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Here it comes… ( I told ya so )

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

BHObama has taken a hard line against Israel over the expansion of existing Israeli settlements in Palestine and East Jerusalem, demanding an utter and total halt to any new construction whatever.

He’s doing this as part of his stage setting for his upcoming speech to Muslims in Egypt, which is fully expected by all to be one of reconciliation toward the Muslims.

In the first place, America owes no apologies of any sort to Muslims or the world of Islam or the Arabs. They owe huge apologies to us and all others they’ve been harming with their acts of terrorism and mayhem in the goal of forcing us all to kneel to Islam. If our president is going to be making any speeches to the Arabs it should be without any regard to their religion. Treating a religion as if it were a nation is rediculous. If they choose to be Fascistic and exclude any other religion but their own, we should choose to wall them off from the rest of the Free World and let them fester in peace, not speak to their horrible and evil religion as if it was an equal.

We can buy either buy their oil without having to take part in their politics, and we can stop buying their oil by promoting the variety of existing alternative technologies we have now. We can also stop legislating that auto makers produce cars sometime in the next 20 years to use slightly less fuel, and go back to the 40 mpg cars we had in the 1980’s that the Big Bucks Oil People forced out of production. Aren’t you tired of the charade? I am. As for the Arabs, stop buying their oil and there goes all that nice money for sponsoring terrorism and the takeover of the world by Islamists.

What BHusseinO wants Israel to do by demanding the cessation of expansion, is to cease to exist. The expansions are slowly forcing out the Arab Muslims from a declared Jewish state, and forcing them out of East Jerusalem. This infuriates the Arabs as the whole point of settling there was to force out the Jews. Now BHO is siding with the Arabs, who already have all the rest of the Middle East tied up in all-Muslim states. If they can force their religion on such a huge area, and that’s okay, why isn’t it okay for the Jews to have one tiny little Jewish state?

Why? Because the Arabs want it all, and they hate Jews, and Obama is on the side of the Arabs and the Jews are accepting this fact. Watch for it, all this is going to spill over when he gives his Mmmm kissy love love speech to the Muslims. Is anyone a bookie? Because I want to place a grand on Obama saying something bad about Israel to the Arabs during his little speech.

Israel is either going to make a clean break with the Obama administration after this, or Obama is going to find himself cornered like the sleazy little rat he is, and back down from his Israel position. Because with or without the U.S., Israel is going to attack Iran. They have zero choice. They have to or be wiped out. But what ‘Bama will do first is dump all sorts of sanctions on Israel for ignoring his truly assine and arrogant orders to self-destruct, and cause an enormous rift not just in American politics but global politics.

Obama comes on as a man of peace, but so do the Muslims, and we all know what a canard that is. His entire presidency rests not on Universal Health Care or The Environment. It rests totally on his relationship with Israel and what he does to destroy that relationship and our one island of friendship in an otherwise totally hostile Middle East. Israel is the one force that keeps all those Arabs from going to war with each other and one nation from coming out on top, which would then be an oil tyrant far, far worse than OPEC can ever be. In the process of their wars, there would be ecological disaster on an unprecedented scale, something we got a real good taste of during the Gulf War when Iraq set all Kuwaits oil wells on fire and oil was running in rivers into the Atlantic as enormous clouds of black toxic smoke filled our skies.

It’s funny. All this is so clear, all the facts are out there for anyone to look up and read, yet people still voted him in, they still approve of what he’s doing, I still get comments that I’m being too harsh on him or that maybe something positive this or something positive blue sky that. No. Sorry but no. Obama is a disaster for the world and he’s happening now.

Love of Racism

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Charges brought against three members of the extremely anti-white New Black Panther Party by the Bush administration, on Election Day 2008 when they were accused of threatening voters and blocking Republican poll and campaign workers by threat of force, with a gun, have been dropped by the Obama Justice Department. Of course. Those thugs were helping to elect Hussein Obama.

His replacement for head of NASA is black. Not that this is necessarily bad, just that out of all the highly qualified candidates, he picked the only black one.

Well, what did you geniuses expect who voted in Black Barack as our president? That he’d be even handed, centrist, totally non-racist? Really? Did you really think that? That a black man with a Muslim parentage and name, with 20 years following a black racist supposedly ex-Muslim preacher who himself praises Louis Farrakhan, Jew and White hating leader of Nation of Islam, would decry racism of any kind?

If you did, genius, you’re a dumb son of a bitch of the finest water.

Our black racist president is showing his true colors, and that’s no pun, by also nominating an avowed white-hating racist to our Supreme Court. Sonia Sotomayor, Hispanic white-hater, has openly stated that Hispanic women make better decisions as judges than white men, and in a reverse discrimination case ruled against white men who had better qualifications than the one Hispanic who was after the same job the others were trying for.

The person with the best qualifications for a job is the one who should be picked. Race should have nothing to do with it. Barack Obama is the new Czar of Reverse Discrimination and if you’re white, you better duck.

Some of the mouthpieces of the GOP, such as ex-Gov. Huckabee, are saying “Noooo, she’s not a RACIST…” as they don’t want to use that word and have their own past remarks thrown back in their faces, OR draw negative attention to an already drowning party, but yes, she is a racist.

There is no such thing as a white person in America who does not have at least some small feeling of dislike or superiority toward blacks, and there is not one single black in America who does not have feelings toward whites ranging from dislike to open hatred. Racism is a fact of life and most of it comes from blacks and Hispanics towards whites. That’s just how it is. White people mostly occupy the upper, better part of society, and people of other races get what’s left, and they don’t like that much.

Yet even those non-whites who’ve succeeded to high positions of wealth and respect still carry their anger and hate with them. When you teach a child from birth to hate, that person is stuck with it for life, regardless, and when that person is a black person in America who hangs out with white-haters all his life, and you make that person the president of America, and you happen to be white, well, don’t cry to me as this black president takes away most of your white income and gives it to all the stupid, lazy bastards who would rather have ten kids on welfare than make a decent life for themselves.

Suck it up, genius, as your rights and your money are taken away simply because you’re white, and the poor blacks and Hispanics take over your jobs and your neighborhoods and you get sent to jail for fomenting a hate crime, when you complain about it.

Racism is one of those warm, human qualities we all share regardless of color. Whites have less bad feeling toward blacks and Hispanics because they can afford to, but that’s part of the CHANGE that Obama is bringing to America. Watch as the blacks and Hispanics start taking the better jobs, winning the lawsuits and taking over the best neighborhoods and white racism becomes angrier and more hateful while the others start feeling superior to whites. Everything is going to CHANGE, racism is going to reverse.

The problem with this is that America will collapse if too many non-whites are running it. Rather than giving a lengthy explanation of that statement to justify it, just look at every single government in Africa that was built up by whites and then handed back to the natives. Look at every single Latin American nation. Look at Mexico. Look at the percentages of the races in our prison system.

If America survives having a black man for a president, no doubt the next one to get elected will be a Hispanic. By all you geniuses.

A Change In The Weather?

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

An old song goes “There’ll be a change in the weather, a change in the scene”, and this is what the British National Party is hoping for on June 4th through June 7th. The BNP is a Nationalist political movement opposed to the mass, unfettered immigration of non-Britons, particularly the Muslims from Pakistan and Somalia, all of whom are causing enormous problems for the Kingdom and for native Britons.

The BNP started off as a small group of politicallly-oriented skinheads, Nazi-types and general racists, and while I have no factual data on this, I’m told by a few Britons that some “nasty types” are still within the party. Considering the nasty types within the Labour Party and others, and we can start with Gordon Brown, I’d say that’s just par for the course. The truth of the matter is that the BNP leadership has changed to gentler and wiser hands, which should be obvious to anyone paying attention to the considerable growth of this party.

The actual membership list is kept as secret as possible because of direct governmental attacks. The party in power, currently the Labour Party, doesn’t operate under the same fair-play rules we have here in the States, and launches all manner of assaults against any opponents that would land the perpetrators in prison over here. Tactics such as jailing opponents on false charges and firing people from their jobs over their political affiliations are common in the UK. Additionally, much of their media is government controlled, so the BNP has endured constant slander on Television and the radio.

Individual tabloids, the Independent, Sun and Mirror have been printing false smear stories as well and then subsequently deluged with complaints from a rapidly growing population of BNP supporters, and forced to print retractions.

This little party has grown to the point that they were able to meet a goal of 390,000 British Pounds to fight for seats in the upcoming EU Parliament election. This is about $600,000 U.S. and may seem a small amount compared to the vast sums raised by candidates over here, but when you consider the size of the voter base that had to contribute a sum this size, and compare that to the tiny party of only a few years ago, it begins to come clear just how much and how fast the BNP has grown.

The BNP is in fact basically a racist party as well as a nationalist one and they would prefer to see Britain become all white. Reality is a different matter and preferences are simply personal feelings in the face of politics, something the current leadership of the BNP clearly understands. So their primary goal is to put an end to the onslaught of immigration and hopefully begin to reverse it. Under the leadership of the BNP, the horde of Muslims currently living on the public dole would be either paid to leave or be deported. The paraders and demonstrators preaching hatred and overthrow would likely be the first to go, followed by the general moochers and squatters and prison scum.

At the same time, entry into the UK would become much more restricted and there would be a sudden end to all the seekers of “sanctuary” from Somalia and Pakistan.

The United Kingdom has suffered enormously from the unmitigated and uncontrolled immigration, the insane “cultural diversity” policy forced on a hapless population by greedy MP business owners who wanted lots of cheap labor and were totally uncaring of the harm and suffering they knew would be inflicted on the working people of Britain, as long as their own pockets got fatter.

The BNP has repeatedly been labelled an extremist party by Labor and the Leftists. This is only true from the viewpoint of Labor and the Left. Yet when you consider the extreme damage done to the United Kingdom so far by Labour, their open and exremely anti-British attitude in handing over the nation to the Muslims, how can a party that wants only to save the United Kingdom from becoming an Islamic vassal be considered extremist, even when they are racist?

There are times when the fate of a nation must come before personal niceties of feeling. I personally don’t like racism much and I fully understand British reticence in this regard as well. However, a choice must be made, and the time is now. What do you want? To get on your knees five times a day and pray to a god of hatred and death or else be put to death, or do you want to be free, to have your neighborhoods back, to walk the streets without fear of attack from some young Muslim thugs?

It’s your choice. Time to choose.

Deciphering the BHO Mid-East Strategy

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Obama’s nod of approval for Defense Sec. Gates’ replacement of General David McKiernan with Gen Stanley McChrystal has greatly solidified my opinion on just what Obama seeks to accomplish and how he hopes to do it. On the surface it seems that his supporting of war against Islamists is a contradiction, but it’s not and it’s necessary to achieve his goals.

This changing of the guard in Afghanistan is a pointed effort to reverse the worsening state of the Afghan offensive against al Qaeda and the Taliban. It’s been my view that BHO wants to see an Islamic ascendancy and the extreme militant Islamists are a hindrance to the plan. Note that he’s achieved something that George Bush tried but failed to accomplish, which was getting the Pakistani government to go after the Taliban in earnest.

Al Qaeda and the Taliban and other violent, murderous Islamists only make Islam look steadily worse to the Western world. The New Caliphate will not be achieved by violent overthrow of our governments but only by the acceptance of the people. England is a good example of both how and how not to achieve the Caliphate and I think England has been a testing ground for the Saudis, in the learning process of what works and what does not.

The bombings had only a limited positive effect, in getting some politicians to appease Muslim violence, but an equally negative public opinion effect. Public demonstrations by Muslims in balaclavas and burkas, waving signs predicting doom and death to all us infidels, doesn’t work and only incites public feeling against the Muslims instead of the desired fear and willingness to capitulate.

Government immigration policies that let them swarm in, along with a continuous outpouring of blatantly false propaganda extolling the virtues of Muslims, does work. Getting cowards and sympathetic Leftards elected to high office also helps considerably. Also, erecting mosques by the thousands to constantly expose the populace to, and remind them of, the presence of Islam.

Obama needs to see al Qaeda and the Taliban quelled. He needs victory in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also needs to get Iran to come into line before Israel loses patience, slips the leash and blows Hell out of Iran. To this latter end, BHO has been applying more pressure and speaking to Israels leaders in harsher tones, but the Israelis aren’t stupid and they’ve elected a Conservative, Right-leaning president who isn’t going to let Obama buffalo him.

In fact, Pres. Netanyahu is right now actively seeking to create a coalition of Arab states to help stop Iran and Iran’s Hamas and Hezbollah arms, knowing that those Arab states have just as much reason to fear Iran as Israel does. This is a brilliant ploy, since it’s chances of success are about zero, given that no Arab Muslim state will align with Israel, yet Israel, once having bombed Iran, can say, “We tried” to Obama and Obama will be hard pressed to fault them.

Terror attacks on the West have no positive effect, just the opposite, in fact. Currently, 48% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Islam and the number is growing. The most interesting aspect of these findings is that initially, when these polls started about 7 years ago, people knew little or nothing about Islam, and as knowledge of the nature of it grew, so did the dislike. Education is a wonderful thing and it’s what BHO and the Left are trying to counter with propaganda.

The primary front of the battle for the Caliphate now is the manipulation of public opinion, and strange as this certainly does sound, in this the terrorists are our friends. As long as they continue to wreak their horrors on innocent people in the name of Allah, Mohammad, the Koran and Sharia Law, they improve the education of us Westerners and give us a real good look at the true nature of this horrible “religion of peace”.

Terrorist organizations, spawned and financed by Saudi Arabia, have proven to be a mistake. The idea, in abbreviated form, was to wreck Western economy and terrify the populace, who would then cravenly bow down and accept Islam out of fear. When George Bush took the 9/11 attack as an opportunity to grab Iraqs oil it was no doubt with the Saudi kings blessing and he must have been horrified when George screwed up the job so badly that the whole Western world and particularly the U.S.A. was exposed to years of nauseating Islamic behavior. When our people started coming home in body bags because of Muslims blowing themselves up in crowds, we really started paying attention to them and their “peaceful religion”.

Obama will do his best to get the various, and they are many, jihadists to stop the violence. If he can, he’ll be seen as a great man of peace. Right up until we find ourselves fighting for our lives.

It’s a funny thing. We all know the tale of the Anti-Christ, and he’s supposed to do exactly what Obama is about to try doing. So far he fits the description well. No, I’m not saying, I take all that prophecy stuff with a big grain of salt, but it is a funny coincidence. I mean, hey, you never know.

Deep bows and words of respect

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Dalia Mogahed, Muslim Brotherhood appointee of Obama's to Presidents Advisory Council
Dalia Mogahed, one of two U.S. Muslims recently appointed to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and an advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood, global radical Islamist organization.

The Pope is over in Jordan crooning about his “deep respect for Islam, atoning for his comments in 2006 that characterized Islam as a violent religion. Benedict has said he regretted the outrage he caused. He should save his breath. Pope Benedict has urged the world to make efforts to protect Iraq’s now only 3% Christian minority, knowing full well that no one will lift a finger.

Islam is in fact a violent religion, if it can be called a religion at all. Even Satanists think Islam is nothing but Fascism, and say so, but so much for the Pope standing up for Catholicism in the face of evil. It’s not going to work.

Obama will be in Egypt to deliver a major policy speech on relations with the Muslim world on June 4. Why he can’t do that from the White House is a valid question and I think it’s because he feels he’ll be safer with Muslims when he makes his speech.

“At the White House daily briefing, Mr. (Not so glib) Gibbs was asked why Egypt was selected. “You know, the country that in many ways represents the heart of the — of the Arab world, and I think it will be a terrific opportunity for the president to address and discuss our relationship with the Muslim world,” he said. Mr. Obama’s father was a Muslim, although Mr. Obama has been a practicing Christian for years.”

Obama, you recall, gave that deep, below the waist bow to the Saudi king and only a nod to Queen Elizabeth. You will also recall that Obama’s “Christian practice” was for 20 years at the feet of a supposedly former Muslim, one Reverend Wright, who taught Africa First, screeched “God Damn America”, and venerated racist Jew hater Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam. This is NOT any form of Christianity that I know of.

Obama was a Muslim prior to becoming a Wright-style Christian, and he’s preparing to tell the world of his policy, not with the Middle East, but specifically with Islam and the Muslim world, and do it not in his normal venue of Washington D.C. and the White House, but in Egypt.

This gives me great pause. I’m trying to think of a reason why this devious, clever and facile liar would do this and of course, the best way is to simply look ahead. Where’s the best place to be if you outrage your countrymen? Out of the country. I think he’s going to say things that compromise America and Christianity so badly that there will be considerable outrage, and no doubt his travel plans will keep him out of the country long enough for most of it to die down. If he made his speech here, he’d have to live with the immediate consequences of that, but not while travelling Europe and the Middle East. The Secret Service, which protects the president, has expressed their unhappiness about the dangers of his itinerary as well, which tends to reinforce my conclusion.

Obama’s agenda is no mystery to me, he wants to facilitate the takeover of America by Islam. Neither is the Popes. He’s trying to save the dwindling number of Christians in the Middle East from the unceasing onslaught of the Muslims, who continue to kill them, restrict their freedom and remove their rights as citizens, all in the effort to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East. But appeasing and soothing never works with Muslims,  the Pope is making no new friends and is only seen as a threat. The last thing the Muslims want is for him to rally the Christians to stand together. The Christians and Christianity in the Middle East are doomed.

While he’s doing that, our “Christian” president Obama will be wrecking everything the Pope is trying to do, by embracing the greatest enemy to world civilization that we face, Islam, and emboldening the Muslims, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood.

I fully expect that within 3 years, there will be a pogrom against Christians in the Middle East to kill and/or drive out the last of them and make the Middle East all Muslim-Only, and I think that the final days of the Obama administration are going to see the world in a major clash. I’m sure that he plans to accomplish his goals in one 4 year term, which is why he’s moving so fast and I just have a feeling that the bubble will pop right before he gets there.

The situation between Muslims and the West is steadily deteriorating, just as it is between Muslims and Christians, and between Muslim sects. The Shiites and the Sunnis keep battling, torturing, murdering each other even while they’re attacking everyone else. In Pakistan, the battles rage on between radical Islamists, the Taliban, and a more moderate Islamist government, for power. Likewise in Afghanistan. Iran is feared by its neighbors, who want Israel to attack Iran so they then have an excuse to attack Israel after Iran is subdued and Israel is weakened. There probably isn’t one single Middle Eastern nation that is willing to live in peace with any of its neighbors. They all want to be the top dog and it’s only a matter of time and probably not much time before the terrorist attacks start up again in Europe and the U.S. because al Qaeda and bin Laden still have their own plans.

There’s a variety of Islamic sects and a variety of Islamic radical groups. Hamas, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Islamic Jihad, and others. Various ayatollahs and imams have their own armies and brigades, each and every one out to fight their way to the top position of power. This situation isn’t lessening, it’s steadily worsening. The finances of these groups are increasing, their armies are growing, they have whole nations funding them. Governments are being toppled by the surrogate armies of Russia, Iran and Syria. Will Russia see fit to finally arm one of their vassal armies with a nuclear weapon? I wouldn’t doubt it.

Deep bows are signs of collusion and conspiracy. Words of respect are lost in the cackle of derisive laughter.

UPDATE: “ONE of Afghanistan’s most wanted terrorists is to be offered a power-sharing deal by the government of President Hamid Karzai as the country’s warlords extend their grip on power.”

We put Karzai in power and this is how he uses it, in the Arab way, the Islamic way. Karzai’s running mate, Mohammed Qasim Fahim, has been cited in reports by Human Rights Watch and other agencies for his role in massacres and criminal activities. “All the people most responsible for getting Afghanistan into the mess it’s in are coming back,” said a western diplomat.

Why? Because we installed governments and let them have elections. We have the same exact problem in Iraq for the same exact reason. We can’t do this and expect good results with these people and the lesson of Saddam should have been sufficient. Take over the country and put it under military rule and keep it there forever, or else don’t go in, in the first place.

From the Ministry of Calm

Monday, May 4th, 2009

From the Ministry of Calm, NewSpeak for Harbingers of Fear, come these 3 stories back to back whose headlines pretty much tell the story by themselves.

1: U.S. sanctions will not halt nuclear work: Iran

2: Israel Ramps Up Preparations for Iran Attack

3: Poll: Majority of Jewish Israelis Favor Strike on Iran

Since the most important aspect of this story is the attitude of the Jewish Israelis, “A new Israeli opinion survey says the majority of Israeli Jews favor a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.The poll published Monday by Haaretz newspaper indicates that 66 percent of Israeli Jews backed an attack on Iran. Seventy-five percent of those who supported a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities said they would continue to back the attack even if the United States opposed it, but 15 percent would not.Only 38 percent thought that Mr. Obama has a friendly attitude toward Israel, compared with 73 percent who thought George W. Bush did.”

The sanctions won’t work and have never worked. Obama’s diplomatic approach was naive but everyone already knew that except him. Iran with nukes is certain to result in war. Pakistans nukes are right now hanging in the balance as the internal battle against al Qaeda is certain to escalate, and it’s clear that they intend to take over the country.

We have two radical Islamist fronts both very close to becoming atomic powers with full intent to use those powers. This is the war on terror! If you’ve been looking for it, this is it. Not Iraq, not Afghanistan.

This is the true test of who Obama really is, what his agenda truly is and where his religious sympathies really lie. We know the man is a Socialist, but is he a pragmatist? Will he persue his vision of the future or will he deal with reality? This matters hugely for the future of all of us. Right here is the crux of the Pakistani part of this: “Obama has only limited options for dealing with it. Anti-American feeling in Pakistan is high, and a U.S. combat presence is prohibited.”

That’s the part that scares me. Because they don’t like us in Pakistan, that means we won’t take action against a Taliban takeover? Our presence is prohibited? What the Hell kind of logic is that? Who cares if the Pakistani people like us or not? What’s that got to do with letting the Taliban go nuclear and start a global holocaust?

Just as with Iran, there comes a time when our popularity with the locals has to take last place in the face of an urgent crisis. If Obama lets Islamists have nukes, he will have declared his allegiance and we will have a holocaust.

Media Slant

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Most of our media is slanted but this is leaning over backwards at such an angle, it appears to be magically supported.

I’m talking about the Liberal Press, of course, and about CNN in this particular case.

In this report of theirs about a Mexican being fatally injured in a fight with some teenagers, he is repeatedly called an “immigrant”. He is not. He’s an illegal alien. Immigrants are legally here and he was unlawfully here.

It gets better. This guy had settled down in the town of Shenandoah, PA and was married to a local woman and had a couple kids by her. He was 25 years old and was walking around with his 15 year old girlfriend when the fight got started when he encountered a group of high school teenage football players. CNN does not give her age and says only that he was with “a friend”. A friend, my flatulent ass, she was his underaged victim.

Whoever ran their mouth first is disputed, but insults were exchanged, in any case, and the illegal alien, one Luis Ramirez, started fighting with the teenagers. He could have walked off but no, he had to be macho in front of his underage little teenybopper.

Well, the jury acquitted these kids of the charges of murder that were brought against them, and Gladys Limon, a spokeswoman for the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, is all in a froth about it. It was bad enough that the local District Attorney wanted to persecute prosecute these kids for murder for an accidental death that the Mexican macho loudmouth sex offender brought on himself, but now this Limon said her group intends to press the Department of Justice to file federal charges against the teens.

CNN gives most of their space in this story to Limons blather and the injuries suffered by the illegal alien sex offender. No wonder I don’t watch their TV channel anymore. Instead of standing up for America and Americans, they twist the truth and omit the facts that give the real picture of what happened here, and they do this with everything.

Liberalism is the mental illness of choice of traitors to both America and humanity. What kind of agenda is it that provides succor to our enemies? To the evil that’s come to us from Mexico? That man was no victim, he was a victimizer. But he was a Mexican who would probably cast his illicit vote for a democrat Liberal and for that he has more value in the eyes of Liberal scum like the people at CNN than that little 15 year old girl sex-offense victim or those teenaged kids.

Now watch the Liberals start crying “racism” at me.

It’s about damned time, too!

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

A couple, yes, two people of the opposite sex from each other, (and it’s about damned time for that, as well) took off all their clothes and got down on the grass on the lawn of Windsor Castle and fucked like minks. They got it on in full view of the hotels, pubs and shops near Windsor Castle, not to mention the Queen (the lawn is called The Queens Lawn) and only stopped when police arrived.

I say it’s about time someone ignored the Please Keep Off The Bloody Fucking Grass signs and bent some blades with some good, sound humping. This positively makes my day, which up until now has been pretty crappy, thank you, one and all. I hope to find many more such stories of people thumbing their private parts at convention, even if it does cause those parts to lose their privacy. All the Political Correctness hypnosis has turned people into a lot of head-bobber novelty toys and it makes my heart and something else swell with delight to know that two souls, at least, are free.

That is, if they aren’t in durance vile for expressing their freedom. I understand they were “cautioned for outraging public decency”, though I bet a lot of the goggling onlookers were wishing it were they on that lawn, naked and fucking. It sure sounds like fun to me.

Tick, Tick, Tick………..

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Back in July of last year I started hollering about the combination of Pakistan, its nukes, and the Taleban. Now we have headlines
of “Nuclear fears prompt Pakistan to prepare attack on Taleban” because the Taleban is doing exactly what I said they would and what our government has been steadily worrying about, which is, trying to take over the whole country of Pakistan.

The Taleban want to get hold of those atomic bombs and use them against India and Israel, and they’re backed by Iran which is also striving hard to develop their own atomic bombs.

Because we have steadily attempted to defuse and control this mess through diplomacy, instead of taking drastic action to end it by bombing Iran back about 50 years and by wiping out the Taleban with a full-on invasion and bombing of the Taleban camps and strongholds in Pakistan, the situation is now very close to dire.

Violence is the language that Iran and the Taleban speak and the only one they understand. This is likewise true for the current leaders of Pakistan. All Islamic nations maintain control through violent suppression of the populace and they laugh at and ignore Western diplomacy. Yet we still see our Western leaders trying to smooth all this out with gentle words when only rapid military action will save the day.

Pakistans government recently ceded some territory to the Taleban, letting them inflict Sharia Law upon the hapless people living there, and it didn’t take them hardly any time at all to swell their ranks and spread out and become a danger to the very capital of Pakistan itself. The reason those leaders did this is because there are strong forces within the Pakistani government itself that are aligned with the Taleban. Pakistans spy agency is notoriously in bed with the Taleban and reports every plan of the government to act against it.

Now one of the following scenarios will take place. Pakistans leaders will direct the army to attack the Taleban full force, in an effort to save themselves, and this appears to be the case as “Thousands of Pakistani troops were massing for an assault on Taleban positions 65 miles from the country’s capital last night after giving the insurgents 24 hours to withdraw from their advanced positions or face attack.”

This, however is only after a “stern warning from American policymakers that Islamabad was doing too little to stem a growing militant insurgency. Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, accused Pakistan this week of “abdicating to the Taleban”, which “poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world”.

In other words, Pakistan’s leaders are doing the same fence walking dance they’ve been doing with us for years, in order to keep our aid money rolling in. They’re Muslims, they believe in the Koran, which tells them to obey a set of rules that’s called Sharia Law. These people aren’t against the Taleban, not at all. They see them as righteous Muslims, and they see us as filthy unbeliever invaders. Guess who they support the most? This is about power, about who gets to run the country, and has nothing to do with preventing the advance of terrorism, violence and the domination of Islam. If the current leaders can stay in power and give the Taleban a free rein, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

The next scenario is that this “massive attack” against the Taleban will do almost nothing, the Taleban will back off for awhile and secretly build up a massive force, quietly move in to Islamabad, the capitol, and to villages nearby, and then attack and take over Pakistan.

They’ll have plenty of assistance from factions within the government. They already do now.

Which brings us to the next scenario, of the United States launching an all out attack on Pakistan. The question is, are we going to have the sense to do this before the Taleban attack Islamabad or are we going to wait until after? Another possiblility is that we do nothing and let the Taleban take the country, just as we’ve done nothing about Iran.

No matter how you slice it, we either go to war in Pakistan or we let the Taleban have nuclear weapons. One or the other is inevitable.

Bear this in mind also: Israel is our vassal. Iran is Russia’s vassal. If Israel attacks Iran it’s the same as if we attacked Russia. Israel may be forced to attack Iran in spite of our demands that she lay down and die. At best, this will seriously feed into a new Cold War and at worst it will see Russia attacking one of our allies, most likely poor Poland. Then we’ll have another choice to make, do we defend Poland or trade Poland for Iran?

Golly gee, Maynard. Why can’t we all just get along?

FDA, just worry about drug side effects and leave our morals to us.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The Food and Drug Administration has been ordered by a U.S. District Court to start allowing young women aged 17 or more to buy the “Plan B” drug Levonorgestrel, over the counter without a prescription.

Levonorgestrel is a “morning after” contraceptive.

Well, that’s a start but what about all those 12 year old and up females we keep hearing about that are gettiing pregnant? At that age, they’re still children. They’re still children at 18 for that matter but that’s a different rant. The point is that when the juices are hot and flowing, brains are shelved for the duration. People that age don’t think ahead, all they care about is what they want now. Then afterward it’s “Oh my God, I could get PREGNANT.”

Why withhold this drug from those who need it most, the Young and Stupid? If the boyfriend didn’t take any precautions beforehand, why be surprised? How many adolescent sex fiends do you know of that go around with condoms in their pockets? We never did. The argument against this, from religious conservative groups, is that parents have a right to be notified and to withhold their consent. Well, that depends, wouldn’t you say? Did they give their consent for their kid to screw? What are we more against, underage sex, or underage pregnancies and unwanted children?

The FDA is trying to enforce its private moral code. They had placed a limit of age 18 or older for buying the drug over the counter until the court forced them to reduce the age limit and they still haven’t actually complied yet. The FDA sent a letter to the manufacturer of Plan B that the company may, upon submission and approval of an appropriate application, market Plan B without a prescription to women 17 years of age and older.”

Approval? By whom? Appropriate? Who designates that? It may end up taking a Contempt of Court decision and a good hard slap to get the FDA out of the moralizing business.

Never Let a Faggot Judge a Beauty Contest

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean, was cheated out of the Miss USA title by a homosexual judge because she opposes homosexual marriage and may have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit herself — against the Miss USA pageant, a legal analyst says.

“If she really feels some tremendous stress as a result of losing — and I’m certain she’s probably devastated from what happened to her — she can articulate a viable claim for monetary compensation for psychic injury,” said FOX News legal analyst Mercedes Colwin.

Prejean fielded a question during Sunday night’s pageant from celebrity blogger and flaming faggot Mario Lavandeira, AKA Perez Hilton (Paris Hilton. Get it? Dumb faggot.) about whether every state should legalize same-sex marriage. Prejean replied that she is opposed to homosexual marriage, and her answer cost her the crown.
“She lost it because of that question,” Hilton said Monday. “She was definitely the front-runner before that.”

Hilton, scumbag faggot pile of shit that he is, got on TV and called her a “dumb bitch” for being “politically incorrect”.

Hilton, homosexual, said he gave Prejean a zero for her answer, and that made the difference in the outcome.

Prejean, who attends San Diego Christian College, said she saw the question as a test of her faith — a religious trial that could have her finishing in the money, if she decides to sue.

I sincerely hope she does. WHAT IN THE HELL IS A FAGGOT DOING ON A BEAUTY CONTEST JUDGING PANEL, ANYWAY, AND WHAT GAVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO MAKE A QUESTION LIKE THAT A PART OF THE JUDGING??? Donald Trump set this up and chose the judges. It makes me wonder exactly what his own sexuality is. Hiding in a closet, Donald?

Carrie forgives this cretinous little queer because she’s a devout Christian. I don’t. I’m not a Christian and I don’t like queers exactly because they do nasty crap like this on a regular basis, when they’re not molesting children, wrecking society and making public spectacles out of themselves in the process.

History Repeats

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Look familiar? This is a cartoon from the 1934 Chicago Tribune.

It was this profligate spending that made the Great Depression last until the onset of World War II. In fact, it took WAR to finally pull us out of the Depression and it was Global Depression that made the WAR possible.

We all know what happens when we spend money we don’t have. We go into debt! Then if we lose our job, which Americans are now doing, we can’t pay our debt off and the people we owe to go bankrupt along with us. We owe China more than any others and China’s dreams of becoming the next dominant World Power are hooked to their prosperity, which is collapsing along with the value of all those Treasury Bonds they bought by giving us back many of the dollars we spent with them.

The Bush Administration suckered China in by getting them to loan us all that money. That wasn’t the plan, probably, but that’s how it’s working out. Our financial collapse has doomed China to implode and as that sinks in, they’re going to start getting more aggressive on those they see as weaker. They won’t give up their dreams easily and they’ll try to get what they can while they can still get it.

Massive money printing only causes inflation, and inflation at the same time as a depression makes things horribly worse. Look. You have millions of people now with no money because they lost their jobs, and at the same time, prices of everything go up because of the inflation. That is, instead of $2 to buy a loaf of bread, it takes $4 or more. BUT… no one has the $4 to buy the bread, so the bread maker has to sell it for $1.50. The problem is it cost him $1.40 to make it himself, since he had to fire all his hired help, and he can’t stay in business on a dime profit.

So he has to shut his bakery and then no one can buy bread. This means everyone who wants bread has to bake their own or starve. Lots of people starved to death in the Great Depression, here and all over the world. They’re starting to again.

We aren’t spending ourselves out of a Depression, we’re spending ourselves into a worse one than we would have had and increasing the chance of another global war.

A Kinder, Stupider World

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

If I’m wrong here, in the opinion I’m about to give, will someone, anyone, please explain why to me.

Pirates capture ships and their crews at gunpoint, often after actually shooting at them, and hold them for ransom under threat of death. So far I haven’t heard of any crew being killed in these attacks but it’s only a matter of time.

It has always been, in the past and according to my history books and Hollywood’s swashbuckler movies, that pirates are hung by the neck until dead when captured, if they aren’t killed before capture or summarily executed directly after. Committing an act of piracy automatically ended a persons right to continue breathing.

I think it still should. So does my government, apparently, as the first attack on a ship under the U.S. flag resulted in 3 of the pirates being shot dead and the 4th about to be prosecuted under our laws.

An attempted attack by Somali pirates on a Norwegian tanker was foiled by Nato warships and helicopters after an overnight pursuit in the Gulf of Aden.

Nato said a Canadian warship caught the pirates before releasing them after the gang attacked the MV Front Ardenne.

The alliance said the pirates had been released because they could not be prosecuted under Canadian law. What about the Norwegians? THEY were the ones being attacked. They have no say? They have no right to prosecute the pirates?

On Saturday, Dutch commandos serving with the Nato anti-piracy operation freed 20 pirate captives from Yemen.

What the Hell? Can’t be prosecuted under Canadian law? While acting as a member of a NATO force? Are you kidding? Canada doesn’t recognize International Law? Canada thinks that it can act independently of NATO even while acting as part of it? Canada has no laws against piracy? Excuse me, I have to go lay in wait outside some Canadian ports.

I can see the Dutch doing something stupid like releasing 20 pirates to go attack more ships, their legal system is a mass of contradictions. But a warship under NATO command? This isn’t operating under Rule of Law, this is operating under Pompous Assininity.

Pirates should have their vessels sunk underneath them and be left to drown, or be shot on sight. Captured pirates should be shot dead on the spot, their corpses weighted with a hunk of chain or whatever’s handy, and dumped overboard.

It’s exactly like illegal aliens. If you want to stop the attacks on your soverignty, you have to kill the attackers. They won’t stop until you do. Fear of certain death is a powerful motivator.

The True Nature of Progress

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Timothy Leary, the LSD advocate of the ’60’s, once said to “Put fire and iron underground, progress is regression.” He had a point. A court case has just closed in Sweden, finding 4 defendants guilty of being accessories to violating copyright law. A Swedish court sentenced each of them to a year in jail and a collective fine of $3.6 million.

The verdict against the founders of The Pirate Bay is being hailed by many as a triumphant win against illegal file-sharing, but I have serious doubts. Pirate Bay is a peer-to-peer file sharing system so people can share mostly music files as well as software, without paying for it. By finding against them, the courts have created a monster.

For one, Pirate Bay is appealing and could still win. Regardless of this, the suit itself has inspired more advanced and far more secret means of file sharing.

“The bigger issue is that unlike Napster, The Pirate Bay and other modern peer-to-peer-oriented networks are far less centralized and simple to shut down. And, even if The Pirate Bay itself were somehow to be shuttered, there are countless other comparable tracking services all over the world. Could they all be targeted and taken down? It’s highly unlikely.”

“Technology is constantly evolving. Just as more advanced decentralized peer-to-peer networks sprung up in the wake of Napster’s shutdown, new alternatives would surface once again were a site like The Pirate Bay to lower its sails. Already, countless other methods exist for exchanging data with ease, and more will only pop up as the months wear on.”

For example: “Just recently, The Pirate Bay team prepared a new service called IPREDator, set to launch publicly any day now. It allows people to surf the Net more anonymously using a virtual private network, or VPN. Unlike other VPN services, The Pirate Bay promises its IPREDator will keep no logs of customer activity and therefore could never turn user information over to authorities.”

Prosecuting people for sharing files has resulted in them increasing their ability to do so, not lessen it. Now people will be able to share virtually anything in complete anonymity, including terrorist plans, pedophilia, criminal plots, what have you, and there will be no way to track it because no traffic data logs will be kept by the service provider.

Google, for instance, keeps IP address logs and computer I.D.s of those who do searches on it, as well as what they search for and what sites they click on. Using an anonymous search service would put a stop to that, something that most of us would welcome anyway, since Googles practices are a violation of our privacy.

Progress is regression. When it comes to crime control, the efforts to stop the small crime of music stealing has not only backfired, it’s made the problem immensely worse by greatly increasing the danger to global security. Brilliant planning and foresight there, people.

The Only Brave Man In France?

Friday, April 17th, 2009

French President Nicholas Sarkozy described Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister, as stupid, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, as simply following Mr Sarkozy’s lead and Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commission president, as “absent.” By the end of the lunch, he had also cast the new American president, Barack Obama, as inexperienced and not up to speed on the issue of climate change.

But the best was yet to come. Mr Sarkozy, joking about president Obama’s planned June visit, said “I am going to ask him to walk on the English Channel, and he’ll do it”, referring to Obama’s being touted as a Savior by his more ardent admirers.

Sarkozy is one of a very few politicians of any stature in the world who speaks honestly and says what he thinks and manages to make at least some sense while doing so. He has a big ego and seems to believe that his opinion is invariably the right one, which means he pushes some poor ideas on occasion, but he definitely is refreshing. He also tends to anger those he insults, but his comments tend to spark some pretty revealing responses.

All in all, we learn more about Europes leaders because of his outbursts and improvident remarks than we would otherwise.

Geert Wilders needs to achieve the political power of Nicholas Sarkozy as leader of the Nederlands. With two such leaders in Europe, maybe Europe will have a chance of survival. If in addition, Nick Griffins BNP were to gain some seats in British Parliament, it would force Labour to stop capitulating to and appeasing the Muslims, and if not reverse the Islamization of England, at least bring it to a halt. There’s nothing that frightens entrenched political parties more into doing the right thing than growing competition.

Oh, don’t be silly. That lion won’t bite you…

Friday, April 17th, 2009

President Shimon Peres rejected speculation Israel might attack Iran to stop it making nuclear weapons and said US-led diplomacy was the solution.

Mr Peres’s office said he had told the visiting US envoy George Mitchell: “All the talk about a possible attack by Israel on Iran is not true. The solution in Iran is not military.” Mr Peres lacks executive powers but is privy to policy-making. A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined to comment.

This sounds like the official explanation for UFO’s. Swamp gas, heat inversions and mass hysteria. Iran has repeatedly sworn to “wipe Israel off the map”, but the solution to this isn’t military? This is a religious crusade by their head ayatollah to bring back “the Mahdi” through the infliction of massive deaths, but they can be talked out of it? Really?

I note that Peres has no actual executive powers, just a functioning tongue, and that the real power, Netanyahu, is keeping silent.

There’s enough rhetoric coming out of Iran without Israel heaping on more. Israel is keeping its own counsel and not interfering with the likely futile efforts of the Obama administration to deal with Iran. The Israelis will deal with Iran when the need arises and in whatever way is needed, regardless of who else says what.

Is it First Black, or Black first? It gets confusing.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Obama Port. water dog

Yeah, I know, I usually pass on the Pap For The Masses crap stories, but before this one gets to be too old news, I just hafta do this. I woke up in the middle of the night realizing that if I didn’t do it, it would be another great opportunity lost.

So with my tongue making a large and very firm bulge in my right cheek…

The First Black Man and the First Black Woman, along with their First Black Children, have just acquired their First Black Dog, which they have named Bo after the First Black Singer, Bo Diddly.

The First Black Dog will reside with the First Black Family in the White House.

Preparing To Attack Iran?

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

JERUSALEM, April 14 (UPI) — The United States and Israel will conduct their most complex military exercise ever, jointly testing three ballistic missile defense systems, officials said.

The exercise, called Juniper Cobra, will be conducted in Israel later this year, and include the Arrow 2 missile interceptor system, the U.S.’s terminal high altitude area defense and the ship-based Aegis ballistic missile defense system, The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

The test also would likely include launching interceptors from these three systems, Israeli military leaders said.

If Israel is going to bomb Iran’s nuclear and missile sites, then they need to be prepared for retaliation in case they don’t get them all, or if Iran launches before they can complete the attack. It looks like the US is very much involved in the planning and deployment stages, even though we’ve backed off from the actual attack. We don’t want or need to be involved in a third battlefront, but Israel has no choice except war with Iran, and I’m happy to see that we’re at least lending a logistical hand.

At the same time, it’s just been announced that the Obama administration is set to drop a precondition for the start of negotiations on the nuclear issue – that Iran first suspend its uranium enrichment process.

Negotiations have been given added urgency by threats by the new Israeli government to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent it achieving a nuclear weapons capability. Israel predicts Iran could reach this point by this autumn, so time is running out.
The Israeli president, Shimon Peres, urged the Iranian president to enter into the talks proposed by Barack Obama. If Ahmadinejad doesn’t back down over the nuclear issue, “we’ll strike him”, Peres said.

You can’t get more direct than that. Either Iran gives up nukes by this Autumn, which means September-October, or there will be war between Israel and Iran.

What I think Iran will do is speed up their program and get enough fissile material for a bomb by July or August, either that or buy a bomb from the Russians, and you can bet that we and the Israelis are figuring the same thing. One thing is sure, we’re finally heading into the end game of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The Iranians are so CUTE, how can anyone not love them? They just issued a demand that the UN give Israel a good slap for “unlawful and insolent threats” to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Irans loud and frequent threats to destroy Israel, to utterly wipe Israel off the map, well, that’s different. Those threats are okay.

Isn’t that just too lovable for words? All they need now is Same-Sex marriage.

The Pirates Are Hastening Their Demise

Monday, April 13th, 2009

The Somalian pirates are accelerating the end of their activities with their own stupidity. Some of them are vowing “revenge” for the deaths of other pirates just killed by France and U.S. Naval forces after those pirates attacked a French yacht and a U.S. cargo ship.

They’re saying that they’re going to start killing any French and American citizens they find among ships crews that they take hostage.

Piracy is a risky business. It always has been. People don’t like being attacked by armed assailants and held for ransom, and the penalty for failure has always been death. If those loudmouthed brigands and their fellows actually start carrying out these threats and killing the citizens of the two nations that are the most likely to take the fight to them, they’ll have plenty to cry about in short order.

The military actions angered one Ali Nur, a pirate who is based in Gara’ad, a coastal village in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, in northern Somalia. “From now on, after the killings by the U.S. and France, we will add some harsher steps in our dealings with hostages, particularly American and French hostages,” Nur ranted. “The killing of our boys was aggression, and the U.S. will see what they get from their operation,” he said.

You do that, you fool, and then watch as the bombs and missiles rain down on your hideouts while the captive ships are swarmed with Special Forces and all your cohorts are killed.

How stupid is this guy? “That was aggression”, whine, whine. What the pirates did wasn’t? With spokesmen of that caliber, it’s clear that these swine have no organized leadership. The only reason they’re still operating is because no one wanted to take the time and expense of wiping them out, and it looks like now they did exactly what they should never have done. They got our attention.

The U.S. military acknowledged Sunday that its actions to rescue Phillips could increase the risk of violence. “This could escalate violence in this part of the world. No question about it,” said U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Bill Gortney.

I certainly hope it does.

DEAD Pirates – Update

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Hoorah, hoorah, our Navy acted and 3 of the 4 pirates were shot dead, the live one is in custody while his prosecution venue is decided, and the ship captain is safe.

Next time, you guys, don’t wait, don’t negotiate, just run right up and kill the bastards. 4 days of negotions with those barbarian filth went nowhere and you should have expected that.

But Good Job Well Done, in the end. Whether by skill or luck, it’s the outcome that matters.

The pirate saga is starting to sound like Jimmie Peanut Carter all over again. Four pirates in a dead-in-the-water lifeboat hold a ship captain hostage while surrounded by U.S. Navy warships, and the negotiations to release him are in their third day.

Will someone with a brain please inform me as to why the first Destroyer there didn’t simply take the lifeboat in tow and steam away? What are the pirates going to do? Shoot their captive? They know it’s instant death to do that, so NO, they won’t shoot their captive.

What they will do is go for a boat ride and be taken to a neutral port where they will be arrested and carted off. At no time will they dare to harm their captive.

So what are we doing instead? Why, we’re negotiating with them! We’re trying to talk them into letting their captive go, while at least 4 other captured ships with lots of pirates and hostages are steaming toward the scene, in order to escalate this meekly handled affair into a massive mess.

What happens when the other ships arrive? How do our warships stop them from reinforcing the four in the lifeboat? Are we going to sink their ships? No. There are non-combatant hostages aboard. Are we going to board those ships and take them over? No. Otherwise we would already have done that with the lifeboat. Are we going to ram those ships? No, that would be silly.

So what are we going to do to stop them? It looks like nothing to me and it looks like nothing to the pirates, too. Otherwise they wouldn’t just charge right in there like bulls with hundred-pound balls.

Our top admiral says the pirate problem may “last for decades”, yes, tens of years, 20, 30, 40, “until a strong government is established in Somalia.” Excuse me? One F-22 could probably wipe out the whole pack of them. Somalia has no government at all. None. We would not be at war with any government, we would simply be performing a police action.

We lost over 50,000 young lives performing a “police action” in Vietnam and 4271 so far in Iraq performing another. We can do battle with huge armies, take huge losses while spending huge sums, but we can’t take out a bunch of poorly armed tee-shirted pirates in little outboard motor boats? This should have been handled quickly and decisively, with finality, instead of letting it grow into the riot it’s now becoming.

If Obama really wants to win back world approval of the U.S., then he better not be a Jimmy Carter now. Getting rid of the pirates would engender global approval and respect. Letting them win will humiliate us.