The Nazis never died, they remain alive and well in the form of Muslim Democrats in our House and Senate. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democrat Representative, has been making anti-Jewish statements reminiscent of the early days of Hitler’s campaign against the Jews. Her fellow freshman, Rashida Tlaib, another Muslim, openly sides with her along with Democrat Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Democrat House Majority Speaker Pelosi tried in vain to get an apology out of Ms. Omar, and when that failed, attempted to get a resolution passed condemning anti-Semitism which so far is a non-starter. Democrats who are against expressing hatred of Jews are afraid to come out and be counted. Exactly the same way it was in Germany.

The rise of anti-Semitism isn’t just happening in Europe, it’s happening here too. History teaches us that if our government openly endorses hatred of any group, the majority of us will adopt that hatred and the rest of us will keep silent. It’s just human nature to go along with the crowd, especially if it’s a lot safer to do so than not, and that’s the basic principle behind Fascism. It’s why nations can be turned into dictatorships.

It’s very plain to see that our form of government is under attack from within, that our courts and our Congress have been loaded with Communists. Our colleges have been creating generations of haters of Jews and democracy since the 1960s and the surprise election of Donald Trump has exposed these cockroaches to the light.

This is the reason for their hatred of him. He’s forced them out into the open and to fight instead of the silent and stealthy takeover they thought was theirs. Barack Obama almost finished the job, but now Donald Trump is doing his best to wreck decades of planning and effort and the Democrats will stop at nothing to win out.

Which is why military intervention seems inevitable to me. Pres. Trump has already employed the military at our southern border and intends for military construction of sections of border wall. I fail to see what would stop the Democrats from finding a way to employ our military in ways that counter Trumps efforts, and I don’t think it will be very long before that happens. The clash between Legislative and Executive powers may result in a declaration of Martial Law, which itself would fire up worse reactions.

The shit hasn’t hit the fan yet, really, what we’re seeing now is just minor spray. But absolutely, it is coming. You’d have to be a special kind of fool not to see it. Whether we become a Fascist nation or not after the fighting is done, is the question.


Can’t verify the accuracy of this count so I’ll just quote it and leave it to the reader to dispute it. A news article recently stated that there are now 3000 mosques in Britain and 100 Sharia courts that issue judgements recognized as legal by Britain.

The article went on to state that the majority of those mosques were financed by Saudi Arabia’s Wahabbist sect of Islam, which is the most violent and virulent of all the various forms of Islam and is the same sect that was behind the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Wahabbism is the only Islam they have in Saudi Arabia. It’s the one that made the girls in a girls school that was on fire, stay inside and burn to death because they weren’t allowed outside without their head coverings, which they couldn’t reach because of the fire.

Wahabbism is the Islam that demanded and got the beheading of a Saudi princess and her lover for having sex outside of marriage. Wahabbism is the Islam that will put you to death for having a Christian Bible within the borders of Saudi Arabia. Wahabbism is the Islam that allows women to be traded for goats and fully approves of slavery and child sex.

Muslims are still pouring into Britain and British politicians show no sign whatever of being a bit concerned, even as the citizens of that nation do their best to maintain their composure and not go into full panic mode, which would actually have been their smartest move, and a long time before now.

BREITBART CENSORSHIP is a *supposedly* Conservative website that allows comments on the articles it posts. In other words, it’s a news blog. They use Disqus as their login application and censor, and set which words and letter combinations they do not allow in comments.

A few of these words are Jew, Soros, Negro and kill. As people try work-arounds in order to practice Free Speech, and type things like Jooz, Sore-ass, kneegrow and k i l l, Breitbart adds those to the forbidden list.

This list has grown to the point where it’s become difficult to say much about anything. I’ve been banned three times from commenting on Breitbart because this, the last banning happening yesterday for discussing race.

You can say anything negative about white people on Breitbart that you want to, no matter how untrue and insulting, and that’s okay. Just don’t start saying anything negative about blacks even though it’s true, or you’ll be banned. You can’t even say Jew at all, and why Soros’ name is protected I have no clue, but mention of that Jewish traitor to humanity is also banned.

Blog censorship is bullshit on any Conservative website. With Disqus you have the ability to block any person from responding to any comment you leave, so if anyone finds your remarks offensive, they can block you. But they can also REPORT you, to Breitbart, where their little Snowflake Libtard censors will then abrogate your Freedom of Speech on the blog.

Between the Disqus word filtering and the Libtard censoring, Breitbart is steadily reducing their readership to only those who fit within their narrow definition of what is okay to think. This is EXACTLY what they’ve been accusing Facebook, Twitter and Google of doing, manipulating the thinking of users. has become more of a Click Bait news site than a serious news reporting medium. Which is too bad, they started out in a very promising way, but ad revenue greed has reduced them to tabloid status.


I’m getting a good taste of what it must have been like to have lived in a cave, thousands of years ago, when humans wore animal skins to keep warm, 40 years was a long life span and belligerence was a normal response to pretty much everything.

Every once in a while I hear my neighbor Brian start blowing off about something, and I usually step out on the back deck so I can hear him cuss and threaten better. Today was special. Today he, his idiot woman and some guy up the street (and on top of a roof – no, I don’t know why) were all screaming back and forth, cussing each other out, making threats and generally degrading the quality of life for all the rest of us without the slightest awareness of or concern for that

Brian is a coward and a bully. He’s a big guy with a big gut who loves to threaten people that he thinks he can beat up, always people who are smaller than him, preferably female and preferably much, much older. He pulled his shit on me once and chased me into my house, whereupon I got my shotgun and stuck it in his face, and that was the end of him threatening a 76 year old man half his size. I thought he was going to crap his pants there, for a bit.

Today, the skinny guy Brian kept screaming at walked right up to, and past, Brians home while Brian was standing out there screaming threats at him, and Brian did absolutely nothing. I would have been amazed if that chickenshit loudmouth had actually gone up and started punching. The thing about Brian is that he just wants someone to threaten who’s no threat to him. Nothing makes him happier than to have someone to bully.

There’s more than one certifiable asshole living on this street and not much to do about that except let them fight it out. Scream it out, really. It’s too bad I don’t know in advance when these eruptions are happening, I could make some good money selling tickets.