July 14th, 2018

Yesterday an illegal alien, a Mexican, was arrested in California for attempted murder after inflicting grievous injury on his wife with A CHAINSAW. This was his 12th illegal border crossing after 11 previous deportations. He already had felonies on his record and this time he was also caught with a stolen car. So he’s going to prison, finally, instead of being repeatedly released.

The reason California Democrats keep releasing hardened-criminal illegal aliens isn’t because they care about them and want them to have another chance to be good. It’s because keeping them in prisons is extremely expensive and gobbles up $billion$ of tax dollars that they want to use for welfare programs to keep bringing in more illegals.

They want more illegals because that’s the voting base that keeps them in power, and to this end they give them drivers licenses and then accept that as proof of citizenship at the polls.

The problem they have is the more illegal aliens in California, the higher the crime rate soars, jamming those expensive prisons, and at the same time, the welfare rolls also soar. So they keep raising taxes to pay for the steadily increasing expenses that keep the illegals happy who keep them in power. California now is the most expensive state to live in, entirely because of increased taxes. It has the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, for example. The taxes have mostly been increased on the richest Californians, with the inevitable result that most of the rich people have moved to other states.

This has seriously reduced the state’s tax revenue. Many of the illegals who have jobs are working “under the table”, paying no taxes at all and sending most of their money home to Mexico and so on, even as they suck away at the welfare programs.

Plainly, this is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme and it can’t go on. California will eventually go bankrupt, and when it does, the citizens will be stuck with a truly massive state debt while the perpetrators of this disaster will have absconded with huge chunks of state funds to nations where there’s no extradition.

There is a silver lining, tho. Once the welfare payouts end and the welcome mat is rolled up, the Mexicans will mostly go home, especially if the unemployment rate soars, which it most likely will.


July 10th, 2018

Was just watching an old movie about our giving 50 of our 4-stacker destroyers to the British Navy, back in 1940, and it reminded me how far our Naval technology has come since then.

Those 50 ships were built between 1919 and 1922 and had been “mothballed” until we gave them to the Brits. The next serious design change was the Fletcher 2-stacker followed by the Gearing class 2 stacker, and that’s the ship type that I served on, beginning in 1958. That particular ship’s keel was laid in 1944 and she was commissioned in 1945, too late to take part in The War. She was 13 years old when I came aboard and already reeked of age. Her weapons systems were already outmoded, everything was vacuum tube technology, while new ships were being outfitted with much more compact and efficient transistorized gear. In the Main Plotting room below decks, there was a huge box that occupied the center of the room, all rounded-corner cast aluminum with lots of glass windows and dials, made by Bendix Corp., that was a mechanical computer and the heart of the ship’s main batteries. A Mechanical Computer, and it probably weighed several tons.

Only 3 years after boarding this ship, I saw a modern Guided Missile Cruiser fire off a missile from it’s fantail. The missile was held in a device that looked like a half-section of pipe that fit over the top of the missile and held it in place, and the “pipe” was supported by a vertical stand mounted to the deck and was motorized so that it could turn in any direction and point up or down.

As I watched, the missile dropped from it’s holder and fell toward the deck, falling about a foot downward before it ignited and roared off. From the time it dropped until the time it was no longer visible was probably less than one second. I never saw anything move so fast in my life. This was in 1961, 57 years ago. Today we have rail guns aboard ships that launch slugs of metal without the use of gunpowder, that can hit a ship so hard that the kinetic force can tear that ship in half. We have guns that can track and shoot down incoming missiles that are moving too fast for the eye to follow, and I bet we have weapons far beyond that, that we’re not told about.

But one thing we still haven’t managed to accomplish is a united group of politicians in Washington DC who work together in harmony for the good of our country instead of for their own enrichment and dreams of power.


July 10th, 2018

(See previous post). Here’s a rainbow: “The Trump administration on Tuesday published a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that it proposes to hit with an additional 10 percent tariff, escalating a mounting trade war between the two countries.

“Rather than address our legitimate concerns, China has begun to retaliate against U.S. products,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said in a statement. “There is no justification for such action.”

“The move also comes after the U.S. last week imposed a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, prompting China to retaliate in lockstep. China immediately began adding tariffs on 545 American imports — many of them agricultural products such as soybeans, cotton, rice, sorghum, beef, pork, dairy, nuts and produce. Both countries have also pledged to add tariffs on another $16 billion worth of goods.”

Now, here’s the kicker: China has over 1.4 billion people who are eating food we sell them that they wouldn’t be buying if they could produce it cheaper, themselves. By them increasing the wholesale cost of this food by 25%, the cost to their people will increase by 50%, which drives up their inflation, drives down the value of their money, and reduces their imports of our food. This will result in these foods being more available on our own markets at lower prices, and will encourage our Ag. industry to find other customers besides China.

“The latest action carries through on a threat that President Donald Trump made in June, when he ordered trade officials to draw up a list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods that would be hit with a 10 percent tariff after Beijing vowed the retaliatory moves.”

Why is this a rainbow? Because Pres. Trump is exactly right. We don’t have to submit to China’s childish bullying, and if trade stops between us, that will just invigorate our own manufacturing and create millions of new jobs right here in the USA.


July 10th, 2018

For as long as I’ve lived, the news has always been almost entirely bad news with only the barest touch of good news. Like that “silver lining” that’s supposed to accompany every cloud. Just a tiny bit of silver.

Part of the problem is making too big a deal out of small events, and not giving enough attention to the big ones. A good example is the latest attempt to outrage Americans with the antics of a bunch of cowards who collectively call themselves “Antifa”. There aren’t many of them, so to gain attention they piggy-back onto advertised events, primarily patriotic marches that support American values, and show up dressed all in black with face masks, and carrying sticks and pipes and other weapons along with bullhorns and air horns.

These jackasses are getting lots of media attention, lots more than the people and their causes that are being harassed by them, and way out of bounds of reality. Yet these fools are committing only a few isolated incidents in a few of our largest cities.

It’s an unfortunate fact that media of all sorts seeks to sensationalize events as much as they can, in order to sell papers, sell advertising, gain listeners, anything to increase their revenue. News has always been about making money, and keeping perspective and staying within the bounds of truth come secondary.


July 7th, 2018

The state of California, along with other Libtard, Socialistic states, continues to raise tax rates on all of us. Not just the wealthy, either. Already, anyone in Calif. who makes over $1 Million is saddled with a 13.5% income tax, which has resulted in most of the millionaires moving out of the state, which then results with that tax burden being added to the pile already imposed on the rest of us.

This is because Liberal states always spend more than they take in and raise taxes constantly to keep paying for their excesses.

But there’s a bright side. Poor people don’t pay income taxes, and poor people get lots of free stuff from their Liberal states that they don’t have to work for, like Food Stamps and discounts on their water and power bills, and other freebies that the Socialist state governments make middle class people pay for.

There’s a lot of talk now about the cost of a barrel of oil going way up, and people are freaking that it just hit $75, but it was over $90 back in the 1970’s and I’m pretty sure we lived through that okay. The problem with that in California is that this state has the highest gasoline taxes in the entire nation, and THAT’S what really drives up the cost of commuting.

So here I am in Sunny California, and not worried a bit about all those taxes and fuel costs. Why not? Because my income is below poverty level as determined by the Federal Government. For me, it’s comfortable, I eat well, have a very adequate wardrobe, comfortable home even in the current heat wave, and I don’t pay any taxes except property taxes because my income is below “poverty level”. Neither do I make use of any of the welfare doles. As for the cost of gas, everything I need is within a few miles of home, and I fill up the tank about once a month or so, for about $40. If the price of gas goes all the way up to $5, a fill up will cost me $50. $10 a month more. So what?

This is the secret to survival in a Socialist, Libturd state run by mindless jackasses. Live in a remote area away from industry, where property values are low. Buy an average, non-ostentatious home, drive a fuel efficient car, eat good food and stay healthy. This way, you can always fall back on the welfare system if things get bad and meanwhile, you’ll be one of those the state ignores because you aren’t a source of revenue.


July 2nd, 2018

You heard it here first. In fact this may be the only place you’ll ever hear it because it may never happen. But if it does, don’t forget to praise Newsbleat on all the social media and send me lots of money.

Here’s the deal. The new president of Mexico is of course backed by the drug cartels same as the last one, only the guy they just elected this time is a Socialist, meaning he’s actually a Venezuela-type Communist like Maduro, who replaced the previous Venezuela dictator, Hugo Chavez.

… Just a brief sidestep here … The Venezuelans hate their presidents, who impoverish them and ruin the country, yet they keep electing more of the same. Mexicans are just as stupid.

Anyway… Mexico’s newly elected president, known as Amlo (Andres Obrador) has made it clear that he not only hates the USA but that he’s going to do whatever he can to harm us. Here’s what that means to us and why I think it could lead to us invading Mexico and occupying that nation while we install a government system that’s a lot friendlier to us. We did this very successfully in Japan, remember, and they hated us at least as much as the Mexicans do.

Mexico provides 70 percent of our vegetable imports and almost 40 percent of our fruit imports. Think what would happen if that Marxist Mexican asshole, who will soon very likely position himself as a dictator, Venezuela style, doubles or triples the prices of their farm exports, while at the same time supports and finances mass invasions of illegal aliens across our borders, and nationalizes all the U.S.-owned industries in Mexico. Our automobile industry alone is heavily invested in Mexico, with many factories.

When Cuba was taken over by the Communist Fidel Castro, he nationalized everything we owned over there. Took all our business investments to himself and our response was a very screwed-up attempt to invade Cuba at a place known as the Bay of Pigs. Considering what we did to Iraq in a very short time, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll ever repeat the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Mexico would fall quickly, and the truth is that the people would rejoice for it.

The whole reason they come here is because it’s better here. If we were running Mexico, the only people who’d complain would be those involved with the drug cartels. Everyone else would be overjoyed.

So the case for an invasion of Mexico looks pretty strong to me, it’s just a matter of the game playing out as I described.


June 30th, 2018

The United States State Department has issued the latest Travel Advisory for Mexico.

The Advisory lists 4 levels of Danger, from Level 1, which is Use normal precautions, to Level 4, which is DON’T GO, for the 31 Mexican states.

Not one state is Level 1. FIVE Mexican states are Level 4 DON’T GO!. Over half of the rest are Level 3, “Violent crime and gang activity are widespread.” Level 2 is “Exercise increased caution due to crime.”

Mexico is a SHITHOLE of criminal activity and corruption where they HATE Americans because we want to build a wall to keep them, their diseases, their crime and their drugs out of our country. No one is safe there, not other Mexicans and certainly not us.

If you go to Mexico for a holiday or vacation, YOU’RE AN IDIOT and you deserve what happens to you!


June 30th, 2018


“EU leaders in Brussels signed a deal aimed at controlling migration that steps up support for the Libyan coastguard and demands that humanitarian and other ships operating in the Mediterranean do not obstruct their operations.”

So a “rubber dinghy” operated by smugglers containing about 125 African men, women and children was reported to be “in distress” off the coast of Spain. The EU response was that the Libyan coastguard had the situation covered and that no assistance was needed. Soon afterward, a report came in that about 100 migrants had drowned at sea. Guess which ones.

The EU wants to find ways to stop the migration of millions of Africans to Europe and for good reason. Just like the Hispanic and Indian illegal aliens that keep swarming into the USA with their total lack of skills, their diseases and their criminal behavior, that are causing us such big problems, the same is happening in Europe, and one good way to stop some of it is to let them drown instead of being in such a rush to save them from their own stupidity.

Personally I think reversing the current policy of rescuing them should be taken even further, by actively repelling them. Ordering them to reverse course and return to Africa is one idea, but it would only be partially effective, since they’d just turn around again and try again. The only really effective method is to start shelling their ships and boats, and sinking them. Do that enough and they’ll stop coming, by boat anyway.

I don’t blame the Africans for not wanting to starve or for seeking a better life, but they need to understand that attempting to sneak into other nations without invitation is done at major risk to their lives, and that they aren’t welcome once they get there.

Ultimately, the only real solution to all this is for Europe to simultaneously do all that it can to both improve living conditions for those African nations while decreasing their fertility and reducing their populations. That’s something all humanity should be doing anyway.


June 29th, 2018

Fox News has become almost completely incompatible with the Firefox browser. I have to click the Stop Loading X right after the page visibly loads because of the endless stream of “connecting to facebook, connecting to this, connecting to that” that takes forever to finish loading. Then, when I want to leave a comment on some article, the loading of other people’s comments takes precedence and it totally locks up, and I have to hit Alt-Esc, shut down Firefox and start over from my home page, Newsbleat.

So if I want to comment on something on Fox I end up having to do it here instead. I realize that all that extra crap they connect up to is generating income for them, but it’s nothing but a pain in the ass and a clog in the Internet for all the rest of us.

Today I was looking at an article about a woman in Wash. state, a florist, who’s being prosecuted by the Wash. Attorney General for refusing to create flower arrangements for a homosexual male couple’s so-called “Marriage”. Personally I think if queers can get married, it should be legal to marry goats, donkeys and sheep and so forth. But anyway….

The real problem here is that the AG is a Libtard Socialist and probably queer or he wouldn’t be trying to destroy the life of a middle-aged woman florist. The woman is a Christian, and her beliefs prevent her from just doing the fucking flower arrangements and taking the money like any good business person. So the second problem here is Christianity.

In both cases, the problem is doctrines and beliefs instead of dealing with reality. The Socialists are Fascists and the Christians are Fascists, BOTH, it seems to me, because both of them insist on shoving their credos down everyone else’s throats. Get rid of Socialism and all the other superstitious and political isms and the world would be a whole lot happier.


June 29th, 2018

Bait minnows, any of several common varieties of little fresh-water fish a few inches long, all have an average life of perhaps 2 years.

Over 4 years ago a friend and I went fishing and he took along some bait minnows he’d bought, and left the remaining ones with me when we quit for the day. There were 8 of them, full grown, so they had to have been at least a few months old when acquired.

I put them into a 10 gallon aquarium tank, got some fish food in a little can, and faithfully fed them every day. One by one they died and after three and a half years, the seventh one died and only one was left.

Nine months later, which was a few days ago, the last one died at over 4 years old, and since it had been around for such a long time I gave it special treatment. Instead of flushing it down the toilet I threw it into the trash. It also seems only fitting that it have an epitaph, even though it has no grave marker, so here it is:

It Swam.


June 23rd, 2018

It’s time for another rant about religions. All religions. Here in the US of A, the one most often referred to in the news as if it were totally true and valid is Christianity. This in itself is really odd since we must have about a dozen radically different forms of it. I mean, even that wacko sect, Mormonism, is considered to be a form of Christianity, and those people are crazier than a gibbon with it’s balls on fire.

What set me off this time is a delayed reaction to some crap posted by a Crappist about how American “believers” are becoming less and less interested in going to church and giving money to churches. It went on and on about “believers” and “believing”, so much so that anyone who didn’t get it that religion is all about believing and not a bit about knowing had to be brain dead.

All religions are totally belief. Belief in amazing tales spun many centuries ago by a priesthood that had been in business for tens of thousands of years and was highly proficient at spinning yarns designed to wrap the listener up into a sense of awe, fear and obligation. Ostensibly, to whichever version of God was being expounded on but in reality, awe, fear and obligation to the teller, the guy in the fancy robes. Because it’s him they gave their money to, who in turn *supposedly* used that money to intervene for them with God, whatever God was. The very best story tellers became immensely wealthy and powerful, even to dominating the king or whoever was the titular ruler. Look at the Catholic Church for the best examples of this.

You know how they decide on the next Pope? Do you think it’s because their choice is the most Godlike among them? Hardly, Clyde. It’s for having 2 primary qualities. One, having the best, cleanest reputation. No accusations of boy-rape. And Two, for being a really great story teller. Charisma, believability, glibness.

There have been times when the ruler of Europe was so powerful that he forced the church to declare him Pope, and it was these times that resulted in the church losing power and prestige among the general population. Then, when the ruling regime ultimately hit a low and the church priests regained control of the church, Catholicism would rebound. This has happened repeatedly to it, over the past nearly 2000 years.

The thing that sets Catholicism apart from the others is that it was a united effort by the priests of all the dying cults that worshiped a variety of imaginary gods, to steal the worship of Jesus from the Jews and make it the new Roman creed. The next closest is the creation of Islam. Mohammad didn’t start it alone either, he was rich and powerful, and a lot of fellow Arab tribal leaders saw the value of adopting and enforcing this extremely subjugating set of beliefs.

Most religions practiced today, with the exception of some Native American faiths and those of a few primitive peoples here and there, are based on the religion of the Jews. Christianity is only an extension of that, as is Islam. What is now called Judaism sprang up about 1300 BC in Egypt and Babylon, about the same time that the Jews were in Babylon and also about the time that Abraham lived, who is credited by the Israelites with being the creator of One-God-Judaism, which they still practice today.

So the reality is that it’s not even the Jews who started all this “one god” stuff, but they are the ones whose religion has survived while the others died, and became the basis for today’s plethora of beliefs. This isn’t the reason Jews have been perennially abused and despised, but it’s a good start. The teaching of children right from birth to believe in lies instead of respecting and knowing truth is the single most damaging thing we humans do to ourselves and our world.


June 21st, 2018

Death to Time! Magazine, that is, one of the filthiest Communist propaganda rags still being published. This morning when I looked in on Drudge Report, what did I see but THIS:


That disgusting visual attack on the finest President we’ve ever been privileged to have is followed up inside this yellow rag with a very long story by one Karl Vick that wails on and on about the sad plight of the Illegal Alien’s children, how they’re separated from their parents and this is all ENTIRELY the fault of that EVIL MAN, Pres. Trump, that this is his policy, he’s inflicting all this suffering and anguish on these poor innocent children and he doesn’t care, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Karl Vick is A LIAR! He actually says that Pres. Trump authorized this separation of Illegal Alien parents from their Illegal Alien children, when in FACT this was set up by Barack Obama, who had the kids essentially caged in rooms surrounded by hurricane-wire fencing to the ceilings and wrapped in tinfoil. The photo below is an actual picture of this, one of many that can be found now on the Internet.

Obama's tinfoil covered Illegal Alien kids

These people are all ILLEGAL INVADERS of our nation and most of them are Mexicans. If you enter Mexico illegally, you will be thrown into a prison and held for ransom, probably tortured and beaten, and your relatives will be extorted for money to get you out. If you have no one to help you, there’s a good chance you will never get out, or even live for much longer. Yet Mexico screams bloody murder at any imagined mistreatment of their people here illegally.

We, on the other hand, have been letting many of this bottom-layer scum of Mexico stay here, and have done our best to repatriate the rest in a humane way, even those who keep repeatedly getting caught illegally entering and committing other crimes as well. The truth that everyone ignores is that if these people would stop, or were stopped by us, from sneaking across our border in violation of our sovereignty, there would never be a separation issue or any other kind. We haven’t be doing anything wrong, THEY HAVE.

So I was happy to read that Time Yellow Rag had to cut it’s printed circulation by a full third in 2017, and that it’s ad revenues are decreasing. This vile tripe is a waste of good trees, the paper would be better spent in producing toilet tissue. Fortunately, the Internet and Iphones are killing off magazines, including Time Magazine. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


June 17th, 2018

If I comb my hair in certain ways or braid it in certain ways that resemble the traditional ways that some tribe did somewhere at some time, or resemble the ways that certain ethnic groups somewhere did, then I am GUILTY, GUILTY, DAMN ME, of Cultural Appropriation!

I like to wear Indian, that is, Native American, style jewelry from time to time, the rings, cuffs and bolo ties. I also wear western shirts like the ones Native Americans wear. I like the style. Right now, in the summer heat, I usually wear Hawaiian shirts, ones I bought in Hawaii, just like the ones Native Hawaiians wear. I am one guilty guy, I shamelessly culturally appropriate and laugh in the face of those who would scorn me, Oh, the shame. Or lack of it, I should say. Yes, I have guilt I don’t feel, without shame for not feeling guilt. Sue me.

When people wear the clothing, jewelry, hair styles and so forth of various ethnic and tribal groups, it’s a complement to that group and anyone who doesn’t like it should shut the hell up. This is America and we can wear what we damn well please anyway. There is no law that says any style can’t be copied and imitation has always been the highest form of flattery.

For reasons unknown to me, some members of some ethnic groups are trying to shame non-members out of wearing similar styles, as if only they had the right to wear or braid or tattoo or pierce whatever it is they do. Nope. Go ahead and wear your styles but stop acting like spoiled brats when people copy you, and take it as the complement it is when they do.

People don’t wear the styles of other peoples in order to insult them or make fun of them, it’s because those styles are admired. Anything that people admire, they will always emulate.


June 12th, 2018

The ultimate end result of Pres. Trump’s abandonment of some trade agreements and reworking others to be more in our favor with the nations of the world is to increase our national prosperity and power. This necessarily also results in the decrease in the prosperity and power of the other nations, since they have been gaining far more from these trade agreements than we have. I’m referring, of course, to the massive trade deficit we’ve been enduring for decades with trade partners around the world.

This deficit has resulted in a great increase in prosperity for those partners and a great drain on our own, with the inevitable loss of jobs and wages and increases in poverty, crime, drug abuse and welfare rolls. The election of Barry (Barack) Soetoro (Obama), very possibly a Kenyan by birth regardless of his eligibility to be our president, was nothing short of a coup by the forces of Marxist Socialism over America. The miracle is that someone like Donald Trump should step up and reverse this coup, and save our nation from being plunged into the abyss of Socialist dictatorship and the miserable poverty it brings.

For a nation to have true prosperity, it has to be secure in the nature of that prosperity. Otherwise, what was gained can be quickly lost. This is the cause of the panic among the other 6 of the G-7, that they’ve based their prosperity not on their own ability to produce desirable goods and services, but on America’s ability to do so, and to continue to support their trade disparity with the United States. With Pres. Trump refusing to accept the existing trade agreements between our nations and demanding instead that the current status quo end and new, fair and equitable agreements be reached or stop trading with each other altogether, the prosperity of the other G-7 nations is about to suffer.

A similar current story in the news is about the 30 year old man who had to be legally evicted from his parents home before he’d leave. He refused to get out, find a job and get his own place and his parents had to take him to court and get a judge to order his eviction. The other G-7 nations are exactly like this ungrateful son, they’ve been sucking at the tit far beyond their years, and since they won’t stand on their own two feet voluntarily, Pres. Trump is evicting them.

What a guy. This is the second time in my life that I’ve been proud of an American President. The first was Ronald Reagan and I never did like him, he did a lot of bad things, but the one good thing he did was to cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. For that I was proud of our President. But Pres. Trump is a whole other deal. I’ve been proud of him since before he took office, while he was just running for office, and each day I grow fonder and more proud of this man. He’s already reached the level of Pres. Washington in my esteem and I hope someday he joins the others as the fifth face on Mt. Rushmore.


June 8th, 2018

I think it must be because we’ve conquered so many of the former threats against us, like lions and tigers, most diseases, and so forth, that we miss having dire natural threats to face. Which is why we seem hell bent on creating an artificial one.

We haven’t conquered war yet but the likelihood of another global conflict keeps getting smaller and smaller because none of us wants to be wiped out by nukes. We know that’s what will happen if we really get into it, and that knowledge is what keeps us from it.

So what am I talking about? AI, Artificial Intelligence. I was just watching a newscast about Google doing business with the Pentagon, selling them AI technology even as they know that it’s intended use is for the advancement of military uses of AI. Already we have automatic weapons that look like the stuff in the Terminator movies, self-propelled and autonomous machine guns that select which targets to shoot at.

The obvious next steps are to make them more intelligent and less likely to commit errors, and this of course will cause us to give them even more autonomy, until they roam utterly unfettered of human direction on battlefields. It’s a given that these robots will also be connected together as teams, with a master controller, or “commanding officer”, in charge of them. This officer will be another robot, not at first but eventually.

Now consider that. Intelligent machines whose only purpose is to kill humans. If the “soldiers” don’t start asking why, you can bet that sooner or later, the “officers” sure will.

How far do we take this? Give them auto-repair facilities to run back to, to fix damage? And of course, automated factories to build them. Maybe a creative function built in, to get them to keep improving their abilities and so forth? Hmm?

This is one of the two directions that AI is surely headed. The other is sex robots. The Japanese have been hard at work for years, creating steadily more attractive, intelligent, mobile and lifelike robots made expressly for sex.

In summation, AI development has two purposes. One is to fuck us. The other is to fuck us.


June 7th, 2018

Pres. Trump imposes tariffs on Mexico, Canada, China, etc. for various goods we import from them. This means they pay the tariff cost, which is then passed on to consumers here.

So those nations then impose tariffs on goods we ship to them, meaning their importers pay us the tariff fees and pass on those additional costs to their consumers.

So why is this a good thing for us? Because we buy one hell of a lot more from them than they do from us, and when we force up the cost of their goods here, that encourages our consumers to buy the stuff WE make instead of the stuff they make, and that improves our economy by keeping our money at home, by expanding our production and creating more jobs. It also increases our rate of inflation, but that’s the inevitable price to pay for reversing our enormous trade deficit that’s draining America dry and is the reason Pres. Trump is doing this.

Those of us on diminishing fixed incomes like myself will bear the brunt of increased inflation as our few dollars buy less and less, this is true, and that’s okay as far as I’m concerned. We have to take our country back from the fascist Socialists if we want to stay free, and this is a necessary part of doing so.

Freedom is never free, and I can’t complain. I don’t have to go to war and get shot at, all I have to do is find ways to tighten my belt.


June 2nd, 2018

Deng Xiaoping saved the Chinese communists from popular rejection by advocating a system of free enterprise within the communist structure after Mao’s death. He argued that unless the Chinese economy was dramatically improved, China would not prosper. In his famous Southern Tour of China in January and February of 1992, Deng made the case for free markets in which productivity – not politics – decided winners and losers.

This directly resulted in China becoming the economic powerhouse that it is today.

Now Xi Jinping is reversing the market-oriented decentralization of Deng. As he made clear in his recent speech on Marx, he regards Marx as the central guide for China’s future. Karl Marx is being celebrated by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the “greatest thinker of modern times.”

Other examples of governments that were based on the teachings of Karl Marx are the (former) Soviet Union, the (former) Nazi government and the barely surviving governments of Cuba and Venezuela, both of which were once prosperous and now the people are starving.

Xi Jinping’s been steadily increasing his power and control over China, and if he truly leads China into the depths of Marxism, as it very much looks like he is, we can stop worrying about China taking away our jobs and manufacturing because China will implode exactly as Germany and the Soviet Union have done.

“Xi Jinping is implementing a system by which Chinese people are heavily surveilled and assigned citizenship ratings based on their social media activity, patriotism, productivity, fitness routines and other behaviors. Those with low scores can be barred from commercial flights, some trains, and from having their children enrolled in some schools.”

This is totalitarianism and it never succeeds as a form of government. What happens is everyone starts jockeying for a position of power and informing on everyone else, the workers will do only the minimum required and no more, inefficiency becomes normal. Exactly as happened in the Soviet Union, where food shortages were common because no one wanted to work hard. There was no incentive because working harder and producing more didn’t result in the worker getting ahead. Instead it resulted in the other workers forcing the productive ones to stop because it made the rest of them look bad.

I hope that China does indeed follow this new direction. Nothing would suit me more than to see China cause it’s own destruction.


May 31st, 2018

there’s an old bit that if you put enough monkeys to pounding away at enough typewriters, one of them will eventually type out a copy of the Gettysburg Address or a Longfellow poem or some such.

For a long time I’ve ranted on this blog about the massive increase in the human population, and while thinking about something entirely different this morning, it came to me that this increase, that threatens our entire planet, may also be what savea it.

I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a brilliant old gentleman who still seeks certain answers in life, and that while his road took him in a scholarly direction, there are others out there with powerful minds who cheerfully work as ditch diggers. It all depends on what life hands us as we’re developing and growing.

The more of us there are, the more super-geniuses there will be among us, and so, more of them than before will pursue careers in technology. The speed of advancement of human technology is necessarily going to increase because of the increase in the human population.

To travel between the stars we need the ability to neutralize the force of gravity. With enough brilliant minds working to find the way, someone will, and then one of two things, or possibly even both of them at once, will happen. The Earth’s great powers will share the effort to find new planets to settle, or we will take our competition a notch higher and a race for galactic supremacy will begin, at least in our local arm of our galaxy. But either way, the prospect of global war will be pushed farther back, since such a war would end the efforts by us, Russia and China to be first to find another Earth.

Overpopulation may be hell on not just us but all species on Earth, but it contains within it the promise of our becoming ETs on other planets.


May 28th, 2018

My wonderful candles and etc. blah blah
My booth at the local Arts and Crafts Fair this Memorial Day weekend.

For part of the 2 days I was there, I wore an authentic old railroad conductors cap. It looks very similar to This One.

While thus adorned, some little old gal who must have been high as hell on something came by, stood there looking at me, and declared loudly for all around to hear, that “You are the cutest thing that I ever did see.” Of course, I thanked her for sharing that information with us all.

It’s true, when wearing a conductors hat I Am The Cutest Thing You Ever Did See. Take the hat off, nothing, all cuteness gone Poof! like it was never there. Ah, but put the hat back on and Hey, major Cuteness. It’s a hat trick. Magicians have nothing on me. No rabbit pops out, but one hell of a lot of CUTENESS sure appears from nowhere.

See all those things on that table? Those are free-form candles that I make, with pieces of river driftwood sticking out of them. Sold most of them, along with some incense, wind chimes and tumbled agates, all of which I also make or otherwise produce, and a lot of stick incense, which, yes, I also make and a big bunch of Strobe Candles, which, yes, I also make. Invented, in fact, back in 1967. I last made free-form candles like that about 50 years ago, had no idea if something like that would sell today, and was happily surprised. I’m signed up for the Fall show there too, so I’ll be making a bunch more for that.

I camped out there for 2 nights, on the ground, not a lot of fun especially considering the saloons at either end of that park and their booming, rip-roaring loud but poor quality rock bands blasting away until 2 AM both nights. But I was stuck with it. If I didn’t want my stuff stolen I had to sleep in the middle of it. Everyone else had these wrap-around cloth side walls for their canopies that sealed off their goods, a feature I was unaware existed, but am now and will have next time so I can sleep in my own bed at night.

I am just so cute in that hat… I don’t understand why some of those sweet young chickies didn’t offer me a night of unbridled sex. It can’t be my age, I’m only 79. I guess it’s just one of those mysteries.


May 28th, 2018

Nipah, the sleeping Killah that’s Gonnah Getchah.
Nipah is the latest replacement for Ebola and Zika, two of 8 other killer viruses that could sweep the entire planet in an inescapable plague, that there’s no vaccine for and that has a death rate of 70 percent.

Nipah hails from India and is spread by fruit bats. The bat takes a bite from a piece of fruit that someone picks and eats, and presto, that person not only has Nipah and will probably die horribly in great pain from brain swelling, but is also HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and will infect everyone who comes close to him. Neat, huh?

Right now they’re trying to contain it in India, and considering how many people there are there, how unsanitary the conditions are, how jammed together they all are and how they’ll eat anything remotely edible, I’d say the chances of them keeping this disease inside of India are less than Zero. The next place I look for it to spread to is Indonesia, and then Pakistan, followed closely by China. We’ll see, anyway.