Ohhhhh, I pluck my eggs in the morning from the chicken fruit tree,
The tree’s always happy to give them to me.
I just reach out my hand and take a few for free,
I’m a happy little chappie with my chickenfruit tree.

How those eggs get on that tree,
there really is no doubt.
The chickens like to roost in it,
at night when the fox is about.
But when they’d come down by day,
and go in their henhouse to lay,
the eggs they left the day before,
wouldn’t be there anymore.

Of course, it was me who took ’em,
while they slept without a snore,
and when they came and found them gone,
it made those birds quite sore.
So they did the only thing they could, those clever little pests.
They learned from the other birds and built in the branches, nests.

Copyright 2019


As the wet, soggy ashes of what remains of the Notre Dame cathedral are scooped up and bagged, what should appear but, no, not 8 tiny reindeer, but a guy with a couple of cans full of gasoline, they look like the 2 gallon size each, in the photos, walked into St. Patrick’s cathedral in New York just a few hours ago and was quickly nabbed by security.

Okay, let’s shred the obvious here. He was a copycat firebug intent on torching America’s counterpart, as much as it could be called that given the differences in age and fame, to Notre Dame.

The other obvious part that no one seemed to pay any attention to except me, is that they had SECURITY IN THE CHURCH. Muslims have been keeping guards in their mosques here for a while now after the various attacks, and it only makes sense that American churches would follow suit, especially considering the hatred of Muslims toward all non-Muslim religions. And toward all non-Muslims too, of course.

But my, how times have changed, when churches have to have (armed?) guards, security guards, to keep them from being robbed, vandalized, shot up…. There’s been a lot of attacks lately on all of them, black Christian churches, Jewish Synagogues, and now maybe the Catholic churches and cathedrals?

Personally it would do my heart good to see all the Catholic places of sky fairy worship destroyed. Bomb the Vatican flat, killing all within the walls, torch the whole thing until only ash is left and then sow salt over everything that remains. Then go after the Muslims. Getting rid of the Jehovah’s Witnesses would be good, too. Goddam porch preachers.

Seriously, religion is on the wane and I can’t help thinking that the astoundingly disrespectful intrusions of all those Islamic mind-slaves is the cause of it. Nothing has made humanity look long at religion more than the nastiness of Islam and those who profess it. Catholicism may be evil, and it is, but Islam is actually Satanic, if there can be such a thing. At least the Catholics don’t bury women up to their necks in the dirt and bash their heads in slowly throwing small rocks at them for a few hours, or chop off heads with hunting knives for imaginary crimes. It’s the horrors of what is claimed to be a religion that has people shying away from all religion.


I wanted to see the video that Pres. Trump put up on Twitter, so I created a Twitter account using an email address that I seldom use, and then viewed the video.

Below it were a lot of hostile and rather vicious comments against Pres. Trump by Muslims and others I think I can safely assume are democrats and Liberal Socialists.

One of them stated that “I stand with Omar” and I couldn’t resist commenting that “That’s funny, you don’t look like a goat”.

Within SECONDS, seriously, it couldn’t have been as much as ten seconds and I think it was less, when the screen changed and it read that YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED . For a rules violation.

In the first place, it’s not possible that some actual live person discovered my comment way down on a long list of comments, decided that I was a Bad Person and suspended my account that quickly. What IS possible, in fact the only possibility, is that the word “goat” is a trigger when it comes to anything Islam or Muslim.

Plainly, Twitter is just another Facebook libtard pile of crap so it’s no wonder that the vast majority of comments regarding Pres. Trump’s Omar video were so hostile and negative toward Pres. Trump. Social media sites like that have all been pretty much taken over by the traitors, Communists and other radically wrong political trash. There’s a reason I never had a Twitter account, and it’s the same reason I don’t have a Facebook account. There’s no freedom of speech in these venues. You either toe their political line or you get the boot, and apparently there’s virtually no slack at all in what you’re allowed to say or not say.

It is amusing that such a very Left-Wing website is stuck with hosting virtually anything and everything that Pres. Trump posts, including videos that attack the Left. If they didn’t, they’d lose nearly all of their users and most of their revenue because it’s Pres. Trump who really put them on the map. Without his posts to his account, that the whole world follows, they’d be nothing. I bet that really gets their goat.


Reading the comments by various South Americans on Twitter regarding V.P. Pence’s statements at the UN over the situation in Venezuela, it’s a mixed bag. There’s lots of Leftists on that continent and they’re clearly unhappy about Trump’s increasingly aggressive stance regarding who should be president of Venezuela.

Of course, only a few of them actually claim to be Venezuelans and that’s not provable anyway. Most are Bolivian or whatever, who are part of the “Yankee go home” crowd.

They do have a reason to be alarmed though. The Washington rhetoric is very familiar to any of us who’ve been around for awhile and it’s the same old record that always gets played before the guns come out and the soldiers march off to war.

This is a war to be expected, however. We aren’t being given a choice by Russia, China, Cuba and Iran, who are all meddling heavily in Venezuela’s future, to our huge disadvantage, and doing nothing and allowing that nation to go from being another failed socialist experiment to being a vassal state of a consortium of dictatorships that’s practically on our doorstep, is simply not allowable.

This isn’t a redo of the Cuban Missile Crisis, not yet, but it could easily turn into one or worse. The Russians installed ICBMs on Cuban soil aimed at us and we nearly went to nuclear war over the situation. The part of that story that isn’t discussed is that we had missiles next to them, aimed at them, too. This all ended when we mutually removed our nukes from each other’s neighborhoods.

So imagine if the Chinese and Russians are allowed to partition Venezuela and install missile sites aimed at us, while sucking dry the world’s largest known oil deposit. It would end in disaster for us, which is exactly why they’re trying to take the country over. We can’t possibly allow it.

To be a fly on the wall at the Oval Office, and in the halls of the Senate. I can imagine some of the conversations, though. Forces are being gathered, preparations are being made and pressures are being brought to bear. The Venezuelan oil fields are the juiciest plum on the planet and someone is going to pick that plum. Who will it be? Literally, the future of humanity rests on the outcome.


One thing that really becomes very apparent after awhile with Pres. Trump is that every time he warns that he might do something, he at least comes so close to actually doing it before another solution is found, that you know he’s always serious.

The other thing is that every time he says he WILL do something, he does it. This is one President that doesn’t waffle or renege. Iran, today, is a case in point. He said before that he was going to kill the deal Obama made with Iran and he did. He then re-instituted the sanctions on them that were there before Obama made a mess of things, and a few days ago said that he was going to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a Terrorist Organization. Today he did exactly that even as their Supreme Ayatollah was spewing threats against us if he did.

He said he was going to get the Wall built and in spite of heavy resistance from some in both parties, it’s getting built, section by section, bit by bit. Even if it never runs the full 2000 miles of Mexican border during his terms as President, no doubt the most important parts will be built and the rest of the area will be better patrolled, because we FINALLY have a president who isn’t a globalist, communist, homosexual or secret Muslim, but a true patriot and a man of his word who knows how to get things done and does so.


Light is an energy form. There’s a bunch of them, like electricity, magnetism, radioactivity, gravity and radio, aka electromagnetic waves. For decades now, scientists and mathematicians have been trying to find the common denominator in all the different forms of energy, in a Unified Field Theory. But so far, no luck. If they were successful it would open up the manipulation of gravity, just for starters.

Light is weird. It passes right through many things, including most gases and any form of clear glass, though different types of glass affect light differently. At the same time, light has mass.

Because light has mass, it can push on things. Hence the plans for space ships powered by light sails, for instance. Keep that one in mind because we’ll be coming back to it.

Light has frequencies, like radio waves, and that’s what makes colors. Our eyes can see the different frequencies and our brains interpret that as colors. Now, radio waves can be weak and not carry far, or strong and carry to the limits of our solar system and beyond. Light waves, (as in frequencies) can also be strong. Very strong. We have lasers now that can cut through metal, and lasers are just light. Only lots of it in a very tiny beam.

Now lets seemingly digress just a sec, and consider that our Universe is known to be not only expanding, but doing so at a steadily increasing rate. Science has been seeking the reason for this ever since it was discovered, and theories of Dark Matter that no one can see or test for have arisen, and Negative Gravity, and all sorts of other arcane theories have been proposed.

So in this spirit, I propose the following: Our Universe is filled with stars. Stars give off one hell of a lot of light. When the light from one galaxy encounters another, it pushes it. In fact, all the galaxies are pushing against each other with their light output, and if you push long enough (will 13 billion years do it? the galaxies should all start moving away from each other, just like raisins in expanding bread dough, and exactly how the Universe is in fact expanding.

The increasing rate of expansion is what a light sail is supposed to do, go faster over time, and what our Universe is also doing.

Occam’s Razor is the well-known principle that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.


The citizens of Chicago have just elected a 56 year old Negress LESBIAN as their new mayor, replacing the utterly incompetent non-religious Jew named Rahm Emmanuel.

Chicago is the third-largest city in our large nation of large cities and boasts the highest murder rate of any of our cities. It also boasts an above-average population of Negroes at 32%. National average is 12.5%. National average of murders and other violent crimes by Negroes is just over 90%.

Admittedly without looking up all the boring statistics other than those I’ve already dug up and posted above, it seems safe to assume that there’s lots of poverty in Chicago because of that high murder rate, which is the result of blacks killing blacks over drugs and “gang turf”. Healthy and prosperous communities don’t have that problem.

Homosexuals, including Lesbians, are known for having mental issues. I don’t have to describe the way they try to look, sound and act like the opposite sex, or go on about all the nutty things they do, and now a black Homosexual woman is going to try to run Chicago like the man she isn’t. Fucking brilliant.

I can’t wait for her to start prosecuting all the white cops for claims of police brutality against blacks, and replacing them all with black cops who will join up with the crime bosses, get in on the drug money and general corruption, and turn what’s a bad, dangerous city now into a virtual Hell on Earth.

Oh yeah, great move, Chicago. Too bad all the buildings aren’t still made of wood, but there’s no Mrs. O’Leary now, no cows kept in town and nobody uses lanterns anymore anyway.


It’s already starting to look like there will be fallout from the plot to reverse the results of Pres. Trump’s election. Pres. Trump is calling now for investigations for unstated “Treasonous things”, Senator Graham is demanding a new Independent Special Council, ala Mueller Special Council, to investigate the FBI, and “Trump allies are now awaiting the results of two long-running internal probes that could expose the backstory behind the Russia probe’s beginnings — and provide more detail on already-documented misconduct among top FBI and DOJ officials. “

So as much as the Democrats and MSM would now like to pretend that their coup plot never happened, they’re plainly not going to get their wish.

The reality here is that the FBI has become an organization independent of government control and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, with an entirely new administrative staff. All lesser employees with political agendas need to be purged as well. The purpose of the FBI is to defend us from enemies within, not to BE the enemy within.

There are also calls for the media to be held accountable for promulgating what they knew to be lies and taking part in the coup plot against a U. S. President. By all rights these people should be imprisoned for long terms and their parent companies dissolved, and it remains to be seen if there will be prosecutions over this.

Something has to be done to return our news services back to being news services instead of subversive political weapons intent on overthrowing our government. Such activities are not Free Speech and not protected by our Constitution.

So far, Pres. Trump has reversed or cancelled hundreds of regulations that stifled business, has rolled back taxes, reduced our involvement in foreign wars by winning them and being done with it, forced China to back off in a variety of areas and is still at the bargaining table with them, and as part of his efforts, North Korea is no longer bellowing threats at us and Japan.

He’s opened up more oil drilling and we’re a net oil exporter for the first time in our history, there are now more jobs available than workers applying for them and our economy is booming. He’s removed us from terrible trade deals, negotiated new and far more beneficial ones and others are still pending. He’s behind the revitalization and dramatic upgrading of our military, has overhauled the Veterans Administration and increased wages for our military. The list of his accomplishments in a little over 2 years is nearly endless. The next six years of his presidency may prove to be even more amazing.


When you eat CROW.

Now that the Mueller Impeachment Campaign, aka the Democrat’s Collusion Witch Hunt, has finally dragged to an end after a year and a half of vile Leftist media and Democrat Socialist’s attacks without a single finding of wrongdoing on the part of Pres. Trump, any of his family and anyone of his staff involved in the election, the Democrats, aka PACK OF ASSHOLES, has no choice but to admit they were wrong.

Some of them are actually even doing that, although most are still in denial. Some are even demanding more investigations, and I have a feeling that they’re going to find themselves pushed to the edges of their party. Even the most virulent haters of Pres. Trump know that the public is tired of this hate-spewing, unproductive waste of time.

The plain fact is that Pres. Trump et al have been vindicated of any sort of collusion or wrongdoing in the 2016 presidential election and that he won it fair and square in spite of the massive cheating and election fraud committed by the Democrat Party. And you know, really, they should change their name to the Socialist Party.

So what most of them are doing now is saying that, “Oh well, I guess it was nothing after all and we should forget it and move on.” Those that aren’t trying to walk away from this are trying to run away.

Hell NO. They broke laws, they slandered and perjured and lied and they did it as a political body, the Democrats and the Main Stream Media along with the majority of activist Hollywood buttfuckers and THEY NEED TO PAY. No way in hell is this all going to just quietly go away now with no apologies and no payback. Those assholes are going to be eating their rotting crow for every meal for the next two years, in congress, in tweets from the White House, in lost elections and in criminal prosecutions. Karma is real and payback’s a bitch.

And I’m going to love watching every minute of it.