Ohhhhh, I pluck my eggs in the morning from the chicken fruit tree,
The tree’s always happy to give them to me.
I just reach out my hand and take a few for free,
I’m a happy little chappie with my chickenfruit tree.

How those eggs get on that tree,
there really is no doubt.
The chickens like to roost in it,
at night when the fox is about.
But when they’d come down by day,
and go in their henhouse to lay,
the eggs they left the day before,
wouldn’t be there anymore.

Of course, it was me who took ’em,
while they slept without a snore,
and when they came and found them gone,
it made those birds quite sore.
So they did the only thing they could, those clever little pests.
They learned from the other birds and built in the branches, nests.

Copyright 2019


Light is an energy form. There’s a bunch of them, like electricity, magnetism, radioactivity, gravity and radio, aka electromagnetic waves. For decades now, scientists and mathematicians have been trying to find the common denominator in all the different forms of energy, in a Unified Field Theory. But so far, no luck. If they were successful it would open up the manipulation of gravity, just for starters.

Light is weird. It passes right through many things, including most gases and any form of clear glass, though different types of glass affect light differently. At the same time, light has mass.

Because light has mass, it can push on things. Hence the plans for space ships powered by light sails, for instance. Keep that one in mind because we’ll be coming back to it.

Light has frequencies, like radio waves, and that’s what makes colors. Our eyes can see the different frequencies and our brains interpret that as colors. Now, radio waves can be weak and not carry far, or strong and carry to the limits of our solar system and beyond. Light waves, (as in frequencies) can also be strong. Very strong. We have lasers now that can cut through metal, and lasers are just light. Only lots of it in a very tiny beam.

Now lets seemingly digress just a sec, and consider that our Universe is known to be not only expanding, but doing so at a steadily increasing rate. Science has been seeking the reason for this ever since it was discovered, and theories of Dark Matter that no one can see or test for have arisen, and Negative Gravity, and all sorts of other arcane theories have been proposed.

So in this spirit, I propose the following: Our Universe is filled with stars. Stars give off one hell of a lot of light. When the light from one galaxy encounters another, it pushes it. In fact, all the galaxies are pushing against each other with their light output, and if you push long enough (will 13 billion years do it? the galaxies should all start moving away from each other, just like raisins in expanding bread dough, and exactly how the Universe is in fact expanding.

The increasing rate of expansion is what a light sail is supposed to do, go faster over time, and what our Universe is also doing.

Occam’s Razor is the well-known principle that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.


Ann Coulter is a journalist of some notoriety. I’d say fame, but the word is really too kind. During the election campaign she came out as a big Trump supporter and staunch Conservative, but for the last 4 months or so she’s been attacking him more and more often over getting The Wall built and she’s just done it again, going so far this time as to call him an idiot for supposedly failing to get the wall built.

She does this while overlooking the fact that both houses of Congress have been unsupportive of this effort, and the fact that the wall IS under construction and has been for some time in spite of all the opposition by Congress.

Ann Coulter is her own biggest fan. She apparently believes that she’s qualified to tell our President how to do his job and when to do it, and expresses her outrage that he’s not doing what she says.

She’s now firmly in the same stable as that other horse’s ass, Glenn Beck, who rubbed Cheetos all over his face in parody of the orangish hue Pres. Trump acquired from a tanning booth. Beck went on to turn his career into a dumpster fire and Ann Coulter is sitting in one right now and playing with matches.


Cause I’ve been checking it out, and it can’t happen here. It could happen in Minnesota, Minnesota, but it can’t happen here. No no, it won’t happen here…. Frank Zappa song.

Right now, the Mu-Slime population of America is at 1.1% or thereabouts. The population of these insane baby rapers in England is 5%. Only 5% and yet look at the horrible mess that country is in because they allowed in this human trash, who are taking over the whole goddam country. ONLY 5% of them, and they started seriously taking over when they were at 3%!!!!

To say that it can’t happen here is flat out wrong. In Germany where Globalist Merkel and her band of traitors rule, they’ve brought in so many Mu-Slimes that they now make up 6% of the population and women are raped at will while boys are being butt-fucked, and the government does absolutely nothing about any of this because it’s normal behavior for Mu-Slimes, so the people are just going to have to get used to having their women and children raped.

Right now, today, here in America, the Land of the Free, where any worthless fucking asshole from anywhere can be elected to Congress, we have 2 new Representatives in Congress who are Mu-Slimes and Communists, and who are attacking our allies and our way of life. These fucking Mu-Slime idiots want to take the hell of Somalia and other cesspool nations and bring it with them to us. In their company and forming a threesome is one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of Puerto Rican parents and born in New York, who is also a devout Communist. Like the other two, the Mu-Slimes, she calls herself a Democratic Socialist, which is what Adolf Hitler also called himself, and she espouses similar policies.

The major difference between her and Adolf is that he was a genius while she’s really rather stupid. Even so, or perhaps because of it, she’s now the current darling of the Democrat Party, with her two Mu-Slime girlfriends close behind in favor, and her moronic ideas are actually being adopted by the Democrat-controlled House while the two Mu-Slimes are casting hate slurs at Jews and Israel. Publicly.

What’s actually the best current defense against Islam in America right now are all the fucking illegal aliens swarming in from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and so on, because these people are both violent and Catholic and a match for the Mu-Slimes. Isn’t that some crap? That’s like boring holes through your walls and leaving food everywhere, and then buying mousetraps to control the infestation that results.

We’re really between a rock and a hard place. We’re allowing our population to soar because our enemies are too and we need a larger and larger army to compete. Likewise, more people working more jobs grows economies, another competition that matters for our national security. It was Obama who let in all those fucking Mu-Slimes, and now Pres. Trump is doing his best to reverse that inflow in spite of the Liberal courts that Obama loaded. Meanwhile a veritable horde of Communists has managed to take over control of the House, and there’s a few in the Senate as well, so now a battle is literally going on between the Socialists (read Communists) and the remaining Conservative Americans in our government.

On a state level, we have governors, like the succession of assholes governing California for example, who do everything they can to fight our President and fuck over our American way of life. Like having sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can be safe and get drivers licenses without insurance and rape, rob and kill and then drive back to Mexico where they’re safe, then come back and do it again, get caught, be released, do it again, get caught, be released, not get deported, so why bother running back to Mexico anymore? Now those swamp critters are calling the whole state of California a “sanctuary state”.

So yeah, it can happen here, the only question is what. There’s a whole bunch of different things that can happen here. We can become Islamicised, or a Socialist state, or both, or become mired in religious wars and street fighting, or split apart the way California and some other states are separating themselves off right now. The last time states tried to secede from the Union, we had a civil war to stop it and I can see troops marching into Sacramento and taking over, if this stuff goes much further.

Anything can happen in America, we have room for it all. It can happen here.


Went to the post office to mail a package this morning and they were closed. Had to Google it to find out why, it’s because today is Martin Luther King’s (Koon, for us white-privilegists) Day.

King was a champion of black people’s civil rights, who was assassinated by some guy named James Earl Ray, who worked for the CIA or FBI, I forget which and don’t really care. Just that someone high up thought King was a Communist, which he might have been, and sent out a hit man to get rid of him.

Anyway, the blacks started screaming about there not being enough black holidays, so our government gave them Kwanzaa and King days to shut them up. Both are based entirely on black racist attitudes against white people. King was a racist white-hater and Kwanzaa celebrates black skin and hates white skin.

The latest anti-white-skin crap is the phrase “white privilege”, which really means, Hey you white people, give us all that shit you worked for that we didn’t. Which is also what Socialism is all about. Socialism takes from whites and gives to everyone else. It’s also called several other things. One is “redistribution of wealth” and the other is “creating dictatorships”.


The Loons have landed and here’s photos to prove it.

This creature is a newly elected Democrat Representative and member of the House, from New York. She calls herself a Socialist, which is her word for fervent Marxist Communist, which she is. Her name is Ocasio (hyphen) Cortez.

In the top picture, she’s behaving normally for her, using her entire being to express an opinion based on almost no knowledge whatever and is probably wrong, as usual. Even her fellow Democrats are calling her an idiot, which she does seem to be, as she constantly contradicts herself and makes statements that are utterly devoid of facts.

In the lower picture, appropriately dressed in black just like the movie, she’s doing a perfect imitation of Alia, the tiny little girl who was the mini Bene Gesseret in Dune who was busy killing Baron Harkonnen. If you’ve seen the movie you will recognize both that pose and the expression.

Accompanying her into the House is a Muslim immigrant from Gaza named Rashida Tlaib, elected as another Democrat Socialist, this one from Michigan, whose very first act upon being sworn in on the floor of the House was to scream out about President Trump that “We’re going to impeach the motherfucker!” She and Ocasio hyphen Cortez are close friends.

These two are seriously embarrassing the Democrat leadership as well as all the rest of them, and with any good fortune will only serve their one term and then be gone from public life forever. They both act as if they’re afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome, which is no crime in itself but just doesn’t lend itself well to public speaking.