August 1st, 2015

First off, I giddily report with great glee and rejoicing that a jet plane carrying 3 senior members of the bin Laden family died along with their pilot in a crash in England. The aircraft failed to stop in time, smashed into a building at the end of the runway and burst into flames. Barbecued Terrorist Family, hooray, how’s that for leaving a big carbon footprint? Good job, bin Ladens, now do it again only with a much larger aircraft. I bet you could fit your whole over-sized, bloated family on an Airbus A380. No.1 bin Laden Rich Fucker has 50 children, what’s that say about turning women into sex slaves? Give me the slightly charred bin Laden with mint garnish, please, while I watch another crash and burn video.

The bin Ladens and the Saudi royals supposedly disowned Usama back before 9/11/01, with much publicity. They goddam near held parades to announce that they were disowning him, before he pulled off the destruction of the Twin Towers. They knew what he was up to, and never told us. I hope they all die in flames. Meanwhile, what’s the Bush Family reaction to this? They’re all kissy-kissy with the bin Ladens, they’re going to offer all sorts of condolences, watch for it. The Bush family needs one of those plane rides. Including Jeb.

Over in Baltimore, where Black is Beautiful and most of them are. Black, not so good looking tho. Yes, the very same city where the blacks rioted, looted and burned over some black person dying while in police custody, they murdered 45 of each other during the month of July and nobody said shit boo squat about it. Black lives DON’T matter when they kill each other, just when one of them dies either in jail or is killed outright by cops. Then, Oh My God, what a tragedy. Everybody grab their guns and cans of gasoline and go riot, loot and burn. This is the same bullshit the Muslims do in France, and in both cases it’s because they’re allowed to. If the cops would swarm in, shooting rioters as they go, how long do you think this stuff would go on?


July 31st, 2015

In Jerusalem, Yishai Schlissel was released from prison for stabbing homosexuals during their annual Proud Faggot ( or whatever they call it ) Parade in 2005, just 3 weeks ago, giving him plenty of time to sharpen his knife for today’s Queer Pride Parade ( or whatever they call it ). He went immediately to the front of the parade and managed to stab up six of it’s leaders before he was stopped. Good for him, unfortunately none of his victims died, though several are in pretty serious condition. With any luck, they’ll croak. I wonder if they’ll let him out again after another 10 years, in time to do it again?

Homosexuals can do whatever they want in private. It’s the attacks on our social fabric that piss me off. Not just destroying the institution of marriage but these fucking parades. I’m all for the Russians, who don’t allow that crap and beat the shit out of the queers when they try it. There are some good things to be said about intolerance, when that intolerance is directed toward those who want to drag their whole nation down into perversion with them. I miss the good old days when it was cool to go queer-bashing in America. Liberalism is horseshit, liberalism is destroying, hell, it has destroyed the country I love.

Hope and change? I hope the change is reversed, and I’d rather see us become just like the Russians than see those fucking rainbow flags flying under Old Glory ever again.


July 29th, 2015

Read in the news today that one of the five remaining white rhinoceros has died in a zoo. The genome of this species is being preserved in the hope of re-creating them at a future date when technology is sufficiently advanced, but when or if it is, they’ll be raised in guarded compounds at big zoos because the reason for their extinction is African natives killed them all off to get their horns. Even in the compounds, they won’t be safe.

Elephants are mostly born without tusks now because the ones with them keep getting killed by poachers for the ivory. This may actually end up saving the species, but what’s an elephant without those magnificent tusks?

Two types of animals on our planet are doomed to extinction. The most threatened are all those creatures considered valuable in some way, with the most valuable being the first to become extinct. Bluefin tuna are on their way out fast as the price per pound soars. A big bluefin can net $10,000 or more now, when sold for sushi.

The other type doomed to disappear forever are the predators. Predators eat a lot of animals that humans eat also, like salmon, and as our numbers increase and the competition for food increases between us and the lions, sea lions and bears, we will kill more of those predators. Sea lions are being slaughtered now by fishermen with rifles. Sea lions like to just eat the fat bellies of salmon and leave the rest to rot, and salmon keep getting scarcer. Bye bye, sea lions. Bears kill a lot of deer when they’re not destroying cabins and cars with food left in them, or attacking people. Bye bye, bears. In Africa, the lions should last a long time yet as long as the bush tribes don’t grow too big, but once their populations grow enough, the lions will have to go.

It’s inevitable that all the large and tasty meat species on Earth will be driven to extinction as well as the predators that compete with us for that food. Zoos will house them for as long as they last but they’ll die out eventually unless we learn to re-create them from DNA alone. Then we can keep the zoos stocked and even have ourselves an actual Jurassic Park or two. But a bear in the woods is not a bear in a zoo.

My personal hope is that most of us die off from some terribly virulent disease and humanity is reduced to a few million people. That would give everything else a chance to establish their numbers again, before we can wipe them all out the way we’re doing. I know, wishful thinking.


July 28th, 2015

An aborted fetus is not a dead baby. Okay? The first thing needed here is to get past the sensationalism and hype. Babies are born. Fetuses are not.

The next point we need to be clear on is that life is not sacred. “Sacred” is a religious idea, that “God” created life, so all life is sacred in some beliefs where only human life is “sacred” in other beliefs. Beliefs are merely opinions, and religions are all nothing more than beliefs. We need to stick to known facts if this is to be a rational discussion. Beliefs may seem rational but they have nothing to do with facts.

The argument is made that human life begins at conception. The same is true of all life, a creature begins to form once an egg and a sperm unite. In humans, this does not constitute an actual baby. Modern medical techniques can maintain the life of a fetus outside the womb if it’s developed enough, but that same fetus would die if born too soon and not supported artificially. The same as a premature dog or cat fetus would die. A fetus is a fetus until it’s born. Then it’s a baby. But let’s not get all tripped up over semantics. Words aren’t facts, they’re only concepts used to describe reality.

The Religious Right is aflame right now over the revelation that Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports abortions, has been harvesting body parts from the aborted fetuses and selling them. Supposedly, this is terrible. This is just awful, oh what horrible people to sell kidneys and livers for research. Really? Why is that bad? Isn’t that a whole lot better than just disposing of the fetuses? People sell kidneys and livers all the time. When a doctor does a heart transplant, do you think that heart was free? What do you think it costs to remove a kidney or heart from a dead person and preserve it, transport it, do all the paperwork, assign it to someone on a long list who needs one? Gee, do you think if someone made a $100,000 donation they might go to the top of that list? Huh?

No. Selling fetus tissue and body parts is perfectly proper, what’s improper is painting Planned Parenthood people to look like butchers. They’re not, they’re advancing Medicine and making a profit doing it, exactly the same as any medical lab or pharmaceutical company does, and the Religious Right is being Politically Correct instead of realistic and reasonable. Shame on them.


July 27th, 2015

As much as I dislike Mike Huckabee and his constant religious rhetoric, when he said about Obama’s deal with Iran that “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven. This is the most idiotic thing, this Iran deal. It should be rejected by both Democrats and Republicans in Congress and by the American people. I read the whole deal. We gave away the whole store. It’s got to be stopped”, he was right.

Obama, of course, doesn’t like this a bit and responded with “We just don’t fling out ad hominem attacks like that, because it doesn’t help inform the American people.”

If any one President of these United States ever did his absolute damndest to keep from informing the American people, it is Barack Hussein Obama. His personal history is a lie, he was elected by telling lies and everything he says now is a lie. What he’s unable to hide entirely, he lies about and he attacks anyone at any time without facts or proof to validate a single word, anyone he disagrees with. As disgusted as I am and have been with American politics and politicians for the past 55 years since I really started paying attention, I never thought that we would ever have a President so scurrilous, so completely corrupt in morals, as the bottom feeder we have now in Barack H. Obama.


July 25th, 2015

Hulk Hogan is retired from professional wrestling now, but his fame has only increased over time. Yet now he’s been kicked out of the WWE Hall of Fame for some things he said 8 years ago that just recently surfaced, recorded on tape. What Hogan said on the tape, referring to his daughter, was: “I mean, I’d rather if she was going to fuck some nigger, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall nigger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player…I guess we’re all a little racist. Fucking nigger.” I don’t know what black person he was mad at, the article didn’t say and I don’t see much value in digging up trivia.

In the first place, what’s so bad about saying nigger? Yes, it’s racist and derogatory, but so what? Look at the way blacks are constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, saying racist things about everyone else. Blacks don’t care if they get called niggers, they call each other niggers all the time. They just raise hell if a white person does it because they like to raise hell with white people anyway, because they’re far more racist than anyone else. You mean it only hurts blacks feelings if white people do it? SERIOUSLY? What utter bullshit.

You don’t see orientals getting into this. I hear racist remarks by blacks against orientals a lot, but I never hear orientals making any back. They seem to have a lot more sense than to use that as an excuse to act out. So do whites, for that matter. You don’t see whites rioting because some blacks called them crackers or rednecks. Nigger is just a word, and personally I’d much rather be called a white racist redneck or a cracker, which I’m not, than a rapist or even a hypocrite, which I’m also not, by anyone of any color.

Politicians call each other far worse things than nigger, every day. Liar, for instance. I can’t imagine being black and caring much if someone called me a nigger, but wrongly calling me a liar would sure piss me off. I’d be angry even if it were true, maybe more so.

It wasn’t so long ago that racial and ethnic jokes were so common you heard them on TV and the radio all the time. How many Polacks does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One to hold the bulb, two to turn the chair. What does hodedo mean? That’s how a black person says “Hold the door”, and so on. They were common and we all laughed. We all poked fun at each other. Now no one dares utter a word that might be taken the wrong way. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH US?

This Politically Correct move by the WWE Hall of Fame is enough to make decent people run around half-naked in the noonday sun, which of course can result in skin cancer. The excess saliva acid from anger could also cause tooth decay. So if your teeth fall out, sue the bastards. Now laugh.

Political Correctness is such total bullshit.


July 24th, 2015

Hillary Clinton, fondly known as Hitlery on this website, will not become our next President, and none other than Barack Obama himself is making sure of that. There is, admittedly, a chance that the real purpose of this is to take all the air out of her email server problem by pronouncing her innocent after a “thorough investigation”, supposedly, by the Justice Department, but that’s not how it looks right now.

Two inspector generals appointed by President Obama have now called on the Justice Department to investigate Secretary Clinton’s mishandling of classified email,” House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement. “If Secretary Clinton truly has nothing to hide, she can prove it by immediately turning over her server to the proper authorities and allowing them to examine the complete record.” He “and Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House Benghazi committee, both called for Clinton to turn over her server for an independent evaluation, something she has so far refused to do.”

This is quite the soap opera. Will the Justice Department subpoena Hitlery’s private server? Will she still refuse? Will the hard drive still be in it? Will she be prosecuted? Will she be cleared of wrongdoing? Tune in tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, and the next….

If Obama’s withdrawn his protection from Hitlery, can Bowe Bergdahl be next? Our rat-faced, whiny, teary-eyed little post-deserting Traitor In Residence, who Obama traded 5 top Taliban commanders for, was just caught and released like a protected fish, by the Mendocino Sheriffs Department after being found on a pot farm that was in the middle of being busted. Get this part: The Sheriff’s Dept. gave him a ride to meet Army personnel, who took him back to base from there. When did our Army start providing such nice taxicab services? For that matter, Bergdahl was on AUTHORIZED LEAVE even though he’s still awaiting trial. It’s been A YEAR, and he’s running loose, on leave, at a pot farm! Just how much embarrassment will Obama tolerate?


July 22nd, 2015

I’ve repeatedly spoken out against the mosques being built all over the United States by Saudi Arabia, with our own money which we gave them for their oil. Mosques are used by Muslims to cache weapons and explosives, as meeting places to plan attacks against us and as training grounds for terrorist recruits. We know this and we have known it for a long time.

In the news today, Imam Talal Eid tells about being ousted from two mosques in Boston for not being radical enough, and how the new leaders are connected to ISIS and terrorism. Here is one map showing the correlation between mosques and acts of terrorism in our country. There’s quite a few others. Since 9/11/2001, the number of mosques in the U.S. has increased by over 75% and more are still being built. 80% of them have been tied to terrorist activity (jihadist activity, same thing) and 95% of all Muslims in our country attend them regularly. Most of them are funded by our sworn enemy, Saudi Arabia.

Yet we do nothing. In the face of all this clear and undeniable proof that there is a Saudi conspiracy to attack and destroy us from within, we do nothing. The Bush family promoted this, they’re in bed with the Saudis. and no one talks about it. President Obama promotes this, he abets this, and no one talks about it, let alone does anything about it. There’s plenty of people keeping track of what’s going on here, you can find charts and graphs and photos all over the Internet, all the proof anyone needs that our present and past governments are and have been in collusion with the Saudis to Islamicize America, yet the efforts to stop it are all small and localized and have little effect.

Rainbows in our Homosexual White House, black violence escalating along with terrorist activity, I can hardly wait to see what happens next.


July 21st, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich has just announced his candidacy for President, becoming the Infinite Number candidate behind the entire cast of The Simpsons, everyone in the states of New York, South Dakota and Utah of eligible status, all those buried in all our National Cemeteries since the onset of the Civil War, all the victims and survivors of World War II, living or dead, everyone on Social Security, the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wekuck, Nebraska Glee Club, the Bowery Boys, and all rock stars 35 years old or older. Since there won’t be enough room at the usual Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, the Ohio Governor John Kasich, not coincidentally, has ordered the entire state evacuated except for Republicans, to make room.

In point of fact, there are so many candidates now in the Republican field that it’s become as ridiculous as this silly article. Kasich is the 16th candidate to announce, and with 16 months to go yet before the election, there’s still plenty of time for a whole bunch more to announce. Too many more. Way more than there’s ever been before, and I can’t help thinking that surely most of these people know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. So why do it? Because after they’ve retired from politics, they can look at their biography and read with pride the part that says they ran for President of the United States. It’s an ego trip. The fact that this crap is going to make a mess of their National Convention is secondary to them.

One more reason why no one should ever serve more than one term of office in any elective job. Got elected Dog Catcher? Okay, that’s it. You can never run for office again. I mean what the hell? Donald Trump never ran for office before but I’d vote for him as President. He’s qualified. Nobody gets more than one shot. No more career politicians.


July 21st, 2015

There’s a big push among the rabble-rousers in Negro circles to get attention now, with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”.

What about the lives of other people of other races? One thing about any new outcry coming from black instigators is the raw selfishness that’s always present. These so-called “leaders” never concern themselves with the rest of the human race, just Negroes.

In the first place, Negroes kill each other off with abandon. No racial group in America murders it’s own people more than Negroes and it’s obvious that black lives actually don’t matter to them at all. What they’re really crying about is when Negroes die at the hands of the police or of white people, and it needs to be said that percentage wise, more whites are killed by police than Negroes, by far, even though Negroes commit most of the violence and murders.

The real purpose of all this “Black lives matter” stuff is to gain attention to themselves, get on television, make money doing it, and make police afraid to shoot at them no matter what they’re doing. They want things to be like the old Wild West, with no Sheriff in town to stop them.


July 20th, 2015

Some 8 year old boy with one of those multi-motored, radio controlled drones managed to attach a semi-automatic pistol to it, hooked a solenoid to the trigger and used it to fly around shooting at old bottles he set up as targets. AN EIGHT YEAR OLD BOY did this. If anyone can’t see what’s coming next, they’re blind.

These drones are already being equipped with video cameras and used to snoop into people’s bedroom windows and anywhere else they don’t belong. They have considerable lifting power and sure as hell, larger ones will be built and used to steal private property as well as attack and murder people. Aircraft have already had near-accidents with these things, and eventually a lot of people will die in a major plane crash as a result of colliding with a drone that someone either accidentally or deliberately flew into the path of a commercial aircraft.

Drone aircraft are ideal for committing acts of terrorism and allowing them to be manufactured and owned by the general public is insanity. They need to be put into the same category as explosives and licensed for use only by trained people, for specific and legal purposes. Our government is always trying to limit who gets to own a firearm in this country, yet these things are allowed to be owned by anyone at all who might want to drop some corrosive acid on someone’s head, or shoot them with a stolen pistol, or drop an explosive into a crowd of people.

Drones remind me of a pistol that was marketed for a little while back in the 1960′s before it was outlawed. It fired a bullet with a built-in rocket propellant, and was completely silent and just as fast as one fired by gunpowder. Gun silencers are illegal, yet here was a silent pistol, it needed no silencer, so you could shoot people and no one would hear you do it. Now we have these real quiet drones that can shoot you and no one knows it’s coming. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned this is a radio-control toy from Hell and needs to be abolished.


July 20th, 2015

First off, bribery of a public official is a crime, with prison as the punishment for it, but I guess it’s legal when our government seeks to bribe religious groups, or they wouldn’t do it, right? “Religious groups that refuse abortion counseling no longer can get grants to help human trafficking victims,” comes the latest anti-religion assault from our Department of Health and Human Services. They offer free money to religious groups seeking to counsel sex slaves, but only if those groups teach the victims to have abortions, in violation of the religious beliefs of these charitable groups.

Now, I think all religion is crap, and I’m for abortion, not against it. BUT. What the Hell is our government doing, offering bribes, offering pieces of silver in exchange for violating one’s faith?

If religious groups were excluded from these grants from the beginning, there would be no problem. But they weren’t, and now that they’re all set up to do the work, all organized, all doing a great service for humanity, in steps our government and says “Ok, now you have to talk them into having abortions.” This just makes me want to go and slap the living shit out these jackasses. 27 pieces of silver come to mind….

I see that John McCain is still feuding with Donald Trump. Every time McCain blurts something negative about Trump, Trump blurts something negative back about McCain, only the difference is, Trump strikes right to the heart, which of course really pisses off the person trying to attack him. McCain and the rest need to learn to shut up, they aren’t going to get the best of Donald and the more they try, the stupider they look.

I don’t like John McCain. I used to, before he exposed himself as a RINO. He sides way too much with the Democrat Libtard Socialists to be called a Conservative. As for Donald and Mcain both, along with Rubio, Jeb Bush and others, they’re all violating the Eleventh Commandment, given to us by Ronald Reagan, which is, “Thou shalt not speak badly of a fellow Republican”. Damn good advice. This infighting in the GOP has got to stop. It hurts the party and hurts our chances of getting rid of the Socialists running our country.


July 18th, 2015

The Saudi’s have just announced that they’ve arrested 400 fellow Mooslimes for being ISIS conspirators involved in previous deadly attacks within Saudi Arabia, as well as in planned attacks.

Fox News: “Saudi Arabia branded the Islamic State group a terrorist organization last year and has joined the U.S.-led coalition targeting it in Syria and Iraq.”

Saudi Arabia created al Qaeda. It’s theirs, originating from their vicious form of Islam, Wahabbism and it’s purpose is to attack Western society and degrade Western values. Us, you and me, in other words. It is from Saudi, Wahabbist al Qaeda that ISIS came. The ISIS leaders split off from al Qaeda because they decided that the al Qaeda goals were too narrow and that the goal should be not just domination of the West, but of the world, including all sects of Islam.

This is why they bomb mosques of both Sunnis and Shiites, and kill anyone who doesn’t immediately kowtow to them, and why they’re attacking Saudi Arabia. Many of them are actually Saudis themselves, but with ISIS, individual nations have no more standing than Islam does. They see only global domination with all Earth subjugated to them, and now the Saudi’s are faced with the truth of their own vicious, hateful creed. Good. I hope they and ISIS destroy each other, and finally leave the rest of us the hell alone. The downfall of Saudi Arabia certainly won’t end Islamic violence upon themselves and us, but it sure will help to calm things down a lot and I wish ISIS Godspeed in that regard. Saudi Arabia is our SWORN ENEMY, Iran is only secondary. Thank God they hate each other, as well.

Do not forget that it was The Saudis who attacked us on 9/11/2001. Usama bin Laden was a wealthy member of the same bin Laden family that was guesting along with the Saudi Royal Family at the Bush Ranch in Texas on Sept. 11, 2001. Besides Usama’s backing, nine of the highjackers were Saudis. No one sees an obvious conspiracy here with the Saudi Royal Family in collusion? When they’ve been actively promoting the downfall of Western society for decades? When it’s their oil money that’s been building all those mosques over here? Funding the immigration of so many Saudi Muslimes into the USA? Buying up every strategic industry and resource here that they can get their hands on to control? Iran is not our worst enemy, they don’t even come close, and neither is Russia. Saudi Arabia is. The claim that they’re our ally is a lie.


July 17th, 2015

Airhead Huffnpuff, the owner of the Liberal blog “Huffington Post” (Pretty sure I spelled her name right) has announced that her imitation of a news media source isn’t going to post news about Donald Trump as political news anymore, but instead will put stories about him in with other celebrity stories. I agree with Donald’s assessment of the Huffy Post’s asinine announcement as, basically, ten thousand give-a-shits. The Huffy Post is the blog equivalent of CNN, a “yellow rag” in journalistic terms, a mouthpiece of liars and cowards.

Our Presidential Election is 16 months away yet, a full year and four months, and the final candidate out of each party has yet to be chosen. The Republican field is crowded, and while Donald Trump has risen to the top, a little while ago Jeb Bush had that spot, and Dr. Ben Carson did before him. Who knows which hopeful candidate will be riding the crest next month? Yet a blog popular with the Radical Left is running with their tail tucked between their legs over the possibility of Donald Trump becoming our next President. Clearly they see him as the biggest threat yet to their hopes of inflicting yet another mad dog radical socialist on us as President, and I thank Airhead and the Huffy staff for making this so obvious. The conservative who frightens them the most is the one I want to see get the job.


July 16th, 2015

Well gwarsh, Mickey, whoda thunk that the more people are carrying a firearm, the less people are getting murdered? Or “Golleee”, as “Gomer Pyle” used to say on the Andy Griffiths Show. Do yuh think there might be a connection? A study by the Philadelphia-based Crime Prevention Research Center, says it’s evident that legally-possessed handguns deter crime, rather than contribute to it.

Well, no kidding. My simply displaying a loaded shotgun to my assaultive neighbor was enough to convince him to stop pressing his attack. For that matter, the whole concept of “legally-possessed handguns” is bullshit even though I agree with the rest of the statement. In California and many other states you need a permit to carry a gun unseen, and no one in California is allowed to openly carry a firearm except police. This is a direct violation of our Federal laws, but I won’t get off on that rant this time around except to say that growing up in California, open-carry was perfectly legal and the crime rate was near zero. Ah, but look at it now.

There’s an ancient saying that “good fences make good neighbors”. Well, they help to keep the neighbors out, but good neighbors are good to start with. Fences don’t turn assholes into good neighbors. Guns do, though. When your asshole neighbor knows that you’ll shoot his worthless ass if he dares to force himself onto you, he’ll at least act good whether he wants to or not. Being armed means that people look somewhere else for a victim.

It was after World War II that the push really began by the Liberal lily-livered pansies and frightened old women to take away all the guns. Since most decent Americans wouldn’t stand for such nonsense, the Democrats passed laws instead to take away gun rights from anyone convicted of lesser and lesser crimes, until merely spitting on the sidewalk could be enough to do it. At the same time, they ate and chiseled away at the ability of us to even own guns. let alone walk around with one, until finally our Supreme Court said enough and declared once and for all that our Second Amendment means what it says, that we have the right to keep and bear arms.

Since that decision, more of our states are removing the permit requirement for concealed carry, and no longer restricting open carry, and in those states especially, the crime rate is visibly decreasing. Perhaps the wiser politicians are beginning to see that it’s not so much each other we need protection from, but from increasing Islamic terrorism, and an armed and ready populace is the best deterrent.


July 15th, 2015

Gay has always meant “festive”. like happy people at a celebration, but now that it’s being used to put a happy face on homosexuality, you don’t hear the word used in it’s old meaning anymore. So I got to thinking, words do change meanings over time. They don’t stay the same, they have limited meaning lives, if you follow. For instance, “cute” used to mean bowlegged. Now it generally means attractive in a childlike way, or sometimes in a negative way, as in “Oh, that was cute” to describe a foolish or stupid act. We seem to like to call unattractive aspects of ourselves by attractive names.

The word “ginger” refers to a reddish spice, but also is used to describe red-haired, freckled people because ginger was once a very popular spice. And so on. Another naming problem our Great And Noble Leaders seem to be wrestling with is over illegal aliens. Lately they’re being called illegal immigrants, which is even more cumbersome than illegal aliens, but it sounds less unattractive. So I have a solution for this: Gayliens. Don’t even say “illegal” because that does sound rather negative, you know, and is offensive to those here illegally, and we certainly don’t want to offend anyone for simply violating our national sovereignty.

So from now on, they aren’t “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” or “illegal” anything. In the spirit of making bad things sound good, let’s just call them Gayliens. Spread the word.


July 15th, 2015

“Greece’s prime minister was fighting to keep his government intact in the face of outrage over an austerity bill that parliament must pass Wednesday night if the country is to start negotiations on a new bailout and avoid financial collapse.

The raft of consumer tax increases and pension reforms will condemn Greeks to years of more economic hardship and has fueled anger among the governing left-wing Syriza party”

Exactly as I said it would happen. This final bailout deal has “fueled anger” in the ruling Socialst Syriza Party? That’s almost laughable, they’re the ones who brought Greece to this state of collapse, by turning the country into a total welfare state where everyone gets entitlements and handouts.

These people remind me of Mexicans in the way they expected us to keep spending lots of tourist dollars on them, even after our economy went bad, and blamed us for their hardship. The Greeks are blaming everyone else in the European Union for not giving them more money, instead of blaming themselves for not spending less. Now they’ve started rioting and burning over the demands made on them that are included in this last-chance IMF bailout. “Civil servants protested with a 24-hour strike that disrupted public transport and shut down state-run services across the country. Clashes broke out at a demonstration attended by about 12,500 anti-austerity protesters rallying outside Parliament. Riot police fired tear gas to fight back groups of youths hurling Molotov cocktails from within the crowd.

Note the use of that word “austerity”. These are “anti-austerity” protesters and the austerity they’re protesting is having to make their own ways in life instead of their government providing everything for them. The Greeks used to have a work ethic, it made them great just as we in America made ourselves great by relying on ourselves, by working hard and achieving. The Socialists destroy that, they start Free Stuff programs, Obamaphones, Free Lunches, Government Loans that are then forgiven and forgotten, Welfare Entitlements, Food Stamps. What do you think would happen in the ghettos of America if all the welfare programs were suddenly ended? They’d riot, loot and burn. Hell, the blacks do anyway without a reason, now imagine giving them a big reason.

If the Socialist government of Greece accepts this last chance at a last bailout, with all it’s restrictions and “austerity” measures, the Greeks will riot, loot and burn. If their government refuses it, there will be no more money for free stuff, the welfare will all end anyway, and the Greeks will riot, loot and burn. It’s going to happen, we’re just waiting for the fat lady to start singing Wagners “Tannhäuser”, as the cymbals crash and the lighting and thunder pour down. This is going to be epic.


July 15th, 2015

See, THIS is why I have a problem with the Republican party and their supposed corner on Conservative thinking. Fox News has just posted an article about, and a video link to, a story that proclaims that Planned Parenthood is selling aborted baby parts, and the video is apparently an interview by two phony actors pretending to be legitimate business reps, of a lady doctor who does abortions for Planned Parenthood.

This article is a Fox News LIE. No organs or other body parts are being sold to anyone. Tissues are harvested for medical research that may actually SAVE THE LIFE of you or someone you love, someday. But because this is about Planned Parenthood, which Fox hates, and an abortion doctor, which Fox hates, then they print this pile of bullshit without bothering to do any fact checking.

In the course of conversation, she describes the procedures used to abort the fetuses while doing as little damage to them as possible, in order to save various organs for harvesting. Fox News is trying to make her look like an evil villain, because Fox News is anti-abortion, so they try to make this sound as grotesque and gruesome as possible. Medical procedures generally are grotesque and gruesome. Oh, but this is about BABIES. No, it isn’t, it’s about developing fetuses. Get a grip.

I’m Pro-Abortion. There’s too many goddam people and the problem is getting WORSE, not better. Best is if people would just practice birth control, but when they mostly don’t, second-best is to abort the pregnancy. That doctor’s not evil, she’s helping save not just humanity but the whole planet, and in the process is providing tissue for research. So Fuck You, Fox News and any brain-locked self-proclaimed Conservative sycophants. Abortion is needed, and if you want it stopped, then start enforcing a One Child law instead of attacking people who are doing us all a great service.

Some people have brains like rocks. Human life IS NOT SACRED. The only reason we don’t send babies into war is because they aren’t big enough to carry guns yet, we wait until they can, then kill them. Hello?


July 14th, 2015

Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK all joined together with the United States in an agreement with Iran to lift the economic sanctions against Iran. This is a wonderful thing for Russia, China and everyone else hoping to sell Iran more nuclear capability and offensive weaponry, especially the Russians. Russia has been waiting patiently for the sanctions to end so they can begin building more atomic power plants in the Middle East, in response to the expected rush for nuclear technology that naturally would follow the enabling of Iran to become more powerful. Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East has now been assured.

The huge increase expected in Iran’s income with the lifting of sanctions will enable Iran to become far more aggressive in their spreading of terrorism by their insane religious leaders, and there were pending deals on the tables of Saudi Arabia and Egypt for Russia to build nuclear plants there if the sanctions were lifted. At the same time, Russia will now be able to complete the sale to Iran of an advanced air defense system. Germany, always one of the top makers of weaponry, will prosper, and I’ve no doubt that France and the UK also expect to reap dividends from this.

What the United States will get out of this is much less clear, unless we plan on selling our advanced jet fighters to Iran. What Obama gets out of it is a major threat to Israel’s continued existence because the agreement openly allows Iran to cheat at will and continue it’s nuclear weapons development pretty much unhindered. The reality is that no one but Israel cares if Israel is wiped out of existence, as long as everyone else is making lots of money.

Ultimately, Israel and the United States are the big losers in this massive clusterfuck, because it will be our boys over there fighting and dying once again, and it will be Americans paying $10 a gallon at the gas pumps and way higher prices for everything else when the fighting over there goes into high gear. Ultimately this will lead to a global nuclear war because Israel will defend itself using everything it has when Iran finally attacks them. But before that, the religious wars between the Sunnis and the Shiites, ISIS and everybody else, with Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs all at war, seems inevitable.

All because Obama wanted to enable Iran to be a nuclear threat to Israel. See? This is why you don’t elect insane homosexual cocaine users from Kenya to run the world’s most powerful nation.

Decades from now, this so-called agreement with Iran will be remembered by a shattered world as the day Pandora’s Box was opened.


July 13th, 2015

The Marine Corps has always been known as a tough outfit, the toughest of our armed forces. Recruits are bullied and harassed, worked damn near to death and constantly told that they’re killers and courageous, the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong.

So when a female Marine commander of female recruits not only tries but succeeds in getting her gals to meet or exceed the same standards that male Marines are expected to meet, she’s removed from her position for it. What the Hell? Sounds like the male Marine base commanders weren’t real happy about having women be as good as the men, to me. This story hasn’t ended. In fact it’s just begun. Don’t we want our soldiers to be as good as they can be?

I see the EU money lenders have agreed to a THIRD bailout of Greece. Can’t they figure out that this is all just words on paper? I mean, do they expect to foreclose on Greece and take over the country like you would a foreclosed house, if the Greeks fail to pay up again? What the Greeks want is debt forgiveness, cancel all their debt and start over. What the moneylenders want is their money back. Good luck with that one.

And, Iraq is finally fighting back against ISIS. ISIS is all Sunnis, and it’s Shiites that are fighting them, SURPRISE, with Iran’s Shiite troops helping them. Meanwhile, we are assisting the Sunni Saudis in attacking the Houthi tribe Shiites, in Yemen because they’re fighting against the Sunni regime.
Are you following this? We’re killing Shiites in Yemen and Sunnis (ISIS) in Syria. We’re siding with the Saudi founders of al Qaeda, which in turn spawned ISIS, while killing ISIS fighters at the same time. These little wars are all about differences in Islam. The two main sects are battling each other for dominance and we’re fighting on both sides. Does this sound like our foreign policy might need a little work? Especially when Obama is desperately trying to get the Shiite Iranians to stop refining Uranium for awhile by offering to remove the sanctions that once gone, can never be put back?