The Coup de Grace

September 28th, 2014

Remember when Rahm Emanuel stepped down as Obama’s Chief of Staff and announced that he was going to become the next mayor of Chicago? It was like there wasn’t even going to be an election, he was chosen to be the next mayor and sure enough, next thing you knew, he was. That’s the power of the political machine behind Obama and the Democrats, elections are merely a formality and the Democratic process is a joke. Remember also that Rahm is the guy whose favorite expression is “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, meaning “Always take political advantage when a crisis occurs, first, and worry about actually responding to a crisis in a positive manner later, if at all.”

Well, now the corrupt, racist and Communist Attorney General of Obama’s, Eric Holder, is stepping down.

Don’t you wonder why? I don’t. What is the perfect next step for this pond scum? I’ll tell you what it is, and you watch and see if I’m not right:

One of our Supreme Court judges is going to unexpectedly not be a Supreme Court judge anymore and Eric Holder is going to be nominated by Obama for that position. Remember I said that. Bye-bye, Constitutional protections.


September 23rd, 2014

Israel just shot down a Syrian jet fighter plane over the Golan Heights. This was the first time in 32 years that this has happened, and it comes at the same exact time that we’ve launched our opening salvos at ISIS in Syria. Something smells of fish here.

Isn’t this an especially odd time for Syria, and Assad, to be testing Israels resolve? Right when we and a handful of Islamic states are working together to hit ISIS at it’s heart? And why aren’t those Syrian jets attacking our jets instead of flying around testing the Israelis resolve? Not a word of Syrian counter-measures do we hear against us. Assad issued a warning to the US to get Syrian permission before launching any attacks inside Syrian borders. Apparently that permission has been given, tacitly if not explicitly.
The bottom line here seems to be that no one likes ISIS very much, and the reason is obvious. The leaders of ISIS are young ultra-radicals who split off from al Qaeda because they saw al Qaeda as turning into a loser, and they want to be the creators of the Ummah, the global Islamic state, and they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way.

This is unpopular with all the other Islamic leaders, so they’re happy to have us Americans fight ISIS for them, or at least give the most help, and I’m sure this includes Syria’s President Assad.

Since everyone knows now that Obama is a Muslim, I think Assad wanted to test the waters between Israel, Syria and the US, and is now waiting for the US reaction to the downing of his jet fighter.

There is already talk of us allying with Iran against ISIS, so we may be allied with Syria right now and the American public just isn’t being told that yet.

Yup, really smells like fish left lying in the sun too long and I bet the Israelis are getting a big whiff of it. That they’d shoot down that jet and issue strong statements against any further incursions instead of escorting it back to Syria as they’ve done in the past, tells me they definitely are getting that sea breeze coming in from the cannery. I think the US is aligning with the Islamic states and I bet they do too.


September 19th, 2014

It has come to my attention that a boat company named Clean Seas, which has boats in Santa Barbara harbor, has been wasting tens of thousands of gallons of fresh water. They have loaded their boats with this water and taken it offshore, just to pump it onto the deck of the barge which Clean Seas keeps offshore off Santa Barbara and lets the water run into the ocean. These trainings, which are supposed to simulate the pumping of oil, have on average used from approx. 500 to 9,000 gallons of fresh water which was loaded from fresh water faucets on F Dock in Santa Barbara harbor.

I am curious if this water was purchased or just taken by Clean Seas. It’s a terrible waste of water during this time of the worst drought in California history. If proof is needed, a check the Clean Seas vessels logbooks for the last 6 months will provide it, as these logbooks are legal documents and there shouldn’t be any problem confirming the water wastage.


September 18th, 2014

A rose, by any other name, still smells the same.
The Al Qaeda terrorist organization is now calling itself ISIS. In reality, ISIS split off from al Qaeda over what have been given as differences between leaders over doctrine and goals, but the real reason is most likely just a fight over power. The leadership of ISIS is younger and more aggressive, but all the claims that they’re also more violent are bogus. Those people are all equally vicious and violent. Right now, ISIS is getting headlines for mass murders of Shiites and other non-Sunnites, but al Qaeda got plenty of headlines of their own for the same heinous acts of beheadings, torture and slaughter.

The program of the West to exterminate al Qaeda’s leadership has been pretty successful, with the result that the survivors have gone into quiet hiding. The result is the rise of younger leaders who’ve struck out on their own, as ISIS, and so far they’ve been very successful. They’ve gone farther and taken over much more territory than the al Qaeda leadership ever did.

Up to a point, Obama was willing to let them proceed with their plan to take over the Mid-East and eventually the whole planet, but his handlers in Saudi Arabia have instructed him to stifle their progress. Even though Obama is a Sunni like ISIS, al Qaeda and the Saudis, that doesn’t mean that they all have the same goals or even like each other, and the Saudi’s clearly see ISIS as a threat to their own religious/political dominance. The King of Saudi Arabia is, after all, the Keeper of Mecca and perhaps the single most important religious figure in Islam, and he expects the leaders of ISIS to defer to him. He also knows that this expectation won’t be met, that ISIS is an opponent, not an ally, in the constant battle among Muslims for religious ascendancy.

The Shias and the Sunnis will forever cut each other’s throats in the effort to be “the only true Islam”, and will never rest until the other is wiped out. The Shia’s number no more than 11% of all Muslims, but are the majority in Iraq and Iran, and Iran is currently the single most powerful Middle East nation. Iraq held that position until we wrecked the status quo and started the mess we have over there now. Up until then, these two predominantly Shia countries were at war with each other over differences not fathomable to me unless it was just the desire to conquer. The things Muslims do make sense only to Muslims and usually involve lots of murder and blood.

What’s going to happen to ISIS is the same thing that happened to al Qaeda, their leaders will be targeted and killed with airstrikes until the organization finally folds its tent as al Qaeda has done, and those remaining limit themselves to minor attacks just to maintain their positions of authority within the organization. For all practical purposes, ISIS will become just one more little terrorist outfit that had its day of fame.

Because this right here is the bottom line. The Saudis want the world to become a united Islamist state, but they want it done their way with them at the top, and the use of terrorism is not their way. Terrorism doesn’t work well on the West and they know it. They can cow any Muslim into bowing down in fear, but the West is different, we don’t bow down, we stand up and strike back, and that’s because we aren’t Muslims taught since birth to submit. This is why the Taliban, al Qaeda, ISIS and all the rest of the terrorist start-ups and fiery Islamist preachers will never succeed. They not only have the West to contend with, they have the Saudis as well.


September 12th, 2014

Continuing to live as the years pass has provided some interesting observations, and the latest to come my way is that sincerity is for the young, which is a broad group of people that includes everyone with a job and anyone of any age who is in a position of authority. Old people who are no longer gainfully employed fall outside of the sincerity loop.

The reason for this is obvious. Once a person is no longer considered to be someone to reckon with, there’s no longer any incentive in the minds of those still in The Group to concern themselves with honesty. When it’s someone who appears able to retaliate, others refrain from pushing the boundaries much, but when it’s some old person who is no longer perceived to be capable of being any sort of threat, then the lies roll off people’s tongues with the greatest glib ease.

Add to that, that old people are perceived to be generally stupid and gullible. The possibility that some old type may be quicker and sharper than the person trying to take advantage of him or her, never enters the young liar’s head.

I went to a local marina to rent a boat slip and was presented with a contract that required me to sign a waiver which released the marina from all liability, even including negligence on their part, for any harm to my boat or me that might be caused by them. When I pointed out this clause and that it essentially gave them my boat to do anything with that they wanted, steal it, sell it for parts, sink it, and that I’d have no recourse against them, they stood there with big smiles on their faces and gave me verbal assurances that none of that would ever happen. But when I told them to put it in writing, they refused.

Over and over, more and more, people lie to me almost carelessly now, though their lies are just as obvious as lies always have been to me. It always seems to shock them when I point out their bullshit to them.

Anyway, looks like I don’t get a slip at the marina for my boat, because I refuse to put myself in the position of possibly becoming a victim because the marina doesn’t want to pay for insurance to cover their public liability. I’ve since found out that all marinas are doing this now, because they can legally get away with it and most people never bother to read the contracts that they sign.

The guy who sold me the boat lied to me about a number of things, but I bought it pretty cheaply, and have already fixed the problems, so I came out alright on the deal. The only part of it that bothered me was that his son, about 18 or 19 years old, lied to me as much as his father did. What a poor way to teach your child.

But I’m digressing here. The thing is, once a person reaches an age where they’re seen as being too old to be of any importance, they stop getting much, if any, respect. Respect for our elders was drilled into us as children when I was young, but that was a different time. These days it’s more like living among a pack of wolves, and you’d better keep your teeth and claws sharp if you want to stay on your feet.


September 10th, 2014

You don’t get much information out of the Middle Eastern states publicly about their attitudes toward much of anything, other than their frequent expressions of hatred for each other and everyone else. It is looking pretty strongly then, because of some pretty plain-spoken remarks from various leaders over there, that not all of them are in favor of a global Islamic State.

It turns out that Al Qaeda and ISIS are at odds, since both intend to be the creators, and of course the dictatorial rulers, of the global Islamic tyranny they hope to put together. Other Islamic states’ leaders have no desire to give up their own positions of power and know full well that they can’t trust any promises or agreements with other Arab Muslims to share the glory.

It looks to me like the threat of a global Islamic state, an “Ummah”, is becoming less of a threat as time goes by. When even Arab Muslims get involved in fighting against the terrorists, that’s a sure sign that the whole thing is starting to fall apart. The reality of this Ummah is sinking in to them, that their own heads may end up rolling on the dirt. as those who seek to dominate Islam are out to crush everyone.

Extremism always ends up being too extreme for even the followers to stomach and that’s what this is beginning to look like.


September 8th, 2014

There’s a song that goes “Stay right here, because these are the good old days.” The past can often seem better than the present.

Our country has seen it’s share of the “good old days”, with times like the “Gay Nineties” and the “Roaring 20′s”. In fact, our country had problems in the 1890′s, with an economic depression, and the war with Spain going on. But a lot of people were also prosperous, and the cities were coming alive with electric wiring, electric lights, machines that played music, invention and innovation. It wasn’t until the Great Depression, though, that the 1890′s were looked back on and considered an especially happy time.

The Roaring 20′s is a different matter. They did roar. The prohibition of alcoholic beverages was expanding across Europe and the U.S. passed a law against alcohol in 1920, and the era of gangsters, bootleggers, speak-easys, flapper girls and much more, was on. We had a sexual revolution with the casting aside of much of the old Victorian inhibitions and codes of dress. All that came to an end with the stock market crash of 1929 and the beginning of the Great Depression.

We were still trying to climb out of that depression in 1941 when Japan attacked our Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and we entered World War Two, and at the end of it in 1945, when we and our allies had won, we finally climbed out of the worst depression in our history.

So, the “good old days” depends on what things were like before them and may not really have been all that good, it’s just that they were a lot better than the bad old days. With the exception of… The period from about 1960 to 1980, maybe up to 1985. Everyone was working and making a good wage. Everyone could buy a nice home. The natural beauty of most of the country was still unspoiled, and our population density was low. Prices were reasonable, everyone who wanted one and could drive, had a car, gasoline was cheap, we were on good terms with most of the world, and Americans were loved and respected everywhere that our soldiers and sailors had fought and died to free people from Fascism. The Open Road was the song of America. We were a prosperous and proud people at last. THOSE were the Good Old Days.

Nothing lasts forever and the reasons for the way things are now are many, but they can all be summed up as just our inability to hold onto a good thing because we take too much for granted, and don’t look to the future or take lessons from the past.

We love war too much, too, I think. When our movies aren’t glorifying the battles fought in history against each other, they have us battling aliens from outer space or some dread disease that threatens all of us. We love to fight. This is why, even after the Second World War ended, we got into another one a few years later in Korea, and then another one shortly after Korea in Vietnam and Cambodia, then several in the Near East.

It’s a simple thing. If you want to have good old days, you can’t rely on your country to provide them for you, because the people who run it are most likely unconcerned with your personal happiness. It’s only when we as individuals mentally separate ourselves from identifying with the state of our nation that we can see our lives clearly and find our independent ways to personal happiness. Just because poverty surrounds us doesn’t mean we have to wallow in misery with the rest of them. That, instead, is the time to seek out those who still can smile, to learn to make the best of what’s available, to stop complaining and start looking for the silver linings in all the clouds. Because they’re there if you look for them. Nothing is ever all bad.

It sure helps when others around you are doing well, when your nation is doing well, but you can’t count on that. When you want a helping hand, the best place to look for one is at the end of your own arms. Our best good old days are the ones we create for ourselves.


August 27th, 2014

ISIS means The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and is intending to become a global Islamic caliphate. A global caliphate is a one-world government in which everyone submits to radical Islam or is killed.

ISIS is also strictly Sunni-sect Islam, so it’s enemies are all the Shiite-sect Muslims along with all Christians, Jews and all others who are not Sunni Muslims.

ISIS springs from Saudi Arabia’s Sunni Wahabbist sect, which is a very strict, radical form of Islam, and is even more radical and strict than the Wahabbists.

President Obama’s father was a Sunni Muslim, and he’s repeatedly demonstrated a strong partiality toward the Sunnis and against Shiite, Christian and Jewish interests, for example by supporting the election of Mohamed Morsi as President of Egypt, a Sunni, who then tried to force Egypt to knuckle under to the Muslim Brotherhood and become an Islamic state. Egypt is secular, and if you recall, this resulted in massive demonstrations and the ousting of Morsi, an act which was not just condemned by Obama but one in which he did his best to punish Egypt for, thus making them an enemy of the U.S. when they had been our friend and ally.

The airstrikes he authorized against ISIS to prevent them from taking over Erbil, the capital of the KRG in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq, were only to protect our diplomats who are stationed there. He couldn’t afford to allow another Benghazi. As it is, we had to evacuate our Tripoli embassy last July because of impending attacks. Nor is he likely to do anything more against his Sunni brethren unless they pose another political threat to the Democrats in the coming elections.

Obama’s refused to send any other help to the Kurds. The Muslims all hate the Kurds regardless of sect because they aren’t Muslims and many of them are Christians, so Obama will not come to their aid. Neither is the Iraq government.

Who is coming to their aid, of all people, are the Iranians, who are now sending in arms. “We asked for weapons and Iran was the first country to provide us with weapons and ammunition,” KRG President Massoud Barzani said. This makes perfect sense, since the Kurds have been fighting back against ISIS instead of retreating like the Iraq military, and the Kurds control large oil reserve areas. Iran, keep in mind, is Shiite. The last thing they want is a Sunni caliphate to take over the world.

We need to take a realistic look at what being our ally means today. A friend of the American people is not necessarily our ally, because our government is the entity that chooses friends and foes, and not us, the people. The Obama/Democrat/Socialist government in power today sees Israel and all Shiite nations as our enemies and all Sunni Muslim nations as our allies.

As Democrat members of Congress begin to finally see clearly that Obama’s agenda is the same as ISIS, they’re backing away from him. No one has yet come forward and said this plainly, but it’s coming, no doubt first from some Republican. But that is the plan and that’s why ISIS has been allowed to expand unhindered by our government until it’s now the massive threat that it is.

Iran and Syria are the only forces presently fighting against ISIS. The majority of Iraqis are Shiite, as is the government, which oppresses the Sunnis. Obama wants to see the Sunnis take over, but I think he, meaning Saudi King Abdullah, actually, would prefer that Iraq elect Iraqi Sunnis to the leadership. Currently, incompetent Shiite sectarian hacks are still in charge even though Al Maliki has finally stepped down.

So ISIS’ progress in Iraq is mostly going to hang on the Kurdish/Iranian resistance along with the political makeup of the Iraq government. If those stupid looking Arabs (ever see a picture of Al Maliki? DUH!) can figure out that letting the Sunnis take over will guarantee their own survival, they might have a chance.

ISIS has taken over oil refineries and oil fields along with massive weapons caches, and is now the best funded and equipped terrorist organization on the planet. The world better start reacting and soon.


August 26th, 2014

I got an email some time back from Bid4Assets, which is an online auction that sells off government, state and county properties all over the country. Most state’s counties give their tax-foreclosed properties to Bid4Assets to sell off for them.

I’d been looking over what they offered for the last four or five months or so, and saw three lots up for bid around Big Bear Lake, at $1 starting bid. So what the heck, after carefully reading over the auctions for hidden costs and finding none, I bid a dollar each.

Well, I won all three, and the emails came in this afternoon advising me “Congratulations, etc.” and informing me that I needed to send in $100 for each lot for a buyers premium plus $495 for each lot for “processing fees”.

That would be fine if these were bargains but this is land way out in the middle of nowhere, the lots are only 25 feet wide, accessible by dirt road with no power or phone or any other utilities and probably no cell service.

I went back and very carefully re-read those auctions again for the Nth time, and finally spotted a line of print at the very bottom, in small print, that said there will be those fees. The kicker here is that I gave them access to my Visa card to be able to bid, and there’s a $250 EACH penalty for failing to complete the transaction.

Since I’ve no intention of paying all that money for this nearly worthless land that I thought I was getting for nearly nothing, then I have to bite the bullet and pay the $750 total penalty. It’s a lesson learned, no matter how legitimate any website may appear, watch out for the hidden fees and fine print. If you have to read every single word twice to find out what something is really going to cost, instead of those costs being spelled out right away in bold print that you can’t miss, then in my opinion the site is a SCAM and should be avoided.

I’m not real happy about telling this one on myself but if it keeps someone else from getting screwed, then it’s not a total loss. My advice is to consider Bid4Assets and ANY auction website to be a SCAM unless ALL COSTS are clearly stated in large print right up front. I think anything less is a deliberate effort to screw people out of their money.

LOOK OUT, HERE COMES BIG BROTHER AGAIN, or, Why I Avoid Social Networking Sites Like The Plague They Are.

August 26th, 2014

Our federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create an online database that will track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter.

What they’ll be tracking, specifically, is political speech that will “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.”

Political smears? Like someone saying on Twitter that Obama is out to wreck the country, he’s a Sunni Muslim who supports ISIS and other Sunni efforts to take over the world? Negative remarks about Democrats? Things like that?

Well, Hell yeah, that’s what they’re looking for. Who’s funding this, the Republicans? Not when the Democrats are running the Federal Government, they aren’t, so this is going to be just one more big invasion of our Constitutional Rights, hooked to One Big Denial, like Lois Lerner and all those suddenly disappearing Internal Revenue Service emails regarding the IRS being used to attack Conservatives. “Who, me? Why, NO, never, not me”. Lying sons of bitches. See, now that would be classified as Hate Speech by their standards, and sooner or later, some sort of crap would come my way for it.

This is an open effort to stifle free speech on the Internet, and nothing less.


August 20th, 2014

Now it comes to light that the 280-pound Michael Brown black guy was beating hell out of the white cop who shot him dead and broke the cop’s eye socket before the cop was able to shoot him. He had to shoot that thug 6 times to stop him, and he was within his rights.

So much for any reasonable claim by Obama or Eric Holder against the white police of Ferguson, Missouri. Now maybe our Negro Radical racist asshole of a Piece Of Shit President will shut the fuck up and get his racist nose out of this sorry mess that he helped create.

We have a President who vilifies the Israelis, supports the Hamas terrorists and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, foments racial animosity, is deliberately destroying our economy, creating massive overpopulation with his open-border policy, and refuses to keep his mouth shut every single time that some white cop is involved with a black person.

I do wonder if our nation is going to survive the machinations of the Democrat Party.


August 15th, 2014

In no other country in the world do you see black people rioting and looting when white police shoot a black. They shoot each other constantly over here, but that never seems to matter in the slightest. Just when a white does it.

The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons are doing a great job assisting Braaakk Obama in fomenting ever more racial hatred, fanning the flames at the slightest opportunity, and the NAACP is happily helping them along, along with the rest of the Left Wing Democrats. For most of those Democrats, their silence is assent. You never hear them speak out against Black on White crime, only when a White person does something against a Black.

You think this doesn’t foment hatred by Whites against Blacks? You bet it does. Every time White people read about Blacks sucker-punching old White people, the burn goes deeper. Now we have the Blacks all having a swell time rioting and looting in St. Louis over the death of an 18 year old Black named Michael Brown who was shot by a White cop after a scuffle. If a Black cop shot the guy, all would be peaceful. When was the last time the Blacks started rioting and looting after a Black cop shot a White person? Anybody know? I can’t seem to recall a time, Ever.

Okay then, when was the last time any Whites rioted, with or without the looting, over any cop killing anyone? Can anyone remember that?

The racial problem in this country is all on the Blacks. It’s not the Whites who raise hell and loot and riot, it’s the Blacks. While the White people are trying to make things better for Blacks, the Blacks are staying busy making things worse for everyone.

The only thing about their behavior that’s improving racial equality is the increase of hatred of Whites for Blacks, and don’t think it isn’t happening.


August 1st, 2014

A little while back I posted on the spreading Ebola epidemic in Africa. Now it’s time to expand on that as Ebola has come to Europe and the United States. Germany has agreed to accept Ebola patients and an infected American is being flown here for treatment.

The doctors in Africa, as well as those here and in Europe, wear full enviro suits. Impermeable full-body suits with sealed face plates that contain their own air supply. These suits are burned every 3 hours and totally destroyed.

Ebola supposedly can only be contracted through contact with the patient’s body fluids, much like HIV/AIDS.

Yet doctors are becoming infected and dying, anyway, in spite of these extreme precautions. How can this be? The saliva contains the virus too, can it be airborne? It certainly looks that way.

Our government has issued Ebola virus detection kits to our National Guard, in all 50 states. Our National Guard isn’t medically trained, so why aren’t those kits being issued to our national health services instead, such as our Center For Disease Control? Because the National Guard would be responsible for rounding up and detaining very large numbers of people in a quarantine action, is the only possible reason.

It’s just been announced that an Ebola vaccine has been developed and human testing is being rushed through. “The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday.”

“The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.”

It hasn’t really hit the fan yet but this could be a global pandemic that kills many millions of people. Preparations are certainly being made with that possibility in mind by our government and we can only wait and see which way it goes.


July 29th, 2014

The Liberal media is full of dire threats of war, claiming that Russia is trying to provoke a hot war, thermonuclear war, while the Conservative media is claiming that the U.S., meaning Obama, is trying to start a hot war with Russia.



That Obama is doing his best to anger Putin is pretty obvious to us all, the latest tirade being accusing Russia of violating a 1987 missile treaty that this is a “serious offense”, threatening Russia to stay out of Ukraine, and now joining with the EU to impose sanctions and more sanctions against Russia.

Every single time we have gotten into a war somewhere, the first thing that happens is our TV screens start getting filled up with war movies to get us all fired up for war. I’ve been seeing this happen ever since Korea and it never fails. So when I noticed that the war movie programming had suddenly increased dramatically, I got suspicious, and now my suspicions are confirmed.

I don’t think that we’re going to get into a nuke war with Russia. It would destroy Russia along with us and Western Europe, and the people who run the world these days aren’t the dictators of old, they’re the billionaires, the financiers and controllers, and devastating loss doesn’t appeal to them. What all the propaganda is for, is to instill fear in the rest of us, to prepare us for hardship.

I think what’s coming is a cutting off of much of our energy supplies, which will mean another drastic increase in inflation. With sanctions against Russia, Putin can retaliate by cutting off oil and gas to Europe, creating scarcity and driving up prices.

Whenever war is threatened, follow the money.


July 18th, 2014

Obastard knew all the information on the Russian murder of the people on a Malaysian jetliner when he first mentioned it, and barely mentioned it at that, for about one minute, before launching directly into his prepared speech at another goddam fundraiser at our expense. At the very same time, his minions at the White House were giving crap to the Israeli’s for a few civilian deaths during their current Gaza campaign and telling them how they should conduct their war on terrorism so as not to hurt anybody. Just like both Bush presidents before him.

“Gaza crisis: Obama administration accuses Israel of not protecting civilians”

Of the Gaza beach attacks that killed four cousins on Wednesday, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki called the attack “horrifying.”

“The tragic event makes clear that Israel must take every possible step to meet its standards for protecting civilians from being killed,” Psaki said. “We will continue to underscore that point to Israel.”

We have the gall to tell Israel that they must meet their own standards when we killed civilians in Vietnam and Iraq by the tens of thousands? Oh my God.

“Asked whether the U.S. believes Israel has not done enough to prevent civilian casualties, Psaki said: “We believe that certainly there’s more that can be done.”

Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated U.S. concerns about civilian casualties in a phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the State Department said in a statement late Thursday.

Netanyahu described the “imminent threat” posed to Israel by Hamas tunnels from the Gaza Strip, and Kerry reaffirmed strong U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats from such tunnels, the statement said. “This should be a precise operation to target tunnels,” Kerry said of the Israeli ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.”

There is far more concern in this outhouse of a White House for Democrat fund raisers than there is for the Russian attack on a civilian jetliner that left 298 people dead, including 23 Americans, and for respecting our best ally Israel (now that Hussein has alienated all of Europe from us).


July 17th, 2014

The Russian military is responsible for shooting down that Malaysian jetliner. The Russian dissidents in Ukraine have not been given the surface to air capability to down an aircraft at 34,000 feet. This was a deliberate act of murder and terrorism on the party of sloppily trained Russian trigger-happy soldiers and Russia must be held accountable. 23 of our citizens were also aboard that civilian aircraft.

Meanwhile, that worthless piece of shit, Barack Obama, has made it a point to ignore the wrongful imprisonment in spite of a petition containing over 100,000 signatures presented to him that makes him legally responsible to get involved in the soldier’s release. That worthless son of a bitch is bringing in all the dregs from Latin America that he can while totally ignoring what Mexico does to our people.

Until something wonderful happens to get rid of Obastard, we should all be BOYCOTTING MEXICO. Fuck those Mexican assholes and FUCK OBAMA! God, I hate that man.


July 17th, 2014

Israel has once again launched an invasion of the Gaza Strip, this time to destroy tunnels into Israel proper, get rid of Hamas’ stash of thousands of rockets, and generally destroy the terrorists ability to attack Israel. This isn’t the first time they’ve had to do this and it won’t be the last, because as long as Hamas is in power in Gaza the attacks will continue.

What they do after they get trounced, is collect millions of dollars from the Arabs and from the U.S., buy more rockets and dig new tunnels. Then it’s rinse and repeat, start shooting rockets into Israel all over again, kidnapping and murdering children all over again, blowing themselves up on Jerusalem buses all over again.

The only way this will ever stop is if Israel takes Gaza back from the Muslims they gave it to, in a Land For Peace trade brokered by one of our asshole presidents, I forget which and it doesn’t matter anyway. It was a seriously bad move on the Israeli’s part, they must have been pressured into it something awful. But being pressured by our presidents is at an end, especially now that Obama is president. The Jews have no illusions about that Muslim bastard and they’re pretty good at pressuring back. This latest Gaza invasion will not end with the takeover of Gaza that’s really needed to stop Hamas, but the next one will. I’m certain of it.


July 7th, 2014

In the past few weeks our Supreme Court has decided against Obama’s imperial over-reach in 4 separate cases.

They ruled unanimously that the police do not have the right to search the contents of a person’s cell phone without a search warrant. This ruling upholds our 4th Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure and defeats Obama’s attempt to broaden his powers.

They ruled unanimously that the president does not have “the authority to appoint members to the National Labor Relations Board — or any government board/commission, for that matter — without approval from the U.S. Senate by using “recess appointments.” even though the Senate was not recessed.” “The Senate is in session when it says it is,” wrote Justice Stephen Breyer, one of the more liberal members of the court, in a clear rebuke to the Obama administration. This ruling removes Obama’s illegal Leftist appointees and their decisions will be cancelled.

They ruled 5 to 4 that privately held corporations like Hobby Lobby have the right to refuse to provide certain types of birth control in their insurance plans, because of religious grounds. This ruling takes a big chip out of Obamacare (the ACA) and opens the door to further suits against it.

They ruled 5 to 4 that unions can’t require people who are caring for family members at home to have to pay union dues. Public sector unions were demanding that home health care workers — that is, people who act as caretakers for other individuals living in their homes — pay “fair share fees” to support the union. This is a smaller victory but still important. It was a union power grab and it was defeated. The unions are steadily getting whittled away at, are steadily losing members and income, so they are steadily losing the ability to influence our elections. Since they historically side with the Democrats, this helps level the playing field.

SCOTUS voted along political lines on the last two items, so it’s a good thing that 5 of the 9 judges are still conservatives. Even so, the fact that even the Liberals on that court also voted to protect our Constitution is a very positive thing. Hope remains.


June 28th, 2014

“A Mexican law enforcement helicopter crossed into U.S. airspace and fired two shots, just missing American Border Patrol agents and prompting a quick apology from Mexican authorities in what is the second incursion this year of Mexican forces into United States territory, U.S. law enforcement officials said Friday.”
“In a similar incursion in January, two heavily armed Mexican soldiers crossed into Arizona near the same spot and drew their weapons on U.S. Border Patrol officers. No one was injured in that incident either, and Mexican soldiers retreated back across the border.”

The Mexicans flood across our borders with backpacks filled with narcotics and all that happens to them is that they get deported at our expense. Yet when one of our citizens enters Mexico by mistake he’s thrown into one of their prisons and chained, and months later we still can’t get him out.

I would dearly love to be in Obama’s place right now because I would send troops in and free our citizen, and order a cruise missile attack on the Mexican Presidential Palace. Then I’d get serious about making Mexico control their side of the border. If they tried to retaliate there would be one hell of a lot of dead Mexican politicians until they saw the light and started doing what they should have been doing all along, which is behaving in a lawful and democratic fashion. Yes, I too “have a dream”.


June 20th, 2014

One of the world’s deadliest and most contagious diseases is “out of control” now in West Africa. “Nearly 600 infections and 340 Ebola-related deaths have been recorded in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, the most since the virus was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan almost 40 years ago, the World Health Organization said this week. There’s no cure or vaccine for the highly contagious disease, which has mortality rate of up to 90%.”

“We think that the situation can be controlled with the measures that are being vigorously implemented,” says Francis Kasolo, an African native and the director for disease prevention and control at the WHO’s regional office in Republic of Congo, whom I have zero confidence in. One of the world’s most dangerous diseases is Out Of Control in their country and they don’t want any outside help to contain it? Are you kidding? I’d be screaming to the UN for help, the Russians, Chinese, anybody to stop the spread of this admitted epidemic.

Several ebola cases have been suspected but hushed up recently in Canada and the U.S., in Minnesota.

A long time ago there was an ebola outbreak in Africa and some infected monkeys were shipped on an airplane to the U.S., where they were discovered to be infected. The news made clear at the time that it was a miracle that the disease hadn’t spread out from there before the infected animals were found. Now the possibility has arisen that the ebola disease spreading across East Africa is airborne. If this is true, not much could stop it from spreading over the entire world and wiping out at least half of humanity. There’s no vaccine and no cure.

Many medical professionals expect something like this to happen eventually, because of the free travel going on now everywhere and the fact that diseases keep mutating. Of course, those who are into prophecy will start beating their drums as well, but let’s not leap to any conclusions just yet. We may get lucky once again here.