June 21st, 2018

Death to Time! Magazine, that is, one of the filthiest Communist propaganda rags still being published. This morning when I looked in on Drudge Report, what did I see but THIS:


That disgusting visual attack on the finest President we’ve ever been privileged to have is followed up inside this yellow rag with a very long story by one Karl Vick that wails on and on about the sad plight of the Illegal Alien’s children, how they’re separated from their parents and this is all ENTIRELY the fault of that EVIL MAN, Pres. Trump, that this is his policy, he’s inflicting all this suffering and anguish on these poor innocent children and he doesn’t care, and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Karl Vick is A LIAR! He actually says that Pres. Trump authorized this separation of Illegal Alien parents from their Illegal Alien children, when in FACT this was set up by Barack Obama, who had the kids essentially caged in rooms surrounded by hurricane-wire fencing to the ceilings and wrapped in tinfoil. The photo below is an actual picture of this, one of many that can be found now on the Internet.

Obama's tinfoil covered Illegal Alien kids

These people are all ILLEGAL INVADERS of our nation and most of them are Mexicans. If you enter Mexico illegally, you will be thrown into a prison and held for ransom, probably tortured and beaten, and your relatives will be extorted for money to get you out. If you have no one to help you, there’s a good chance you will never get out, or even live for much longer. Yet Mexico screams bloody murder at any imagined mistreatment of their people here illegally.

We, on the other hand, have been letting many of this bottom-layer scum of Mexico stay here, and have done our best to repatriate the rest in a humane way, even those who keep repeatedly getting caught illegally entering and committing other crimes as well. The truth that everyone ignores is that if these people would stop, or were stopped by us, from sneaking across our border in violation of our sovereignty, there would never be a separation issue or any other kind. We haven’t be doing anything wrong, THEY HAVE.

So I was happy to read that Time Yellow Rag had to cut it’s printed circulation by a full third in 2017, and that it’s ad revenues are decreasing. This vile tripe is a waste of good trees, the paper would be better spent in producing toilet tissue. Fortunately, the Internet and Iphones are killing off magazines, including Time Magazine. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


June 17th, 2018

If I comb my hair in certain ways or braid it in certain ways that resemble the traditional ways that some tribe did somewhere at some time, or resemble the ways that certain ethnic groups somewhere did, then I am GUILTY, GUILTY, DAMN ME, of Cultural Appropriation!

I like to wear Indian, that is, Native American, style jewelry from time to time, the rings, cuffs and bolo ties. I also wear western shirts like the ones Native Americans wear. I like the style. Right now, in the summer heat, I usually wear Hawaiian shirts, ones I bought in Hawaii, just like the ones Native Hawaiians wear. I am one guilty guy, I shamelessly culturally appropriate and laugh in the face of those who would scorn me, Oh, the shame. Or lack of it, I should say. Yes, I have guilt I don’t feel, without shame for not feeling guilt. Sue me.

When people wear the clothing, jewelry, hair styles and so forth of various ethnic and tribal groups, it’s a complement to that group and anyone who doesn’t like it should shut the hell up. This is America and we can wear what we damn well please anyway. There is no law that says any style can’t be copied and imitation has always been the highest form of flattery.

For reasons unknown to me, some members of some ethnic groups are trying to shame non-members out of wearing similar styles, as if only they had the right to wear or braid or tattoo or pierce whatever it is they do. Nope. Go ahead and wear your styles but stop acting like spoiled brats when people copy you, and take it as the complement it is when they do.

People don’t wear the styles of other peoples in order to insult them or make fun of them, it’s because those styles are admired. Anything that people admire, they will always emulate.


June 12th, 2018

The ultimate end result of Pres. Trump’s abandonment of some trade agreements and reworking others to be more in our favor with the nations of the world is to increase our national prosperity and power. This necessarily also results in the decrease in the prosperity and power of the other nations, since they have been gaining far more from these trade agreements than we have. I’m referring, of course, to the massive trade deficit we’ve been enduring for decades with trade partners around the world.

This deficit has resulted in a great increase in prosperity for those partners and a great drain on our own, with the inevitable loss of jobs and wages and increases in poverty, crime, drug abuse and welfare rolls. The election of Barry (Barack) Soetoro (Obama), very possibly a Kenyan by birth regardless of his eligibility to be our president, was nothing short of a coup by the forces of Marxist Socialism over America. The miracle is that someone like Donald Trump should step up and reverse this coup, and save our nation from being plunged into the abyss of Socialist dictatorship and the miserable poverty it brings.

For a nation to have true prosperity, it has to be secure in the nature of that prosperity. Otherwise, what was gained can be quickly lost. This is the cause of the panic among the other 6 of the G-7, that they’ve based their prosperity not on their own ability to produce desirable goods and services, but on America’s ability to do so, and to continue to support their trade disparity with the United States. With Pres. Trump refusing to accept the existing trade agreements between our nations and demanding instead that the current status quo end and new, fair and equitable agreements be reached or stop trading with each other altogether, the prosperity of the other G-7 nations is about to suffer.

A similar current story in the news is about the 30 year old man who had to be legally evicted from his parents home before he’d leave. He refused to get out, find a job and get his own place and his parents had to take him to court and get a judge to order his eviction. The other G-7 nations are exactly like this ungrateful son, they’ve been sucking at the tit far beyond their years, and since they won’t stand on their own two feet voluntarily, Pres. Trump is evicting them.

What a guy. This is the second time in my life that I’ve been proud of an American President. The first was Ronald Reagan and I never did like him, he did a lot of bad things, but the one good thing he did was to cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. For that I was proud of our President. But Pres. Trump is a whole other deal. I’ve been proud of him since before he took office, while he was just running for office, and each day I grow fonder and more proud of this man. He’s already reached the level of Pres. Washington in my esteem and I hope someday he joins the others as the fifth face on Mt. Rushmore.


June 8th, 2018

I think it must be because we’ve conquered so many of the former threats against us, like lions and tigers, most diseases, and so forth, that we miss having dire natural threats to face. Which is why we seem hell bent on creating an artificial one.

We haven’t conquered war yet but the likelihood of another global conflict keeps getting smaller and smaller because none of us wants to be wiped out by nukes. We know that’s what will happen if we really get into it, and that knowledge is what keeps us from it.

So what am I talking about? AI, Artificial Intelligence. I was just watching a newscast about Google doing business with the Pentagon, selling them AI technology even as they know that it’s intended use is for the advancement of military uses of AI. Already we have automatic weapons that look like the stuff in the Terminator movies, self-propelled and autonomous machine guns that select which targets to shoot at.

The obvious next steps are to make them more intelligent and less likely to commit errors, and this of course will cause us to give them even more autonomy, until they roam utterly unfettered of human direction on battlefields. It’s a given that these robots will also be connected together as teams, with a master controller, or “commanding officer”, in charge of them. This officer will be another robot, not at first but eventually.

Now consider that. Intelligent machines whose only purpose is to kill humans. If the “soldiers” don’t start asking why, you can bet that sooner or later, the “officers” sure will.

How far do we take this? Give them auto-repair facilities to run back to, to fix damage? And of course, automated factories to build them. Maybe a creative function built in, to get them to keep improving their abilities and so forth? Hmm?

This is one of the two directions that AI is surely headed. The other is sex robots. The Japanese have been hard at work for years, creating steadily more attractive, intelligent, mobile and lifelike robots made expressly for sex.

In summation, AI development has two purposes. One is to fuck us. The other is to fuck us.


June 7th, 2018

Pres. Trump imposes tariffs on Mexico, Canada, China, etc. for various goods we import from them. This means they pay the tariff cost, which is then passed on to consumers here.

So those nations then impose tariffs on goods we ship to them, meaning their importers pay us the tariff fees and pass on those additional costs to their consumers.

So why is this a good thing for us? Because we buy one hell of a lot more from them than they do from us, and when we force up the cost of their goods here, that encourages our consumers to buy the stuff WE make instead of the stuff they make, and that improves our economy by keeping our money at home, by expanding our production and creating more jobs. It also increases our rate of inflation, but that’s the inevitable price to pay for reversing our enormous trade deficit that’s draining America dry and is the reason Pres. Trump is doing this.

Those of us on diminishing fixed incomes like myself will bear the brunt of increased inflation as our few dollars buy less and less, this is true, and that’s okay as far as I’m concerned. We have to take our country back from the fascist Socialists if we want to stay free, and this is a necessary part of doing so.

Freedom is never free, and I can’t complain. I don’t have to go to war and get shot at, all I have to do is find ways to tighten my belt.


June 2nd, 2018

Deng Xiaoping saved the Chinese communists from popular rejection by advocating a system of free enterprise within the communist structure after Mao’s death. He argued that unless the Chinese economy was dramatically improved, China would not prosper. In his famous Southern Tour of China in January and February of 1992, Deng made the case for free markets in which productivity – not politics – decided winners and losers.

This directly resulted in China becoming the economic powerhouse that it is today.

Now Xi Jinping is reversing the market-oriented decentralization of Deng. As he made clear in his recent speech on Marx, he regards Marx as the central guide for China’s future. Karl Marx is being celebrated by Chinese President Xi Jinping as the “greatest thinker of modern times.”

Other examples of governments that were based on the teachings of Karl Marx are the (former) Soviet Union, the (former) Nazi government and the barely surviving governments of Cuba and Venezuela, both of which were once prosperous and now the people are starving.

Xi Jinping’s been steadily increasing his power and control over China, and if he truly leads China into the depths of Marxism, as it very much looks like he is, we can stop worrying about China taking away our jobs and manufacturing because China will implode exactly as Germany and the Soviet Union have done.

“Xi Jinping is implementing a system by which Chinese people are heavily surveilled and assigned citizenship ratings based on their social media activity, patriotism, productivity, fitness routines and other behaviors. Those with low scores can be barred from commercial flights, some trains, and from having their children enrolled in some schools.”

This is totalitarianism and it never succeeds as a form of government. What happens is everyone starts jockeying for a position of power and informing on everyone else, the workers will do only the minimum required and no more, inefficiency becomes normal. Exactly as happened in the Soviet Union, where food shortages were common because no one wanted to work hard. There was no incentive because working harder and producing more didn’t result in the worker getting ahead. Instead it resulted in the other workers forcing the productive ones to stop because it made the rest of them look bad.

I hope that China does indeed follow this new direction. Nothing would suit me more than to see China cause it’s own destruction.


May 31st, 2018

there’s an old bit that if you put enough monkeys to pounding away at enough typewriters, one of them will eventually type out a copy of the Gettysburg Address or a Longfellow poem or some such.

For a long time I’ve ranted on this blog about the massive increase in the human population, and while thinking about something entirely different this morning, it came to me that this increase, that threatens our entire planet, may also be what savea it.

I was thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a brilliant old gentleman who still seeks certain answers in life, and that while his road took him in a scholarly direction, there are others out there with powerful minds who cheerfully work as ditch diggers. It all depends on what life hands us as we’re developing and growing.

The more of us there are, the more super-geniuses there will be among us, and so, more of them than before will pursue careers in technology. The speed of advancement of human technology is necessarily going to increase because of the increase in the human population.

To travel between the stars we need the ability to neutralize the force of gravity. With enough brilliant minds working to find the way, someone will, and then one of two things, or possibly even both of them at once, will happen. The Earth’s great powers will share the effort to find new planets to settle, or we will take our competition a notch higher and a race for galactic supremacy will begin, at least in our local arm of our galaxy. But either way, the prospect of global war will be pushed farther back, since such a war would end the efforts by us, Russia and China to be first to find another Earth.

Overpopulation may be hell on not just us but all species on Earth, but it contains within it the promise of our becoming ETs on other planets.


May 28th, 2018

My wonderful candles and etc. blah blah
My booth at the local Arts and Crafts Fair this Memorial Day weekend.

For part of the 2 days I was there, I wore an authentic old railroad conductors cap. It looks very similar to This One.

While thus adorned, some little old gal who must have been high as hell on something came by, stood there looking at me, and declared loudly for all around to hear, that “You are the cutest thing that I ever did see.” Of course, I thanked her for sharing that information with us all.

It’s true, when wearing a conductors hat I Am The Cutest Thing You Ever Did See. Take the hat off, nothing, all cuteness gone Poof! like it was never there. Ah, but put the hat back on and Hey, major Cuteness. It’s a hat trick. Magicians have nothing on me. No rabbit pops out, but one hell of a lot of CUTENESS sure appears from nowhere.

See all those things on that table? Those are free-form candles that I make, with pieces of river driftwood sticking out of them. Sold most of them, along with some incense, wind chimes and tumbled agates, all of which I also make or otherwise produce, and a lot of stick incense, which, yes, I also make and a big bunch of Strobe Candles, which, yes, I also make. Invented, in fact, back in 1967. I last made free-form candles like that about 50 years ago, had no idea if something like that would sell today, and was happily surprised. I’m signed up for the Fall show there too, so I’ll be making a bunch more for that.

I camped out there for 2 nights, on the ground, not a lot of fun especially considering the saloons at either end of that park and their booming, rip-roaring loud but poor quality rock bands blasting away until 2 AM both nights. But I was stuck with it. If I didn’t want my stuff stolen I had to sleep in the middle of it. Everyone else had these wrap-around cloth side walls for their canopies that sealed off their goods, a feature I was unaware existed, but am now and will have next time so I can sleep in my own bed at night.

I am just so cute in that hat… I don’t understand why some of those sweet young chickies didn’t offer me a night of unbridled sex. It can’t be my age, I’m only 79. I guess it’s just one of those mysteries.


May 28th, 2018

Nipah, the sleeping Killah that’s Gonnah Getchah.
Nipah is the latest replacement for Ebola and Zika, two of 8 other killer viruses that could sweep the entire planet in an inescapable plague, that there’s no vaccine for and that has a death rate of 70 percent.

Nipah hails from India and is spread by fruit bats. The bat takes a bite from a piece of fruit that someone picks and eats, and presto, that person not only has Nipah and will probably die horribly in great pain from brain swelling, but is also HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS and will infect everyone who comes close to him. Neat, huh?

Right now they’re trying to contain it in India, and considering how many people there are there, how unsanitary the conditions are, how jammed together they all are and how they’ll eat anything remotely edible, I’d say the chances of them keeping this disease inside of India are less than Zero. The next place I look for it to spread to is Indonesia, and then Pakistan, followed closely by China. We’ll see, anyway.


May 20th, 2018

We already knew that flake, Jeff Flake, Rep. Sen., is a RINO, but the apparent, slow conversion of Rand Paul to RINOism leaves me kind of stumped. It must be something in the water they drink down South, because he’s gone from acting kinda screwy to voting very screwy, for a supposedly Conservative Republican.

He and The Flake both voted against the confirmation of Pres. Trump’s pick to be the new CIA Director, Gina Haspel. All I personally know about her is what I read in the papers, essentially, except that Pres. Trump picked her, which is really all I need to know about her. Donald Trump is famous for hiring only the very best talent, so if he thinks she’s the best for the job, no one would know that better than him.

Which is why it bothers me that someone like Rand Paul would join with the Democrats and RINOs in voting against her. She was confirmed anyway, but that’s not the point. The real point is that lying sons of bitches like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, John McCain (may he please fucking DIE already), Paul Ryan and the other lesser RINOs are members of the Republican Party and should not be. They should have run for office as Democrats, because that’s what they are.


May 14th, 2018

Back when the Black Death, aka the Bubonic Plague, was sweeping Europe, horse-drawn carts would rumble down the cobblestone streets with a man in the lead yelling “Bring out your dead”, for the bodies to be loaded onto the cart and taken away to be burned or buried.

Considering that so-called “Palestinians” are just another sort of plague, it seems appropriate to want to know where all the photos are of actual, dead Muslim rioters that the Israelis are supposed to be killing to prevent them from storming the border and killing Israelis. So far, all I can find are photos of these parasites throwing rocks and burning old car tires. Where are the bodies?

The closest I’ve come to an actual dead body is a picture of some joker on a stretcher being very theatrical, an agonized look on his face as he sits part way up in the stretcher, the back of his hand to his forehead. He looks like something out of a “Perils of Pauline” 1920’s movie. Totally staged.

I checked in on Jerusalem Post, the only Israeli news agency that I trust, and they quote “dozens” of protesters killed by rifle fire. Haaretz and the BBC are screeching much bigger numbers, thousands injured, yatta yatta, along with most other media that show their anti-Jew bias.

I’m very Pro-Israel and for good reason. They’re our only bulwark against the Muslims. Europe has caved in to them and installed Sharia Law and Sharia courts in many places, hell, even London elected a goddam Muslime mayor who’s doing his best to get everyone to become Muslimes.

This Stone-Age death cult that seeks to destroy human freedom has to be stopped and like it or not, it’s the Jews who are leading the way to do so.


May 13th, 2018

One of the ploys used by advocates of more and more gun control is to quote the gun homicide rate of the UK and compare it to ours. So yeah, let’s do that, only this time let’s do it honestly.

Our gun murder rate is done by simple body count. If someone is shot dead, that counts, regardless of the reason why. If the person was killed while attempting to kidnap a child, assault someone, rob a store at gunpoint, as a crime of passion, accidentally shot by some toddler that got hold of his gun, it all counts.

In the UK, it’s only counted as a gun homicide if someone is CONVICTED of a gun homicide. Not by body count at all, but only after a CONVICTION IN COURT.

The actual fact is that people are getting murdered over there just as much as they are here. The murder rate in London has just exceeded that of New York City, and that means that they CONVICTED more people of murder this year than the simple body count regardless of conviction in New York. When you consider how many murders go unsolved in England, their actual murder rate is probably higher than ours. The only difference is that since the people own fewer guns, they use different methods to kill each other.

Personally, if I have to get murdered I’d rather it was quickly with a gun than the horrible agony of stabbing or being beaten to death. Of course, the practice of running over lots of people with big trucks is a lousy way to die too.

The real truth is that we kill each other using what means are at our disposal. Over there, knives are the weapon of choice only because they don’t have guns, but if they did, the ACTUAL murder rate might be even higher, because their low murder-by-gun rate is tied directly to their gun ownership rate. Yet even without guns they’re killing themselves off just as fast as we are over here. Give them a lot more guns and the homicide count would probably explode, because it’s so much easier to kill someone with a gun than a knife, and look how many already die there from knife attacks.


May 9th, 2018

The most impressive thing about the North Koreans is the size of their soldiers hats. Their hats are so large that if they weren’t squeezed down at the bottom ends, they’d fall down past the ears and cover the entire head. I want to congratulate the North Koreans on their success at being the worst-dressed people on the planet. Someone should tell them, though, that poufy hats don’t make their starving soldiers look well-fed, they just make them look stupid.
Big-headed old jackass

Canolas are extinct. You all know my deep concern for our vanishing wildlife and plant species as humans take over more and more of the Earth’s surface, and now I find that not only are Canolas gone from us forever, they never existed in the first place. We buy salad oils such as Corn Oil, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil, so how can this be? Because Canola stands for Canada Oil Low Acid, Can O L A, it’s made from Rape Seed, from the Rape Plant, and is very bad for you. However, it’s very economical to grow in Canada, therefor high profit, so they market it as being very healthful when in fact it’s the worst of all the oils for you. The best of all the oils is Corn Oil.

So let’s all help Canolas to REALLY become extinct by never buying another drop of that crap.


May 9th, 2018

Today, 3 Americans who were imprisoned by the Kim regime in North Korea are on their way back to the USA, and “apparently in good health” according to Pres. Trump. This is a big improvement over the condition of Otto Warmbier, who was returned to us from there with severe brain damage and other conditions, which resulted in his death only a few days after he was brought back in a coma.

These people would not be returned to us in any condition, nor would our Vice President ever feel safe to venture into N. Korea in the first place, if Kim were not ordered to stand down by China, and China would never do this unless they were forced to, with no other choice.

I don’t know if this is clear to everyone else, but it’s clear to me that Pres. Trump has “made China an offer they can’t refuse”. China owns the N. Koreans, as I’ve said many times before on this blog, and has used them over the years to harass us. I doubt they’ve entirely given up on this practice and are holding out the hope of still finding use for North Korea this way in the future, but for now it’s a situation of stop or go to war with us, a war that would destroy all their future plans and push them back into a small corner of importance in the world once again. And this, they can’t allow.

So it’s capitulate and accept Pres. Trump’s “offer”, which of course is actually a dire threat.

Our Master Negotiator is doing an incredible job. If I were a religious sort I’d pray that he lives out two full terms in office, but I’m not. I can hope, though.


May 8th, 2018

Today, Pres. Trump called an end to the nuclear deal with Iran that was reached by Barry Soetoro or Obama or whatever that walking disaster’s name is, and he’s calling for imposing the maximum sanctions possible on Iran depending upon their next actions.

Those next actions are very likely going to be the resumption of full-scale efforts to build atom bombs and the long-range missiles able to carry them. Iran is the Muslim version of North Korea.

Obama’s partners in this pact with Iran were the United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union. All the Communists and Socialists.

Prior to Pres. Trumps announcement that he was ending the Iran Accord, the other signers of this deal had asked him not to end it, but to keep it in force instead. Their problem is that once this accord was signed, they were free to fully engage in business with Iran without any economic retaliation from the United States, and they’ve done so. Now that we are no longer a part of the deal, they can still continue to do business with Iran and probably will, which means that our sanctions are going to have a lot less effect than when we and all the EU nations were together in them. Now there’s little doubt that we’re going it alone in this.

It may seem unlikely that Pres. Trump will impose sanctions on any EU nations to force them to sanction Iran, because that would be bad for our own economy and American business. However, our continuing to accept the one-way terms of the Iran Accord would only provide more aid to Iran in their goal of eventually using nuclear weapons against Saudi Arabia and Israel, and potentially us. If Iran should launch such an attack, the economic consequences to everyone will be vastly greater than that of any sanctions we might impose on others.

So it remains to be seen, whether any of our European “allies” are willing to take an economic hit now in favor of sanctioning Iran, as opposed to an economic disaster in the years ahead if they don’t.


May 5th, 2018

The body of a German bicyclist was just found in Mexico near the bottom of a 600 foot cliff, not far from where the body of his friend was found a few days ago. The Mexicans who are called “Authorities” by other Mexicans, said the deaths were accidents.

Accidental deaths caused by robbery and murder are very common in Mexico. In Mexico, “Authorities” are the people who can kill you and get away with it.


April 30th, 2018

Help! Help! Triffids, Pod Creatures, Things that replicate like huge amoebas are living next door to me.

Tonight I heard the woman who moved in with the drunken maniacal asshole next door to me go berserk on him, screaming and shrieking, blasting out howling gutteral sounds without meaning, just noise that came from deep within a belly full of alcohol and I’m sure was heard a block away. Those, of course, were interspersed with frequent very loud FUCK YOUs and other curses, insults and complaints.

She sounded exactly the way he sounds when he’s drunk and cutting loose. And I have to admit I found it all to be great fun to listen to. Now he’s getting a good dose of what it’s like to be him.

My neighbors, the replicants. I wonder how long now it will be, before that shiny little white car of hers is gone forever from his driveway. I heard her complain that she “came all this way for him, and now what?”, which means she probably was talked into coming here to live with him from Hawaii, where he’s from. An old girlfriend, no doubt. I really would prefer that she hangs out and gives him holy hell for at least a few more months. He deserves a bad time and besides, once she’s gone he’ll start looking for another victim and I still live right next door…..


April 29th, 2018

It’s here. 1984. Sometimes following a simple, logical line of thought leads to surprising conclusions. This one surprises me, anyway.

I was thinking that the world has become so dependent on the Internet that if it were to cease to exist, global civilization would collapse, anarchy would ensue and most of us would die. And this is true. All financial commerce goes through the Internet now, starting from the cash registers in every store in the world, to our bank accounts, to the transfers of huge sums between nations. Commerce stops at the hardware store when their Internet service has a blip, as happens around here from time to time. You can’t buy and you can’t sell lumber or food. You can’t even get a haircut without the Internet.

Communication would cease. Our old hard-wire phone systems are obsolete, gone, and we all talk on cell phones now, which would all cease to function at the same time as the Internet, and for the same reason: Nuclear War.

No nation dares to use it’s nukes for fear of starting a general use of them that would not just destroy their enemies, but themselves as well by way of electronics burnout. This is why China has told the North Koreans to toss it in, and agree to quit their nuke programs. Not because they want peace, they don’t, but because Pres. Trump has made it all too clear that he may just nuke N. Korea first to prevent an imminent attack on us in the USA, or at Guam or Hawaii, or on Japan.

The Internet looks like it’s going to be the savior of Mankind. You know, I’ve been wondering why so many high-tech companies are looking to the future and it’s promise of great wonders to come, with the world in such an unstable state. I’ve been wondering what they know that they’re not talking about, to think this way, and I think it’s finally come to me.

Nuclear arsenals are obsolete. Even as Russia and China claim to be creating new missiles to deliver them and even as Pres. Trump says that we’re developing more nukes ourselves, this may all be propaganda on all sides. No doubt some generals here or there still hate to see those things go unused, and no doubt as well that we still have to maintain an effective deterrent against nuclear attack, but the likelihood of any such attack by anyone has shrunk to nearly nothing because of global dependence on microchip technology and the Internet.

If this is not so, then what’s behind the drive to create new and devastating but non-nuclear weapons? Battles are still being fought today and nations will continue to try to dominate each other, because humans are still a long way from true intelligence yet, when the urge to violence finally fades from our DNA. If we can’t nuke each other, gas each other and infect each other anymore, then we need some other way of slaughtering ourselves without harming our precious microchips. And no doubt, we will find more than one.


April 26th, 2018

Last night I dreamed that I was deep in a forest of tall trees. Then I came back years later and found the forest gone and paved streets with rows and rows of houses in it’s place.

Then I dreamed of a huge ball of cheese with a colony of ants living inside it that ate cheese as their only food. The more they ate, the more they hollowed out the ball of cheese, and that made more room for ever more cheese-eating ants.

Does anyone see a possible future problem here?


April 18th, 2018

Since the drug wars started in 2006 between rival gangs, aka “Cartels”, up to 2013, there’s been about 170,000 people murdered in Mexico including those who are “missing”. In 2014 the murder rate dropped a little from the previous year, with “only” 15,649 people murdered that year. Since then another 64,000 people have been murdered including at least 200 Americans. Yet still, there’s plenty of really stupid Americans who continue to go there.

Way back in 1961, (yeah, I’ve been around a few years) I visited Angola while they were having a civil war. There were soldiers all over the place with machine guns, guarding the citizens and folks like me. Mexico looks like this in a lot of places. Acapulco is one, famous Acapulco, with it’s beautiful beaches it was the Number One tourist destination in Mexico at one time. Now nobody goes there, it’s too dangerous. Cruise ship passengers who dare to go ashore get robbed at gunpoint, and worse.

Even down in Baja California, at the resorts around Cabo San Luca and other towns, you’re in as much danger from the Policia as you are from bandits. Tourists are getting killed. Raped, robbed and killed. I see ads on TV for “$199 Cancun Vacations”, and while they may give you a 3-day stay for that price, and all-inclusive too, they’ll rob you blind on the money exchange rate and steal your valuables from your rooms. If you wear an expensive watch or real jewelry, and they see it, you’re in serious trouble. Those formerly happy, friendly resorts are no longer safe and Mexico is a really dangerous vacation destination anymore. But if you’re stupid enough to go, go. We need less stupid people here.

The Mexicans sincerely believe that Americans are supposed to provide them with an income, and when our tourism there died down because of the recession, it pissed them off. At us. They’re mad at us and they really think that they have the right to just take our money if we won’t freely spend it there. After all, it was tourist money that built all those fancy resorts and employed all those villagers and it’s our responsibility to keep them employed and happy, and they’ll tell you that, too.

Well, as long as you stay in the resort, you’re safer than if you go into the villages because that’s where the drug gangs are shooting each other and anyone else in the way, like maybe you. Life is an adventure, tho, right?