October 13th, 2018

Something that’s interested me for years is ZPE, Zero Point Energy. I think Dark Energy is another name for it.

Take a long steel pipe, just for an example, it could be anything, cut one end so it’s flat, perpendicular to the length, and stand it up on a flat surface in an area where there’s no air movement. Now use some sort of sensitive instrument to see if it’s vibrating, ringing like a bell, and guess what? It is, and it never stops.

Imagine that thousands of ping pong balls are hitting the pipe all at the same time from every possible direction. Since equal force is being applied to the pipe all over it’s surface, the pipe doesn’t move. But it does vibrate from all the impacts. That’s Zero Point Energy. An experiment like this proves that it’s there. What it doesn’t do is tell us how to harness it, if that’s at all possible anyway.

Another one is Gravity Waves. We know that gravity is a force just like heat. magnetism and so on. We can generate heat, magnetism, radio waves etc. but we can’t yet generate gravity waves. We’re working on it, though, and when we finally get a handle on it we’ll be able to zip around like lightning.

Energy waves that make metals pliable. That one is possible too. Take a hunk of iron, for instance, and get it’s atoms all moving around in different directions, and while it’s like that, mold it into any shape you like. It can be done, we just don’t know how yet.

We have a long way to go in advances of science and technology yet in spite of how far we’ve come. The future will always be amazing, one more reason I plan on living forever. I don’t want to miss a thing.


October 13th, 2018

One of my little amusements is baiting the Christians on the news blog. They’re so self-righteous and arrogant. Self-righteousness is a primary component of Christianity, along with a belief that Christians are persecuted everywhere. I think they sucked onto the persecution thing because it actually belongs to the Jews, and they’re jealous. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, what I don’t get is that it’s always Conservatives, aka mostly Republicans, who hop up and down defending Christianity, never Socialists/Democrats, and the reason I don’t get it is because the Democrats are generally pretty loony and lost in Liberal space, while the Republicans, being conservative, tend to be pretty down to Earth. So why is it that they’re mostly the ones who still believe in spirits and supernatural stuff while the Democrats don’t? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

I get the “God is on our side” sort of righteous animosity, I do. It’s the Conservatives who want to maintain order and have us live happy and healthy lives, and claiming ownership of The Deity is part of that drive for control over evildoing and disorder. But the Democrats want control too, yet they deny existence of supernatural deities when claiming belief and ownership would benefit them. Instead, the Democrat Party has become the party of atheists and the Republican Party is the God Lover party.

On just this one issue, the Democrats are in touch with Reality. On everything else, they’re bonkers, while the Republicans are mostly in touch with reality and common sense but totally superstitious.

What a strange world.


October 11th, 2018

While running that now-closed craft store, a variety of old timers, men and women but mostly old men, came in and wanted to spend the day telling me the stories of their lives. Not just on one day but repeatedly, usually once each week, here they’d come, and a few of them found themselves competing with someone else for attention, sometimes.

One of these people very sincerely seemed to want to cultivate an actual friendship, and I went along with it to see how things would go. And here’s how: This person has no transportation, and gave me various reasons for not owning a car or having a drivers license, but wanted to go out to dinner, he would pay for the dinner. So what the hell, off we went, and it was a decent restaurant, good food, friendly conversation, a pleasant evening. Okay, fine, and he did pay for the meal. I left the tip. His story, essentially, was that he was one of many people here who’d lost their homes to the fire that had swept through the year before, his car was gone and he missed dining out and would appreciate both the ride and the company.

Some time later I closed the shop for good and was glad to be rid of it, and to celebrate I agreed to his request to do another dinner, only this time I insisted on paying for it. Once again, it all went well.
Then he wanted to go to lunch, at a different restaurant, only he wanted us to split the bill. Well, these restaurants are not in town here, they’re two villages away and I’m doing the driving and paying for the gasoline. But okay, off we went. A week later, he wanted to go to lunch again, splitting the check, in my car on my gas again, and I did but I pointed out that I was paying for cost of travel and next time I expected some money for gas.

Now, I know this guy is an alcoholic, and he knows I don’t like being around people who are drunk. This last lunch trip he sucked up a load of alcohol right before leaving. I know he did because I could smell it on him and by the time we got to the restaurant, he was shitfaced. While there he became loud and used foul language repeatedly with children present in the room. After asking him to stop a couple times he finally did stop cussing, but he was rude about it.

Yesterday he called and wanted me to take him to lunch again, and rather than tell him what I thought of him, I just told him that going out to eat was never something I did very often, and didn’t want to make a habit of. I think he got the message, but we’ll see.

My point in this little tale is that what he really wanted this whole time was not friendship, it was someone who would chauffeur him around for free. Not everyone who says they want to be a friend, wants to be a friend. Most times, they just want.


October 11th, 2018

We had a pretty strong, but brief, windstorm come through here the other day and when I went to take a shower that evening there was no hot water. Next morning on checking the water heater, it turned out the pilot light was out, no doubt from wind blowing down the chimney vent.

Gas appliances out here use propane, which is more expensive than natural gas, and I’d just had my 250 gallon tank refilled, for a sizeable amount of money. Just after that was when my gas hot water heater’s pilot was blown out. On inspecting the heater and relighting the pilot light, I was reminded that the heater was in poor condition, and I’d given up on trying to find a new thermostat for it over a year before because no one seems to make them for it anymore.

So I got online and started looking at gas water heater prices and got an education in how much they cost. A lot. In the search process it also became obvious that electric on-demand hot water heaters are dramatically less expensive to buy and much cheaper to use. Plus with a good quality one, you can change the water temperature in a few seconds to be hotter or cooler.

A tank type water heater must be kept continuously hot, so even if you’re gone for a week, that heater is still regularly firing up to maintain a constant water temperature. Burning gas 24/7. Expensive gas.

Electric demand hot water heaters that will supply hot water even when the water coming in is not much above freezing temperature, require a lot of electricity, and that’s the kind I bought. A high capacity one.

So yesterday I removed some of the house skirting, bought the heavy electrical cable, drilled holes and ran the cable and so forth. Today I unhooked the old tank heater and yanked it out of it’s nook, installed the new heater and plumbing, got it all wired up to 240 volt power and FINALLY got my overdue shower at the exact temperature I wanted, without having to screw with the cold water tap. Ahhh, hot water. Nothing like it.


October 9th, 2018

The trend seems to have passed at last of people asking “Did you serve in the military”? And if you say yes, they respond with “Thank you for your service”.

Yes, I did serve in the military, but there’s a limit to how many times I’m thanked for it, before I start answering “NO” just to not hear another thank you.

Here in America we do honor our service men and women, and that’s a good thing. Not every nation does it. Over in the Communist dictatorship jokingly called The Peoples Democratic Republic of China right now, there’s demonstrations that are near to being riots by “elderly servicemen” over being harassed and beaten by city police forces. I didn’t look into the “why” of it, but apparently Chinese police just don’t like old army guys much and enjoy beating them up.

So if someone were to say to me today, “Thank you for your service”. I’d still answer “You’re welcome, I was glad to do it.” But if nobody asks me anymore, that’s okay.


October 5th, 2018

Well, okay, not MY plan, but here’s what I think the future of Mexico either is or should be, and I base this on the new treaty Pres. Trump has arranged with them and Canada, called USMCA.

The USMCA is going to result with Mexico doing a lot more manufacturing than they do now, and not just in cars and car parts but many other areas as well.

This isn’t going to hurt us or Canada one bit. We’ll no doubt lose some jobs in various industries to Mexico, but a lot of those jobs are going to be filled by illegal aliens who are here right now. They’ll go back to Mexico because the Trump administration is cracking down in them, forcing them out, and after all, there’s no place like home. That will open up more jobs for Americans and reduce welfare and crime at the same time.

The drug cartels have to be stopped once and for all, they’re a huge impediment to this plan. That means that our Border Patrol service has to be greatly increased and our border security greatly increased, and it will be. The Wall would then only need to be a line of sensors to detect intrusion and alert the Border Patrol.

So between that and an all-out military war against the cartels conducted jointly between the US and Mexico, rendering the drug trade both unprofitable and impossible, Mexico can begin to rise to First World status along with the USA and Canada.

I think this is the plan, and has to happen. The North American continent must unite as one economic and military power if we’re to defeat Globalism, and that means bringing Mexico up to speed and convincing Canada that Socialism is a losing proposition. That latter may not prove difficult, the people are getting pretty disgusted with Trudeau.


October 5th, 2018

Iran is complaining that unless they do something drastic and soon, they’ll lose 70% of their farmland within the next 20 years. Of course, they blame changing climate on the United States, even while admitting that encouraging population growth has resulted in excessive demand on the water supply in that arid country.

Nations still blessed with clean rivers and good average rainfall along with arable land to feed their populations are the same ones that are steadily increasing their manufacturing abilities and welcoming in more foreign workers. The result is that these burgeoning and mostly unvetted people are increasing the crime rate dramatically along with having lots of children, and putting an increasing load on the available food supply.

The climate is changing. Africa has been getting more arid for decades, with the deserts steadily expanding. Meanwhile, thoughtless do-gooders have made it possible for these people to prosper and multiply instead of allowing them to go through the famines that reduce their numbers to equal the food supply. So now hordes of them are swarming into Europe to escape the wars at home that resulted from there being too many of them.

There are now hundreds of thousands of homeless people living in the streets all over Europe and more coming, and all of them demanding to be fed by the local governments, which have no choice but to do so to keep them from looting en masse. And of course the crime rates everywhere have soared anyway and these people urinate and defecate wherever they feel like, creating a massive health problem.

This is Globalism at work. These people are invited in on the premise that they’ll vote for the political party that puts food in their mouths. Once enough of Europe is under just one party, which has enough power, Europe will become a de facto dictatorship. By the time that happens, cities will have become high crime ghettos, as London is doing now, and food shortages will result in constant riots that overwhelm local police forces and the choice will be to either stand back and let them go at it, or send in army units to shoot them down. This scenario is inevitable if Globalism in Europe becomes a fact, and shooting them down will be the only working option because they will have to be pacified.

Eventually, the cities will be divided up into separate areas patrolled by military where the people inside each area are kept under control. Dividing to conquer is the only possible outcome. Trying to manage a crime-ridden city as a whole unit doesn’t work. Chicago is an excellent example of that and it’s coming that the worst areas will have to be cordoned off and patrolled, to contain the violence.

Do cities this way, then nations this way, and you have Global Domination. This was Adolf Hitler’s plan, except he tried to do it through war and conquest, and lost to greater might. The Globalists are doing it through economic control, peacefully. Instead of destroying people and infrastructure, they’re creating more of both, more and more, and getting richer and more powerful as they do so.

This dictatorship is being orchestrated not by the elected leaders of nations but by the mega-rich of the world. Those leaders are either Globalists themselves or paid puppets. Virtually all the wealthiest people on the planet with very few exceptions are Globalists, global domination is their goal, and massive migration from the poorest nations to the richest is their means of accomplishing it.


October 3rd, 2018

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if some people are stupider than others, that’s just life. What I care about is when they do stupid things that involve me. I can tolerate one stupidity per day, that’s my limit where I can still go about my day in a reasonably tolerant and amicable state of mind.

But let another stupid person behave stupidly in another aspect of my day, and it’s over. I will not accept two stupidities in any one day. I become wroth and I express my condition in plain terms to the offending stupid person. Therefor the title of this hostile little bit of writ, Spreading The Joy. And I do.

This late morning, about 10:30, the phone rang, it was a call from the driver of the truck bringing me a pallet of wood pellets for my stove. Preparing for winter, you see. He said they were loading the truck right then, and he’d be right over.

Their store is only about 10 minutes away from me. So after waiting about 35 minutes I called the store to see what the delay was, and was told that I had a TWO HOUR WINDOW of wait time. Meanwhile I’m expecting a call from another service and when they called, I was going to have to leave. Naturally I told the driver how I felt about waiting for him to show up when he still hadn’t even left yet, the truck still wasn’t loaded, by the way, and he had to be there within the next 20 minutes or we would have to put this off for another day. That, is what we ended up agreeing on, and at this point I’m not very happy.

I’m a very punctual person. If my appointment is for 9:45, I will be there at 9:40. I am always slightly early and never late. So to be told after waiting over half an hour for someone to “be right there” that I had a two hour wait time, MAYBE, not definitely, somewhere in that time period, NO, that shit don’t fly.

Well, the next call came and off I went, to oversee the digging out and pumping out of a septic tank, and it all went very smoothly and timely. Good. Okay. Now one thing left to do, the local supermarket grocery was having a sale on some meat, and I wanted to stock up while the price was low. So after going home and cleaning up, off I went to the store, and guess what? There was none. Why? Because the chickenshit sons of bitches knew the ad price would draw people into the store, so they only put out a little of it and it was quickly sold.

So I spread the joy. I told the butcher repeatedly that it was a chickenshit trick, really chickenshit, not the first time they pulled this chickenshit stunt, either, and I was not happy about it because IT WAS CHICKENSHIT!!! Then I went and got hold of the store manager and went through my routine of spreading the joy all over again.

I figure that if enough people express enough outrage enough times, that just maybe they’ll come to realize that little trick could be bad for business. Or maybe, if nothing else, they’ll do more to honor their advertised sales just to keep irate old bastards like me off their necks. It’s worth a try. I do know that getting cleaned up to go shopping and driving over and back for nothing was not on my agenda, and I’m a vengeful sort, I will get even.


October 2nd, 2018

I’m seeing, or beginning to see, what might be a pattern. This morning on is the linked article about the new trade deal between us, Mexico and Canada. The writer points out that part of the new pact are prohibitions against making trade pacts with “non-market countries”, basically meaning China, and against currency manipulation, which China also engages in.

That’s one. Another point is that Pres. Trump is making one-on-one deals, aka Bilateral Trade deals, instead of the Multilateral deals that were the norm before. At the start of his presidency he refused to ratify the Trans Pacific Partnership, that include Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and 10 other nations including the US, and their response was to create a new and nearly identical TPP that left the US out of it and removed 98% of all tariffs. However, the option was left open for the US to rejoin.

Pres. Trump wants to protect American industry and workers, so he wants to ensure that trade with these other nations is mutual and balanced, and would require tariffs if needed to ensure that. This means that our re-entry into the TPP would need to be re-negotiated to ensure parity in trade, and since the largest economies in the PTT want us back in, this may yet happen. A point to add here is that 6 members need to ratify this trade pact and so far only 3 have done so, 2 of them being Mexico and Canada, who are also our brand new USMCA trade pact partners. If 2 more sign on, and they can’t get a 6th, we’d have a strong negotiating position.

Meanwhile, Pres. Trump is pushing for more one-on-one trade pacts with European partners, all no doubt based on the same premises, parity instead of trade deficits, no currency manipulation, no pacts with China. The more these trade partnerships are created, the more China gets frozen out of the world market, until China has to make a choice: War, which would destroy everything the Chinese have been working for: a massive financial depression and a return to Third World status: Or, an enforceable trade pact with the rest of the world that guarantees trade parity and no cheating without serious consequences.

If China can be brought to heel, Russia would happily join in a global fair trade pact. If all nations are united in trading fairly and equally, everyone would prosper. And after all, what really runs the planet is money, wealth and the wealthy.

It’s a nice thought for the morning, time will tell.


October 1st, 2018

This British private school for little kids Bewsey Lodge Primary School is teaching 6 year old children to be homosexual.

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Ten Foot Pogo Stick!!! No wonder the world is going to shit.

Back in college, first year, Psychology 1A, I mean, this is basic stuff, we learned about studies done with rats. One of the studies was about letting them keep breeding more rats but not giving them any more room to live in, and when they started getting crowded, some of the rats became homosexual.

So okay. Britain is crowded now, causing more people than usual to become homosexual. But that’s an ABERRATION due to unnatural conditions, and why promote it to children as being a good thing?

Of course, since the reason for more queers is the overcrowding, and since queers don’t make children, I can see why Mother Nature has this little trick up her sleeve. More queers, less children, population stabilizes. Fine. BUT DON’T TEACH THIS SHIT TO LITTLE KIDS, OKAY? I mean, teaching them to write homosexual love letters? WTF?


October 1st, 2018

Another tsunami has hit Indonesia, with the current death toll at over 800 now and expected to rise much higher. Aerial photos of the areas hit show flat coastal land barely above sea level, covered in water.

Bangladesh is a great one for floods, the monsoon season starts and the Ganges overflows and sweeps away 10,000, 20,000 people. Then after the waters recede, all that newly vacant land sees a stampede of new settlers rushing to claim a spot. Rinse and repeat every 7 years or so.

Here at home we have places like New Orleans, a city built below sea level, prone to flooding and right next to a lake separated from it by a levee. Along comes a hurricane or big rainstorm, the lake overflows the levee, and New Orleans is flooded again.

In California there’s all the communities covering thousands of square miles of hills that are semi-arid and covered in greasebrush and scrubby pine trees, all of which bursts into flame easily in summertime. So every year California loses thousands of homes to fires, but after the smoke dies away, new homes take their places.

Rats do this same thing, it’s part of why they make such good test subjects. Rats will breed and breed until there’s no room left and no food left and then they start eating each other, and every flood or fire sees them killed off by the thousands too, because they live where we live.

“Natural Disasters” are an illusion. The disasters are always totally predictable. We know that certain areas are prone to earthquakes that generate tsunamis. We know that some areas are high fire danger. Knowing this, we build there and live there anyway, and when people are killed and homes destroyed, that’s a disaster to humans, caused by humans, and is an unnatural disaster.

A natural disaster is when a forest fire wipes out herds of deer, or when a huge chunk of ice breaks loose from a glacier and kills 10,000 penguins. That’s a natural disaster because the animals didn’t create it, they were in their own habitat and Nature took them out. When we breed ourselves to the point that only dangerous places are left to live in, and then danger happens and we die, that’s not Natural, we did that to ourselves.


September 29th, 2018

When I was shutting down the craft store, silly old women would ask me “What are you going to do now?”, as if that was going to leave me rudderless, just floating loose on the sea of life.

Well, in the first place, that was a personal question and none of their business, so my answer was simply “Whatever I want to”. “OH!”, they’d say, sounding shocked.

The reality is that I’d already been tapped to take back over the presidency of what’s left of our little rock hound club, since the only person they’d gotten to take my place was some bony old gal who got all butthurt and quit over some sort of personal slight that I was told about but didn’t bother listening to. My mind is cluttered enough as it is.

Included in the effort to rebuild the club is the creation of a new Internet domain name and website, which is up now and will have to be maintained.

Plus I just signed the escrow papers for a fixer-upper place that, yes, I’ll be fixing up, in order to rent.

Then there’s the mountain of stuff left from the half-price sale at the shop closing, that has to be put up on ebay, and slowly is.

Meanwhile my marijuana crop is getting close to harvest, which means that there’s lots of curing and trimming ahead.

Then there’s the ongoing normal chores of housekeeping and taking care of my various critters, and of course winter is approaching and with it, rains, which always cause more problems and more work, including the unloading and restacking of a ton of 40 pound bags of stove pellets, yet to arrive.

And on and on. It’s all good, really. The shop didn’t turn out to be a good thing for me physically, I found myself walking in circles about 50 times a morning around the ring of showcases just trying to get some exercise. Now I’m slowly getting back into shape again.

We’re still into 90+ degree days, but that’s fading away and soon I’ll be off into the desert spitting on rocks again to clean the grit off and see what treasure lies underneath. Yep, it’s good to be out of the shop and doing other stuff again. I have to say, housecleaning suffered during the interim. There’s only so much time in the day. Now the place is starting to spiffy up again.

The fun never ends. ;D


September 27th, 2018

Watched Solace this evening. It’s a movie with John Hopkins and other good actors where he plays an exceptionally talented psychic who becomes entangled with another, much younger psychic who’s killing people.

It all ended well, and afterward I got to thinking how most people really don’t accept the existence of ESP or any such abilities. I’ve now lived a longer life than most, and I’ve met many thousands of people in that time, all over the world, and I’ve never met a single one who had any sort of psychic abilities, and I would know one if I met one, because I’m one of the few.

I can say things like that on my little blog here, because only a few good friends read it and while they will probably think I must have a few screws loose, I doubt they’ll call and have me taken away to the nut house.

The reason I’m about to tell on myself is simply that I’d like to leave my story behind me on the Internet, in some cache somewhere on some server, just so that it’s not entirely lost. Just because I hope someone someday might read it and say “he was just like me”. It’s not good to be one of a kind, sometimes. It gets lonely. This is not the sort of stuff you can tell new friends about and expect them to hang around. But it would have been wonderful if I’d had a life partner that was like me.

All my life I’ve known things were going to happen before they happened. Sometimes I’d see the event, sometimes I would just “know” that a thing was going to happen. This has actually saved my life several times. I know when people are going to call me on the phone. I know when someone is thinking about me and when someone is lying to me I know what the truth is, I can see it as an actual language in the movement of their face and I can feel it in their mind. I can feel the minds of animals sometimes, once a lost dog even told me it’s name, so I could find it’s owner. Now, that one should recommend me for a straightjacket for sure, right? Animals do broadcast, tho, they’re probably more telepathic than people.

None of this has ever been anything that I can control. I can’t turn it on and off, but what I can do is focus on this “sense” or “feeling” or “inner voice” or whatever the hell it’s called and if I keep doing that over a long period, days and weeks, the ability strengthens. When I don’t do it for a long time it weakens, so it’s definitely some sort of brain function that can be trained.

Okay, that’s all. I said it and I’m done.


September 26th, 2018

James Comey and Peter Strzok both fired from the FBI.

Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Dianne Feinstein plot to destroy our democratic process.

William (Bill) Clinton and Hillary Clinton, a long history of crimes including murder.

Christine Ford and Atty. Michael Avenatti, liars and fame seekers.

All assholes have two cheeks.


September 26th, 2018

It’s been known for awhile now that the Universe is not only expanding but that the rate of expansion is increasing steadily.

The Universe as a whole is expanding, not the galaxies within it or the solar systems within the galaxies, okay? It’s the galaxies as units that are all moving away from each other.

So it isn’t Space that’s expanding, as otherwise the galaxies would all be expanding too. Or so it seems, but one claim is that they aren’t because there’s too much internal gravity holding them together to let them expand. Maybe so. We do see galaxies that got too close to each other colliding, so galaxies aren’t repelling each other either. It must be something to do with space and I think I know what it is.

Imagine that you’re rich and sailing on a yacht to some fabulous South Sea island and you suddenly find yourself floating alone in space in a suit that’s running out of air.

Imagine that you’re on a warm beach with the sex partner of your dreams and about to get it on, when suddenly you find yourself alone in the utter cold and blackness of space.

Imagine that you’re just relaxing comfortably at home, maybe watching a TV show, when suddenly you find yourself floating in the blackness of space without a suit, and all the air is sucked out of your lungs as your chest caves in and your eyes bulge out and your veins blow up from all that internal pressure against the total vacuum of space.


Okay, I’ve had my little joke. The current “cause” of “expansion” is “Dark Energy”, a no-see-um similar in nature to Dark Matter, which was conjured up to explain what appears to be a shortage of matter in the Universe.
The reason the Universe is believed to be expanding is because the farther away a star or galaxy is, the redder the light is from it. Because of a phenomenon called Doppler Shift, the faster a light source moves away from us, the redder it’s light appears to be. Therefor, the Universe must be expanding faster the farther away it’s parts are from us.

How about this? Light color is a function of vibration, cycling or whatever. Like radio frequencies, run them up high enough and they become light in different colors according to their frequency. What if the FREQUENCY of light slows down over time? It keeps moving at the same speed forever but is there any reason it’s rate of vibration can’t run out of steam over the billions of years?

And about this Dark Energy, let’s not forget that light PUSHES. Photons have a pushing effect on anything they strike so could it be that it’s light that’s pushing galaxies apart from each other? Gravity is actually one of the weakest known forces and if galaxies are too far apart to attract each other, then why shouldn’t it simply be light energy that’s pushing them apart, assuming that my other little theory about light losing vibrational steam is incorrect?


September 24th, 2018

Black and Brown people and even some really stupid White people in my country complain about something they call White Privilege, so I thought that, being White, I’m qualified to explain exactly what that is, and should do so.

Being White means that I am equally privileged under the law to be sent to jail or prison if I commit crimes. It means that I’m privileged to pay the same taxes as everyone else does at the same rate everyone else does. In fact, my property tax bill came in today and it’s a bitch.

Being White does NOT mean, however, that I am treated equally by the various government social improvement and welfare programs. For instance, many years ago I applied for a business loan from the Small Business Administration and was told that it was set up for Blacks and because I was White I didn’t qualify. It’s still the same today as are most other Federal programs set up to help poor people. Poor Black people and poor Brown people get welfare shoved onto them whether they want or need it, or not. Poor White people can pretty much go fuck themselves.

Highly qualified White students are privileged to be rejected in favor of less qualified Black and Brown students because there are RACE QUOTAS in colleges and universities. If a Black person commits an unprovoked assault on a White person, that’s called An Assault. If a White person does the same to a Black person, that’s called A Hate Crime and the punishment is doubled, because the White person has White Privilege.

Is everyone clear on this? Class dismissed.


September 24th, 2018

These two living corpses are Senators Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein and they are very likely the two most evil Democrat Senators we’ve had in a century.

These two depraved, corrupt conspirators have orchestrated a scheme they hope will abort the confirmation of Judge Robert Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh appears to be the single most honorable person ever nominated our Supreme Court in our entire history as a nation, and that’s exactly why these vile animated heaps of skunk vomit are doing this. Judge Kavanaugh is a true Constitutional scholar, and he will rule on any and all issues in direct accordance with our Constitution and not according to any political bias or pressure or emotions.

Now, there’s a rumor that may prove to be fact and would certainly be the reason for this truly unprecedented effort at character assassination of a nominee, and that rumor is that Pres. Trump and his team are preparing to have arrested and prosecuted, a lot of people. The Clintons and their associates, many of the criminals who worked under Obama, and others, possibly in government. If he does this, no doubt his authority will be challenged and the Supreme Court will be the judge of his right to do this.

So the plan is that if Kavanaugh can’t be denied confirmation, to at least delay it until after the Mid-Term voting that may see more Democrats and less Republicans in the House and Senate, reversing the balance of power and enabling the Democrats to deny confirmation. Then they would only confirm someone they know will back them up instead of our President.

In other words, Schumer and Feinstein are actively conspiring to subvert the democratic process.

I feel rage. While my base desire is to inflict a slow and horribly painful death on this indescribable filth, a sudden death for them both would be the best thing for our country. I’m not advocating it and I doubt any such thing will happen, but it is the truth, they would be no loss. On the contrary, it would be an event of great and wonderful Providence for our suffering nation.

However, nothing would ever change, really. Get rid of all these malevolent scum and wait fifty years and there will be a whole new crop of malevolent scum. It’s just that this is now. If only there was a button I could push….


September 13th, 2018

Socialism is government providing all the basic needs of citizens. Food, housing and medical care. This is paid for by taxing everyone. Those whose employment provides them too much income to qualify them for some or all of the government welfare programs are the ones who pay most of the taxes that support those who do qualify.

Anyone who is employed pays taxes to support those who are unemployed, and anyone who is unemployed qualifies for welfare, in a Socialist state.

Some states are very strict about making sure that those on welfare are unable to work for legitimate reasons, but most Socialist states are lax, especially if the economy is poor and unemployment is widespread. In this case, so many people apply for welfare that those who process applications are overwhelmed, and hand out approvals with little or no verification, simply to speed things along.

Economic downturns are cyclical for all nations and the world, and unemployment increases during downturns. Since Socialism naturally stifles economic growth because of the greater taxation than non-Socialist countries, leaving less money to spend on growing and expanding businesses, any increase in the welfare rolls results in increased taxation, driving small businesses out of business, thereby increasing unemployment and putting even more people on the welfare rolls.

This is a chain reaction that keeps increasing until the government is hopelessly lost in debt and collapses. Normally, policy changes are made before this happens to stave off the collapse, such as inviting foreign investment and factories and granting them low or no-tax status.

But when you have dictators in place, as in Venezuela, this doesn’t happen and the people either starve to death or rise up and overthrow the dictator.

Canada has a Socialist system that mainly focuses on free medical care, and so far it’s working pretty well only because they have high employment and little else in the way of welfare programs. But England, their parent nation, also has Socialism and free medical care, along with other welfare programs, They also have excess population and more steadily coming in. who immediately get on the welfare rolls. England is an industrial nation and has managed to balance their high taxes with high employment, but their free medical care is a disaster and has been long before they joined the EU and let in hordes of impoverished people.

Every time a government experiments with Socialism, they have problems, because Socialism requires those who are financially responsible to support those who aren’t. This can only work on a small scale. As soon as the burden increases on workers, and their taxes go up, they have less money to spend on goods, so businesses suffer, workers are laid off, and it all spirals down the drain.

Socialism only works during the up cycles, during prosperity. During hard times, the only Socialist system that works is work farms, put people to work growing food to feed themselves with and to sell, until the next upswing.

But the only system that always works regardless of world economics is democratic capitalism, where people are expected to support themselves without government aid. It’s surprising to see how well most of us can walk once our crutches are taken away from us.


September 6th, 2018

The New York Times has run a story written by someone who claimed to be one of the top staffers in the White House, in Pres. Trumps administration, and who says that there are many members of the President’s staff who actively resist and sabotage his administration. The name of this person is not given.

There are only two possibilities here, either the story is yet another effort to create dissension and mistrust within our government, and is a total lie, OR, it’s true at least in part, and the person who wrote it actually is a senior White House official.

There is a way to know the truth. Have all White House employees, from the Cabinet on down, take a lie detector test. If any of them refuse, that’s fine, just fire them. For the rest, if no one fails the test, then the story was a lie. If anyone does fail the test, fire them. No employer in America is required to give any reason at all for firing any employee. In fact it’s better not to. That way they can’t claim some sort of discrimination and launch a lawsuit.

Employers have a right to require their employees to take lie detector tests as well as drug tests. Refusal to take the tests is reason for termination.


September 5th, 2018

Elon Musk has just exposed the truth of who runs humanity. He did this through an act of arrogance.

Awhile back, some kids were trapped in a cave in Thailand that was filling with water. Their plight gained global attention and Elon proceeded to have a miniature submarine built to carry out one child at a time. The problem with his device was that it was too long to navigate the narrow underwater turns in the cave, and was publicly dismissed as useless, and worse, by the diver who succeeded in getting the children out.

Elon was infuriated both by his failure and by the diver’s insult, and called him a pedophile and baby raper without any proof, simply as a way to get back at him.

The diver is just an average person of no wealth. Elon Musk is one of the very few with vast, immense wealth.

If you let his behavior soak in, you begin to get the feel of it, the feeling that you can say anything you want about common people because you have backing and consensus, that you’re a member of something indomitable. That you rule.

I’ve seen this exact same mindset in members of Mexican street gangs who’ve taken over complete control of their neighborhoods. They know that they can do anything they want and no one can stop them, within the confines of their neighborhood. They rule absolutely, right up until they get killed in a drive-by or caught and sent to prison.

Our world is no longer run by separate governments vying for power as much as it used to be. Now the real power struggle is between a very few governments, being the USA, China and the EU, and the Mega Rich as a unified group, and we can be certain that one of their members, Mr. Elon Musk, is a matter of increasing concern. If he’d say such things, what else might he say? Elon Musk is becoming a security risk to the Elite Cabal.

A lot of people will laugh at that but we’ve had these groups around for a long time, centuries. The Rothschilds, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, central core groups of extremely wealthy people who directed many world affairs behind the scenes. The Rothschilds financed some of the Medieval Crusades, for instance, and were the world’s greatest bankers for some time.

Great corporations were the most recent movers of human activities, but they competed with each other instead of organizing for a common goal. The Mega Rich aren’t competing, they’ve joined together with the goal of becoming the masters of humanity’s fate and these people are Elon Musk, Marc Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros and many others on the Left. These are the ones we hear about who are constantly pushing the Socialist agenda.

But there’s a quieter side, with billionaires like the Koch Brothers, who counter the Socialist Elite’s money with their own donations and politically covert operations. This, in fact, is the New War, and the battle lines are still forming up.

The Mega Rich Right against the Mega Rich Left is the New World Order. Watch it happen and remember that you read it here first.