth of a dollar is low now, then you haven’t heard the latest. It turns out that John Bohner, pronounced Bone Her, or Boner, our Speaker of the House who recently announced his retirement, has made a little deal with Bastard Obama to raise our debt ceiling again, and guess to how much. 20 $trillion? No. 22 $trillion? No. Here it comes, ready for it? Sitting down? Our debt ceiling is going to be raised to Unlimited. You got it, our president Bastard Obama will soon be able to borrow unlimited funds.

With unlimited borrowing power, our government can grow in size exponentially with more and bigger welfare programs and put more and more people on the government payroll instead of them working in the private sector. The more people who work for the government, the more powerful the government becomes and the less power the people have.

If you do a search for average US inflation rates per year, you’ll come up with a wide range of figures, all in serious disagreement with each other, but also all depicting low rates of yearly inflation. These claims are in pretty stark contrast to the reality of increased prices in consumer goods, which have roughly doubled since about 1997 to 2014. In fact, inflation has actually been flat for 2015, a first for at least a century, and only because of the oil price war over fracking. So why did prices go up so much? Because our government borrowed huge sums. For all that’s said of Bill Clinton, he did at least leave us with a monetary surplus, and our National Debt was 6.7 $trillion. Then the RINO George W. Bush took office and borrowed more $trillions, followed by Bastard Obama who’s borrowed even more $trillions, pushing our National Debt to $18 trillion now.

The more dollars there are, the less each one is worth, because our dollars are only backed by our credit rating, and not gold or silver anymore. Or look at it this way, if each of us only earned one dollar a year, that dollar would be worth enough to buy us a very nice new car. But now $40,000 is an average wage, so now that very nice car is $40,000. Yet not so very long ago, a new car was around $1200 and a yearly average wage was around $6000.

In other words, wages are now about a fifth of what they used to be, in buying terms. Or this perspective. When the average wage was $6000 a year, the average home was $18,000 to $20,000, or about 3 years wages. Now the average home is $190,000, but that includes a huge number of really cheap house trailers that didn’t exist and weren’t counted in when the wage was $6000.

The trend is obvious. Even though wages slowly but steadily rise, the cost of living rises a little faster and the gap between income and living cost continually increases. We are steadily getting poorer, just so slowly that most people don’t really notice. Now how much poorer will we be once the unlimited increase in our National Debt becomes fact, which it will soon, and the spending is renewed in earnest? Answer: Much more, quickly.

If we actually do have another presidential election, which I’m not really convinced yet is going to happen, by that time, our government will be printing so much money to pay interest on the debt, as well as putting so much borrowed money into our economy, that we’ll be flooded with dollars. We will see prices soar in compensation of this, as our credit value decreases with our increased indebtedness and our dollar drops in value because it’s tied to our credit value. The only limit to government borrowing is the lenders themselves. If they stop lending, then we can’t borrow, but because the spending will not only continue as it has but increase as it has, we will have to simply print the money we were unable to borrow, further reducing the value of the dollar, further driving up the cost of goods.

Lenders either stop lending if the borrower’s credit gets shaky, or else they start demanding a higher interest rate, and we can expect both to occur. Higher interest means higher payments on the debt, which means more government income going out to service our debt and less to run the government, which means more borrowing along with more money printing. It’s a plunge into massive inflation and the printing of 100,000-dollar bills. We made those in 1934 to spur inflation, but only for inter-bank money transfers. Wonder whose face will be on the new ones?

Heavy inflation looks to be in our near future, all part of the Progressive plan to turn America into their idea of a Socialist paradise, where the State is in complete charge of everything. Do I sound like a Mad Ranter? Maybe not so much, but we’ll see pretty soon. Give it one year, before saying I’m wrong.


Sunday, October 18th, 2015

It’s the age of the Universe I’m referring to. Astronomers currently date our Universe as being about 13.8 billion years old. Just recently they discovered a galaxy 13.1 billion light years away from us. Our galaxy is believed to be roughly halfway out from the center of the Universe. Got all that? Okay then…

The Universe is a disc just like our, and most, galaxies. The center has too much mass for us to see across it, so for us to see a galaxy 13.1 billion light years away, we have to be looking parallel to our position, that is, not toward the Universe center. We are not seeing and can not see the other side of the Universe opposite from us.

Now add this in: The Universe is believed to be at least 157 billion light years wide, supposedly having expanded from nothing 13.8 billion years ago. So seeing that 13.1 billion light years away galaxy is nice but in Universe terms it really doesn’t mean much. What does mean much is that the Universe is expanding, and the farther away objects in it are from us, the faster they’re moving relative to us. In fact, at the furthest, the Universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. This is because it’s space/time that’s expanding at that rate, not light, and the speed is relative to us, not to everything else in the Universe.

Now here’s the rub. We cannot detect by any means, any part of the Universe that is moving away from us faster than the speed of light so we cannot possibly have any idea how big the Universe actually is. Light speed is the limit of detection for us, anything faster simply isn’t within our plane of existence. So it doesn’t matter how far away we can detect another star or galaxy, that won’t tell us the age of the Universe, because there are other objects even farther away that are moving too fast for us to ever see, even though we know they must exist. Furthermore, we don’t know how many there are, how fast they’re going or how long they’ve been moving, because our estimate of the age of the Universe is based on it’s rate of expansion and that rate is constant. We would have to know the actual size of the Universe to know it’s age.

Supposedly, once you figure out how fast distant galaxies are moving and how far away they are relative to us, then you can calculate when the Big Bang supposedly occurred. Just reverse the rate and keep slowing it down to turn back the clock to the instant when it all began, and thus you have the Big Bang theory in a nutshell. It’s based on the increasing rate of relative speed/distance from us. Remember, this rate of expansion is only relative to us, though. In actual fact, it’s a constant. The farther things get from us the faster they go, but that’s still a constant factor throughout the Universe.

Here’s another little problem with age. The force driving this expansion. Astronomers are calling it “Dark Matter”, because they can’t detect anything causing the expansion. Like Phlogiston, an accepted scientific concept in the 19th Century that anything that burned had a quality to it that allowed it to burn, that quality being named Phlogiston. Dark Matter sounds an awful lot like Phlogiston to me, because the reality is that the Universe is expanding at a constant rate in terms of distance, so this Dark Matter must be equally present everywhere, including in your cup of coffee. We would see it. The rate of expansion is measured in kilometers per second per megaparsec. “For every million parsecs of distance from the observer, the rate of expansion increases by about 67 kilometers per second.” Imagine raisins moving away from each other in a loaf of bread dough as the yeast makes the dough expand. The farthest ones move the fastest, relatively speaking. Whatever is causing the expansion has to be a form of energy, pushing against everything equally throughout the Universe.

So if the rate of expansion is constant and the actual limits of the Universe can’t possibly be known because those limits have exceeded the speed of light relative to us, we don’t actually know how fast we, ourselves, are moving relative to the most distant parts of the Universe, and our measurements of speed and therefor of the passage of time are relative only to us and not to the actual age of the Universe. Our estimates are necessarily subjective, not objective, and can never be objective. We can only know the relative speeds of our neighbor galaxies, those that we can still see, in other words. We can never know the true relative speeds of the most distant of all the galaxies in the Universe, and that means we can never know the true age of the Universe. It’s entirely possible that the Big Bang is just Phlogiston, and that as matter leaves the Universe in our plane of existence, new matter comes into it. After all, motion has to start from non-motion, and the Big Bang theory itself claims that all matter came from nothing. It could be that that part of it is actually true. It could also be that the Universe has no age to determine. Time itself is merely a function of motion, after all, so why assume that the Universe must have an age? Maybe it just changes. The only universal constant we know of is change, in fact.

Here is my personal theory explaining the mystery of the expansion of the Universe: Inertia resulting from centrifugal force. The Universe is a big cartwheel, spinning around. The relative rate of turn is slowest at the center and increases rapidly as you move toward the edge, the same as being on a playground merry-go-round. Centrifugal force pulls everything outward while the internal gravity pulls everything inward, being strongest at the center and getting weaker with distance and as mass spreads apart at the edge. Very likely the god of all Black Holes is at the center of the Universe, a condition mimicked by our, and most galaxies. Since the rate of spin is a constant, and the gravity at the center is likewise a constant since not even light can escape at a certain point, and since clearly the internal gravity is inadequate to stop the expansion, the Universe expands at a constant rate that increases the farther away anything gets from the center. Which it does.

This seems to me a pretty straightforward and fairly simple explanation. So why do scientists persist in seeking Phlogiston or Dark Matter to explain it? Because the majority have accepted the Big Bang Theory as being actual fact and are stuck with either finding their Phlogiston or admitting they were wrong, which is heresy. Their problem is that the BBT, for short, was proposed and accepted at a time when the Universe was thought to be static and unchanging, and merely losing entropy. This increasing relative rate of expansion was totally unknown, and it’s messing with the BBT big time. The cure? Phlogiston, oops I mean Dark Matter. Dark Matter saves the theory, hurrah. This also explains to me how scientists can have religion. Ones like Christianity and Big Bang Theory.


Monday, October 12th, 2015

Our bitch-boy President, Hussein Obama, has just banned pork from the menu in all 122 federal prisons. Naturally the terrorist organization that he recently gave tax-exempt status to, CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations, aka Jihad Against America Group, has cheered this move and effusively voiced their approval, saying that this is a “needed accommodation for Muslims in prison”. Which is actually total bullshit because all Federal prisons already give pork-free menu choices to Jews and Muslimes. What this really is, is the only place Obama can outlaw pork and get away with it.

If yummy bacon or tasty pork chops were ever on the menu before, now those convicts who formerly enjoyed such fare will have to make do with the memories of it. Since people in prisons can’t vote, I doubt this worries the Democrat party very much. A lot of those people are really violently nuts, tho, and when their sentences are up, who knows who they might seek out to kill? Hey, just saying…… it never hurts to look to the future, and politicians are notoriously poor at doing that. Not one decent chess player among them.

I do tend so, to engage in wishful thinking…….


Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Five hundred million dollars. Half a billion dollars, to use slightly less keypad strokes. Pah! What is five hundred million dollars? Not much more than one dollar per American, right? Hell, we can print that much money in a day, the real expense is all that fancy paper. At least, that’s how our government sees it.

Five hundred million dollars is what Obama arranged to spend training Syrian “rebels” or “insurgents” or whatever the approved name is today, supposedly to fight ISIS. I think at last count those in charge of this bullcrap said they’d trained nine Syrians, or people who they said were Syrians (only an idiot would believe a single word from these Black Ops types) to fight Islamic State.

After the word got out about the huge expenditure that accomplished nothing, Obama announced he was ending the program and “that it will instead use the money to provide ammunition and some weapons for groups already engaged in the battle.” Sure, and I have some lovely bridges to sell the Syrians after the fighting ends. The “groups already engaged in the battle” are the Iranians and ISIS, along with Iranian-supported Hezbollah types. That’s who Obama is going to funnel our American tax dollars to. There’s no one else left if you cut out the actual Syrian rebels who simply want to kick out al-Assad.

I wonder when, if ever, those wealthy few who own our Mainstream Media will see that Obama really does want to turn the world into an Islamist state, really is a supporter of ISIS, and really does want to destroy America. Only when it sinks in to them how much they stand to lose, how endangered their own fortunes are, will they start printing it like it is. Eventually, ideology must concede to reality, and I see the first signs of Correctness beginning to crumble in Fox News’s take on Obama. Rupert Murdoch has a stake in Fox along with just about every other TV show on the planet, and he seems to be starting to see the light.

Never doubt the influence of people like Murdoch. At one time he promoted Barack Obama, but not anymore, and it matters. He just came out in favor of Ben Carson for President. Think on that one.


Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Our current sack-of-crap government is supposedly all upset that Putin’s ordered the Russian military into Syria and they’re kicking the asses of the so-called “moderate” rebels, whom we supposedly support.

In the first place, Bashar Assad is the head of the Syrian government no matter how much Obama or anyone else doesn’t like it, and he has the right to resist attacks on his regime using whatever forces he can bring to bear. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t care what you call people who are trying to overthrow him, whether it’s ISIS or the Taliban or “moderate rebels”. Considering that we back these so-called moderates, and looking at our track record in the Middle East of what’s happened in other countries where we backed one group against another, it’s only good sense to attack and repel any group that we’re for.

Obama did his damnedest to shove a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship down the throats of the Egyptians, which nearly caused a civil war in the course of ejecting them from office. Obama would have caused Egypt to become an Islamist dictatorship instead of remaining secular, and instead he made an enemy out of an ally and opened the Egyptian door to the Russians. I guess if he couldn’t create another Islamist state, the least he could do was wreck our relationship with them and harm the U.S. in the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, especially one he created to begin with.

Everything that Obama’s done in the Middle East has promoted destabilization and the rise of Islamic militancy, exactly like G.W. Bush before him, while Russia has been enduring repeated acts of Islamic terrorism on their own soil and is trying to stop the Islamists. What we have here is a Proxy War being fought mostly in the Middle East between Russia and the United States.

You know this is about oil and religion. What else do they have over there besides goats and sand? The Islamist leaders want the oil, they can’t gain and keep power without it. Everyone else wants cheap oil. If they all ran out of oil or if the need for it suddenly ended, they could all fight between themselves forever and no one else would give a damn. Putin’s just trying to quell the uproar that our dear leaders instigated and bring a measure of peace back to the area so everyone can pump away undisturbed. If he can crush the ISIS movement while he’s at it, more power to him. And more oil.


Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

The mass acceptance of religions of all sorts is proof that logical thinking is still in it’s evolutionary infancy in human development. Those few of us who put knowing before believing are either the vanguard of humanity’s next stage of development, or else we’re a vanishing breed. Most times I think it’s the latter.

Christians are people who accept the fantastic idea that after they die, they will wake back up again as if they were only asleep, because they possess something called a “soul”, that can live outside the body forever. Furthermore, this soul has all the mental faculties of the dead person, gets a brand new and beautiful body, and will find him or her self in a beautiful paradise where anything the person wants, he or she can have. However, in order for the believer to have all this after death, the believer must not just believe that a Jew named Jesus was God on Earth, but the believer must also accept this dead Jew as his or her lord and master. This way, the priests and pastors, the purveyors of this chicanery, gain control of the believers.

Islam, the other major religion, is much the same and took most of it’s ideas from Judaism and Christianity and is very much the same as Christianity except that the rules are different. Christians are not allowed to commit murder, whereas Muslims are encouraged to do so. Christians are told to protect children, while Muslims are told to rape them, as well as goats and other animals. Both are told that they will wake up from death and be in a paradise if they follow the rules, though.

While we still await the finding of Jesus’ remains, which should be adequate proof that he never woke up from death and ascended to this paradise as the apocryphal fat priest parasites claim, it does happen that two pages from a Koran have been found that predate Mohammad, who supposedly wrote that book. It’s long been held by some scholars that he was illiterate and never wrote anything and proving that would prove that Islam is just as apocryphal as Christianity. Now here’s these two pesky pages to do just that. Just when the Caliphs thought that they’d destroyed all the evidence back in the 7th Century. Son of a gun.

My only question is, why should any proof at all be necessary? Because some people will believe anything you tell them, and some of them will preach your made-up bullshit to others, and before long, the 5 minute speech you gave has become a best selling book and a movie, and people are preaching the End of the World. Humans lack common sense. It doesn’t matter if something is absolutely impossible, if you insist that it’s true to enough people, you will be hailed as a prophet and great religious leader. Mohammad did it.


Sunday, September 27th, 2015

At this moment as I type away, the Homosexual King of the Sanctimonious Pederasts, the elected ruler of all those molesters of little boys, who calls the Vatican home, is riding in a white (of course) Jeep fitted with a big bubble-shaped windshield so he can stand up as he waggles his hands in benediction upon the crowds of people in the streets of Philadelphia.

Quite a crowd it is, estimated to be about a million people all out there to catch a glimpse of the Pope. So many gullible fools all in one place, what a scene.

Now, this is a side remark, not associated with the point I intend to make, but something that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that is that there was a time in this country when our Presidents would tour the land, by car or train, and entire towns would line the streets just to get a glimpse of him. That was long ago. Today, who do they crowd the streets to gape at but the Pope. Times have changed. Popes always just used to visit third-world countries. Does this mean they still do? I think he’s giving us a message.

To my point: Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, and is pretty much the Eastern equivalent of San Francisco. It has a very high population of homosexuals, so what could be more fitting than to have this Pederast King of the Homosexual Child Molesters waving his hands at them in benediction? He’s in the right place, no doubt, but I’ll be a lot happier when he goes back to his treasure-glutted Vatican Mafia. Having Obama in our country is bad enough without this.


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

I’m a little confused here, I thought that Catholics worshiped Jesus, but here’s the Pope cruising the Wash.DC streets in his little converted Jeep, and everyone is worshiping him. He stops to bless an infant and the TV anchor raves on how that will be a shining moment for that child’s entire life, BLESSED BY THE POPE, omg. In reality the kid will probably grow up to be a meth addict and spend the rest of his life in prison for some heinous crime.

The guy stands there in his Popemobile, dressed in all-white robes, spreading out his arms just like that statue of Jesus on the mountaintop overlooking Rio. Behold the Living God!

This pompous, self-infatuated ass who’s beloved by millions of blind-faithers because he wears The Funny-Looking Hat, has come here to openly side with Barack Obastard in support of his Global Warming/Climate Change program for the further impoverishment of humanity. The Poop is a Politically Liberal Dickhead, not a Christian in the true meaning of that word, and no friend of mine.

When you consider the truly vast wealth of the Catholic Church, how millions of worshipers throughout the centuries have willed all their property to those priests, donated great fortunes and works of art, and how that church has hung onto every single bit of it and acquired more and more on top of it, then consider the poverty among so many Christians, the oppression and murdering of so many by the Muslims, doesn’t it make you wonder why you never hear of any effort at all, big or small, to help those poor and rescue those oppressed?

All I ever hear out of the Vatican is “Oh you bad Muslims, you must stop that. Love those Christians, be good, yap yap yap”. Talk is so very cheap, Mr. Poope, spend some of those billions creating sanctuaries for the poor and oppressed, don’t just spread your arms in an imitation of Christ. Act like a god damned Christian instead. I should have titled this “Why Catholicism Sucks”.


Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

There’s so much concern about Earth’s ever-changing climate that even Microsoft founder Bill Gates is talking about financing a project to stop hurricanes from happening. If he’s successful, most of the rainfall that comes to the South of our nation will stop falling because most of it is brought by hurricanes. I wonder, do you suppose stopping hurricanes could change Earth’s climate?

Obama’s scheme to impoverish America and the West is Carbon Credits, which actually means Huge Taxes. Companies that contribute carbon dioxide to our air, that is, coal power generating companies, must pay huge taxes for burning coal, driving up the cost of electric power enormously and furthering his goal of impoverishing us.

All the schemes for slowing down or stopping Climate Change are either based on false premises or money schemes, or both. Al Gore, a one-time Presidential candidate, greatly increased his wealth by preaching false climate doctrine and capitalizing on it. Treaties have been signed by various nations who agree to burn less fossil fuels, or to “scrub” the smokestack emissions to clean out the carbon, all in the belief that more carbon in the air causes the Earth to get warmer.

Now our scientists find that it’s the opposite. Nearly all Earth’s atmospheric carbon comes from the ocean. It’s the ocean that releases most of the carbon dioxide into the air and guess what? First the Earth has to get warmer. Only as the ocean warms, does it release increasing amounts of carbon dioxide. So what makes the Earth and it’s ocean get warmer? Sun cycles! Not us, not Man burning fossil fuels, but sun cycles.

The way to deal with climate change is this: Where it’s getting colder, put more insulation in homes, and buy warmer clothes. Build greenhouses, grow food acclimated to colder weather. Where it’s getting warmer, use less insulation, (send it to the cold places) and wear less clothing. Grow food acclimated to warmer weather. Don’t try to mess with the climate, simply adapt to the changes. If your winters are colder, build snowmen and laugh. If your summers are hotter, get an ice maker and enjoy a cool beverage after work. The climate of the Earth has always been in a state of change. Where do you think all the Ice Ages came from?

See how easy that is?


Sunday, September 13th, 2015

A lot of Mormons, aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons for short and NO, I don’t know why, go look it up… Anyway, a lot of them are preparing for the Fabled END DAYS. Yes, folks, once again, the End Days are upon us, oh woe is us. We’re in it now. Here’s the scenario:

“The scenario is divided into seven-year periods and begins with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The stock market crashed seven years later – in 2008 – and began a seven-year period of economic uncertainty. It has now been seven years since then, and the preppers believe things are aligning this month for the seven years of tribulation as outlined in the biblical book of Revelation. The Jewish high holy days begin on Sunday, and Sept. 28 will have a red full moon, known as a “blood moon.” Revelation also mentions the moon turning to blood.”

What the Jewish high holy days have to do with The Last Days isn’t explained, but you have to admit it sounds mysterious, and anything mysterious must somehow be true, right?

BUT, the timing is actually not at all bad. I mean, the world is going to crap in a kitty litter box, to mangle an old expression, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Mormons turned out to be lucky, if you can call it that, and are really right about this End Times thing. Even so, we have years yet before The Final End, plenty of time to sell some Glad Stone Incense and a Strobe Candle or two. 😉


Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

It’s become pretty noticeable that certain regularly occurring events are no longer being reported on by the media. We never hear about the annual clubbing of baby harp seals for their fur, anymore. We never hear about the thousands of white children abducted by Arab Muslims each year and sold into the Saudi sex slave trade. We never hear about any of the obnoxious behaviors of Muslims in America and Europe anymore, in fact.

We never hear of blacks being charged with hate crimes against whites, though we still hear of whites being so charged for crimes against blacks. We never hear about pit bull dogs maiming and killing little children, though there’s just as many of those dogs as ever and just as many irresponsible owners as ever.

We never hear about anything ever that happens on one of the many Indian reservations in America. Why not? They have lots of crime. When was the last time that any of our media celebrated some hero in our military? When was the last time any of our media celebrated anyone for heroism? We use to have heroes all over the place, now our heroes get investigated and prosecuted instead, our generals and admirals get humiliated and disgraced. Yet many Americans are still performing acts of heroism. I guess our media doesn’t want us to feel good about ourselves anymore, maybe?

When was the last time the leader of any nation praised the United States for anything? We still deserve plenty of praise, not for what our government does but for what our private citizens do. Doctors Without Borders is one fine example of that. When do you hear anything except bad about corrupt, cheating charities? Yet we have some wonderful charities that selflessly help people all over the world.

What’s missing from the news? The bad about others and the good about ourselves.


Friday, September 4th, 2015

There’s this old hippie gal on my street, up the hill about 4 more homes from me, who’s been coming on to me ever since last year. She lives right next door to a place that needs fixing up, that I’m buying really cheap, just waiting now for escrow to close, to get started on it.

She’s also a bit fruity in the head, has regaled me in the past with tales of men displaying themselves to her, saying obscene things and so forth, all of it sounding extremely fantastic and unlikely. I mean, she’s old and wrinkled like me, and not exactly sexually attractive, also like me.

Anyway, I was feeling really expansive and decided to give her a break, and take her to dinner. She readily accepted my offer, but wanted to go eat at a Mexican food place. Mexican food is all starch and fat, mostly beans, rice and cheese, with guacamole sauce and not much of it. That’s about it, no matter what you order. If you get tacos you at least get some veggies with it and a shell made of corn flour – more starch. Well, okay, I agreed and we went and I kept my mouth shut about the crappy food because she raved on about how much she loved eating there, and I decided that it might be a good idea to let her know where I’m at about things generally, right from the start. She had no trouble telling me that she smokes lots of marijuana and has tried pretty much every drug out there including LSD, and proudly stated that although she’s used cocaine and so forth, she “never spent any money on it”. That’s another way of calling herself a coke whore, I think, but let’s move past that…

Maybe it was a good idea to espouse my conservative views and maybe not, but she won’t talk to me now after I told her what a piece of homosexual crap I think Obama is. I guess she doesn’t care for my politics too much, eh? With a reaction as strong as hers, I figure I made the right move, as we wouldn’t have gotten along too well anyhow. Libtards are so freaking stupid that I can’t stand being around them, and I never was impressed with this chicks mental acuity.

Liberals are such cowards. She couldn’t bring herself to express her own views, or to give even a hint that she’d decided she didn’t want to pursue a relationship, she just won’t answer the phone if I call and won’t look at me when she drives by. She even looks a bit like an ostrich… 😀

Head in the sand Pam.

It would be nice to have some good friends around here, but the plain truth is that most of my neighbors are either druggies, whackos, paranoid delusionals, semi-psychotic drunks, one or more combinations of the above, or just too old and sorta senile to be much company. In other words, this is a retirement or otherwise unemployed for damn good reasons community and you either take what you can get, or shine it on.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Every so often, and especially in the mornings, I hear doves calling. They’re amazingly loud and with so much open space out here, their sounds carry well across the hills. A walk off into the brush will always result in seeing lots of little birds and a variety of insects. Right by the door of my chicken coop, in fact, our version of a funnel web spider has built it’s home, and a few weeks ago I spotted a huge, fat green preying mantis on one of my grape plants. Most every day I’m greeted by the clatter of acorns on the metal roof of my carport as some squirrel feeds on them in the tree above.

No doubt the folks who live out here and have never lived down in the L.A. basin, or the Southern California coastal region generally, take all these various critters for granted. Things are different down below. Back around 1987 and 1988 a campaign began to wipe out the European fruit flies that had found their way to California and prospered, and were happily drilling holes in every apple they could find. This played hell with the apple industry, of course, since people don’t want apples with little worms in them. So every trick was employed to get rid of them. Traps were put out by the millions, sterile male fruit flies were released by the millions as well, in hopes of causing their extinction. Crops were sprayed with bug poison.

But nothing seemed to work, until the Massive Mega-Death Fly Apocalypse Plan was approved and put into action by people who cared a whole lot more for worm-free apples than they did for their own lives and futures.

What they did was, they loaded helicopters up with Malathion spray. Lots of helicopters. I mean LOTS of helicopters, and at night, only at night, they flew grids, swarms of them, all in a line, and sprayed Malathion over literally the entire area of Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The result? No more fruit flies. Also, incidentally, no more flies. No more moths, mosquitoes, beetles, butterflies or any other bug. All gone, every last one, and soon, bats were falling out of the sky at night, dead of starvation, and dead birds, bony little things, were littering the ground. The last of the newts and lizards, frogs, toads and salamanders, that had survived the growth of the city, were dead. Everything was dead from poison or starvation. Oh, but the apple growers could prosper again, so very important, those apple growers, so much more important than Oregon and Washington apples.

I grew up down there, and every morning I’d hear the call of doves. The doves are silent now, no child hears the sound of doves or the songs of birds, no child there sees a moth or butterfly, or any other living thing except people and dogs and cats. But their apples don’t have wormholes, thank God for the little things, huh?


Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Right here, Dear Readers, is why black Americans have an attitude problem.

“The Rev. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, told his followers in a sermon laced with racist invective and “allahu akbars” that white people deserve to die.

The three-hour sermon, delivered last week according to Gateway Pundit, came after reports that he had called for 10,000 volunteers to “kill white people if the government doesn’t give the black community ‘justice,’” the website reported.

In a video of the Aug. 13th sermon, Farrakhan said, “I wouldn’t bring our young women and young men into some place to be slaughtered. But that’s what the white man hopes for. That’s why he makes mischief with my words. ‘Farrakhan wanna get an army to kill people,’ because, you see, white people deserve to die. And they know so and they think it’s us coming to do it. No, no, no.” Farrakhan also said in the video that a God will send a UFO, “a chariot” or “wheel in the sky,” to rescue his followers and carry out justice if a race war began.”

Any questions?


Sunday, August 9th, 2015

A black guy is in custody after murdering a family of 8 people, the husband, wife and their 6 children. It turns out that the wife was a trailer-trash, worthless piece of shit white woman, so the kids would all have been half black but raised up to act like any other black racist asshole American Negro.

While the soft-hearted among us are lamenting the deaths of those children, I’m not. These people were all trash, and now there’s 8 less current and future problems to deal with, 8 less people sucking away at our welfare system and one less violent black murderer free on the streets. Only one black kid in fifty million grows up to be a Dr. Ben Carson, most of the rest become more nightmares for society and only a few become valuable citizens. That may be an overstatement, but not by much if it is.

Since it was a white woman who was killed by a black man, not one of the mainstream media is reporting that fact. They only reveal races when it’s a white person who kills a black one, and if that isn’t a conspiracy to further divide us and stir up unrest and discontent, nothing is. I still think Obama wants to stay in office by declaring Martial Law before his term ends, and the path for him to do so is getting clearer every day. This is one conspiracy theory I don’t want to see become reality, but that doesn’t mean I deny the possibility.

It just pisses me off that we have this racial problem at all. Most white people I know are jerks too, it’s not that only blacks can act bad. It’s the attitudes of black leaders and white apologists that promotes bad behavior among blacks over and above what it normally would be. The plain truth is that there was a whole lot less black crime when there was a whole lot more racial prejudice and discrimination. When black Americans gained their civil rights they went apeshit with their increased freedom and are still going apeshit after over sixty years, and that has to be laid squarely on the greater tendency toward violence by blacks than other racial types and the deliberate divisiveness of our nation’s leaders. Our society needs to recognize this truth openly and operate accordingly instead of pretending that we’re all the same. We aren’t, but we’ve gone from knowing we aren’t to pretending we are. It’s time to stop pretending.


Friday, August 7th, 2015

The name of my high school was Woodrow Wilson High. Wilson was one of our Presidents, and he was also a segregationist, which is to say, racist, as were pretty much all our Presidents before him including Abraham Lincoln.

Well, there’s more than one high school named after Wilson, including one in Washington state, where a history teacher has started a petition to rename Portland’s Wilson High School to something else because Wilson was racist. There’s also a lot of high schools in our Southern states named after Robert E. Lee and other Confederate heroes, and petitions abound to rename all of them.

You know, we should just start all over afresh. I mean, what the shit, let’s just re-write our entire history from day one. We never fought the British for our independence, they GAVE it to us, they wanted us to have it, we have always loved and cherished each other. We never supported banana republic dictators, never firebombed Dresden, never ignored the ongoing Holocaust, never dropped A-Bombs on Japan, no President of ours has EVER lied to the American public…. Let’s sanitize our entire history to be Politically Correct, removing the very mention of anything that might offend anyone from all our textbooks and buildings. Let’s tear down offensive statues, revise museum displays, and run books by the millions through shredders. I’m sure that with a little sincere effort and dedication to duty, we can outdo the Nazis.