October 8th, 2015

Our current sack-of-crap government is supposedly all upset that Putin’s ordered the Russian military into Syria and they’re kicking the asses of the so-called “moderate” rebels, whom we supposedly support.

In the first place, Bashar Assad is the head of the Syrian government no matter how much Obama or anyone else doesn’t like it, and he has the right to resist attacks on his regime using whatever forces he can bring to bear. As far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t care what you call people who are trying to overthrow him, whether it’s ISIS or the Taliban or “moderate rebels”. Considering that we back these so-called moderates, and looking at our track record in the Middle East of what’s happened in other countries where we backed one group against another, it’s only good sense to attack and repel any group that we’re for.

Obama did his damnedest to shove a Muslim Brotherhood dictatorship down the throats of the Egyptians, which nearly caused a civil war in the course of ejecting them from office. Obama would have caused Egypt to become an Islamist dictatorship instead of remaining secular, and instead he made an enemy out of an ally and opened the Egyptian door to the Russians. I guess if he couldn’t create another Islamist state, the least he could do was wreck our relationship with them and harm the U.S. in the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, especially one he created to begin with.

Everything that Obama’s done in the Middle East has promoted destabilization and the rise of Islamic militancy, exactly like G.W. Bush before him, while Russia has been enduring repeated acts of Islamic terrorism on their own soil and is trying to stop the Islamists. What we have here is a Proxy War being fought mostly in the Middle East between Russia and the United States.

You know this is about oil and religion. What else do they have over there besides goats and sand? The Islamist leaders want the oil, they can’t gain and keep power without it. Everyone else wants cheap oil. If they all ran out of oil or if the need for it suddenly ended, they could all fight between themselves forever and no one else would give a damn. Putin’s just trying to quell the uproar that our dear leaders instigated and bring a measure of peace back to the area so everyone can pump away undisturbed. If he can crush the ISIS movement while he’s at it, more power to him. And more oil.


October 4th, 2015

I just realized, during a reading of California SB 1172, the bill enacted into law that punishes mental health care workers for trying to dissuade young people from engaging in homosexual activity, that the word “gay” is now legally accepted by the state of California to mean male homosexuals only. Hat tip to Ernesto for bringing this bill back to my attention. It was enacted several years ago.

Paragraph 2 of the bill starts off “(a) Being lesbian, gay, or bisexual…”. Lesbian OR gay. So female homosexuals are still called Lesbians by the CA state politicians but queer men are the only ones that are “gay” instead of homosexual.

Well, excuse me here but doesn’t the term “Lesbian” still carry the same negative connotation that it always has, that the person so named is HOMOSEXUAL? The whole reason for calling men “gay” was to soften the negative impact of being called homosexual. This is Political Correctness? Where queer women are still called homosexuals but queer men are now called a word that means festive? If I were a fearless and festive fag female I’d rise up in righteous raging wrath and ream those ridiculous retards for their rotten record of reconciliation. This isn’t fair play at all. Lady queers should get a new name too. Something easy to say like gay is, a one-syllable lie. How about “Mom”? Now that we’ve destroyed the meaning of gay, let’s destroy the institution of Motherhood, which has been hanging precariously by a few threads anyway these days. Let’s call queer women “Moms”, such a nice, comforting word, I mean, who doesn’t love their mom? “Moms” it is.

Now that that injustice is dealt with, we need to start finding a new, nice, happy sounding name for other sexual perversions. Pedophiles need a new name, one that makes them attractive to children. How about “Heroes”? All kids like heroes, hell, everyone does. Trans-sexuals need a name that makes them sound like really well-balanced, sane and sexually attractive people. Maybe “Adonis”? Adonis was a Greek known for his beauty and of course, his sexual attractiveness.

Yessir, our language needs to be fair to everyone, and with only a little more effort we can make every sexual perversion not only legal and protected, but so attractive that everyone will want to become perverted. Only then will we have a truly fair and balanced society. Right?


October 3rd, 2015

Tomorrow is another Jesus day, when lots of Christians get all Jesused up in their best Jesusing clothes and go to a building that either has real stained glass windows or windows painted to look like stained glass, to sing Jesus songs and be told all manner of strange and wonderful Jesus things.

The Germans have considered themselves to be Christian for an awfully long time, either Catholic or Protestant, but oh yeah, Christians one and all and very strictly so. As Christians, they worship a man who was unabashedly Jewish, and call him God. These are the same people who looked the other way when their Dear Leader was murdering Jews by the millions, right in their own backyards, literally. The Death Camps were surrounded by towns. All the Germans knew that Adolf and friends were committing genocide on the Jews, even as they kept going to beautiful churches with beautiful stained glass windows, real ones, and got all Jesused up singing Jesus songs.

Every Christian I ever knew belonged to the SSS club. They were all Sanctimonious, Self-righteous Sons of bitches. Most of them are crooked as hell, they lie, cheat and steal, and are accepted in their Christian communities because they all accept this behavior from each other. Why? Because they ask Jesus for forgiveness, which is automatically granted simply by the act of asking, their wrongs are washed away IN THE BLOOD OF JEEEESUSSS, PRAISE THE LORD, and then they’re all morally clean and right, and free to go out and fuck people over again.

In fairness, Muslims are even worse, because they don’t even go through the charade of asking for forgiveness. All the horrible shit they do is God’s Will, and not their fault to begin with, and besides, Islam permits them to do pretty much anything to anyone anyway, as long as they never ever insult Islam or deny that Mohammad was The Prophet. If they do that they get snuffed in an ugly way. But otherwise, behaving horribly is groovy.

Anyway, back to Christianity, Jesus really had the right message, it’s just that to follow it, you have to be a docile person, which most of us aren’t. Most of us would much rather take revenge on others than turn the other cheek and let them nail us again. Allowing oneself to be a victim just doesn’t appeal to most folks, including me, even though I agree with Jesus that if none of us fought with each other, the world would be a much happier place. Then there’s all those Commandments, don’t lie, steal, diddle your neighbor’s spouse, kill people, that stuff that Christians keep doing and being forgiven for by Jesus.

Fortunately for society, we have prisons, and judges who don’t care what religion an offender is when sending someone off to durance vile. If our laws were dictated by religious strictures as they are in Islamic countries, we’d be back in the Stone Age just like them, cutting off hands, feet and heads or burying people up to their shoulders and throwing rocks at their heads. A government may be founded by believers in some religion or other, but not run by a religion. We need only to look at the Near East to see the truth in that.


October 1st, 2015

The morning news says that Putin’s jet fighters are striking the “CIA-trained rebels” who are fighting against Assad in Syria, and are being joined by thousands of Iranian fighters in a major offensive to take back Syrian territory lost to the “rebels”.

Let’s see…. We’re supporting the “rebels”, who are at least partly made up of ISIS fanatics and who are killing every Christian they can murder, and who want to destroy America and take over the world. Now, while I’m not having a love affair with Christians, personally, I’ll take them over Muslims 24/7. Yet we’re supporting people who want to kill all the Christians and turn America into an Islamist state, Putin is fighting against this, and he’s the bad guy. Did I miss anything?

ISIS isn’t alone in wanting to kill all the Christians and take over the world, so do the Iranians and very likely the Syrians too, including the ones who actually are rebels against the Syrian government. They’re all Muslims. They all hate Christians, they all want to take over the world. And our government is training them and supplying them with weapons. What the hell?

When our most prominent Republican candidates along with various other spokes-people say that we have no business being involved in anything at all to do with Syria IN THE FIRST PLACE, I agree. What Putin is most likely doing is preventing a massacre of Syrian Christians in his effort to re-stabilize the region that our government is working so hard to destabilize and turn into a field of blood. We created ISIS, through our interventions, and that’s a plain hard fact.


September 29th, 2015

“The Simpsons”, the TV show everyone knows, is gasping for air. Soon the only people watching it will be Liberal Leftards and the “LGBT” crowd. Certainly the Christians and all those on the Right will stop, and I suspect that they’re the main contingent of watchers. Without them the show will wither and die when the dismal ratings cause sponsors to walk away. I guess they think this will boost their sagging ratings. Wrong.

Why do I say this? Because one of the toon characters, Waylon Smithers, is going to be “outed” as homosexual. Smithers is the personal valet and all-around lackey of Mr. Burns, the owner of the town’s nuclear power plant, and a prominent character in the cartoon show. The last thing I want to watch is another homosexual in that show, since it already has several others, virtually flaming faggots, who are supposedly acceptable in that mythical town’s society. One of them is depicted as a teacher of prepubescent children. Adding Smithers to the crowd sinks the boat for me, I was almost ready to abandon ship before, now I have.


September 29th, 2015

The mass acceptance of religions of all sorts is proof that logical thinking is still in it’s evolutionary infancy in human development. Those few of us who put knowing before believing are either the vanguard of humanity’s next stage of development, or else we’re a vanishing breed. Most times I think it’s the latter.

Christians are people who accept the fantastic idea that after they die, they will wake back up again as if they were only asleep, because they possess something called a “soul”, that can live outside the body forever. Furthermore, this soul has all the mental faculties of the dead person, gets a brand new and beautiful body, and will find him or her self in a beautiful paradise where anything the person wants, he or she can have. However, in order for the believer to have all this after death, the believer must not just believe that a Jew named Jesus was God on Earth, but the believer must also accept this dead Jew as his or her lord and master. This way, the priests and pastors, the purveyors of this chicanery, gain control of the believers.

Islam, the other major religion, is much the same and took most of it’s ideas from Judaism and Christianity and is very much the same as Christianity except that the rules are different. Christians are not allowed to commit murder, whereas Muslims are encouraged to do so. Christians are told to protect children, while Muslims are told to rape them, as well as goats and other animals. Both are told that they will wake up from death and be in a paradise if they follow the rules, though.

While we still await the finding of Jesus’ remains, which should be adequate proof that he never woke up from death and ascended to this paradise as the apocryphal fat priest parasites claim, it does happen that two pages from a Koran have been found that predate Mohammad, who supposedly wrote that book. It’s long been held by some scholars that he was illiterate and never wrote anything and proving that would prove that Islam is just as apocryphal as Christianity. Now here’s these two pesky pages to do just that. Just when the Caliphs thought that they’d destroyed all the evidence back in the 7th Century. Son of a gun.

My only question is, why should any proof at all be necessary? Because some people will believe anything you tell them, and some of them will preach your made-up bullshit to others, and before long, the 5 minute speech you gave has become a best selling book and a movie, and people are preaching the End of the World. Humans lack common sense. It doesn’t matter if something is absolutely impossible, if you insist that it’s true to enough people, you will be hailed as a prophet and great religious leader. Mohammad did it.


September 27th, 2015

At this moment as I type away, the Homosexual King of the Sanctimonious Pederasts, the elected ruler of all those molesters of little boys, who calls the Vatican home, is riding in a white (of course) Jeep fitted with a big bubble-shaped windshield so he can stand up as he waggles his hands in benediction upon the crowds of people in the streets of Philadelphia.

Quite a crowd it is, estimated to be about a million people all out there to catch a glimpse of the Pope. So many gullible fools all in one place, what a scene.

Now, this is a side remark, not associated with the point I intend to make, but something that shouldn’t be overlooked, and that is that there was a time in this country when our Presidents would tour the land, by car or train, and entire towns would line the streets just to get a glimpse of him. That was long ago. Today, who do they crowd the streets to gape at but the Pope. Times have changed. Popes always just used to visit third-world countries. Does this mean they still do? I think he’s giving us a message.

To my point: Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love, and is pretty much the Eastern equivalent of San Francisco. It has a very high population of homosexuals, so what could be more fitting than to have this Pederast King of the Homosexual Child Molesters waving his hands at them in benediction? He’s in the right place, no doubt, but I’ll be a lot happier when he goes back to his treasure-glutted Vatican Mafia. Having Obama in our country is bad enough without this.


September 25th, 2015

Knowing that everything is the result of cause and effect is why I can’t swallow religion. Miracles defy logic, common sense and reality. With miracles, there is no cause and effect, there’s no possible explanation, other than to say it was the act of a deity, which is why miracles are fantasies and hallucinations.

What I saw the other night wasn’t a miracle and since I’m not a believer type, nor a drug user, or have a history of seeing things that aren’t really there, I feel certain that what I saw was really there.

No hoaxer of any mental acuity capable of creating something that vast in size that can fly rapidly and silently, would deliberately cover it with randomly blinking lights that immediately suggest an amateurish hoax, nor perpetrate such a hoax where it stood little chance of being seen.

I have a vast range of experience and an excellent memory. I’ve seen a number of things that have no apparent reason, yet they all involve Nature or forces of Nature and so must be the result of cause and effect. In other words, while strange, they’re acceptable. They weren’t miracles or beyond the realm of possibility.

What I saw the other night was a first. Nothing in my entire life prepared me for it in any way. I was astounded, awed, the old term “flabbergasted” is appropriate. This thing was no miracle, it was the creation of intelligent effort. The lights formed a group and the group moved in unison as a single unit. Obviously, the lights were ON an object and the object moved at a good speed. It’s hard to judge speed because judging distance of such a thing at night is nearly impossible, but I can at least assume a MINIMUM speed simply because of the rate it diminished in size over time, and it had to be going at least a few hundred miles an hour.

I’ve seen things at night that sure were not “weather balloons” or “swamp gas”, and I am convinced that “people” from other planets have come here and still are. There’s plenty of ancient references regarding such visitations, not the least being Ezekial’s “wheel within a wheel”, a perfect description of sightings still happening today. In all honesty, I’ve tried hard to come up with some way this could have been something us humans pulled off, most likely some sort of military experiment, because I’ve found that I’m actually reluctant to ascribe it to alien beings, for some reason. I guess I just never expected to have an experience like this in my own life. It’s something others always have, and I’ve always doubted their stories at least a little bit.

But I can’t. I don’t know that this UFO was some sort of alien craft, but I do feel certain without knowing for sure that it’s nothing we humans made. Everything about it was just WRONG, unearthly. I wish the damn thing had come by an hour earlier while there was still some light in the sky, some visibility. But the bottom line is this: The only explanation for what I saw is that it was an alien craft. That doesn’t mean it actually was an alien craft, it’s just the only explanation for it. We have no “current technology” that can produce anything close to this, so it wasn’t made by us. There is no known force of Nature that can produce such an effect, I know because I’ve read about them all, twice over, and experienced most of them.

So if, or until, something is revealed or some discovery made that can explain how a half-mile wide object covered with lots of randomly flashing strobe lights can fly silently at high speed through mountainous terrain without incident, I’m going to assume that I saw an alien space ship.


September 23rd, 2015

I just saw something I’ve never seen before in my life, and I’ve no explanation for it. At precisely 8 PM, a few minutes ago, I saw a sort of strung-out cloud of flashing red lights, like strobe lights, repeating rapidly, and roughly 15 to 20 of them flashing away, moving through the sky. This apparition moved at a fairly rapid pace as I could see that the size of the flashing area was shrinking as it moved around to the right of my view. Growing smaller with distance, in other words. It came from the northwest and moved southeast. All those red lights were flashing randomly, there was no order to them, no pattern. Aircraft lights always have a pattern, an order, you can tell where the wings and so forth are. With this thing there was none. However, a general shape was defined by the lights. It was pointed at the ends, rounded above and below at the center, like two shallow bowls together, one upright and one inverted. Disc shaped, assuming I was viewing it on edge or close to it.

This is nighttime in the desert, and outside of a dog barking, there was no sound. No aircraft sound. Nothing. Yet when I first saw it, it had to be pretty close to me. It moved silently.

As I watched it I was trying to get an idea of it’s size, as it was plainly huge, and I believe it was about a half mile across. That’s roughly 2800 feet across.

I’ve seen B-1 bombers, this was much larger. What the hell did I see?


September 23rd, 2015

I’m a little confused here, I thought that Catholics worshiped Jesus, but here’s the Pope cruising the Wash.DC streets in his little converted Jeep, and everyone is worshiping him. He stops to bless an infant and the TV anchor raves on how that will be a shining moment for that child’s entire life, BLESSED BY THE POPE, omg. In reality the kid will probably grow up to be a meth addict and spend the rest of his life in prison for some heinous crime.

The guy stands there in his Popemobile, dressed in all-white robes, spreading out his arms just like that statue of Jesus on the mountaintop overlooking Rio. Behold the Living God!

This pompous, self-infatuated ass who’s beloved by millions of blind-faithers because he wears The Funny-Looking Hat, has come here to openly side with Barack Obastard in support of his Global Warming/Climate Change program for the further impoverishment of humanity. The Poop is a Politically Liberal Dickhead, not a Christian in the true meaning of that word, and no friend of mine.

When you consider the truly vast wealth of the Catholic Church, how millions of worshipers throughout the centuries have willed all their property to those priests, donated great fortunes and works of art, and how that church has hung onto every single bit of it and acquired more and more on top of it, then consider the poverty among so many Christians, the oppression and murdering of so many by the Muslims, doesn’t it make you wonder why you never hear of any effort at all, big or small, to help those poor and rescue those oppressed?

All I ever hear out of the Vatican is “Oh you bad Muslims, you must stop that. Love those Christians, be good, yap yap yap”. Talk is so very cheap, Mr. Poope, spend some of those billions creating sanctuaries for the poor and oppressed, don’t just spread your arms in an imitation of Christ. Act like a god damned Christian instead. I should have titled this “Why Catholicism Sucks”.


September 22nd, 2015

For awhile now I’ve been noticing that Kim, the girlfriend of the psychotic asshole who lives directly downhill from me – we share a property line – seems to be absent, so Monday morning at 6 AM I made a special point to see if she got into the passenger side of his car as she had regularly done in the past, and no, just Asshole showed up, got in and drove away. I kept an even sharper lookout today to be sure, and sure enough, she’s gone.

She’s probably been gone for at least 3 weeks now, actually, since it’s been at least that long since I saw or heard anything of her. She was so beat down and abused by Psychotic Asshole that once she was home from work she’d go inside the house and stay in until leaving the next morning. I almost felt sorry for her, except that I didn’t. I mean, if she was stupid enough to stay with him, hey…

But pain is a great teacher and apparently she’s not so stupid that she can’t learn. Now at least, I don’t have to hear him screaming abuse at her anymore. In fact, he’s been really quiet generally, especially since I called the cops on him a few weeks ago for playing his stereo loud and late. Hey, I wanted to get to sleep, the inconsiderate bastard.

He tried to make a victim out of me when he first moved in and that ended in disaster for him, so I guess Kim was second choice. Now that she’s gone he has a puppy, and I’ve notice that he never ever allows the little dog inside. The dog is cowardly, has come onto my property several times only to streak for home in abject fear simply at the sight of me. I’ve never had the slightest interaction with it. Most cowardly dog I’ve ever seen.


September 22nd, 2015

There’s so much concern about Earth’s ever-changing climate that even Microsoft founder Bill Gates is talking about financing a project to stop hurricanes from happening. If he’s successful, most of the rainfall that comes to the South of our nation will stop falling because most of it is brought by hurricanes. I wonder, do you suppose stopping hurricanes could change Earth’s climate?

Obama’s scheme to impoverish America and the West is Carbon Credits, which actually means Huge Taxes. Companies that contribute carbon dioxide to our air, that is, coal power generating companies, must pay huge taxes for burning coal, driving up the cost of electric power enormously and furthering his goal of impoverishing us.

All the schemes for slowing down or stopping Climate Change are either based on false premises or money schemes, or both. Al Gore, a one-time Presidential candidate, greatly increased his wealth by preaching false climate doctrine and capitalizing on it. Treaties have been signed by various nations who agree to burn less fossil fuels, or to “scrub” the smokestack emissions to clean out the carbon, all in the belief that more carbon in the air causes the Earth to get warmer.

Now our scientists find that it’s the opposite. Nearly all Earth’s atmospheric carbon comes from the ocean. It’s the ocean that releases most of the carbon dioxide into the air and guess what? First the Earth has to get warmer. Only as the ocean warms, does it release increasing amounts of carbon dioxide. So what makes the Earth and it’s ocean get warmer? Sun cycles! Not us, not Man burning fossil fuels, but sun cycles.

The way to deal with climate change is this: Where it’s getting colder, put more insulation in homes, and buy warmer clothes. Build greenhouses, grow food acclimated to colder weather. Where it’s getting warmer, use less insulation, (send it to the cold places) and wear less clothing. Grow food acclimated to warmer weather. Don’t try to mess with the climate, simply adapt to the changes. If your winters are colder, build snowmen and laugh. If your summers are hotter, get an ice maker and enjoy a cool beverage after work. The climate of the Earth has always been in a state of change. Where do you think all the Ice Ages came from?

See how easy that is?


September 20th, 2015

It should be obvious that Obama is a sociopath. Sociopaths love attention, are very selfish, don’t care who they hurt to get what they want, are adroit liars, very charming people and never apologize for anything they ever said or did or admit that they ever made a mistake.
In fact, most of the CEO’s of corporations are sociopaths, for a fact, along with nearly all politicians and most attorneys. So it should come as no surprise, if you think about it for just a little bit, that Donald Trump is one. He fits the bill in every way possible.

The thing I wonder is, Obama made all sorts of promises and pretended to be all sorts of things, and the reality is that he’s none of them. It was all lies. So what about Donald? Does he have an agenda totally different from Making America Great Again? What if his real agenda is to rob us blind just as Obama has done, and make himself dictator of America? It’s like Nancy Pelosi said. We won’t know what’s in him unless we elect him. But he is a liar, typical of all sociopaths. I’ve listened to what he’s had to say, very closely, and every single time someone has pointed out one of his mistakes or failures, he’s either denied that it even happened or blamed it on someone else. But it was never him that did it, oh no.

Sociopathy is inherited, it’s genetic like blonde hair is, and I think most of us are in fact sociopathic. It just varies by degree from person to person. Those who study such things say that it was a survival trait back when we were trying to survive ice ages and life was more precarious. The most selfish among us, those least swayed by love or affection, survived best, and we haven’t really changed much yet.

Trump is an amazingly aggressive sociopath, and I doubt that achieving the Presidency is going to satisfy him. Once elected, which he’s likely to be, what would he do next?

Let’s pretend, here. I am Donald Trump, US President. Now, what do I want most? Let’s look at my past to know that. I love winning. Making deals is just a pathway to winning, and I hate losing, which has a lot to do with my heated denials that I ever had any failures. So I will set out to make BIG deals, deals that people applaud me for and praise me for. What kind? Well, I want to be seen as great, a great President. No, not that, The Greatest President Ever, that’s what I want. I want to be seen and praised as the Greatest President Ever. So I will get our border finally fenced and guarded, I’ll oversee the mass deportation of my enemies, illegal aliens, who voted against me. I’ll ram through laws and Executive Orders that put an end to anchor babies and I’ll build our military back up fast because I want that POWER, I love POWER and as President, a military to fear is power.

I will probably engage America in at least one war and I’ll have civilian teams working with the generals and admirals to ensure that we win. Winning is everything and if I’m to be the Greatest President, the world has to fear and respect our (MY) power once again. I will make money deals that are disadvantageous to China, because the Chinese are cyber-attacking American corporations and I’m 100% a corporation guy. I’ll probably institute tariffs on a lot of Chinese goods and force them to sell us their rare earths, vital to modern electronics, at a discount if they hope to get those tariffs reduced or rescinded. I know how to make deals that people can’t refuse.

Okay, that’s my take on Donald Trump. I think it’s most likely that he would make a great president, even though he’d only be doing it for his own greatness. I don’t really care about the reason as long as it happens, and this guy has the tools to do it.


September 18th, 2015

Just did an interesting read on Australian gun laws, written by Liberals, about how much better off we’d be if we followed their example. Back in the ’80s over there, a young loonie with some semi-automatic firearms started shooting people and killed 35 before he was stopped. 12 days later the Aussies hd passed a law for a mandatory buyback of all semi-automatic firearms in Australia. Well, that actually only added up to some 700,000 or so, but they pretty much were all taken in and destroyed by the government and the result is that Australia’s murder by firearm rate went way down from what it was. That worked really well for them.

Of course, they don’t have duck or deer or bear or elk or antelope or any other form of hunting over there at all. What for when almost everyone lives in the cities, which are all coastal. The interior of Australia is mostly barren desert, with very little life of any sort other than kangaroos. No hunting other than for kangaroos and maybe some wild dogs, and a single shot rifle is good enough for that. Here in the USA, most of the continent is habitable and there’s hunting all over. Another thing is, over here we have millions upon millions of firearms and unlike the Australians, we also are the manufacturers of them. Plus, most of our killings are done by blacks on other blacks or blacks on whites, another problem the Australians don’t have and never had. The Aussies really have very little use for firearms. Gun ownership never got really big there because the country started off as a penal colony and it was only the authorities who owned guns. We have our Second Amendment entirely because we had to wage war with England for our freedom, whereas Australia did not and they have no such clause in their constitution.

No doubt we’ll continue to have the occasional mass murders like the one that horrified the Australians into giving up many of their guns, but the Liberals need to remember that none of the bolt-action rifles or revolvers were a part of this deal, just semi-autos, and the real reason they have so few murders is because they don’t have our populations of Negro gangs creating and infesting slums in major cities, or millions of worthless Mexican criminal scum who’ve poured in across our porous border. Wait until their Muslim problems escalate beyond control and see what happens to their gun laws then. When the Muslims start murdering whites faster than the police can catch and incarcerate them, the citizens will arm themselves any way they can. Change will catch up with them, then look out.


September 18th, 2015

Obama wants to appoint an openly homosexual man, a flaming faggot named Eric Fanning, to be the civilian head of our army, he’s invited all the top radical Left homosexuals to attend the coming visit of the Pope, most of whom are openly hostile to the Pope and are expected to confront the Pope, and whose presence will be an insult to the Pope. He’d done everything possible to promote homosexuality in our country, including putting lesbians on our Supreme Court who have usurped states rights and our Constitution in declaring homosexual marriage to be a right.

These are just some highlights. He’s hosted a variety of homosexual soirees in the White House including a big party for the Rainbow crowd, he’s replaced most of our admirals and generals with homosexual officers, hell, when he first was elected he appointed a homosexual child molester to be Safe Schools “Czar”. A pedophile for Safe Schools.

Can anyone still doubt that Barack is queer? So does it make sense that “Michelle” is female, that he has sex with a woman? When “Michelle’s” birth certificate says Michael and Barack refers to him as Michael? When there’s no birth records or baby pictures for his two supposed “daughters”?

We have a homosexual radical Leftist and a student of Saul Alinsky for our President, and Saul Alinsky taught the destruction of America in EXACTLY the way Obama is going about it.


September 18th, 2015

I just read where Bastard Obama wants to replace the outgoing Secretary of the Army with a homosexual. He’s already enticed every young homosexual male and female around to join one of our military services, and the morale of the vast majority of normal soldiers and sailors is rotting away rapidly as a direct result. He’s allowed women into combat jobs in the Marines, which is seriously demoralizing Marine combat units because the women are physically unable to perform as well as the men and hold them back from top efficiency.

Back in the late 1950′s when I joined the Navy, homosexual behavior wasn’t tolerated, and we were all glad for it, except the homosexuals, of course. Now, because our President is a homosexual radical Leftist, he’s doing all that he can to put other homosexual leftists into every possible important position of authority that he can. That’s the “Obama Legacy”, to give our nation over to a special interest group comprised of no more than 1.5% of our population, before he leaves office, to ensure that our society and our morals are forever corrupted and ultimately destroyed.

And the part that bothers me most is that not one of the despicable cowards we’ve elected will call this piece of shit out on anything. Donald Trump is the only prominent person in America who sticks by the truth, that Obama is a homosexual Muslim and NOT a US citizen.


September 16th, 2015

The first one was held by Fox News, and featured Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly, who launched a constant series of attack questions at Donald Trump, but not at any of the other candidates. As a result of Fox’s extremely biased handling of that supposed debate, I seldom watch Fox News and never when Megyn Kelly is on. Like many others, I mostly get my news from Newsmax now because of that gross charade.

After the Fox debate debacle, I fully expected CNN’s hosting of the second debate to be nothing but attack questions, since Fox is thought of as a Conservative station while CNN has consistently been Liberal. To my genuine surprise, CNN conducted a very fair, very intelligent program, no attack questions at all, and everyone was given a chance to give their views on various subjects. They put Fox News so far into the shade with their decent behavior it was pitiful.

As for the candidates, this is the first time I’ve really gotten to hear what Marco Rubio has to say, and he was the most well spoken of them all. He spoke rapidly and very clearly, not a trace of stuttering, hesitation or repetition, something none of the other candidates could claim. It’s too soon at this writing for new public polls to be out on these candidates, but I fully expect to see Rubio’s star shining a lot brighter now.

As usual, Mike Huckabee raved on about the evils of abortion, an entirely religious issue not shared by most women and certainly not by me, since I’m very anti population growth and pro women’s rights. Rand Paul made some good points but he just looks like too much of a wuss, and looks matter. Likewise Scott Walker, with his ridiculous bald-spot comb-over that leaves a shiny round circle showing on top, and that mama’s boy face. Christi says good stuff but he’s a porker like Huckabee. We just don’t elect fatties as our presidents.

Jeb Bush is a weenie, George Pataki just looks too tired, and Carly Fiorina’s face goes spastic when she speaks while her eyes blink with each word. That gets hard to look at in a hurry. It’s just plain unattractive.

Ben Carson did well and I think outshone Donald Trump, though Trump was given the most talk time and I noticed the cameras followed him around pretty exclusively after the debate, when everyone was milling around.

So I think the new polls will say that Carson and Trump are either neck and neck now, or that Carson now has a point or two edge, that Rubio is up, Cruz is about the same, Fiorina is back down a point and so is Bush. By tomorrow evening we can see how my prediction matches up with the polls.

That’s if for today. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.


September 16th, 2015

Coffee is a psychoactive substance, as are many varieties of tea, such as comfrey tea, very popular in Britain. Anything with caffeine in it is psychoactive. I’ve heard that 8 cups of coffee can cause hallucinations. All tranquilizer drugs are psychoactive, as are anti-depressants. And so on and so on. Tobacco is psychoactive, so is chocolate. Alcoholic beverages, oh my god! Consuming stuff that alters our moods is a favorite human activity.

British Home Secretary Teresa May is pushing a new law to outlaw all psychoactive substances, with imprisonment for up to seven years for a violation. Yes, she is blonde.

A hat tip to Xoggoth for this silly bit of news.


September 16th, 2015

Jews have the right to visit the Temple Mount, the place where King Solomon of the Israelis built his temple, followed by the rise of Islam, destruction of Solomon’s temple and then the building of the Al Aqsa mosque after the Muslims conquered the area. It was sacred to the Jews long before the insane Muslims ever believed the bizarre fantasy that Mohammed flew over it.

But the Muslims don’t like seeing any Jews up on the Temple Mount, which is located on a hilltop known as Mount Moriah, in East Jerusalem, also known as Old Jerusalem. So lately they’ve been attacking them, mostly by having their children go there and throw rocks at the Jews, but the attacks have been escalating into riots. Now Jordan is threatening to join the other Arab states in attacking Israel unless, and this is apparently what they’re demanding, unless the Jews let the Muslims throw rocks at them unimpeded and unabated.

PM Netanyahu has a different take on this behavior, he’s arranging for rock-throwing penalties to be hugely increased, with major fines levied against both the rock-throwing little bastards and their parents.

No US or European media is reporting on this, even though the fight over control of the Temple Mount is the focal point of all the Muslim antagonism toward the Israelis. The Muslims are still whining about Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Israeli-Arab war. All the Arab nations that could, launched a simultaneous attack on Israel back in 1967 and Israel beat the crap out of all of them, and annexed E. Jerusalem and the Golan Heights as spoils of war. The worthless, cowardly Arab Muslims have been yapping about it ever since. No wonder they don’t play soccer or other such games, they’re the worlds poorest losers.

Anyway, (it’s so easy do digress when speaking of Muslimes) this looks like yet one more attempt by the Muslimes to generate some sympathy for another attack on Israel. They always blame the Jews for all their own shit-stirring and trouble-making, and with Jordan -maybe- lining up behind them too, it just brings the Mid-East another step closer to another war, which would prove a disaster for the whole world’s economy because, of course, oil. Israel is pretty unlikely to allow itself to be conquered and destroyed without using it’s nukes as a last resort, and the goal of the Muslimes is to destroy Israel. They might succeed but the cost will be extreme.


September 14th, 2015

I’d read earlier that some tourists in Egypt had been killed because they were mistaken for terrorists, and thought that was an unfortunate event, for sure, until I read the update just now.

Four pickup trucks with Egyptian drivers and tour guides were bombed out in the desert by Egyptian military jets and helicopters, killing some of the MEXICAN tourists. MEXICANS. HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW.

Dang, you’d think I don’t like Mexican nationals, wouldn’t you? Good Egypt, good job, good job, well done.