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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

The suspense is killing me. ISIS people and Syrian rebels (which I think are the same thing) both announced that the two Russian pilots of the downed fighter plane were killed by shooting them as they descended from parachutes, and that they were dead by the time they hit the ground. However, this turns out to be a total lie, as one of the pilots was killed by the enemy but the other was rescued by Syrian Army commandos. Another lie, according to the pilot, is that there were no warnings at all from the Turks before they fired a missile at his aircraft. The official Turkish story is that there were up to 10 warnings. Since Turkey was not under attack and any incursion of their airspace was borderline anyway, they had no valid reason to shoot down the Russian airplane.

So far, Putin has responded to Turkey’s attack by bringing in a massive array of anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries, and any further assaults by Turkish aircraft on theirs will be met by a surface to air missile barrage. A Russian guided missile cruiser is also on it’s way to the scene “with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger.” This may mean any Turkish aircraft anywhere near any Russian aircraft, regardless of what it is. I can see Putin now, grinning and saying “Oops”.

Some important points: Russia and Turkey had just signed a deal for Russia to build oil and gas pipelines through Turkey to Western Europe. This has been halted. Turkey gets half or more of it’s natural gas from Russia. The gas still flows but the price may go up. In addition, Russians are Turkey’s primary source of tourism income, accounting for a $34 Billion boost to the Turkish economy last year. Tourism has now been halted and Russia is advising it’s citizens to get pit of Turkey. Last, NATO is weak and Erdogan’s attempt to fault Russia with NATO by creating this crisis is unlikely to get anywhere.

The gas still flows because Russia does want the continued income, and Turkey still needs it, so will keep buying it. But Turkey needs to hold a new election and get rid of their Islamist ruler. Turkey was secular and kept so by the military until Erdogan was elected and booted out all the generals before making Turkey Islamist.

What the Islamists want is for all non-Muslims to get out of the fighting in Syria, and that’s not going to happen. It appears that Turkey’s President Erdogan has committed himself to a foolish course of action, as Turkey has much to lose and nothing I can see to gain by making an enemy of Putin. Erdogan has undoubtedly gained esteem in the eyes of ISIS leaders by this attack on a Russian aircraft, but after ISIS is defeated, what then?

Turkey’s leaders need to decide which way they’re going. Go all the way over to the side of ISIS, join fully with Russia, or back off and be totally neutral, because right now they’re burning both ends of a candle and holding it in the middle, and pretty soon the fire is going to burn them.

Just a little personal side note, early this year I imported a large shipment of a rare type of agate stone from Ankara, Turkey, most of which I slabbed up and sold on ebay. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any more business in Turkey. Goes to show, you just never know.


Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

For the first time since the 1950’s, a Russian warplane has been shot down by a NATO member, Turkey. The excuse given was repeated violations of Turkish airspace, but let’s get real here. NATO members and the Russians have been violating each others airspace since forever and nobody shot anybody down simply because no one was being attacked. The Russians come within our airspace all the time, we radio warnings to them and send up some fighter jets to let them know we’re still on the ball, and they fly away. We do the same to them, it’s just a little cat-and-mouse game. Again, why shoot when you’re not being attacked?

So why did the Turks really attack that Russian airplane? Because Turkey is Islamist now and they’ve been aiding ISIS as well as Al Qaeda, and Russia is aligning with NATO powers like France and the UK against ISIS, and Turkey wants to put a stop to it. Turkey is a NATO member, and part of the NATO charter is Article 5, which is an “All for one, one for all” thing like the 3 Musketeers story. A nation under attack can invoke Article 5 and all the other NATO nations are required to come and fight for them. So if Russia enters a conflict with a NATO member, like Turkey, this may prevent France and the UK from joining forces with Russia against ISIS in Syria. Certainly it enables Obama in saying NO to any Russian alliance against ISIS.

Just for fun, I’m going to try and guess what Putin will do in response to this act. One thing I’d do for sure would be to use any pressure or bribe available to get the French to denounce Turkey’s support of the Islamists, maybe a “new discovery” about their pro-Islamist activities. It would be easy, the facts are there already, all France has to do is start screaming. I’m sure the Russians could make this well worth it to France.

What I wouldn’t do is retaliate militarily until NATO opinion had turned against Turkey. Then I’d force a situation that resulted in some sort of Turkish incursion into Syria where the Russians “had no choice but to defend themselves against the Turkish attack”, and I’d do some really major damage to Turkey’s military. Totally justified under International Law, of course.

Watching this jockeying for position between these leaders is interesting, but at some point it’s going to really blow up if Putin is pressed too far, simply because he’s not all that enthused about diplomacy. Diplomacy is mostly just pretending something didn’t happen, and finding a workaround where everybody’s ruffled feelings get soothed. Putin is a Realist, and not a bullshitter, and diplomacy is only useful to him if it gets him what he wants without a fight. Otherwise, screw it, he’ll fight, because he doesn’t like pretending and being nice to someone who’s messing with him.

Tayyip Erdogan is the name of the President of Turkey, and he’s an Islamist. No doubt an intelligent one or he wouldn’t have risen to the top, but he made a serious mistake with this little scheme of his to disenfranchise Russia. Putin is not only smarter, he’s deadlier and Russia can stomp Turkey flat.


Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

In the early days of radio, they all had 3 or more knobs just for tuning in stations. That was refined to 2 knobs and finally to 1, and for many years now, radios have just one tuning knob. Radios transmitters back then used low frequencies and wide band widths. Just like refining the tuning of the receivers, the radio transmitters had to reduce their band width so more people could transmit without overlapping each other.

The widening use of radio required higher and higher frequencies as well as smaller and smaller band-width usage per transmitter to make room for more and more users. Then we left radio tubes behind with the invention of the transistor, electronics bloomed into an array of different uses and devices, and became smaller and smaller. As their size went down, so the frequencies they used went up, because the higher the frequency, the tinier the pulse.

This is where we are today, with smaller and smaller devices that operate on tinier and tinier band-widths. If something can operate at 1.1 megacycles, how about 10.1? Or 100.1 MC, or a Gigacycle? If that’s what it’s called… and of course, cycles are also called Sine Waves.
sine waves

What I’m leading to here is this: That as we learn different ways to refine our tuning and transmitting more and more, it’s inevitable that we will be able to transmit and receive on exactly the same cycle. Say, “1.223242 Megacycles” and be able to divide the range between 1 MC and 1.999999 MC, for instance, into a million separate frequencies.

And finally. Having gained the technical ability to do this, there is still a Next Step, which is, to transmit on one exact specific point on that exact cycle. In other words, to break an actual specific frequency, a to-the-exact-cyle frequency, into parts. Into half, first, which would instantly double 1 million transmitting frequencies to 2 million. Next step is to refine this even more and divide by 10. Then by 100, and finally reach the limits of Time/Light/Speed and transmit/receive at THE EXACT SPOT on the cycle with no deviation regardless of the frequency. When the laws of physics reach their limit in doing this, then this technology will have reached it’s limit. That it might progress this far may sound at least a little crazy, but it’s also the current course of this technology and has been from the outset.

I personally believe that the ability to transmit at a single exact and unvarying maximum point within a given frequency will open up a vast new type of technology. Instantaneous transmission of data between two unconnected points has been achieved using light as the carrier. So the tuning systems in place to achieve this may be applicable to normal radio even though the science is different. This might give us the nullification of gravity, traction and repulsion beams, super-powered lasers…. The closer you get to the limit of some function within magnetism, the more comes from it, magic happens. Things like lasers and cell phone become better and stronger.

So what happens when quantum mechanics provides us with instantaneous and unlimited data transfer? Someday it will. It will because this is where some different branches of science are headed, just using different methods to get there. Once they arrive, they’ll blend together and another sudden expansion of our technology will happen. To think this all started with the invention of the battery. Or was it a piece of amber and a bit of wool? We’ll never know. 😉


Monday, November 9th, 2015

SUCKerberg, oh, excuse me, Zuckerberg is the CEO, part owner and one of the founders of Facebook and here’s why he sucks: As the CEO of this company he is responsible for it’s policies, and as far as I know, he sets them. One of his nasty little policies is that once you join Facebook, you can never leave. You can “deactivate” your account until your ass falls off but it will still always be there with all the personal information you trustingly gave them. Including your phone number(s) which they will publish for anyone to see!!!

The other day I tried to log on to Facebook in order to get some piece of info, I forget what now, and was greeted with a little box stating that I had to give them my cell phone number before I could log on. I didn’t, but next time and the time after that, that I tried to log on, same thing, I had to provide my cell number first. So I finally did, and the next morning Facebook had charged my credit card twice for some game app that I never played, but they claim I had played on my cell phone.

I found out about these charges because my credit card company alerted me to them as possible frauds. The result of all this is that I had to have my card blocked, and a new card is being sent to me. I will have to update the new number to the companies I do business with, after waiting at least 5 days for the card to arrive. I do have other credit cards, fortunately, so I’m not locked out of buying what I need in the meantime.

Naturally, I logged into my Facebook account and deleted that phone number, though whoever made the charges no doubt has it stored away now anyway, and then went through Facebooks “deactivation” process.

An hour ago an email came in saying that my account was reactivated. Jesus Christ!!!! I logged on, went to “security”, tried to deactivate by giving the reason that my account was hacked, and Facebook had me change my password to supposedly “secure” my account. So I changed my password to some ridiculously long thing and then deactivated it again, since Facebook didn’t do that after finishing the “secure” process as I expected, and all my account info was still on Facebook.

Finally, just now, I Googled “permanently delete Facebook account”, found out how to do it, and went through all the WELL-HIDDEN steps to actually delete the account. When I finally finished I was greeted with the message that they would still hold all my info for another 14 days before final deletion and at this point I don’t believe a word of it. I bet they never delete a damn thing. But at least now, hopefully, some asshole can’t tell Facebook that I just bought some stupid app, and the card number is now void anyway.

What pisses me off here as well is that ONE TIME I paid Facebook a dollar to send a message to someone else on Facebook, and I had to provide that card number, and Facebook kept the number on permanent file for future use without my knowledge. Suck A Big Berg has made it as nearly impossible as he can while still staying legal, to delete accounts. Once you give him any information about yourself, he wants to squeeze every possible cent out of it, forever. Mark, this is exactly the kind of shit that pisses people off about Jews. Wake up. You have more money than you can ever spend, now. Stop acting like a Kike asshole.