Fathers, husbands, male parents have several primary roles in human society. In any marriage or family, they are first, the provider, and secondly the sperm donor. The woman is the creator of offspring and their nurturer.

So when time passes and parents age, the woman is venerated as the creator by her children, and continues to be seen as the nurturer while the father no longer has a function in the children’s lives.

He’s no longer their provider as they’ve gone off on their own and become providers and nurturers of their own. Since these parents are no longer having more children he’s no longer the sperm donor either. He no longer has a function in the family, he’s probably retired and the parents may have divorced and gone their separate ways, and in this case the children’s focus, beyond themselves and their own families, is their mother, not the father.

Parents are often left behind and forgotten and especially the male parents. When I was young I often heard it said that raising children was a thankless task. I didn’t understand that, then, but now that I’ve been at the peripheral age for so long, I very much do.


While I’m not the savant of the age or a master of politics by any means, I do know when things don’t make sense and when they do.
What has not made sense to me is why Pres. Trump hasn’t done a lot of things he could have done, beyond all that he has done, and it’s looking to me like his agenda has a primary focus that simply isn’t getting any direct attention called to it by anyone, and it’s this, that his first concern is to keep the country strong in the face of Chinese aggression.

While the invasion of illegal aliens is being euphemistically and incorrectly called “illegal immigration” and the American public has been demanding an end to it, it’s clear now that preventing this inflow of people is not a genuine concern. The concern is stopping the inflow of drugs and unwanted criminals. The rest are welcomed as cheap labor to keep expanding commodity sales to more and more people, and the increase in our population provides us with an increasing source of military personnel. Bigger armies make stronger nations.

So his focus has been on criminal and drug interdiction and I’m betting now that this is going to be the primary use of the money he’s getting together to create an effective barrier. We’re going to see more agents patrolling more of the border along with lots of drone surveillance and intrusion detection technology emplaced along our border.

But ultimately we’re going to have to do something about Mexico. We get a huge amount of our vegetables, fruit and beef from them and both nations need the commerce. We rely on each other that way so closing the border is not an option. Outside of tunnel smuggling and “mules” backpacking drugs in, the primary source is trucking. Individual people coming in can be stopped and vetted and this system is currently being expanded, with larger holding facilities and changes in lenient laws. With a high tech border, the mules can be detected, arrested, processed and deported or imprisoned. That leaves the trucks. There has to be more inspections and more thorough inspections. ALL entering vehicles must be thoroughly inspected. That’s my personal rant on the subject, and the bottom line here is that drugs and criminals weaken us and threaten our national security and some way is going to have to be found to destroy the cartels and the gangs, even if it means taking over the Mexican government. First The Wall, and then, invade and conquer, may be the plan.

It isn’t about people coming in illegally, it’s about anything that damages our national security. That’s his agenda and it’s what we really need to be paying attention to.

Summing up,


This morning Pres. Trump signed a government funding bill that is loaded with traps and pitfalls designed to prevent him from building The Wall, and no doubt including other blocks to his power as President. He said he was going to declare a National Emergency to fund the wall when he signed this mess but still has not.
Why would he sign a bill that prevents him from moving money around to build The Wall when that’s what he has to do to get it built? Why sign a bill without funding when he said that he wouldn’t do that?

This bill was drawn up by both Democrats and Republicans and it passed the Senate. That means that the majority of the Senate approved of the new restrictions on his powers, which also means that the Senate Republicans don’t want The Wall any more than the Democrats do, it’s just that the Democrats are the ones catching all the blame for blocking it.

If Trump really wants to stop illegal aliens, he would enforce the laws against hiring them, which he’s not doing, and he would have seen that wall built long ago. He would have declared that National Emergency long ago. Yet this drags on and on.

It is true that he’s done wonders in reviving our economy and rebuilding our military. He’s reversed much of the damage that Obama did to our nation. But it’s now glaringly obvious that he’s our PM May when it comes to stopping the invasion of illegals, just as she’s not really trying to facilitate Brexit, because as long as the illegals can swarm in, wages will stay low and the big corporations will flourish.

True, crime, drugs, poverty and disease and all the misery that goes with them will continue to increase, but so will corporate profits.

I am convinced now that The Wall will only be built in highly populated areas for show. All that open desert will remain open. All the drugs and crimes give politicians something to make speeches about and get elected on and it will never go away, the poor will continue to believe the lies that tomorrow will be a better day if they vote for whoever.

Nope. I’m no longer in the Trump camp. Not in any other for that matter, except my own. The truth is that even a nuclear war would not be a great disruption in my life and even if it were, I really don’t care. In fact I’d look forward to that as one way to finally end the status quo.


Until recently I’d thought that increasing world overpopulation was driven by modern medical advances, better farming techniques, better technology and so forth along with the constant economic push for more sales to more people, and for a long time after the last Great War, it was.
Not any more. Yes, those factors still apply but they’re old news now and aren’t doing anything to increase the general welfare or make us live longer except for the wealthy.

The reason for it today is world domination and the prevention of it.

The tipoff was China’s announcing that they’ve abandoned their mandatory one child per couple rule and are now encouraging married couples to produce two children each, when they were trying before to reduce their burgeoning population by some very harsh and drastic measures, such as forced abortions and sterilizations.

It seemed pretty odd some years ago that nations like Germany and Japan were having night sweats over their populations declining, and Germany used that as the reason for bringing in so many Muslims – which now promises to wreck the country in terms of crime, but that’s another story. The thing is, Europes population has been expanding along with everyone elses. Why not be glad to see it decline instead of panicking over it?

Well, because if you want to take over the planet you need a few tools to do that with, and the most important tool is having the biggest army. China now has 1.4 Billion people. The United States has a declared population of 330 million but that may be a skewed figure, since there must be many millions of people here illegally that our government continues to allow to swarm in. Our actual population may be closer to 400 million.
Russia has only 144.5 million in that vast country. Their population is what ours was in 1940, and they share a long border with China. So it’s no wonder that they keep smiling at the Chinese but stay strong in the arms race, all the while claiming that it’s the United States that they’re girding themselves against when in plain fact, it’s China.

India and China have been at odds for a very long time, the reason for which wasn’t clear to me until now, and that’s because India not only is also armed with nuclear weapons like Russia and China, but that they have 1.34 Billion people, nearly as many as China. No wonder the Chinese don’t like them much.

Since the Chinese have gone so far out of their way to bully their neighbors in their open effort to spread out like the cancer they are, India has been increasing their own efforts to rise economically in order to bring their military might closer to the level of the Chinese, and the USA is cooperating in that effort.

China now looks to be about at their peak and starting down again, they see it and the world sees it, and I’m far from alone in wondering if they’ll take the plunge and invade at least a few of the smaller nations around them like Vietnam while they still have the strength to do so.

BREITBART CENSORSHIP is a *supposedly* Conservative website that allows comments on the articles it posts. In other words, it’s a news blog. They use Disqus as their login application and censor, and set which words and letter combinations they do not allow in comments.

A few of these words are Jew, Soros, Negro and kill. As people try work-arounds in order to practice Free Speech, and type things like Jooz, Sore-ass, kneegrow and k i l l, Breitbart adds those to the forbidden list.

This list has grown to the point where it’s become difficult to say much about anything. I’ve been banned three times from commenting on Breitbart because this, the last banning happening yesterday for discussing race.

You can say anything negative about white people on Breitbart that you want to, no matter how untrue and insulting, and that’s okay. Just don’t start saying anything negative about blacks even though it’s true, or you’ll be banned. You can’t even say Jew at all, and why Soros’ name is protected I have no clue, but mention of that Jewish traitor to humanity is also banned.

Blog censorship is bullshit on any Conservative website. With Disqus you have the ability to block any person from responding to any comment you leave, so if anyone finds your remarks offensive, they can block you. But they can also REPORT you, to Breitbart, where their little Snowflake Libtard censors will then abrogate your Freedom of Speech on the blog.

Between the Disqus word filtering and the Libtard censoring, Breitbart is steadily reducing their readership to only those who fit within their narrow definition of what is okay to think. This is EXACTLY what they’ve been accusing Facebook, Twitter and Google of doing, manipulating the thinking of users. has become more of a Click Bait news site than a serious news reporting medium. Which is too bad, they started out in a very promising way, but ad revenue greed has reduced them to tabloid status.


” Amid much speculation, the U.S. has officially withdrawn from the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with Russia. ” The reasons given are that a new Russian missile exceeds the limits of the treaty and Russia refuses to get rid of it, and is generally violating the treaty, and that China isn’t a party to the treaty at all, though this last is not focused on as a major point.

However, I see that as being THE major point. The Russians are no friends of China, they know that the Chinese want world domination the same as we all know it, and they share a long border with China. The new Russian missiles are more likely a Chinese deterrent than anything meant for us.

By remaining with that treaty, we prevent ourselves from advancing our own deterrent capability against the Chinese, while they’re hell bent for leather in their quest to advance their weaponry and are touting new missile technology in advance of ours and Russia’s.

Even though Russia is continually presented as being hostile to the United States, I fail to see much truth in that. We compete regarding oil and gas production and prices, but we compete with Saudi too and we call those despicable people our allies. We and Russia do things together, not the least being the International Space Station. The Russians took over the task of transporting personnel and supplies there when our shuttle fleet was grounded, and we share in many other scientific efforts that we do not do with China or Saudi Arabia.

Russia is a Christian nation that is democratic and holds elections, China and Saudi are not. There’s undoubtedly a lot of political corruption there, but there is here as well, at least as much and maybe more. Not just the Democrats. Paul Ryan is a prime example of GOP corruption, and just one of many.

Russia doesn’t have our many civil rights laws, but this gives them the freedom to squelch radicalism and maintain societies norms, something we’ve totally lost. Russia is much like America was in 1940, politically. Why should they be anything except an ally?

Time will tell, and right now I think that our true agenda is aligned with Russia’s when it comes to defending against China. The Russians know full well that war with us may destroy us but it would also destroy Russia and there’d be no winners. Likewise the Chinese know they’d be wiped out too, so they plan to win incrementally, inch by inch, spreading out slowly like a cancer, and achieve this through intimidation, the threat of superior weaponry combined with an aggressive and hostile stance and constant pressure.

We and Russia are responding by presenting a friendly face toward China while working hard at staying ahead of them militarily. In addition, Pres. Trump’s “trade war” with China has been extremely effective in slowing down their economy, which limits their military spending budget. Ours and Russia’s, meanwhile, are increasing. The sanctions Pres. Trump said he’d impose on Russia have never happened, but the promise at least shut up the Democrats demands for them. The reality is that while we may give lip service to political antagonism against Russia, we aren’t actually following through with any threats. I’ve been noting for quite some time that neither are the Russians. They make hostile remarks and gestures but nothing of any substance, ever. Russia and the USA may remain competitors forever, who knows? Right now, however, we have a shared agenda, which is to keep China in check. Because if we don’t they’ll embroil the whole world in a war that we don’t want.


Faith is another word for trust. We can have faith in a person to do certain things and behave in certain ways and faith in a company or it’s products. It’s when we have faith in religions that everything falls apart.

Religions aren’t solid like people, companies and products. They’re all based on unprovable stories and they all claim to be the only correct story. All religions are founded on superstition and lack any proof. You either believe in things that you can’t prove exist, or you don’t.

Directly or indirectly, religions have caused more misery and destruction than all the overt wars of greed have ever caused. The millions of Jews killed by the Germans was because of their religion. The untold number of people tortured to death as heretics by the Catholics, all those who died in the Crusades, all the Kurds murdered by the Turks, all the tortures and deaths by the Muslims, it’s a long list and it goes back thousands of years. Religious superstitious faith kills. It’s a disease.

Governments form for the purpose of having power over all the people in their area. At first it’s to maintain order but soon they become dictatorships. Just like religions, in fact. This is because humans love to take advantage of situations, it’s part of our nature along with greed and selfishness. However much we have, we always want more.

Everyone thinks that everyone else thinks on their same intelligence level even when they know that some are stupider than them and some are smarter.

Nothing matters if you’re not here. The only things that matter, only matter in your mind. It’s this consensus of minds, this general belief of what matters and what doesn’t that governs any society, whether it’s a human one or some other type of creature. If everyone agrees that lice don’t matter, everyone has lice and no one cares. And so on.

The only thing of actual value in the human condition is happiness. Everyone wants it, it’s the thing we all want the most and the hardest thing to have because we keep grasping for it in ways that destroy it. The truth is that the less wanting we have and the less striving after goals we think are necessary to our happiness, the happier we are.

It’s exactly because of this striving for happiness that we achieve higher technology and build huge cities and have wars and kill each other.


Went to the post office to mail a package this morning and they were closed. Had to Google it to find out why, it’s because today is Martin Luther King’s (Koon, for us white-privilegists) Day.

King was a champion of black people’s civil rights, who was assassinated by some guy named James Earl Ray, who worked for the CIA or FBI, I forget which and don’t really care. Just that someone high up thought King was a Communist, which he might have been, and sent out a hit man to get rid of him.

Anyway, the blacks started screaming about there not being enough black holidays, so our government gave them Kwanzaa and King days to shut them up. Both are based entirely on black racist attitudes against white people. King was a racist white-hater and Kwanzaa celebrates black skin and hates white skin.

The latest anti-white-skin crap is the phrase “white privilege”, which really means, Hey you white people, give us all that shit you worked for that we didn’t. Which is also what Socialism is all about. Socialism takes from whites and gives to everyone else. It’s also called several other things. One is “redistribution of wealth” and the other is “creating dictatorships”.


The word is out that Supreme Court judge Ruth Ginsberg now has pneumonia, following an operation to remove a cancerous tumor from one lung. She may yet recover, but she’s 85 and frail and there’s an equal chance that she may not. It’s very possible that she will resign from the court before this month is out.

Justice Ginsberg is a LIBERAL, and frequently decides on the side of Liberal politics instead on what it says in our Constitution. Put plainly, she is not a Constitutional scholar and her decisions have often been harmful to our freedoms, so the opportunity to replace her with a Conservative Constitutional scholar will be welcomed by Conservatives and wept over by Liberals.

The disgusting and outrageous circus of hate performed by the Democrats over the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is guaranteed to be a garden tea party compared to what they’re bound to unleash on any choice that Pres. Trump offers up to replace Ginsberg, simply because of the balance of the Supreme Court.

Right now, with Kavanaugh on board, there are 5 Conservative judges and 4 Liberal judges, and Ginsberg’s replacement will make it 6 Conservatives to 3 Liberals and no chance of the Liberals ever winning another Socialist judgement advantage again for many years to come. With the Supreme Court finally solidly pro-America again, sanity will be forced onto the Democrats because everything they do to corrupt our nation can be and will be reversed by the court. January 2019 is seeing a new sun rise on our republic and boy, is it ever time.


I’m getting a good taste of what it must have been like to have lived in a cave, thousands of years ago, when humans wore animal skins to keep warm, 40 years was a long life span and belligerence was a normal response to pretty much everything.

Every once in a while I hear my neighbor Brian start blowing off about something, and I usually step out on the back deck so I can hear him cuss and threaten better. Today was special. Today he, his idiot woman and some guy up the street (and on top of a roof – no, I don’t know why) were all screaming back and forth, cussing each other out, making threats and generally degrading the quality of life for all the rest of us without the slightest awareness of or concern for that

Brian is a coward and a bully. He’s a big guy with a big gut who loves to threaten people that he thinks he can beat up, always people who are smaller than him, preferably female and preferably much, much older. He pulled his shit on me once and chased me into my house, whereupon I got my shotgun and stuck it in his face, and that was the end of him threatening a 76 year old man half his size. I thought he was going to crap his pants there, for a bit.

Today, the skinny guy Brian kept screaming at walked right up to, and past, Brians home while Brian was standing out there screaming threats at him, and Brian did absolutely nothing. I would have been amazed if that chickenshit loudmouth had actually gone up and started punching. The thing about Brian is that he just wants someone to threaten who’s no threat to him. Nothing makes him happier than to have someone to bully.

There’s more than one certifiable asshole living on this street and not much to do about that except let them fight it out. Scream it out, really. It’s too bad I don’t know in advance when these eruptions are happening, I could make some good money selling tickets.