December 12th, 2018

A Canadian magistrate has given Meng Wanzhou bail. I lost track of how much had to be put up after the first $5 million but the total may be around a $20-$30 million bond that will be forfeit if she fails to show up when US extradition papers are served on her. Meanwhile she has to wear an ankle monitor that tracks her on GPS, to help assure that she doesn’t leave the country. $30 million, however, is nothing to her and her family’s wealth.

Here’s how I think this all could go: Ankle monitors put out a radio signal that can be duplicated, and a device that does this with hers will be smuggled in, is probably on a plane from China now. Making one would be a snap for Chinese techs.
Hers gets cut off, the fake one is turned on, she’s spirited out of the country and as soon as she’s safely back in China, the fake monitor is turned off and disposed of. WOOPS, SHE’S GONE! Oh, where did she go? It’s a great mystery, we know nothing.

Now here’s the thing. Meng is no longer of much use to the Chinese for doing what she did, which was to act as a Chinese agent in subverting our sanctions against Iran. She happens to be the daughter of the founder of Hauwei and is very respected in China, so she’s probably safe from punishment for failure. But the Chinese are still going to want to get something out of this if she does “disappear”, and blaming Canada and the United States for her “disappearance” would be typical behavior because they would try to milk the claim for all sorts of concessions and never admit that they engineered her escape.

Meanwhile, the Chinks have kidnapped a former Canadian diplomat and are holding him hostage against the release of Meng, so if she escapes, then the Chinese will demand ransom of some sort from Canada. I can see this whole thing going totally to hell because she was stupidly granted bail.

The bottom line to all this is that the Chinese leadership is a pack of childish, corrupt assholes who don’t have a clue how to behave in the real world. They might as well be Democrats.


December 10th, 2018

The Chinese are the worst human rights abusers of any nation on this planet. To be a Chinese citizen is to be property, like a chair or a book of matches, usable and disposable at any time. So when Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou was detained in Canada on an extradition warrant to the United States, for various criminal charges, and the Chinese government started screaming that her “human rights were terribly abused”, you don’t know whether to laugh, or sneer loudly in derision.

The Modus Operandi of the Chinese government now is to threaten. They think they’re big enough and powerful enough now that they can threaten and bully their way into getting whatever they want, and can make totally outrageous claims that they actually expect to be respected as valid.

This is like that old tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He yelled for attention once too often, and when the wolf really did show up, no one came to save him. The world is already getting enured of Chinese bluster and threats, and nations are joining forces against them to counter their aggressiveness, with the United States at the forefront.

The truth is, China is desperate. Their plans of world domination through economic control and military threat are evaporating as their economy is plunging downward, as a direct result of the trade policies of President Trump. Threatening “dire consequences” to Canada over the arrest of a Chinese tech executive is way over the top and they should know that. Canada and the US have an extradition treaty and Canada is merely honoring that. If they were to actually do something to harm Canada over this, our nation would be swift to inflict far more harm on China. In fact, China’s attempt to damage our relations with Canada in this manner and interfere with our extradition may have already set them up for major retaliation.

What you are witnessing is a balancing act. The Chinese will only be pushed just so far. Otherwise they may use the military they have and start a war somewhere in the hope of gaining territory for future advantage, to make up for the temporary setback of their plans. It seems unlikely that they’d allow their economy to sink back into deep recession or even a depression without a fight of some kind, and once they’ve used up their economic weaponry, their debt holdings and foreign currency reserves, military aggression is all that’s left. Right now that’s a risk they aren’t ready to take, but that can change.

It appears that Pres. Trump’s plan is to maintain this balance. Keep China from economically collapsing but not able to dominate any longer, while keeping the world economy stable. China’s over-reaction to the arrest of Meng Wanzhou isn’t proof of itself that their leadership is getting desperate, but if they’re not, they should be.


December 7th, 2018

Every vehicle in France is required to have in it two of those bright yellow Day-Glo emergency worker vests, and no, I don’t know why. But they became the perfect emblem of outrage when the overtaxed French were faced with yet another tax increase on vehicle fuel, and the Yellow Vests protest was born as thousands of French people put on one of those vests and took to rioting in the streets against the new fuel tax.

Their president, Emmanuel Macron, reacted by cancelling the tax, but by this time it was too late, as the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protests have expanded into a true Populist Movement and the people are demanding the resignation of Macron and much more.

Already, they’ve destroyed almost all of the speed cameras that have been used to levy speeding fines on them. The police union is backing them, and at least 5000 VIOLENT protesters are expected to converge on Paris this weekend.

The French are disgusted with their government, the immigration policy being the biggest issue. There are entire French cities that you can’t go into now unless you’re a Muslim, and many neighborhood areas in other cities and towns, and the French want their country back.

Can it be that the French have finally found their testicular fortitude, aka some BALLS, and will kick out the Socialist Globalists? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Even more amazing if France ends up as the leader of a Populist Rebellion in Europe and draws in the other nations to rid themselves of the European Union that’s been destroying their cultures and sovereignty for so long.

This just may turn into one hell of a show. Stay tuned.


December 5th, 2018

On Dec. 12, nations that still intend to will sign onto the UN Global Compact on Migration, which states that migration is a human right, and being a human right, supersedes national borders and sovereignty. Let me tell you how this is going to work out for those nations that sign onto this.

The nation of Crapistan looks at this and says “Hmm, we have 6 million impoverished men of Army age but we’re too poor to outfit them as an army. On the other hand, here’s Flogistan not far away and they have lots of money and a perky little army to defend them. So since we have a Human Right to migrate, let’s send all 6 milliion young men into Flogistan and get as many as possible to join their army. Once there’s more of us in their army than of them, we’ll just take over Flogistan, take all the good jobs and nice homes and ship anyone who complains here to Crapistan.

Obama had signed us up for this crap but Pres. Trump withdrew our signature. Try to imagine nations without any say at all over who comes in to their countries. Armies can march in and take over. Hospitals in poor nations can empty their sick into richer nations, cause disease outbreaks no one is prepared for. Imagine all the millions of Somalian bush people, riddled with parasites and diseases, swarming into Europe, all of them Muslims, tearing down all the churches, setting fires everywhere, defecating everywhere. It would be almost as bad as San Francisco is right now. And yes, that’s a joke, but not much of one.

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The nations that sign onto this will be The Globalist Bloc. Those who don’t will be the Anti-Globalist Bloc and there will be war between them, exactly because of what those Globalist states become and what they’ll do against the Anti-Globalists. This is going to become yet one more major war front on our planet.

Right now we have imminent war between Israel and several Middle Eastern states, plus the “Palestinian” terror groups. War in Afghanistan. War in Syria. On and off wars in Africa. Russia and Ukraine. The areas of unrest aren’t decreasing, they’re growing and Western Europe is about to become a big one.

Nations without borders aren’t nations, they’re just areas without government and open to anarchy.


December 4th, 2018

Got an email just now from our rock club secretary. Her name is Sheila. Lots of women’s names start with “She”. Different spellings too, Sheila is also Sheela and Sheala, for instance, and there’s Sheena, Sheba, Shealyn, Shealy…

So I got to wondering, why are no men named Heeba, or Heela, or Heena? 😀


December 2nd, 2018

A short history: Suppose you live in a poor town where there’s very little business and few jobs that don’t pay much, and a rich man comes in and builds a factory that makes expensive products, ships them all over the world, and hires as many townspeople as he can at high wages.

Soon your town will prosper, the restaurants will boom and new ones will open, and people will start up little factories of their own.

Well, the USA is the rich man, and China is the poor town. They invited our manufacturers in on a promise of cheap labor and raw materials, and our factories moved over there by the thousands. Soon, the Chinese left their bicycles at the dumps and drove cars, they built their own factories and soon everyone was back to work and making more money than they ever had before.

But there’s a problem with all this, and that is that the Chinese government is evil. Instead of being grateful for our trade arrangement and wanting to be good friends, they see their new wealth and development as the means to conquering the world. They even talk about doing so by the year 2050. In the meantime, they’ve become steadily more aggressive, threatening not only the USA, which made their wealth possible, but all their neighbors as well.

Okay, that’s the short history. Now, here comes President Donald Trump, and in two years he’s reversed the course of China’s economic advance. Their military advance will surely follow, since that sort of research, development and manufacturing is extremely expensive.

By the simple expedient of starting a Trade War with China and placing a tariff on most of their exported goods to us, Pres. Trump has caused an economic recession in China while boosting our economy at the same time. China is already at the point where, if the tariffs go from the current 10% up to a threatened 25% and on even more goods, the Chinese economy will utterly collapse.

Right now, the USA still relies on a lot of Chinese exports and the 10% tariff has done some harm to our economy in some areas, although the overall change is for the better. Increasing the tariffs to 25% will cause a lot of howls and anguish among many companies here because they’ll suffer losses, and our economy will take a hit.

Because of this, Pres. Trump would rather not do it, and has secured major concessions from China in exchange for not raising the tariffs. China now has 90 days to make good on their concessions or face economic disaster. Pres. Xi wasn’t elected by the people, he was elected by his peer group much the same as new Popes are elected, and he can be deposed by them. Being deposed from office in China can be fatal, and Xi is now between a rock and a hard place. He has to save the Chinese economy without giving up their dream of world conquest and I don’t think Pres. Trump has that possibility in mind for China.

Here’s what I think is going to happen. The Chinese are very patient people, and they’re caught in Trump’s trap. Over the next 90 days they’re going to try to cheat any way possible, but will accept the inevitable and keep to the deals they make and wait to conquer the world another time. This is not likely.
OR, they fail to meet their promises. This is more likely, and what Pres. Trump has done is prevented a stock market crash before Christmas, while giving him 3 months to prepare American businesses and consumers for the hit our economy will take when he imposes the 25% tariffs on China. We will swiftly recover as our entrepreneurial system steps up to replace what China no longer provides. China, however, will not.

Pres. Trump hasn’t stopped China’s plan to rule the world, he’s just putting it on hold, but with luck, for a very long time.

ON A SIDE NOTE, Holding off increasing the tariffs until after Christmas means that there will be no job layoffs of workers here or decline in our stock market, at least until March. The 90 day “truce” itself pleases the mega-businesses like Walmart which make their money from Chinese imports, and gives them reason to think that Pres. Trump will not impose the 25% tariffs. This both takes pressure off of him and increases his support, and benefits our economy. In the meantime, any concessions the Chinese make will also improve our economy without benefiting the Chinese. Altogether a simple and brilliant strategy.


December 2nd, 2018

Ernesto, in Brazil, emailed me this morning about “Article 13”, “Filternet”, an EU bill just introduced that would censor all Internet content for copyrighted material. Direct from the European Socialist Union, here comes the Censorship of the Mega Companies! You really should watch this short video, its very enlightening.

Thank you, Ernesto. This is good stuff to share.

My response back to Ernesto, which he asked me to post here:

Good morning, Ernesto
I watched that video. Hard to say if that Internet copyright law will pass or not. Google, Facebook, Youtube and others could lose a lot of money if it does, and they might join the fight against it. Anyway, I think it’s too soon to panic, because….

For one, the social media sites already are censoring content, and that censorship is increasing as they become more active politically. Driving out content that they politically disagree with also drives away viewers, so less ads are viewed, reducing their income. And, as they become increasingly political, they will become more competitive with each other. I expect to see “wars” start soon between Facebook and the others, where they start attacking each other’s content and policies and suing each other in courts, and all this will do is drive away even more people. Look to see one or more brand new Social Media startups that are open and aren’t political.

For another, Social Media is popular but is not the Internet. They’re only a part of it. Big news sites are going to fight against that law, and if it passes, they’ll stop allowing their content to be viewed on Europe’s Internet to avoid all the fees and potential copyright infringement fines. Even BBC is going to be hit by this and BBC is paid for by the UK government, which will be another reason not to pass the law.

Forcing servers to scan all content for copyright infringement before allowing anything to be uploaded to a user’s screen is going to dramatically slow down everything. Those scans will take a lot of time, because the amount of copyrighted material is vast. The electrical power consumption and the huge amount of equipment necessary to scan millions of simultaneous link uploads alone makes this entire proposal nearly impossible to achieve. The only way to work it is to scan for a specific, limited list of words and names, and that will result in as many uploads being censored and cancelled as it would those allowed to proceed, and will still take a lot of time and slow everything way down.

Ultimately, if this really bad and poorly thought out law does get passed, the economic cost will kill it, anyway. So much money will be lost because of censored attempts to purchase goods online, the billions of advertisements that were never seen, never charged for, which will result in tens of thousands of websites shutting down for lack of revenue, and all those businesses whose ads were never seen, that counted on them being seen in order to stay in business, will start going out of business and suing the government for their losses.

No, on thinking it over, it might be a good thing if this law does pass, because it’s failure will be so costly and spectacular that it’ll be a cold day in Hell before they ever try anything like that again. Everyone would be against any further government efforts to censor the Internet.


November 30th, 2018

It’s obviously on, a brand new Cold War, this time with China as the main opponent and Russia doing her best to be important and relevant too. China’s working hard to develop attack aircraft that are competitive with ours, along with other technologies useful for advancing their power in the world.

To that end they’ve been spreading tentacles into every nation they can, in the form of loans, factories, all kinds of assistance, with the goal of eventually dominating those nations one way or another. They’ve militarized coral islands in the China Sea and are actively trying to claim the only right of passage through those waters. They’ve been taking over the fishing grounds of various small nations as well.

Pres. Trump is trying to curtail as much of our trade with China as he can without damaging our own economy, in his effort to rein in Chinese aggression. The whole point of opening trade with China was to enrich our manufacturers at the expense of American jobs, and the result has been to enable an evil dictatorship to threaten the world. I saw this coming back in 1969 when Nixon opened up trade with China, and now it’s here, in force.

The Russians are playing their own hand. It was hoped that they’d have the sense to ally with us, but paranoia seems to be in their DNA, they refuse to establish trust, repeatedly violate treaties, have no allies and any appearance otherwise is an illusion. They’re only out for themselves and don’t care at whose expense or who they threaten.
Their latest aggression toward Ukraine is directly because Ukraine is a pending NATO member. The NATO alliance keeps growing, and it’s newest members are former slave states of the USSR. Russia violently opposed NATO membership for Ukraine, and their media portrays the NATO states as being “The Enslaved” and Russia as “The Land of the Free”. Once a nation becomes a NATO member, Russia doesn’t dare to attack it for fear of inevitable reprisals.

The EU leadership has come completely out of the closet now as a gang of Globalists hell-bent on wiping out all national cultures and sovereignty and making all Europe into one single dictatorial tyranny. They’re chosen form of government is Socialism, but it’s very Fascistic in form and application and getting worse.

America’s allies in the world have become ones of convenience rather than the true friends we used to have, thanks to the greedy and shortsighted mishandling of the great public trusts people of many nations had placed in their leaders, including ours. The horrors of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, aren’t over with the end of that war, we’ve had others, Chairman Mao, who was a mass murderer, the Kims, a litany of African leaders, and today we have Junker, Merkel and May, Xi and a host of leaders of nations great and small who all want to rule the world just as the ones before them did.

We are not done with war. War is the normal state. Peace is a temporary vacuum waiting for war to fill it.


November 30th, 2018

Rain has come to California, putting out the fires but too late for the town of Paradise, that is now utterly gone, nothing left but the streets, ashes and blackened, twisted pieces of metal with a chimney sticking up here and there.

The count of the dead relies entirely on the number of bodies found, and so far most of them are in the form of a few tiny fragments of charred bone that trained dogs have been able to find. There’s still 203 people missing, and now that the rain has come, it will be impossible to find more.

Much can be said about living in fire-prone areas but I do, myself. It’s the chance you take.

Rain is -almost- always welcome out here in the semi-arid desert mountains. It ends our fire danger and soaks into the ground to keep the native trees and plants alive for another year, those same trees and plants that feed the fires that burn our homes. But without them to hold the earth in place, the hills would turn to mud slides and take our homes with them. Like I said, it’s the chance you take.

When a forest fire breaks out and the fight to quell it begins, we start getting reports of “10% contained now”, “30% contained now”. Along with that we get “30,000 acres destroyed”, “50,000 acres destroyed”. So the reality is that if we didn’t fight the fires at all, they would still end up “contained” once they burned themselves out. Once a fire gets really big, there isn’t much to be done to stop it.

Glad to see the rains come again, no more worries about fire until next summer, when Pacific Gas and Electric’s faulty equipment will burn down another town, along with fires started by arsonists, lightning strikes, careless campers and general stupidity. But that’s life. If one thing doesn’t get you, another thing will.


November 25th, 2018

It’s seemed obvious for awhile that the next big war won’t be started by China or Russia attacking the United States. What will probably happen is that some small nation will get into it with another nation, or one nobody will attack another nobody and their allies will rush to defend, and then awaaaay we go. I posted that comment on someone’s blog awhile back and intended to do a short article on it here, and got busy with other things. But today’s events spurred me to write.

So in that spirit of foreboding, I offer up this: The Russians have pulled a “China” on Ukraine by violating a treaty between them and claiming all the Black Sea for themselves, and have attacked and seized three Ukrainian vessels.

Ukraine is a NATO ally and NATO responded with this, and more: “NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity, including its navigational rights in its territorial waters. We cal on Russia to ensure unhindered access to Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea, in accordance with international law.”

Russia wants to gobble up Ukraine and has for a long time because it directly borders Russia. We value little Ukraine for it’s strategic importance, for being where it is. The last thing Russia wants is NATO forces on their border.

So now Russia’s attacked Ukraine again, this time their naval vessels, that had a right to be where they were. Will this escalate? Will Ukraine’s NATO allies have to confront Russia militarily? That’s what Russia is testing right now, the will of NATO to defend Ukraine, and if NATO does not, then Russia will in fact march into Ukraine with tanks and guns and take possession of it, and NATO will look impotent.

NATO won’t do much of anything unless those nations know that Pres. Trump and the USA is prepared to fight as well. Personally, I’ve no doubt that he will and we will, it remains to be seen if the others will. This can go different ways, one of them being the Russians back off and another being a war that spreads far beyond the borders of Ukraine.


November 25th, 2018

Disparity is, of course, the differences between two similar things, and in this case I’m referring to the United States and Mexico. Our two nations have literally grown up alongside each other. We share a border almost 2000 miles long. Yet we’ve become far more prosperous than Mexico and far more advanced both socially and technologically.

In Mexico there are still villages where the people live in mud huts and have never used a flush toilet, have no plumbing, no electricity. In Mexico City, their largest city, there’s thousands of abandoned children, many dying of starvation, disease and violence, uncared for by the State.

Wages in Mexico are way below ours, their average living conditions are shabby and poor, their crime rate is unimaginable, with drug cartels murdering each other and anyone who gets in their way by the tens of thousands. The entire country is a swamp of corruption. Everyone is corrupt. Life spans are shorter, diseases that we’d eradicated here are common, there. In every way, Mexico is a squalid blight joined to us at the hip.

The question is, why? We have a much longer border with Canada, and while we and Canada have our occasional differences, we don’t have a problem with Canadians swarming across our borders and bringing diseases and crime waves with them.

I think the answer is this: Canada was settled by mostly English and Scots, people with a good work ethic and strong moral ethics who wanted good farm land to grow crops and raise their families. Mexico was settled by Spanish looters and treasure hunters who didn’t care how many natives they killed to get the gold they sought. They were corrupt from the very beginning.

The Spanish invaders interbred with the native women. They also imported a lot of Negro slaves who’ve mixed in with the rest, and racial heritage matters in Mexico far more than it does here. Only those of pure Spanish descent get to become presidents of Mexico. The more Spanish you are, the higher up on the social ladder, and it’s the Spanish who made Mexico the poor and corrupt state it is today, and who continue to do so.

Mexico needs another revolution, only this time, one that establishes true but limited democracy and equal enforcement of fair and reasonable laws. Mexico could be a modern and prosperous nation but the ingrained corruption holds it down. By Limited I mean within certain parameters. Our form of democracy doesn’t work for Mexicans because they usually choose to abuse it. It’s that tendency toward corruption. So built-in blocks against that tendency would have to be included. Yes, it would be a dictatorial sort of democracy, but right now what they have is chaos.

What I’d love to see is a coup engineered by us, that does exactly what I described. Throws out their old constitution and puts one like ours in it’s place, kicks out all the corrupt governors, mayors, judges and law enforcement people. One that puts in place a military government until all the riots have been quelled, all the protests have died down. Socialism and Communism would have to be outlawed. So would Islam, Mormonism and a host of other cultish religions. It might be best to only allow one religion, which for Mexico would be Catholicism with a few changes to keep out homosexuals.

If we avoided any appearance of taking part in this coup, we would have a free hand in dictating pretty much everything we wanted to because Mexico is a separate country. It’s not subject to any laws but it’s own. We just need to be the ones making those laws.


November 17th, 2018

On the corner of my street, literally numbered 1, and this being California, unfortunately lives a bunch of Fucking Mexicans. Now, for themselves, they’re a very quiet bunch, I have to say. Hardly ever hear a peep out of them. But they have two dogs, a small yapper with a high pitched bark, and a big one with a bark like a goddamned bull moose in heat.

Every night at 7:30, the big dog starts barking. Usually in a pattern. Bark bark bark bark, pause, bark. Repeat, repeat, repeat, on and on. This goes on for about half an hour. Then it may shut up for a full hour, then start barking again.

Every night that dog has woken me up at least four times each night. Normally I go to bed around ten, but tonight I was pretty tired and went to bed at 7:25 PM. Sure as hell, 5 minutes later that dog started barking. You could set your watch by it. 7:30 every night, and it would finally stop when the sun came up in the morning. Probably sleeps all day so it can bark all night.

Tonight I’d had enough. I’m not of large stature but when I yell, I yell exceedingly loud. I roar. You can hear me a city block away. I mean, I’m really loud.
Silence. Dead silence. One thing Mexicans do not like is having the Law come knocking at their door. It is now 9:30, I had a fine nap, in silence, and silence still prevails. Hurrah. I think just maybe, they finally took that fucking worthless mutt inside for the night like they should have from the very start.

Sometimes people have to be threatened before they’ll behave like decent, considerate neighbors. There are times when I truly wish the human race would all just drop dead, or the greatest part of them anyway.


November 17th, 2018

Something’s been percolating in the back of my mind for months now, that finally finished whatever it was doing and rose to the surface, and it’s this: Who is it that truly deserves credit for the USA becoming the greatest nation of them all? Because it is, there’s no denying that. The United States is the nation that other nations turn to in time of need. It’s the richest nation of all, and enjoys the most freedoms of all. It’s true that Socialists are hard at work attempting to destroy all that and reduce America to an average Global level, which is why they’re called Globalists, but they haven’t succeeded as yet. The United States is still Number One.

What are the reasons for this? One is that the colonists of this nation were able to break free of a tyrannical regime that held sway over them, and found the United States as a new country. Another is it’s great size and vast mineral wealth, which provided the means for this nation to become so rich. Then, there’s the hardships endured in not just settling this land and building communities that became cities, but also in the battles fought to wrest the land away from those who were already here, who were and still are called Indians.

The timid stayed in the East to build their cities and develop trade, it was the brave and adventurous, the strong and willing, who set out to conquer the land and build homes. Then it was the wars fought and won to keep this land, wars after the Indian wars, fought against the British, then a civil war, then the Germans, twice, and Japan.

So we honor our heroes and our military dead, our great leaders like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Yet we don’t honor those who gave us the one thing that made it possible for the United States of America to become what it is, the one magic ingredient that kept us, that saved us, from being just one more nation, no different than Russia or France or the England that first dominated us.

I’m talking about the rules that govern us. Our Constitution was the very first document that ever guaranteed freedom to the individual and provided safeguards for that freedom. Our Constitution stands alone on this Earth as treasuring the rights of the individual over the dictates of government. And that Constitution was taken directly from the Iroquois Confederacy, which had operated since the 16th century and which was an unwritten. oral agreement. It was an Onondaga Iroquois named Canassatego who suggested that the colonists form a nation similar to the Iroquois Confederacy during a meeting of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania in Lancaster on June 25, 1744.

And so they did.


November 10th, 2018

The little town of Paradise, California, is no more. Burned to the ground now, from a fire that swept through like a thundering herd of buffalo. All gone.
More is lost, the fires in California continue to rage, in the North and in the South. The Rich-Bitch attempt at Elysium, which even has a park called Elysium Park, called Malibu in the wooded hills adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, is now burning, along with a swath inland from it. Looking on a Fire Map of the state, it looks like half of California is burning, tho it’s not.

This statewide calamity and one which happens every single year to some degree, is almost entirely due to the state failing to manage it’s forests properly. Part of this has to also be attributed to Pacific Gas and Electric, since their equipment failures have started a good number of these fires in wooded areas including the one that destroyed Paradise and has so far killed 9 people. I keep wondering when they’re going to be taken to task by the State, but then keep remembering that they have lots of money to pay people off with.

Regarding money, Pres. Trump’s declared the Calif. fires a State of Emergency, which automatically gives California access to emergency Federal funds. At the same time, he also threatened to withhold those funds if California doesn’t deal with their forest mismanagement.

Another fire burning is in Florida where the evil bitch who oversees their voting processes is doing her best to defraud a few Republican winners out of their victories and give them to the Democrat challengers who lost. Legal challenges and criminal threats are being tossed around, we’ll see how that one goes. Same deal in Arizona, fraud, fraud, fraud, all to take a victory away from a Republican and hand it to a Democrat. The Leftists know no bounds.


November 6th, 2018

The Democraps have indeed won the House, with the Senate still under control of the Republican Party. This means a few things. One, the Republicans are going to find it impossible to get any bill they write brought up for a vote. Two, anything the Democrats write and send to the Senate will be ignored. In other words, it’s very likely there will be no new legislation at all for the next two years, until the Republicans can win back the House in the next election, which will also be to re-elect Pres. Trump, versus whoever the Democrats offer up.

So while Congress is stymied, Pres. Trump can continue to appoint judges to courts, issue Executive Orders covering a vast range of subjects, de-fund projects or fund them, in other words continue to run the government.
The Dems have and still are threatening, now that they control the House again, to “make his life a living hell” as they put it, by instigating constant investigations of everything he does and has done, the idea being to get judges to demand halts to whatever he’s doing while they investigate it.
Pres. Trump has responded to these threats with a threat of his own, reminding them that the Senate can also start investigations, CRIMINAL investigations, into all the great many classified information leaks and many other crimes it’s known that most of the House Democrats have committed. The illegal dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders are just one of many. Either they’re going to calm down or both houses of Congress are going to be in constant state of war over the next two years.

Lastly— Three Senate races are still undecided. One may go to a Democrat but the other two are leaning Republican, and if they fall that way, the new Senate lineup will be 53 Republicans to 47 Democrats. With that 6 vote majority, we can stand to have a few RINO turncoat senators like that now dead asshole, John McCain, and still have no trouble approving any new Supreme Court judges, should the opportunity arise. My hopes are high.

“NEW YORK – Progressive New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez easily defeated her Republican opponent college professor Anthony Pappas in the state’s 14th district Tuesday to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, according to news reports.” Copied/pasted from a news report.

The truth is that this “Progessive” is a Communist, a full-blown,outspoken Communist, and incredibly ignorant about everything and anything. To put it bluntly, this horse-mouthed ninny doesn’t know shit. So of course they elected her because most of the people in her voting district are Hispanic and her opponent is not. They would have elected Godzilla if the monster spoke Spanish and was on the ballot.

I know that Conservatives, Republicans, Independents and anyone else who cares about America voted for Republican candidates, but turncoats like Fox News, currently run by Socialist Rupert Murdoch’s sons, reported hours before the last polls had closed that the Democrats had taken the House. The fact is that right now as I’m typing this, the race for control of the House is still undecided. The Democrats are currently ahead but they haven’t won it yet.

No word on the total yet for the all-crucial Senate, where bills are finalized and sent to the President for his approval or rejection, but that looks safe from the clutches of the Far Left for another 2 years.
Final tally on that maybe by tomorrow.


November 2nd, 2018

Even as the first caravan of aliens marches toward our border with Mexico, 2 more have been organized and are doing the same thing. One of them, at least, is behaving violently, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at Mexican border guards and police. The first one has already shrunk considerably in size, though. It peaked at 15,000 people and now is said to be about 4000, because of heat and exhaustion, as well as a lot of them accepting Mexico’s offer of help and staying there.

At the present time, over 7000 military personnel are now headed toward, and some already at, a variety of border points in California, Texas and Arizona. Oddly, New Mexico also borders Mexico but I’ve seen no mention of any military being posted on that border.

Pres. Trump recently said that he may increase the troops to 15,000 in number. Now here’s a problem. Earlier today he said that the troops, who are armed, are to consider a thrown rock to be the same as a rifle shot, and that he had authorized shooting back as a response.
Now he says “I didn’t say to shoot”. Okay, technically, no, he didn’t. He said he authorized such a response, which does mean that he gave that option to the commanders on the field. So in other words, it’s up to them to decide if they should shoot. That’s now unlikely to happen, since Pres. Trump is pretty clear now, also, that he just wants rock throwers arrested, not shot.

Well, if a hundred of them start throwing rocks and charging forward at once, I hope our troops start shooting them. If we don’t start taking a hard stand against this kind of attack on our country, it’s just going to keep getting worse.


October 30th, 2018

This is huge, or “yuge” and Pres. Trump tends to pronounce the word.
This morning in the news, the story is out that Pres. Trump is going to sign an executive order ending so-called “birthright citizenship” for babies of non-citizens born on U.S. soil.

The 14th Amendment to our Constitution states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” This has long been interpreted to mean that anyone born here is automatically a citizen. However, this ignores the words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, meaning born of a mother who is here legally and subject to U.S. jurisdiction. People here illegally are not subject to U.S. jurisdiction.

A court fight over this is inevitable. The Liberals aren’t going to just let this happen, they’ll fight and this will go to our Supreme Court. However, I believe they’ll lose because Pres. Donald Trump would never start this fight if he weren’t already sure that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor.

Mexicans and others have been sneaking into our nation for many decades for the sole purpose of having a baby on our soil and thus gaining the right to remain here. That’s why they’re called Anchor Babies and it’s because of the current interpretation of the 14th Amendment that we have so many worthless Mexicans and other welfare parasites sucking our treasury dry and jacking up our crime rate. Putting an end to the Anchor Baby loophole won’t stop the efforts to invade us, but it will slow it down a lot.

Now if we can just get English to be our national language by law.


October 29th, 2018

Yesterday, General Mattis ordered an inadequate 800 troops to defend our southern border against a mob of perhaps 15,000 people intending to swarm in, in violation of our laws. Today, the word is that President Trump has increased that to 5000 and is including Army engineers.

The engineers are to construct holding pens for any invaders who get through, but that may not be all they’re to do. They also need to oversee the construction of “temporary” walls, fences and other blocks to entry.

At the same time, I can’t help wondering if they may also be planning the construction of the actual Wall that we need, because these troops and engineers are being sent to all 3 of our border states with Mexico and not just the one area that the long string of marchers is headed toward. That seems significant to me and I hope I’m proven right.

President Trump has the authority to have The Wall built out of the military budget, because it’s in the defense of our nation.

Meanwhile, word is also going around that he may use the power of his office to deny entry to certain entire Latin American nations, regardless of any amnesty claims by their citizens, and of course Honduras is on that list. These people have been abusing our admittedly weak immigration laws by claiming fear of persecution in their home country and demanding amnesty and entry, and we’ve been giving it to just about every single one of them. This has to STOP.


October 28th, 2018

Watched a movie this evening about the Negro riots in Los Angeles in 1992, that went on for several months, when the four police who beat hell out of Rodney King, a black man, were acquitted in court of, yes, beating the hell out of Rodney King, even though they flat out did it, took turns whacking away at him with their billy clubs while he lay on the ground.

During those riots, the blacks were looting every store they could even though most of the owners were also black, viciously attacking anyone who was white, smashing cars, setting cars on fire, setting stores on fire, killing white people.
This was a repeat of the Watts Riots of 1965 that started when a Negro who was pulled over by police for reckless driving started fighting with the police officers. Massive looting and violence, they set fires and then shot at the firemen from rooftops when they tried to put the fires out, assaulted and killed white people and so on.

The movie reminded me once again of why I do-not-like American blacks. You can travel the world and never run into the racist hatred and pointless gratuitous violence that we have here in America among the Negro part of our population. It seethes just under the surface and erupts with little or no provocation.

Negroes here like to move into white neighborhoods because they’re so much safer than black neighborhoods. Then they trash the property, the whites next door move away after their property value’s been lowered by the blacks next door, so more blacks move in and before long, you have another black neighborhood full of drugs, crimes, rapes, murders….. But if whites don’t want blacks moving into the neighborhood, why, that’s RACIST.

In a lot of nations including the hapless, foolish members of the European Union, there’s blasphemy laws. You will be sent to prison for insulting a religion, saying that gods are bullshit and so on. In majority Muslim nations you can get your head taken off with a hunting knife for insulting that nasty creed. Here in the USA there’s no laws or penalties for pissing on a religion, all you do is get hate mail and threats from the fanatics. More frequently it’s the opposite, it’s the religious and their icons and buildings that get attacked. This is only fair, since religions have done plenty of attacking on their own and Islam still is.

On that note, I like what the Chinese are doing, they’re putting all their Muslims in “re-education” camps. Millions of them. They can go ahead and murder them all, I’m fine with that. Probably the only way we will ever be rid of Islam is to kill every last believer and make it a death penalty to own any of their so-called “Sacret Writings” shit. Slow electrocution for having a Koran would be good.

Ah but my heart isn’t entirely filled with enmity and disgust, really. It’s just a temporary fugue from seeing that movie I mentioned. Seriously, each morning I greet the new day with cheer, glad to have another one. It’s when I’m reminded of the crap going in the world, that I write rants like this.


October 25th, 2018

Getting a dud pipe bomb in the mail has gotten to be all the rage the past few days. Even Robert de Niro, the has-been actor who’s been blurting outrageous political statements in a geriatric bid for attention, now says he got one.

These “bombs” are pieces of pipe that may or may not have some gunpowder in them, no one’s revealed that yet. What they do have is no means of making them explode. They have cheap little 50 cent Chinese timepieces on them that connect to nothing, just taped on, and a wire stuck in one end, and the whole thing wrapped in black electrical tape.

No self-respecting mail bomber is going to mail a bomb without making sure that opening the package would set it off. Some of these have been opened by recipients, who took the thing out and looked at it, went “Huh, that kind of looks like a bomb” and called someone to investigate. None of them have exploded or were capable of exploding. They’re perfectly harmless, it’s all a hoax. More Fake News and most likely done by the Democrats themselves to generate sympathy and hopefully, votes. I mean, Robert deNiro? Please.

Moving along here, I Have A Dream. Not the Martin Luther King kind, a different kind. Actually I have this waking dream about half the time I have dreams, and I’m being confrontational with some bad person and it always involves guns. I’m shooting bad guys. I have done this in real life to a small degree, don’t want to say more about that, but it’s true that I’m a confrontational sort of person. That’s something that I’ve had to severely temper with the onset of old age and the offset of agility and strength. But in my dreams I always win and never get hurt. Who could ask for more?

The title should arrive any day now for a little place I bought on the other side of town, in a nice, clean and picturesque neighborhood, that needs fixing and tender loving care. Once done I’ll have gotten some good exercise, more than doubled the value of the place from the very cheap price I paid for it, and I’ll have a rental to start providing extra income, which I’m going to be needing for various reasons including inflation. I’ll be 80 in a few more months and still going strong, which I’m certainly grateful for. As an old friend of mine said, I don’t want to go out slowly, I’d rather just drop in place. A little WARNING would be nice first, though.