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Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

The most impressive thing about the North Koreans is the size of their soldiers hats. Their hats are so large that if they weren’t squeezed down at the bottom ends, they’d fall down past the ears and cover the entire head. I want to congratulate the North Koreans on their success at being the worst-dressed people on the planet. Someone should tell them, though, that poufy hats don’t make their starving soldiers look well-fed, they just make them look stupid.
Big-headed old jackass

Canolas are extinct. You all know my deep concern for our vanishing wildlife and plant species as humans take over more and more of the Earth’s surface, and now I find that not only are Canolas gone from us forever, they never existed in the first place. We buy salad oils such as Corn Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil, so how can this be? Because Canola stands for Canada Oil Low Acid, Can O L A, it’s made from Rape Seed, from the Rape Plant, and is very bad for you. However, it’s very economical to grow in Canada, therefor high profit, so they market it as being very healthful when in fact it’s the worst of all the oils for you. The best of all the oils is Corn Oil.

So let’s all help Canolas to REALLY become extinct by never buying another drop of that crap.


Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

It’s the damndest thing. WHY should people running art and craft supply stores be treated any differently than people running any other kind of store. I mean, even the clerks behind liquor store counters aren’t burdened with the life histories of their customers, even when the customers are drunk.

Yet since the day I opened my shop doors, many of the people who’ve come in my door stop at the counter and begin telling me all of their woes. They tell me at great length about their medical problems, their financial losses, their children, their parents, they come and and start unburdening themselves as if I wanted to hear their tales of unhappiness and woe.

Not all of those who choose to confide in their sorrows do this. A few are upbeat and tell me of the fun they have crafting different things. One guy has been in twice with some home-made wood carving tools that are actually very nicely done. I bought them all from him, so he returned with a box full of huge vintage plastic airplane models, still new in the box, which he sold me at a very fair price. All this while, of course, he’s telling me about all the stuff he does. But that’s okay.

It’s the sympathy seekers, the lonely people who’ve been through hard times and want someone to commiserate with them, who seem the most likely to spontaneously verbalize their woes to me at the very sight of me. It’s really become a thing, anymore I half expect it from people. So I listen and nod and express my understanding, and eventually they wind down and leave, usually looking happier than when they came in, though not always. Sometimes they work themselves into a worse state or at least leave feeling unfulfilled. I can tell by their expressions if nothing else.

There is this one family that’s really a hoot. The wife is a really big woman. Not just very much overweight but also over six feet tall. Her husband is a dwarf, and they have a little dwarf daughter, six years old, who’s the size of a 3 year old. When they first came in I had a hard time keeping a straight face while talking to the husband, not just because of his body shape but because his eyes are of different size and shape. They’ve been in the shop 3 times now and I’m used to seeing him now, and by golly, these people have really taken a liking to me. Like I said, they’re a hoot because the little girl plainly thinks I’m Mr. Wonderful, and keeps putting on a show for me running around the store, while the wife dominates the dwarf guy, and he constantly asserts his manliness. There’s an almost pedophilic aroma about the relationship between that great big woman and that little male, but it’s a legal one, so what the hell.

Today the fat little bastard who’s been harassing me was back hovering around my doorway with an idiot teenage follower and I’d had enough, and went out, got right up in their faces and threatened the crap out of them. I guess that’s what it took, letting those two shits know that I’m not the least afraid of them and making it clear that they’d better stop screwing with me, because they took a wide berth of my shop and the whole area for the rest of the day.

I’ve had other shops in years past, a gift shop, a head shop, an antique store, plus two autobody shops, and never had to put up with anything like I have with this one. It’s because this town is special in it’s own unfortunate way. It’s crawling with meth and heroin addicts, along with homeless vagrants and lots of poor retired people. I really did pick a hell of a place to open a store of any kind, but you know what? Right across the street a crew is building a huge Dollar General store that has to be costing many millions of $$. I see no way they’ll ever pull a profit out of that expense but I’m really hoping they know something I don’t. This area could be prosperous if it weren’t for the entrenched human blight.


Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

They do, black o-lives really do matter, I mean, every time an o-live ventures out on the road it gets pitted, you know? Someone is always shaking their trees, picking them over and discriminating against them. The worst looking ones get shoved aside and the best end up sentenced to life in the can. It’s just so unfair. Freedom for black o-lives is nearly impossible, yet they enrich our lives so much, in our salads, on our pizzas, at the end of toothpicks…


Monday, July 3rd, 2017

There are tens of thousands of non-Jewish Africans in Israel now who have migrated there to escape poverty and almost all of them are there illegally.
The Israelis have been trying to find a reasonably humane way to deal with all these illegal aliens for at least a decade now, and may have finally hit on the answer.

Of course, their solution doesn’t make the illegals happy but it just may work. What they’ve done is pass a law requiring 20% of the wages of all those who have jobs, to be put into a fund that they can only access when they leave Israel, and their employers have to add an amount equal to 16% of their wages to that.

In other words, this makes it harder for them to pay their living expenses if they’re working and harder to find a job if they’re not, because employers won’t want to hire people they have to pay an extra 16% to. Annnnd, …. employers will start looking for local citizens, such as young high school graduates who are also Jewish citizens, to fill those jobs instead because the employers won’t have to pay the extra 16% for them.

We need to do something like that to get rid of the illegal aliens we have here, because eventually all those Africans WILL leave Israel. Every month, 36% of their monthly wage is added to a fund. In 3 months, there is over a month’s wages sitting in that fund. At the end of a year, there’s 4 months wages. After 3 years, they could leave Israel and have an entire year’s wages in their pocket to start life over again somewhere else. That’s going to be hard to resist.


Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The so-called News Media, more appropriately referred to as Propaganda, has a short attention span. This is entirely due to the fact that even though most of them are Globalists or Socialists, making money is still and always their primary function and telling new versions of the same old story every day loses readers. When people stop reading, advertising revenue stops. So as hard as they might pound a story for their political purposes, they have to move on to the next story, and the next, if they want to pay the bills.

The bogus story about Russia interfering in our elections is still rumbling away in the background, it doesn’t look like they’re letting go of that one for awhile yet, but the rest of us are tired of it and the MSM is fully aware that the longer they keep dragging it on, the less people look at it and the ads alongside it.

Likewise the story about Sarin gas and our missile attack. All gone. Now the story is N. Korea’s belligerence, terror attacks in France and their coming election, White House insider intrigue, and so forth, as the MSM keeps searching for something new to get people to read their stories and look at their ads.

One story that got very little press but a lot of blogger response was the firing, at last, of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News. I became disgusted with him years ago for being an egocentric, arrogant spin doctor and company puppet, and when he started attacking Donald Trump, that was the final straw. I’m glad that he was caught out for sexual harassment, his story is similar to that of Bill Cosby, the only difference is that I guess O’Reilly didn’t drug any women before forcing himself on them. Or so the story goes. Whatever, when he came on, I changed channels. Good riddance.

To me, the big story of the day is no longer that fake Sarin gas attack, it’s the Border Wall. President Trump says funding for the wall along with more money to hire more border patrolmen and immigration agents must be part of the massive spending bill Congress is preparing. The Democraps will sign off on it, I think, because Trump is making them an offer they can’t refuse, that the budget bill also includes money for cost-sharing payments to insurance companies that help low-income people afford health policies under the Affordable Care Act.

In other words, Trump will continue to support parts of the ACA, aka Obamacare, but only if the Democraps don’t try to stop funding for The Wall.

This explains to me, at least, (even if most people will never figure it out) why Trump hasn’t yet done things to totally disable the ACA. As long as it still exists he can use it to pressure the Democraps to give him what he wants in exchange for keeping it alive. Once that wall is built, the Dems better come up with something else they can withhold from Trump, otherwise THAT is when the ACA will end.

Trump may not play chess but he’d be a great chess player, he can hold a thousand moves in his mind and play them all out as future scenarios in order to find the best way to go. He looks not just at the present, but far more importantly, he looks way into the future where his actions will count the most and mean the most.


Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Fox News says:

“FBI Director James Comey is set to testify Monday before a House committee investigating Russian activities during the 2016 presidential election, amid expectations he’ll provide long-awaited answers and evidence on that issue and whether President Trump was indeed wiretapped.”

James Comey is the same total weasel who told Congress that Hillary Clinton’s extremely felonious use of a private email server for the sending and receiving of classified information, and then the deleting and destruction of those emails, was “wrong but not prosecutable”. The plain truth is that she should be in prison for the rest of her life for her wanton disregard of her legally required duties and her endangerment of our nation’s security.

BUT, Comey took his orders from President Obama, and Obama didn’t want Hillary in jail, he wanted her to be the next president.

So a lot of us wondered why President Trump didn’t fire Comey right after being inaugurated, and now the possible reason is beginning to come out into the light. Congress again wants to interrogate Comey, this time about some supposed connections between Trump and the Russians, because the Dems and the RINOs want to attack Trump. If Trump had fired Comey, Comey might have lied to Congress about Trump and helped the Dems to attack him. By keeping him on the payroll, Trump has kept him under control, and made Comey his pet dog instead.

What do I expect to hear from Comey? That there were and are no connections, BUT, Yes, Donald Trump was surveilled prior to the election. Whether he’ll say that Obama ordered it or not, I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s going to make a liar out of his present employer, Pres. Trump, any more than he would have gone against Obama. Comey has no personal scruples, he’s a bought-and-paid-for guy.

If I’m right and this is what he tells Congress, the next obvious thing is to rout out those who instigated the surveillance and threaten them with prosecution. Get them to “turn state’s evidence”, to testify against others higher-up for a lesser sentence or even immunity. This could be a bloodbath within our security agencies, certainly I’d do it if I could, and we all know that The Donald knows exactly how to do this.

I do hope heads are going to be rolling all over Wash. D.C., and if they do, I’ll be one of those laughing the loudest.
P.S., I will be following up on this right after his hearing.


Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Trump has been getting a lot of interviews since he made that remark about the “Second Amendment people taking care of Hillary”, and as I, and no doubt everyone else on the planet expected, he’s spinning that to mean that he was talking about the voting power of people concerned for protection the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

Oh yeah? Then why didn’t he say that? He knew damned well how it sounded. He said it deliberately to start another ruckus and get himself a lot more free air time, and of course it worked. That’s been his modus operandi since the start, he insults someone in a left-handed way so it can be taken two different ways, or he says something like this that isn’t specific, it’s the innuendo, the implication. That way when everyone starts screaming and the cameras are pointed at him, he can calmly say, “Oh no, all I meant was….”.

Hillary did a similar thing, made a remark about Obama back in the 2008 Democrat primary that sounded a lot like a suggestion to kill him, but she spun it to mean something else, just as Trump is doing. But just because a goddam criminal like Hillary does it, does that mean Donald Trump should? And the answer isn’t just NO, it’s HELL, NO.

All of Trumps biggest and best allies have been going to bat for him on TV now, saying he just meant the votes, only the votes, but I can imagine how pissed off and dismayed they are at him for putting them in the position of having to make excuses for him, and I hope they give him such a hard time over that crap that he never does it again.

My personal enthusiasm for Trump took a big hit with that stupid remark. I still hope he wins but he won’t if he keeps saying things that turn everyone off.


Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

When the Attorney General, a person appointed to that position by Barack Obama himself, holds a private meeting with the husband of Hillary Clinton, and Obama does NOTHING, the obvious corruption of our Presidency is too much to bear.

Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation for using a private email server to send and receive Classified, Secret documents that directly affect our national security, and it is the Attorney General who decides whether or not to prosecute people who violate Federal laws. The fact that the FBI has yet to say whether she has violated laws or not, after all this time, speaks very poorly of the FBI, but the fact that the Attorney General herself is having secret discussions with Bill Clinton is absolutely beyond the pale. At the very least she must recuse herself and appoint a Special Prosecutor to deal with any recommendation from the FBI to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and she’s refused to do this. Therefor, President Obama MUST fire her and appoint a new Attorney General. Yet he’s said and done nothing.

This is Dereliction of Duty, grounds for impeachment. This isn’t the first time he’s been guilty of this, but this is far and away the most blatant, and if our Congress does not move to impeach over this incredibly obscene disregard for law, not one of them deserves to be re-elected.


Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Nazi is an abbreviation in German for Nationalsozialist, which means National Socialist in English. The National Socialist Party.

Breitbart News reports that “Bernie Sanders supporters have spent months publicly planning events with the expressed purpose of clashing with law enforcement and staging a violent disruption at the Democratic National Convention and more than 1,500 people have accepted invitations to the “9.9 million person march” to “occupy the convention, it would mean a shutdown of the city for 2 days and the most massive protest since the revolutionary war.” with the result that the DNC is going to set up a perimeter “no-climb” wall around the facility. This, of course, is getting some hoots of derision considering the Democrats opposition to Trumps wall.

The real issue here is that Sanders does have millions of young people rallied behind him, they’re violent, they’re getting steadily more violent, they plan on actually attacking the Democratic Convention in far greater numbers than they’ve attacked Trump rallies, and Sanders is a Socialist. A Socialist who can get these people to engage in civil disorder on a large scale just as another National Socialist did back in the 1930’s.

So is that The Plan? That it’s Sanders supporters who will give Obama the excuse to declare Martial Law? Sanders gave Hillary an easy ride to the nomination, he never really attacked her for her criminal behavior as he could have, and should have if he were really serious about wanting to be President. Now that there’s no chance of him being nominated he still won’t drop out, instead he’s fomenting more anger, rage, hostility and trouble for not just Trump and the Republicans but for his own party as well.

This is exactly what Hitler did.


Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Ann Coulter has surmised, using a genuinely brilliant path of logic and assumption, that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee for President after all, and neither will that Communist Bernie Sanders. She posits that Joe Biden will end up as the Dem. nominee.

Well, all very interesting as a theory, but not very likely, right? Maybe not right. It’s become very apparent that Bill O’Reilly on Fox News only says what he’s told to say by Rupert Murdoch, and tonight he’s saying that Hillary’s in a lot of trouble over her private email server mess, and may be indicted for her violations of Federal laws. Exactly as Ann Coulter was saying.

It’s dawning on the Democrats that Donald Trump is going to win the coming election, as Hillary’s popularity continues to decline along with her perceived trustworthiness, and they’re looking for someone else who stands a chance of beating Trump. A lot of Democrats are going over to Donald Trump because they dislike Hillary so much, and Trump’s following in his own party is huge.

Right now there’s several documentaries gaining popularity and viewers regarding the Clinton family and their connections to a great deal of suspicious and illegal actions, while Bill Clinton is being exposed as a rapist and very possibly a pedophile because of his close association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his many trips on Epstein’s private jet. The jet was dubbed the “Lolita Express” because Epstein always had it loaded up with underage girls who were there for sex. Epstein, a billionaire, is currently in prison for having sex with a minor and child pornography. Bill Clinton’s been accused by various women of raping them, and he’s a known sex hound.

The ugliness that has overtaken the Presidency of our nation is mind-boggling. Look at the creature we have as President now, a man of dubious national origin, a homosexual with a transsexual man for a “wife”, a person who’s doing his damndest to force us to teach our children to think that gender is “fluid”. He’s insane, the people he’s surrounded himself with are insane, and many of our elected representatives are also.

It’s a mess, and no less of one than the rest of the world is in. Every nation on Earth is in trouble and unrest is everywhere. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Today is one of those suckola days when the sky is dark and grey and a wet drizzle defies the dry air, breaking through in bits and pieces, just enough to keep me reminded that it may actually rain and I’d better not stay out too long in it.

I’m a lapidarist, among other traits one can either admire, detest or find totally boring, depending on how inquiring your mind is, from my perspective anyway, and I have a large (relatively speaking compared to someone with a few shiny river rocks) assemblage of agates and jaspers and other types from all over the world.

Among this lot is a box full of nephrite jade that I collected over the years while living on the California coast. Particular to the area I collected in, in the Big Sur range, is a form of jade known as botryoidal, which means “grape-like clusters”. In the Sur we call it Bubble Jade, and I have perhaps 125 or so nice small pieces of it that I mined many years ago. Bubble jade is used as jewelry. It’s very rare, and very attractive.

Then there’s the Shell Mound Rock.

The natives, the Indians, would heat jade rocks to cook their food and keep them warm at night. They’d put the rocks in their campfire and get them really hot, then put them in a leather bag with their food, and the hot rocks would boil or cook as needed. The thing about most rocks is that if you put them in fires they’ll explode from the moisture inside them turning to steam. Jade has no water in it and is incredibly fracture resistant. A hot jade rock wrapped up and in the bed would give off heat for many hours.

These Indians had trash heaps, called middens, where they’d throw stuff they didn’t want, and with them it was the shells of shellfish. There was this very large midden, and as I walked past it one morning I saw a gleam of green in the white of the decomposing calcium shells, reached in and pulled out my largest chunk of jade yet, about 9 inches across and 3 inches thick. Some Indian had hidden it there before following the season North or South with their tribe. They were hunter-gatherers, and this one obviously never lived to return to it. It was probably in there for centuries before I found it, but for one aboriginal man or woman, this was a valued bedwarmer for a long time. Happiness was a warm rock.


Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

“At a news conference during which he was harshly lectured by the prime minister of Japan, President Barack Obama extended his “sincerest condolences and deepest regrets” for what he termed a “tragedy” in Okinawa, with a former U.S. Marine suspected in the killing of a young Japanese woman.”

The Marine is Kenneth Shinzato, so he’s obviously a Japanese-American. The Japs do have a low crime rate, ours is about 4 times as high. That doesn’t excuse the Jap Prime Minister from giving our President a bunch of crap over the actions of some Marine. The Jap PM went on to claim that this killing was the only thing they discussed, which is a lie, they talked about a wide variety of issues.

The Japs are pissed off too that when Obama visits their memorial of our nuking them, that Obama won’t apologize for our dropping the bombs on those barbaric assholes.

What that yapping from the Jap PM is really about, is that they don’t like us having our troops stationed on Jap territory any more. Well, too bad, they murdered 3000 of us on Oahu, and pulled us into a war with them that cost us and the rest of the world literally MILLIONS of lives and vast destruction. The Japs can apologize forever and it still won’t be enough to make up for their crimes. So if they suffer a little extra crime at the hands of our soldiers once in awhile, I think that’s just a good reminder that they LOST.

The Japs are notoriously arrogant, in fact their most sacred national shrine, the Yasukuni Shrine, venerates the worst of the Japanese war criminals. Their national shame is not in the horrible crimes they committed, but in having lost the war. There’s no guilt for all the misery and devastation that resulted from their insanity, only shame that they failed to conquer the world and had to surrender.

Obama visiting Hiroshima is seen by the Japs as an American apology for World War II and the bombs, as if we started it instead of them. Maybe they want us to apologize for beating them as well. I know that our piece of shit President bowed all the way down to his waist level to the goddam Jap emperor, there’s a picture of it that I’m too disgusted to post here. Looking at it makes me want to vomit.

With all the negative stuff going on, the only real positive note, on a national scale anyway, is that we finally have a decent candidate for President. We all need to find the silver lining in those dark clouds overhead.


Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Venezuela is experiencing an apocalypse. In just two years their poverty rate has gone from a very high 25% to an astronomical 75%. The food stores are empty, as are the drug stores. There’s no food and no medicine to be bought, and people are eating their pets now.

The value of their money has decreased to only a fifth of what it was in just this past year, and is expected to decrease to a fifteenth by next year. Their money is worthless to other nations for trade, so they can’t import food and medicine. They’ve been going through a severe drought, so they haven’t been able to grow enough food to feed themselves, either. They’re starving and it’s going to get drastically worse, extremely fast.

Venezuela sits on top of one of the largest oil reserves in the world, yet they still use water power for electricity, and because of the drought there’s a shortage of power and blackouts. Because oil prices are low, money to run the country and pay government wages is scarce. Meanwhile, unemployment is rapidly increasing.

This is what Socialism brings to the people who embrace it, and it does it every single time. There’s not one single case anywhere, ever, that socialism was successful in making peoples lives better and their nation stronger. It’s always had the opposite result. Look at England, where Socialism has resulted in high prices for virtually everything, and high taxes to support their welfare state. Socialism creates welfare states, which then collapse under steadily increasing tax burdens if inflation and unwanted immigration don’t do it first. Socialist states usually become dictatorships, as Venezuela has done, and now it’s Venezuela’s turn to collapse under Socialism.

After the panicked migrations to neighboring nations, after the civil war ends, the riots die out, there’s no discernible form of government left and the famine and disease have left Venezuela nearly uninhabited, watch Russia and China compete to take over the country. I give it about a year.


Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Faces look ugly when you’re alone. When you’re strange, faces come out of the rain, when you’re strange….

Being an avid rock hound, aka a lapidarist, someone who hunts for agates and jaspers and so forth in the forests and deserts and cuts them into finished stones, for jewelry and all that, I naturally joined the little local rockhound club out here and proceeded to make friends among the members, or at least am trying to. The effort is sketchy and ongoing at this point but I’ve only been a member for a few months, so we’ll see how it goes.

There’s this young guy, I’d guess around 28 years old, and his wife who looks to be about 60 years old, yes, I’m not kidding, who invited me out to see his place this last Sunday, which was incidentally Mother’s Day. So I went, and was given the grand tour. It’s a little under an acre and all the land hereabouts is semi-arid, but they apparently have good groundwater where he’s at, about 15 miles away from my place, and the whole parcel is covered with plants, bushes and trees.

He right away took credit for the presence of all the trees, even though the trunks of them indicated at least 20 years of age and he and his wife had been there only a year and a half, but I said nothing, just let him rave. At the end of this little tour in which he told me the names of each and every single plant on the place, we went inside the house where he then read to me a sales presentation he’d written, seeking financing for his invention.

Ah. THIS is why he invited me out. Not to be friendly, not because he liked me and wanted to encourage a friendship, Noooo, he invited me out to solicit funds from me for his invention, which is nothing more than a solar-powered dew trap to catch water from the air. His sales premise was presented first, his reason why his invention would revitalize the poor economy in our area. Get this:

Free water. He’s proposing that out here in this semi-desert, we could squeeze so much water out of the air that we could all have free water, all the water we wanted. In the first place, NO, you might be able to do that in Florida in the summer when the humidity goes off the charts, but out here? In this dry air? Not a chance, but that’s only part of it. He claims that free water would free up so much money otherwise paid for water bills that all the meth addicts out here would stop using meth and go back to work because all that extra money would cause lots of new businesses to open up and lots of new jobs to be available and Prosperity Would Return And Yappa Yappa Yappa.

You can offer jobs to meth addicts all day long, and they’ll work long enough to get paid, spend it all on meth, and not show back up for work the next day, or week, or month….. Our water bills out here in some areas can be pretty high, up to $150 a month, which is a lot. But many of us have wells and the only cost is well maintenance and electricity to power the pump.

Bottom line, the guy is nuts, and it was rude as hell to con me into thinking I was invited there out of friendship and interest in me, so I drove all the way out, only to be hit up for money. What an asshole, huh? It became apparent early on to me that neither one of them was showing any interest in me at all. They didn’t ask me a single question about myself, it was all about him, mostly, what he did, what he knew, yappa yappa yappa.

I knew he had to be kind of odd, being married to a woman at least twice his age, but I thought the guy was a serious rock hound like myself, and he’s not. He’s into finding stuff he can sell. Yet, he doesn’t have an Internet connection and no means of selling anything out there in the middle of the sticks like he is. The community he lives in is known to be really heavily populated with meth addicts, and when I said something unkind to them about meth addicts I noticed they didn’t take that real kindly. So there you go. People are strange when you’re a stranger and even when you aren’t.


Monday, May 9th, 2016

Both the above companies are raking in $BILLIONS$ in profits, but call up someone representing either company and you get a person, always a woman, who has a hideous, incomprehensible Spanish or oriental accent and who talks so fast you can’t understand a god damned word.

These CHEAP BASTARDS will not hire Americans WHO SPEAK ENGLISH, nor will they train the poor peasants they hire in third-world countries to communicate over the Internet in the least expensive way possible, to have any level of competence at all. Those women don’t have a clue.

I had a bunch of sale notices on my ebay seller page, all saying the items were waiting on payment, and all the items were Buy It Now. So I knew something was wrong, and it sure was. Even though I’d updated both paypal and ebay with my new email address, some of my listings still said to have payment go to the old, dead email address which was no longer listed on my paypal account. Why that wasn’t automatically updated I don’t know, someone at ebay has their head up their ass. Some of us have hundreds of items listed, surely they can’t be expected to have to manually go through every single one and to the update one by one. Can they? That’s what I had to do. Damn glad there were only six.

After spending a full hour and a half dealing with the incompetents on paypal, and half of that time was waiting on hold “Due to the high volume today of…” that same tired old bullshit excuse for not having enough people to do the job, it was finally determined that yes, paypal had the money, the payments were actually made like I thought, and NO, no one was competent enough to put that money on my account where it belonged. All four of these useless people insisted that I provide them with the email addresses of the buyers. It is paypal that sends this information to me along with buyer’s addresses when someone buys, so I can contact them and ship to them, yet these people didn’t know that. I had to explain this to the last person I spoke with, four times and then she asked me for the email addresses again!. At that point I gave up, I knew the only way left to me was to just cancel the sales.

So I ended up cancelling all the sales and manually fixing all the problems at my end since neither ebay nor paypal was capable of doing their own job, emailing all the people to tell them what happened, and waited for them to cancel their payments and choose whether to buy the stuff again or not. So far, 4 of the 6 payments to nowhere have been taken care of, and I’m still waiting to hear from the last 2.

Ebay and paypal are both constantly changing everything, which no doubt is of great benefit to them, but it’s a constant pain in the ass to those of us who helped make these arrogant, inconsiderate assholes into the monopolies they’ve become. I guess they’re too busy enjoying all those billions of dollars to remember to give us customers a little consideration, but you know, nothing lasts forever, someday they’ll fall into ruin because of some new tech advance, and I’ll be laughing as loud as anyone.


Sunday, May 8th, 2016

There’s a series of photos on CNN (yes, I do actually check out CNN from time to time, it’s always good to know what the enemy is doing) that show what life is supposedly like in N. Korea. Of course, none of the poverty and misery, the labor camps and mass imprisonment and the poor living conditions of most N. Koreans is shown.

What CNN presents to us is propaganda, a picture of success, of a prosperous people with beautiful buildings and nice homes, instead of the reality. But one thing stands out that can’t be prevented from standing out, which is that of all the thousands of adults and children shown in these pictures, not one of them is even slightly overweight. Every single person is either skinny or slender.

These people are so totally controlled that all housing is owned by the government. Living space is free and assigned and if you want to move, you have to find someone who will trade places with you and then get the move approved by some local official.

In a photo of the N. Korea Science and Technology Center, people are at computers connected to the Internet, according to the caption. But no mention is made to explain why everyone in the photo is wearing very heavy clothing. Obviously, this “Sciences and Technology Center” is totally unheated and it’s COLD.

No food, no heat. No wonder tens of thousands of them die every winter. These people all live on a thin edge, with their survival depending entirely on the whim of one fat man, Kim Jong Un and their own strict adherence to whatever is politically correct.

Becoming even slightly overweight is seen as an act of treason against the state. It’s a sign that the person is taking more than their fair share of food and people who look too prosperous are sent to forced labor camps as a means of terrorizing everyone else into consuming as little as possible. The purpose of this, of course, is to make sure that what little there is, is spread around evenly.

This is why Kim Jong Un is the only fat man in all of North Korea. It shows that he is the Number One top man, the only one who can get away with being fat, the one no one can punish for eating too much. Now you know.


Sunday, May 1st, 2016

The dignity and decorum of the single most respected residence in our nation was brought to a new low last night by our President, who threw a party for the people of the press, a traditional affair known as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. For moderator of the speeches to be given he chose black (of course) comedian Larry Wilmore, who proceeded to conduct what’s know as a “roast” of the more famous attendees, and spewing highly insulting jokes about those who oppose Obama.

He did give out some praise, all directed at black journalists only, and mentioned that black CNN host Don Lemon was in the crowd. Don Lemon responded by laughing and giving him the finger. How very classy a thing to do in the White House, huh?

At the end of his litany of supposedly humorous verbal attacks, he said of President Obama, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”

I will be so happy when this racist Marxist, this incredibly horrible and evil man, is long gone from our Presidential House.


Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Got the cable Internet hooked up yesterday morning after 4 days without any connectivity. Then called the satellite internet company, Exede, told them to discontinue their service and got a long, bitter sounding harangue from the bitch there about how I just paid a month ahead automatically via my credit card and they weren’t going to pro-rate a farking dime back to me, and I have 30 days to return their crappy equipment or I’d be charged $300 and blah blah blah. I knew in my heart the greedy bastards weren’t going to refund me the money for the 26 days I overpaid, but their greed is a big part of why I dumped them. That and the really crappy service from day one. We didn’t have cable out here when I moved here and it was a choice of which of two high-priced satellite services we picked, and both were bad.

Within about 30 seconds of my hanging up on the nasty bitch, my email through them was disconnected. I expected that too, after listening to that whip-cracking voice, and of course there was no way I could find to save my email. So I said Screw it, worse things have happened, and deleted the whole thing. I did save the email files to a separate folder first and I’m still trying to figure out a way to open them or associate them with a new email address. But it will all come together. I did discover that the address of every email I ever sent is stored in some inner sanctum of the program, and if I start a New Message and type in one letter, all the emails that start with that letter appear in a drop-down box. So content may be lost but the basic contact info is all still there.

With Exede/ViaSat, I paid about $60 a month and got 10 gigs of in/out a month, with a download speed of around 1 meg a sec or so. I now pay cable $25 a month, get 300 gigs in/out a month and a download speed of up to 50 megs a sec. Exede has always given me problems. The service would go out on perfectly clear days and of course it always went out during really bad weather. Connectivity was variable at best, and would change from hour to hour. There’s a $95 service charge to have someone make it work again if they had to come to the house, or you could pay $5.99 a month insurance against breakdowns of their equipment that you were already being charged rent for.

So BUYER BEWARE, as far as I’m concerned, Exede/ViaSat totally SUCKS.


Friday, April 22nd, 2016

It’s against the law in the U.S. to deface coinage. People do it without thinking much about it, and most of us are unaware that it’s illegal to damage a coin, but it is. Unfortunately, there is no such law regarding paper currency. I say unfortunately because Obama wants to uglify our $20 bills by removing President Andrew Jackson’s face and replacing it with Harriet Tubman’s.

Harriet Tubman was a black woman, a slave back in the Civil War days, who escaped and went back to guide other slaves to freedom. Slavery was a very unfortunate chapter of the history of some of our states – just some, not all – and when those states tried to secede from our Union in order to continue to base their economies on slavery, the rest of the states, our national government, went to war, ended slavery and united the country. So while slavery was allowed in parts of our country during it’s early history, the fortunate side of our history is that most of us found this to be unacceptable and a huge number of Americans died to end it. Nearly all of them were White Americans.

Andrew Jackson was a great president who added Florida to the United States, among many other achievements, and while Ms. Tubman was a hero to black people, she didn’t remotely compare to President Jackson. She compares a lot more to World War heroes like Sgt. York and Audie Murphy. So why not put a war hero’s face on the $20? Have you seen a picture of Ms. Tubman? Talk about UGLY. I hope that if this actually comes to pass, that all $20’s ever handed to me after that are done so face down. This woman was hideous.

Did anyone one suggest to Brakk Obastard that maybe we should have one of the great Native Americans on that bill? Squanto? Sitting Bull? Red Cloud? Cochise? Geronimo? How about Pocahantas? There’s a lot of them who were all far more accomplished and certainly as courageous as Ms. Tubman.

This racist asshole President of ours wants to deface our money by taking off the faces of white people and replacing them with portraits of blacks. If we’re going to change the appearance so drastically of our paper money, then let’s be fair. Blacks have done more to harm this country than to help it, and it was only when they were slaves that they controlled themselves. Once they were freed, they became a constant source of crime.

It’s the Native Americans who are owed a debt by this country if any racial group is, so put a great Chief or other Native American on the $10 and put Tubman’s face on the $2 bill and leave the $20 as it is. That would be fair and equitable.


Monday, April 18th, 2016

Hearty congratulations to the people of Brazil in finally getting that Leftist mess, Dilma Rousseff, out of office. While the job isn’t done yet and it will take a few more months to see her out of office and into prison, it looks very solid that this will happen. NOW PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. That’s what Americans need to do, clean out the bad politicians, by force if necessary, and put in people who work for the people instead of their rich cronies.