This morning Pres. Trump signed a government funding bill that is loaded with traps and pitfalls designed to prevent him from building The Wall, and no doubt including other blocks to his power as President. He said he was going to declare a National Emergency to fund the wall when he signed this mess but still has not.
Why would he sign a bill that prevents him from moving money around to build The Wall when that’s what he has to do to get it built? Why sign a bill without funding when he said that he wouldn’t do that?

This bill was drawn up by both Democrats and Republicans and it passed the Senate. That means that the majority of the Senate approved of the new restrictions on his powers, which also means that the Senate Republicans don’t want The Wall any more than the Democrats do, it’s just that the Democrats are the ones catching all the blame for blocking it.

If Trump really wants to stop illegal aliens, he would enforce the laws against hiring them, which he’s not doing, and he would have seen that wall built long ago. He would have declared that National Emergency long ago. Yet this drags on and on.

It is true that he’s done wonders in reviving our economy and rebuilding our military. He’s reversed much of the damage that Obama did to our nation. But it’s now glaringly obvious that he’s our PM May when it comes to stopping the invasion of illegals, just as she’s not really trying to facilitate Brexit, because as long as the illegals can swarm in, wages will stay low and the big corporations will flourish.

True, crime, drugs, poverty and disease and all the misery that goes with them will continue to increase, but so will corporate profits.

I am convinced now that The Wall will only be built in highly populated areas for show. All that open desert will remain open. All the drugs and crimes give politicians something to make speeches about and get elected on and it will never go away, the poor will continue to believe the lies that tomorrow will be a better day if they vote for whoever.

Nope. I’m no longer in the Trump camp. Not in any other for that matter, except my own. The truth is that even a nuclear war would not be a great disruption in my life and even if it were, I really don’t care. In fact I’d look forward to that as one way to finally end the status quo.