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Sunday, August 19th, 2018

The other day, a friend stopped in and I wanted to ask him the first name of someone who came with him last time, as that person had turned out to be the brother of someone I’ve known for some years. So I said “I wanted to ask you…” and that’s as far as I got before he said “Steve”, his name is Steve.” When I asked him how he knew what I wanted to know, and suggested that it was ESP on his part, he said no, it was just “linear thinking”.

So this morning i looked up linear thinking on Bing, and while my education was thus increased, I’m sorry but no, that was ESP. Not linear thinking, which is a process of going step by step in reaching a conclusion. I could have been asking him about virtually anything, and for linear thinking to work, basic information must be available to begin with.

But this got me to thinking about how most of us really do think, which I call “fill in the blanks” thinking.

Life is primarily an endless challenge to make decisions, and we generally try to base our decisions on what we know. The problem we all have is lacking sufficient knowledge to make the very best decision, and the reason so many of our decisions turn out poorly is because we trust our opinions and beliefs as much as we trust our actual knowledge. Often, we don’t even know the difference between them.

This comes about because we start out in life knowing nothing and being faced with having to make decisions. So we guess at it, and our ability to foresee consequences, in other words our Linear Thinking ability, determines the quality of our guess, our decision. The more we guess right, the more we come to trust our opinions as being as valid as our actual knowledge.

Put it this way. You have a decision to make, so you think about it and you add up in your mind all that you’ve learned that applies to this situation, and you find that what you know isn’t enough to be certain of whatever your decision is. What you do then is fill in the gaps with your opinions, and that’s where the danger of failure lies, because opinions are nothing more than guesses in the dark and wishful thinking.

The very quality of a person’s opinions depends on the state of their ego. The more someone places their own worth above that of others, the less reliable their opinions are, and we’ve all been around insufferable egotists who acted like they knew everything. Some people really do think they know everything, but that’s merely their opinion.

The quality of a persons decisions as well as their opinions depends entirely on their honesty, how much they value truth.

The search engine came up with a variety of ways of thinking, Lateral, Linear, Vertical and so on, but I would put it all differently. The ability to use both the knowledge we gain and the degree of our sense of the nature of people and our world varies according to our intelligence, and some of us think slowly and inefficiently while others think dramatically faster and with great accuracy. A large part of fast and accurate thought is the ability to separate facts from fiction, truth from opinion or belief.

Supposed “Non-Linear Thinking”, then, isn’t the ability to leap from one step of thought over the top of a group of other steps to arrive at or near the goal of a conclusion. It’s the ability to do one of these two things: Go through the steps with great rapidity, in a flash or: bypass many steps because they’ve already been done once before and the brain retains the memory of their successful completion. It’s just a matter of mental efficiency, rather than a variety of different ways to think.

There is one more way of thinking that isn’t usually covered in discussions on ways of thought, and that’s Intuitive Thinking, the ability to go from First Thought to Final Conclusion without taking any steps in between. This particularly applies to making decisions regarding something in the future, and it’s the ability to literally see ahead, to foresee coming events. We’re back to ESP again here, which many people don’t accept as fact simply because they lack any abilities themselves, so I’ll let it go at that.

People of low average intelligence think that everyone else sees things the same exact way they do and they can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t, and people at all levels tend to think that they are more right than anyone else. None of them are correct.


Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Catholic priests call themselves “Father”. They rape children. Father rapers.

In the state of Pennsylvania alone, 301 Catholic priests have just been named as rapists of children. The Catholic church divides each state up into “dioceses”, there are 8 of them in Pennsylvania and all 8 are deeply involved in child rape.

There are 195 of these “dioceses” throughout the United States. If the ratio for Pennsylvania holds true for all of them, then that’s 37.6 child rapist priests per diocese and 7,337 child rapist Catholic priests nationwide. That’s a huge number of child rapists hiding in the Catholic church and being protected while they continue to ruin children’s lives all over America.

The horror of this is that it isn’t only the Catholic Church that’s really an organization of child predators. Others are as well. The Mormon church claims that it’s only “offshoot sects” that engage in marrying 13 year old girls off to 45 year old, and older, men, yet it keeps happening and they’re all Mormons. There are abuse reports of cover-ups within the Jehovahs Witnesses, who are very secretive generally. Churches make great places to get away with sex with children, this is a wide-spread problem, and one more good reason why religions are a cancer.

The Chinese government under Xi is going rapidly more totalitarian as a Communist nation, and now there’s a report that pictures of Jesus are being ripped down and replaced with Chinese flags. China is going all-out to wipe out all religions and replace them with “loyalty to the state”, something we saw before during the time of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese have a point, though. Religions are divisive and cause internal dissension and strife. Here in America, the Religious Right keeps pushing and pushing and pushing for an end to women’s right to abortion, and they get pretty radical about it. Abortion doctors have been assaulted and murdered, abortion clinics have been trashed. All in the name of Jesus, of course. The various religions fight among themselves even as they fight against our laws because the laws conflict with their mistaken beliefs, and as they continue to assault our children.

All religion is hypocrisy at best. All religions are based on superstition, all religions teach fear and they all are divisive. Replacing them with some sort of government Party Worship is no better. What’s really needed is an end to all of it. The whole point of religions is to provide answers, and humanity needs to stop looking to the lying purveyors of holy bullshit for truth, stop accepting beliefs as fact, and start worshiping truth.

I still remember when I figured out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. That’s when I first knew that my parents had lied to me. I couldn’t understand, then, why they’d lie to me. Why not just tell me it was a fun story in the first place and let it go at that? Instead, we take it for granted that it’s okay to tell children crap that isn’t really so, probably because we’re told similar crap by priests and preachers and we stupidly believe them. But it’s all Santa Claus and it’s time for it all to be left behind. Religions are part of painting in caves, hunting with sharp sticks, spirit creatures and witch doctors. The human race needs to move on.


Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Most of us expect the next big, I mean BIG war to start by some attack from China or Russia against the US or some other nation. Maybe not, if it does happen.

The first Big War started in some tiny nation with the assassination of some minor official. Granted that the second one was fomented by Germany and Japan, but the third? Turkey is beginning to look like a real possibility.

“(Bloomberg) — Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned the U.S. that its decades-long alliance with the country is at risk…” Isn’t that great? This dictatorial Muslim is warning us when it’s his actions that are causing the problems, not ours.

Pres. Trump is applying sanctions to Turkey for Erdogan’s hostile moves toward us and now Erdogan is threatening to stop being our ally? Really? When was he ever our ally? Turkey was, when it was still a secular nation, before this Islamist took over and put an end to that, but not now. Not when they’ve become so openly hostile to Israel, are falsely imprisoning Americans, attacking our efforts in Syria.

Erdogan is another Mussolini, Mugabe, Ortega or Maduro. Puffed up, full of himself, with a god complex, and I think he’s about to do something really bad. His blaming us for not just hostility between our nations but increasing hostility when he’s the cause of it should alarm anyone. The phony, staged “coup attempt” that he orchestrated to give him that dictatorship is just part of this whole show. I know what he really wants.

He doesn’t want Turkey to be part of NATO any longer, he wants to join forces with Iran, and he very much wants to get hold of any nuclear weapons we still have stored at Tikrit Air Base in Turkey. We maintain a fleet of our warplanes there and last I heard, we had “about” 50 atomic bombs there.

What if Erdogan suddenly sends in troops, attacks and kills our military personnel and takes over? There’s no way that Pres. Trump could allow Erdogan to get away with this. Immediate and very decisive action would have to be taken. The first move by Erdogan would be to fly as many of our nukes out of Turkey as he could, and some of them would go to Iran. Then we might have to nuke Iran.

Who knows? All I know is that a very big shitstorm could start at any time over there and I know that I’m right about Tayip Erdogan, it’s plain for all to see and doesn’t take a genius.


Thursday, August 9th, 2018

It was announced today that a US Space Force has been inaugurated with the purpose of dominating the militarization of the space around planet Earth, and I would suppose eventually our entire Solar System.

Not really a bad idea. If we’re in orbital position to shoot down any missile launched by any nation, anywhere, we can prevent nuclear attacks. With enough deployment of such capability, enough to deal with hundreds or possibly thousands of missile firings simultaneously, the threat of nuclear war would end and nukes would become obsolete.

I can see this being made possible without having to put some sort of Star Wars laser guns on massive space platforms in orbit by the dozens. All that’s needed is enough spy satellites capable of detecting missile launches, working in partnership with a 1000 or more interceptor-missile batteries around the planet. Someone launches an ICBM, it’s immediately detected from space and within a few seconds, missiles are launched to intercept and destroy it.

It would actually be a surprise if we didn’t have something like that now. Our Early Warning System was created about 60 years ago using radar stations to warn of attack, but we didn’t have the space capabilities we have now. Logically, most of the needed surveillance satellites are already in place and all that’s really required to finish the project would be missiles or other means capable of intercepting incoming missiles. The Chinese are claiming to have missiles that can travel at well over 5000 miles an hour and are supposedly unstoppable, but the Chinese lie a lot and nothing is unstoppable anyway. There’s always a deterrent technology.

What would be great would be if Russia, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Iran, etc. etc. would just stop all the warmongering and wasting of resources, and focus on making the planet a better and safer place for life generally. Us too.


Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google are all engaged in controlling what we say and think politically. “One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul Institute director, found their Twitter accounts suspended.

PEOPLE don’t TWEET. Birds tweet, and users of Twitter are mostly rather stupid with the exception of those like Pres. Trump, who brilliantly took advantage of that social media platform to stymie the Socialist and Globalist press and other media. For the rest of humanity that likes to post, excuse me, “tweet” little blurbs, they must have mush for brains. The same goes for Facebook and the rest but mostly for Twitter. Just the name makes me cringe in revulsion. Anything that sounds that stupid can’t be good.

Facebook is different only in that it’s run by a crook who stole the idea and code from others, so users should expect to be badly abused in the process of using it, which they are. Google, whose slogan years ago was “Do no evil”, regularly does evil.

The only reason Pres. Trump’s Twitter account hasn’t been canceled is because, as President, he brings in a lot of users and ad money. He gives Twitter validity. Of course Twitter makes sure that everything Pres. Trump posts (Posts, not “tweets”) is barraged with refutations that get top recognition, that’s to be expected as well.

ANYTIME any company becomes powerful it will abuse that power, because companies are run by people and that’s what people do. It baffles me why so many people become so enmeshed with and dependent on websites like Twitter and Facebook to promote themselves and their views and then are so surprised and upset and complain and cry when they’re cut off because they oppose the views of Twitter and Facebook. And Google. And others. Of course they are, do they really think that they can attack Globalist thought on a Globalist-owned forum? That forum is there to coerce us into agreeing with Globalism, not give us a platform to refute it. Jesus Christ, wake up.


Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Vermont is our 6th smallest state, and that’s really small, and our 2nd smallest in population, with just over 600,000 people for the entire state. That isn’t stopping them from trying to be a second California, though, in spite of their freezing winters and tiny size.

No indeed. Vermont is apparently about to elect as governor a severely mentally ill person, a man who thinks he’s a woman, calls himself Christine instead of Dave and wears a wig and women’s clothes, and openly admits he’s had gender dysphoria, an established mental illness, for many years.

There’s an agonizingly long article gushing away about “her” in Politico, which I won’t link to out of pure disgust and respect for you, the reader, that’s clearly pushing to get this freak elected.

If he at least resembled a half-way decent looking woman, it would help, but this guy is plainly a man in women’s clothing and makes a seriously ugly woman. He’s a guy with long hair and dressed funny, but that’s okay in Vermont, boy, they don’t mind that a bit.

I dunno, maybe they eat too much maple syrup and all that sugar has crystallized in their brains or something. As much as these wackos tout “Transgenderism”, the plain reality is that there’s no such thing. Born a woman, always a woman. Born a man, always a man. You can cut off the dick, pour in the hormones, grow breasts, have your facial and other hair permanently removed and wear women’s clothes but you can’t change your bone structure, change your brain, grow a womb, a clitoris, generate eggs and all the other big and little things that make a woman a woman.
Nor can women get a real penis and testicles or change their own brain and bone structure to that of a man.

If you aren’t happy with the sex you were born with, then you need counseling and therapy and maybe some medication, you don’t need to have your problem applauded and approved of and declared “normal” by those who only want you to join them as an affirmation that their own condition is okay. That’s exactly what drug addicts do and why they stick together. Drug addicts always seek out other drug addicts, but even if you can form a community of 10,000 drug addicts, that doesn’t mean that addiction is normal and good.

You can’t tell that to people in California, though, and apparently not in Vermont, either.


Sunday, August 5th, 2018

I get a kick out of the nutty obsessives who call themselves “Creationists” and insist that everything that lives was created by an all mighty deity. That evolution is some sort of illusion or mirage.

So I got to thinking, how hard would it be to prove by example that evolution is real and can be demonstrated well within a person’s lifetime, and the Galapagos Island finches immediately came to mind.

Here’s what I’d do. Pick one species of finch that feeds only on one type of food source and provide a constant quantity of that food source. Only, surround it on all sides with something like chicken wire, of a size that only the smallest of those finches can get in. In less than 10 years I bet there would be little finches that breed true to size who only feed on that particular food source. The larger finches won’t be able to reach it and will have long since given up trying.

Now, put the food behind a second wire cage that only allows those little finches with the longest beaks to reach it. Wait 10 years, and you’ll have only little long-beaked finches eating that food source. The other little finches will have gone back to their other sources of this food.

This is almost exactly the process that Charles Darwin discerned, only without human intervention to speed things up and taking hundreds of years rather than a few decades.

You don’t hear much from Creationist nuts anymore, though, because now the argument has shifted to a much more basic level, which is whether a god exists at all. All I can say to that is, anyone who’s danced with Santa Claus and flown on the back of the Tooth Fairy has no problem knowing the answer. The rest of us, well, ………


Monday, July 30th, 2018

The turkey is a fairly common game bird here in the good ol’ USA, and known to be wily in the wild, and stupid in captivity. Put a big washtub full of water in a pen with turkeys and they’ll jump in and drown themselves out of sheer stupidity. Savvy critters in the woods and fields but not so bright on close inspection.

That describes the people of Turkey pretty exactly. They voted in a known Islamist, a creep called Tayip Erdogan, to be their president, knowing full well that he’s an Islamist and wanted to end Turkey’s long history as a secular state. Which he has, removing all the guards and protections that ensured Turkey would stay secular, and with the latest election he’s made himself Dictator For Life of an Islamist state dictatorship. Not real smart, you Turks.

Under his leadership, Turkey has stepped up their war against the Kurds, a non-Islamic bunch of Arabs who they tried to exterminate once, years ago, in a massive slaughter and still deny what they did to this day. The Kurds are good people who want and deserve their own state, something the Turks want to prevent by any means possible.

Erdogan’s been supporting ISIS by buying their stolen oil, even though Turkey’s a NATO member and NATO is fighting against the ISIS terrorists. Turkey is holding an American pastor charged with assisting in the “coup” against Erdogan, even though the so-called coup was a fake engineered by Erdogan and his Nazi thugs to consolidate his power. Pres. Trump made a deal with Erdogan to get a Turkish terrorist freed in exchange for the American, and Turkey reneged. So now there’s threats of sanctions.

We occupy part of the Turkish Tikrit air base, which is strategic for us in that area. Turkey is -almost- in the Middle East. However we also have 8 military bases in Kuwait, so we don’t really need Tikrit and my supposition is that we stay there only to be an internal threat to Erdogan’s government. He doesn’t dare attack us there, the consequences would be a disaster for him. At the same time, the steadily worsening relationship between us must have some consequences, and it does. Pres. Trump is about to impose sanctions on Turkey and the Senate has already blocked a pending sale of F-35 warplanes to Turkey.

Erdogan seems to think that he can use that Christian preacher and Tikrit as high cards in a winning hand, to push Pres. Trump and the US around, but the truth is that it won’t take much to crash Turkey’s economy, and when that happens in Islamist countries, violent government overthrows soon follow.


Sunday, July 29th, 2018

The hobby and craft store I opened is a bust. There’s lots of people into crafts here, lots of arty types, lots of hobbyists among our total of perhaps 16,000 or so residents scattered far and wide among our interconnected valleys in hamlets small and smaller. Prices in the store were very competitive and the nearest outlets selling the same goods are 50 miles away on a mountain road designated the second most dangerous road in California, because of the deaths on it.

So the half-price sale is in full swing and boy oh boy, if business had only been this good before. The stuff is selling out at a rate so far of around $600 a day, which is my cost, of course. So there’s no profit, in fact the loss goes on as long as the electricity and water bills stay in my name.

But I have someone who wants to buy my cash register/credit card system, someone else who wants the showcases, all deeply discounted of course but I’ll have no further need of them soon and I’ll be glad to be rid of them.

What doesn’t sell will go up on ebay, some of it, and most of the rest will go to the local school.

When people started coming in less and less, and I found myself sitting there for hours on end with nothing to do except crossword puzzles, when sales for the month were hundreds of dollars short of even paying for the basic overhead, it was time to accept the obvious. Besides, I was getting pretty burned out on all that sitting and waiting.

So another experiment comes to an end, and my first failed business. I’ve had several head shops, a gift shop, an antique store and 3 autobody/paint shops, one of which was a custom paint shop, and all were highly successful. I never spent a single dime on advertising for any of them, either.

This store, I advertised on the radio, on 3 different stations, constantly, as well as posting a Facebook page on it for the area and making a big effort to put the word out all over the area, personally. And it fell flat, even though almost everyone who came in said how glad they were that the shop was there, and how much the area needed one. So go figure.

But a lot of it was fun, and I met a few interesting people. I won’t miss the old women who reek of piss from unchanged diapers, the meth freaks and Mexicans looking to steal something or the garrulous, lonely old men who never spend a dime and just want someone to talk to. I won’t miss any of them, to be honest. With a handful of exceptions, they’re the cheapest, stingiest people I ever met. I thought the antique store customers were bad until this. It gave me something different to do, though I now wish I’d kept the money in the bank, or bought a new car or gone on a cruise to the Galapagos. Live and learn.


Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Can’t put a title to this rant, it’s too scattered. But it’s cohesive just the same, just keep reading.

Never has there been so much political rancor in our nation, such a biased and bile spewing press and such insane rhetoric blowing out of the mouths of those who campaigned for office on a promise to serve the people instead of their hidden and personal agendas.

Never before have we had the level of lethal military technology like we have now. The Cold War arms race has never really ended and our ability, as a race, to destroy each other is now beyond comprehension. Nations brag openly about their weapons and the mass destruction to us and our planet that they can cause, and they openly threaten each other with the use of them. Yet the race to create bigger, deadlier weapons that cause wider and wider damage goes on.

The human populations of Earth are on the move, out of Africa and the Mideast into Southern Europe. So are the peoples of Eastern Europe. The people of Central America are flooding into North America, and all of them are fleeing either famine, poverty, war or conflicting religions except for the Mexicans, who are just being parasites, like fleas jumping onto a fat dog.

Before humanity began to spread out across the planet, the Earth was in nearly perfect balance. After hundreds of millions of years of evolving, all the living things on Earth had developed a balance that kept populations in check and provided an ecological niche for everything. Only natural disasters like volcanoes and floods disturbed this equilibrium.

But then we began wiping out our predators and building defenses to keep them out, and we became more successful, and our numbers grew. And now we’ve spread into every corner of the planet and are still spreading, trashing everything that went before, wiping out the millions of years, burying the balance under asphalt and concrete.

We can’t get along with each other. Nations are in conflict with themselves and their neighbors simultaneously, and we have no respect or concern for the lives and living space of other creatures. It’s as if we think we’re the only thing that matters.

You see why there’s no title to this blast. It’s about a mess, the biggest mess humanity ever created, bigger than World War Two, and the mess is us. Human presence on this planet is the mess. Yet this same kind of mess must have happened on a billion planets where one form of life became dominant and wiped out all the others except those that served it’s purposes. Here on Planet Earth, the battle is between forms of government against a type of the species.

The Chinese are trying for the second time in human history to be the dominant species, and are battling with Globalism and Democracy to be the only form of government.

Ultimately, given the nature of Man, and assuming we don’t destroy ourselves first, some form of planetary dictatorship will prevail that places about as much value on a human life as it does a chicken. We’re very close to that now in most of the world, and as our numbers continue to increase, this attitude will spread until we reach a maximum. What is a maximum?

A maximum Earth population is that point where there’s so many of us that our numbers are unsustainable, and we finally start dying off as fast as we’re born. At this point, in a global dictatorship, we will do what the Chinese tried to do, which is limit the number of births. This time around it will be much easier to accomplish, since babies can be sterilized at birth and selective breeding programs will be in place. Birth control chemicals can be placed in the food. It will be easy in a global dictatorship.

And really, it’s that or we reduce ourselves by war into isolated pockets of survivors, who must wait thousands of years for the radiation to die down enough to spread out over the devastated planet once again. A book could be written about the mutations that would prove beneficial for survival, but that’s another story.


Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

My country is a war-mongering nation. I’d like to think that’s not so, but it is. The USA, or our government anyway…. let me rephrase that, the people who run our military in cahoots with those who run the rest of the show, like to hold a war every so often.

The Korean War is a good example. After thousands of American lives and a fortune lost, China still got to take half of the peninsula. We could have nuked them and should have if we really wanted to win it.

Then Viet Nam, where our generals just would not bomb Hanoi when doing so would have won the war. Massive American casualties, massive cost.

Then Iraq, massive cost, and this time massive civilian casualties and the destruction of a stable and non-threatening national government. Oh and let’s not forget Afghanistan.

None of the above were threats to us, so we went to war with them. When some small nation IS a threat to us, like North Korea or Iran, we engage in name calling and saber rattling but do we go to war with them? No. What we do is send troops to Syria, which also is not a threat to us.

We have a really impressive ability to fight small nations that don’t threaten us and ignore the ones that do and I fail to understand the logic of this, if there is any. In any case, Syria is winding down. We’re no longer zapping Assad’s forces, backed by Russia. We’re just going after ISIS, and apparently not very heavily, since there’s never any news coming out of Syria about our involvement any more. ISIS is on the run and soon Assad will have his country back, leaving our generals with nothing to do once again.

A serious, hot war in some small country would give Pres. Trump a wonderful distraction from all that Meuller/Russia/Collusion crap and our generals an excuse to play with their latest toys. At the cost of many young American military lives but hey, that’s what they’re for anyway, right? I mean, toys just left on the shelf get rusty and stop working right.

Expect another war soon.


Saturday, July 21st, 2018

The Polish government recently presented Trump with a formal proposal to move U.S. troops from Stuttgart, Germany, to a new permanent U.S. military base in Poland.

Poland has offered to pay $2 billion to build the base and provide the land. They don’t like us in Germany and their Socialist/Globalist dictator Angela Merkel hates Pres. Trump. In Poland, however, they LOVE us and Pres. Trump.

The Poles want us there as their best defense against another Russian invasion. Russia’s repeatedly invaded Poland and laid waste to their country and their people, which is why they joined NATO once they became free of the failed Soviet Union, and they want to stay free.

The move would save us a lot of money. Poland pays it’s fair share of NATO costs, Germany falls far short of it, and we’re paying the bulk of costs for maintaining troops there. This would not be so if we moved those troops to Poland and let Germany provide it’s own security instead of us.

By making a deal with Russia to have Russian gas piped in directly to Germany from Russia instead of using the existing pipe through Poland, Germany has compromised the security of E. Europe. Russia will be able to cut off their gas now with ease anytime they want to force their way on them. As Marc Thiessen has put it in the article I took all this from, “The U.S. military presence in Germany is a legacy of the Cold War, when we positioned our forces to deter a Soviet invasion from East Germany. Today the need for deterrence is undiminished, but the potential line of contact has moved east. So should the U.S. military.”


Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Our President has failed us, he’s gone over to the Russians, he’s Putin’s puppet, Putin has something on him, he’s denied our Sacred Secret Service story that Russia hacked the election, he’s weak, he’s hiding something, IMPEACH HIM, IMPEACH HIM. Give the election to Hillary Clinton!
Senator John McCain says that “today’s press conference in Helsinki was “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory.” We here at The Daily Crapshoot have to agree. Just because Great American Hero John McCain went over to the Viet Cong and gave them information that resulted in the loss of over 60 aircraft and many sailors lives, and is actually only pretending to be a Republican so he can block everything they try to do, that means nothing really, right?

Senator Mitch McConnell is a Russian co-conspirator with Pres. Donald Trump. Because we say so. Anyone who supports Pres. Trump is out to get you, and is lying. So believe us and not Pres. Trump or any of his supporters. Drink our Kool-Aid, we know what’s best for you, Love Big Brother, Work Will Make You Free, “Arbeit macht frei”, Sieg Heil.


Sunday, July 15th, 2018

I’m astounded at how many people were elected President this last election. There must be thousands of them, and not just in the U.S. but all over the world. I know this is true because they all know exactly what the President should do.

For instance, Pres. Trump’s trip to Russia to visit with Vlad Putin. “He has to come away with a victory”, “He has to press Putin on Russian meddling”, and so on. So many people who know what Pres. Trump will talk to pres. Putin about, what his agenda is, what he wants to accomplish, and it’s truly amazing since Pres. Trump himself hasn’t given out a single clue about his actual reasons for making this trip.

Everyone in the media acts like they know something that they don’t, along with most of the liberal idiot actors in Hollywood who think that fame in one field makes them geniuses at everything, and the reality is that the vast majority of us can’t tell the difference between an opinion and a fact.


Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Yesterday an illegal alien, a Mexican, was arrested in California for attempted murder after inflicting grievous injury on his wife with A CHAINSAW. This was his 12th illegal border crossing after 11 previous deportations. He already had felonies on his record and this time he was also caught with a stolen car. So he’s going to prison, finally, instead of being repeatedly released.

The reason California Democrats keep releasing hardened-criminal illegal aliens isn’t because they care about them and want them to have another chance to be good. It’s because keeping them in prisons is extremely expensive and gobbles up $billion$ of tax dollars that they want to use for welfare programs to keep bringing in more illegals.

They want more illegals because that’s the voting base that keeps them in power, and to this end they give them drivers licenses and then accept that as proof of citizenship at the polls.

The problem they have is the more illegal aliens in California, the higher the crime rate soars, jamming those expensive prisons, and at the same time, the welfare rolls also soar. So they keep raising taxes to pay for the steadily increasing expenses that keep the illegals happy who keep them in power. California now is the most expensive state to live in, entirely because of increased taxes. It has the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, for example. The taxes have mostly been increased on the richest Californians, with the inevitable result that most of the rich people have moved to other states.

This has seriously reduced the state’s tax revenue. Many of the illegals who have jobs are working “under the table”, paying no taxes at all and sending most of their money home to Mexico and so on, even as they suck away at the welfare programs.

Plainly, this is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme and it can’t go on. California will eventually go bankrupt, and when it does, the citizens will be stuck with a truly massive state debt while the perpetrators of this disaster will have absconded with huge chunks of state funds to nations where there’s no extradition.

There is a silver lining, tho. Once the welfare payouts end and the welcome mat is rolled up, the Mexicans will mostly go home, especially if the unemployment rate soars, which it most likely will.


Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

Was just watching an old movie about our giving 50 of our 4-stacker destroyers to the British Navy, back in 1940, and it reminded me how far our Naval technology has come since then.

Those 50 ships were built between 1919 and 1922 and had been “mothballed” until we gave them to the Brits. The next serious design change was the Fletcher 2-stacker followed by the Gearing class 2 stacker, and that’s the ship type that I served on, beginning in 1958. That particular ship’s keel was laid in 1944 and she was commissioned in 1945, too late to take part in The War. She was 13 years old when I came aboard and already reeked of age. Her weapons systems were already outmoded, everything was vacuum tube technology, while new ships were being outfitted with much more compact and efficient transistorized gear. In the Main Plotting room below decks, there was a huge box that occupied the center of the room, all rounded-corner cast aluminum with lots of glass windows and dials, made by Bendix Corp., that was a mechanical computer and the heart of the ship’s main batteries. A Mechanical Computer, and it probably weighed several tons.

Only 3 years after boarding this ship, I saw a modern Guided Missile Cruiser fire off a missile from it’s fantail. The missile was held in a device that looked like a half-section of pipe that fit over the top of the missile and held it in place, and the “pipe” was supported by a vertical stand mounted to the deck and was motorized so that it could turn in any direction and point up or down.

As I watched, the missile dropped from it’s holder and fell toward the deck, falling about a foot downward before it ignited and roared off. From the time it dropped until the time it was no longer visible was probably less than one second. I never saw anything move so fast in my life. This was in 1961, 57 years ago. Today we have rail guns aboard ships that launch slugs of metal without the use of gunpowder, that can hit a ship so hard that the kinetic force can tear that ship in half. We have guns that can track and shoot down incoming missiles that are moving too fast for the eye to follow, and I bet we have weapons far beyond that, that we’re not told about.

But one thing we still haven’t managed to accomplish is a united group of politicians in Washington DC who work together in harmony for the good of our country instead of for their own enrichment and dreams of power.


Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

(See previous post). Here’s a rainbow: “The Trump administration on Tuesday published a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that it proposes to hit with an additional 10 percent tariff, escalating a mounting trade war between the two countries.

“Rather than address our legitimate concerns, China has begun to retaliate against U.S. products,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement. “There is no justification for such action.”

“The move also comes after the U.S. last week imposed a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, prompting China to retaliate in lockstep. China immediately began adding tariffs on 545 American imports — many of them agricultural products such as soybeans, cotton, rice, sorghum, beef, pork, dairy, nuts and produce. Both countries have also pledged to add tariffs on another $16 billion worth of goods.”

Now, here’s the kicker: China has over 1.4 billion people who are eating food we sell them that they wouldn’t be buying if they could produce it cheaper, themselves. By them increasing the wholesale cost of this food by 25%, the cost to their people will increase by 50%, which drives up their inflation, drives down the value of their money, and reduces their imports of our food. This will result in these foods being more available on our own markets at lower prices, and will encourage our Ag. industry to find other customers besides China.

“The latest action carries through on a threat that President Donald Trump made in June, when he ordered trade officials to draw up a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that would be hit with a 10 percent tariff after Beijing vowed the retaliatory moves.”

Why is this a rainbow? Because Pres. Trump is exactly right. We don’t have to submit to China’s childish bullying, and if trade stops between us, that will just invigorate our own manufacturing and create millions of new jobs right here in the USA.


Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

For as long as I’ve lived, the news has always been almost entirely bad news with only the barest touch of good news. Like that “silver lining” that’s supposed to accompany every cloud. Just a tiny bit of silver.

Part of the problem is making too big a deal out of small events, and not giving enough attention to the big ones. A good example is the latest attempt to outrage Americans with the antics of a bunch of cowards who collectively call themselves “Antifa”. There aren’t many of them, so to gain attention they piggy-back onto advertised events, primarily patriotic marches that support American values, and show up dressed all in black with face masks, and carrying sticks and pipes and other weapons along with bullhorns and air horns.

These jackasses are getting lots of media attention, lots more than the people and their causes that are being harassed by them, and way out of bounds of reality. Yet these fools are committing only a few isolated incidents in a few of our largest cities.

It’s an unfortunate fact that media of all sorts seeks to sensationalize events as much as they can, in order to sell papers, sell advertising, gain listeners, anything to increase their revenue. News has always been about making money, and keeping perspective and staying within the bounds of truth come secondary.


Saturday, July 7th, 2018

The state of California, along with other Libtard, Socialistic states, continues to raise tax rates on all of us. Not just the wealthy, either. Already, anyone in Calif. who makes over $1 Million is saddled with a 13.5% income tax, which has resulted in most of the millionaires moving out of the state, which then results with that tax burden being added to the pile already imposed on the rest of us.

This is because Liberal states always spend more than they take in and raise taxes constantly to keep paying for their excesses.

But there’s a bright side. Poor people don’t pay income taxes, and poor people get lots of free stuff from their Liberal states that they don’t have to work for, like Food Stamps and discounts on their water and power bills, and other freebies that the Socialist state governments make middle class people pay for.

There’s a lot of talk now about the cost of a barrel of oil going way up, and people are freaking that it just hit $75, but it was over $90 back in the 1970’s and I’m pretty sure we lived through that okay. The problem with that in California is that this state has the highest gasoline taxes in the entire nation, and THAT’S what really drives up the cost of commuting.

So here I am in Sunny California, and not worried a bit about all those taxes and fuel costs. Why not? Because my income is below poverty level as determined by the Federal Government. For me, it’s comfortable, I eat well, have a very adequate wardrobe, comfortable home even in the current heat wave, and I don’t pay any taxes except property taxes because my income is below “poverty level”. Neither do I make use of any of the welfare doles. As for the cost of gas, everything I need is within a few miles of home, and I fill up the tank about once a month or so, for about $40. If the price of gas goes all the way up to $5, a fill up will cost me $50. $10 a month more. So what?

This is the secret to survival in a Socialist, Libturd state run by mindless jackasses. Live in a remote area away from industry, where property values are low. Buy an average, non-ostentatious home, drive a fuel efficient car, eat good food and stay healthy. This way, you can always fall back on the welfare system if things get bad and meanwhile, you’ll be one of those the state ignores because you aren’t a source of revenue.


Monday, July 2nd, 2018

You heard it here first. In fact this may be the only place you’ll ever hear it because it may never happen. But if it does, don’t forget to praise Newsbleat on all the social media and send me lots of money.

Here’s the deal. The new president of Mexico is of course backed by the drug cartels same as the last one, only the guy they just elected this time is a Socialist, meaning he’s actually a Venezuela-type Communist like Maduro, who replaced the previous Venezuela dictator, Hugo Chavez.

… Just a brief sidestep here … The Venezuelans hate their presidents, who impoverish them and ruin the country, yet they keep electing more of the same. Mexicans are just as stupid.

Anyway… Mexico’s newly elected president, known as Amlo (Andres Obrador) has made it clear that he not only hates the USA but that he’s going to do whatever he can to harm us. Here’s what that means to us and why I think it could lead to us invading Mexico and occupying that nation while we install a government system that’s a lot friendlier to us. We did this very successfully in Japan, remember, and they hated us at least as much as the Mexicans do.

Mexico provides 70 percent of our vegetable imports and almost 40 percent of our fruit imports. Think what would happen if that Marxist Mexican asshole, who will soon very likely position himself as a dictator, Venezuela style, doubles or triples the prices of their farm exports, while at the same time supports and finances mass invasions of illegal aliens across our borders, and nationalizes all the U.S.-owned industries in Mexico. Our automobile industry alone is heavily invested in Mexico, with many factories.

When Cuba was taken over by the Communist Fidel Castro, he nationalized everything we owned over there. Took all our business investments to himself and our response was a very screwed-up attempt to invade Cuba at a place known as the Bay of Pigs. Considering what we did to Iraq in a very short time, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll ever repeat the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Mexico would fall quickly, and the truth is that the people would rejoice for it.

The whole reason they come here is because it’s better here. If we were running Mexico, the only people who’d complain would be those involved with the drug cartels. Everyone else would be overjoyed.

So the case for an invasion of Mexico looks pretty strong to me, it’s just a matter of the game playing out as I described.