October 27th, 2016

Much has been made about the value of the black vote in our pending presidential election, so I thought I’d point out the reality of the situation.

Black people turned out very heavily for Barack Obama to elect him the first time, with 68% of eligible black voters voting in the 2008 election and about 95% of them voting for Barack Obama. In 2012 their turnout was 66%, again almost all voting for Obama. This is a pretty normal turnout rate for black voters, what isn’t quite so normal is their choice of parties when voting. Normally, 10% of blacks will vote Republican but because the Democrat candidate was black, they voted for his race.

However, things have changed with this election. Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, is not black and not popular, and has a negative history regarding American blacks. Donald Trump, however, is an Equal Opportunity employer who disregards race, and a lot of black preachers have endorsed him. The biased, Liberal polls have him receiving 10% of the black vote and it’s likely to be much higher than that.

At the same time, the number of blacks actually voting may be way down from previous years, because Clinton is so unpopular, and this could mean a drop of as much as 5% of votes cast for her. That equates to a gain of 5% for Trump and a total disparity of 10% in his favor.

It works like this. If both of them start out with 50% and then 5% that would normally vote Democrat don’t vote at all, the vote tally is then 52.5% for Trump and 47.5% for Clinton. But if those 5% blacks vote for Trump instead of Clinton, then we have 55% Trump, 45% Clinton.

If just one percent more of blacks votes for Trump, that adds up to a 2% increase in his lead. This is why the black vote matters.


October 24th, 2016

The MSM tells us that all their polls have Clinton ahead of Trump by anywhere from 5 percentage points to 12 points. Donald Trump is telling everyone who will listen to him that the polls are bogus. Who’s right? Trump is, obviously. There’s proof of that anywhere you look.

Now here’s some facts about all those bogus polls.
The Democrats keep faking the poll results in Clinton’s favor because they believe that if people think Donald Trump has no chance of winning, they won’t bother to vote for him, and they’re wrong.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t inspire anyone to rally to her side. Her rallies are proof of that, they only draw a few hundred people each time that are probably paid to be there, while Trump rallies draw tens of thousands of people.

Trump DOES inspire people to rally to his side. He stands for something that the majority of Americans want and believe in.

Democrats are democrats because they believe all the tripe their party leaders feed them. This means that YES, they believe the polls that say that Hillary really is ahead of Donald Trump.
So if you actually believe the polls and you’re a Democrat, and the polls say that Hillary is 5% or 10% ahead, why bother to vote if she’s such a sure winner? You probably don’t like her much anyway and she’s never inspired you about anything. She has a lot of political experience but no agenda that you know of other than keeping things just the way they are now. The way things are now may only be good for you if you’re getting a lot of welfare money, but if you’re working 2 or 3 part time jobs to feed your family, things are not good. Maybe you’ll go out and vote for her but maybe you won’t bother.

Trump supporters really want him elected, they passionately want him elected and the turnout for him is going to be close to 100% of his supporters. If any of them believe those polls, that just makes them want to vote for him all the more, and the reality is that very few of his supporters are fooled by those biased polls.

The result is that all of these biased polls are doing Hillary Clinton far more harm than good. Instead of persuading people to not vote for Trump, they’re much more likely to induce Democrats to not vote. And that’s fine with me.


October 23rd, 2016

According to the Kremlin, Putin “cordially” congratulated Netanyahu on his birthday, and sent greetings on the occasion of Succot:

“The two leaders exchanged greetings on the occasion of the 25th anniversary [October 18] of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel, and emphasized their interest in further developing multifaceted bilateral cooperation. They also discussed urgent international and regional issues.”

Here we see Vladimir Putin and B.B. Netanyahu with very genuine-looking smiles on their faces, as they shake hands. Putin is congratulating Netanyahu on his birthday. Can you imagine Obama and Netanyahu doing this?

Just yesterday on I posted a comment that I expect to see an alliance between Trump, Putin and Netanyahu. It makes sense for a variety of reasons, but the one that stands out the most to me isn’t actually the most important one. It’s the fact that the Democrats are constantly accusing the Russians of misdeeds, and interfering with the Russians in Syria. It couldn’t be plainer that Obama and Hillary have come to hate Putin. I don’t know what he did but blaming the Wikileaks revelations on “Russian hacking” is pure bullshit. More likely it’s traitors within the Democrat party who have been sending secrets to Wikileaks, and I’m predicting right now that this will be revealed soon, too.

Meanwhile, the White House clowns have been beating the war drums, sending out fear messages to us that we may go to war with Russia, and of course that would be blamed on Russia. The Russians have been talking lately of preparing for war with the United States, and I don’t think it’s because Putin wants war, I think it’s in case Hillary steals the election. I’ll predict too that this war isn’t going to happen regardless of Obama’s deliberate provocations in Syria, attacking Assad’s forces, whom Putin supports. That’s because Putin isn’t stupid, he’s not going to help elect Hillary by joining in a diversion such as war with the US would be. He’ll just wait until after the election is over with, and in the meantime he’ll do what he needs to, to stifle and block Obama’s military thrusts.

I expect Poland and Romania to join these three, since both EU member nations have refused to accept a single migrant. A few other EU nations may also join, as resistance to EU leadership demands to take in migrants is increasing.

This will soon be seen as the creation of a new international alliance of military powers who oppose Globalism. Watch for major changes to happen in the world, not just politically but militarily and economically. International trade is about to be seriously disrupted, terrorist attacks are going to dramatically increase, there’s going to be little wars breaking out between nations and there will be shortages of a whole variety of goods.

Remember that you read it here first, and no, you won’t have long to wait.


October 21st, 2016

If I were the Globalists, collectively, they would all be getting together right now, looking at the inevitability of a Trump presidency, and making plans. They’d be figuring out how to keep from losing ground during Trump’s years in office, how to block him from undoing the changes they had already made and the progress they’ve made toward their global-government goal.

They would be doing all they can right now to strengthen the positions of their politicians while weakening those who support Trump’s goals and agenda. They would assassinate certain persons whom they felt to be in key positions that they wanted to replace with their people. They’d be bribing, threatening and manipulating every way they could, with more energy and effort than before when they thought they were going to get Hillary Clinton elected.

Most of us are focused on wanting Trump to get elected. I’m assuming he will be and I’m looking to the future, after he’s elected. That won’t be the end of the Elitists, the Globalists, the Socialist Left, they’ll still be there and they’ll still be pushing their agendas forward as hard as ever. Just because they won’t have a President Obama or Clinton to make it easy for them doesn’t mean they’ve been stopped. What we’re going to need and that I hope we see is a uniting within our Congress of genuine Americans who will come together and fight alongside our President. After all, just being elected isn’t enough. President Trump is going to need the support of a majority in Congress to put things right again, and all the Globalists and Leftists are going to be arrayed against him and his allies.


October 20th, 2016

I had to look it up out of curiosity for the origin of the word “Brickbat”, even though I know it’s meaning. A brickbat is a broken piece of brick that’s thrown, like a weapon. It also means An insult.
Anyway, that was the scene tonight at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner that raises money for needy children. It’s a Catholic charity and so Cardinal Dolan was there in all his bloated homosexual fatness to preside over events that included many of the top, and richest, politicians in the country and their beautiful wives.

The dinner was what’s known as a “Roast”, wherein various people are very pointedly insulted in what is supposed to be humorous barbs. Donald Trump and Hitlery Clitnose took turns giving speeches where each made jokes about both themselves and each other, mixed in with some very aggressive and pointed attacks on each other. Trump scored the best zinger of the evening when he said that Hillary was very civil to him after bumping into him, and said “Pardon me” and Trump said he’d have to consider that after the election.

Hillary made various slams at Trump but none of them really stuck, and it was comical to watch her face while Donald read his speech attacking her. He was crude, rude and graphic, and he plainly shocked a lot of people there several times when he very directly referred to some of her worst acts and called her corrupt. Those comments weren’t a bit humorous and drew some boos from the heavily Liberal audience, but their shock value really pounded home the true facts of her past record of corruption.

Both candidates took advantage of the opportunity to be seen and heard on national television, to press their political campaigns. In a sense they turned the event into a fourth debate, and once again, Trump was the winner. Nothing Hillary said appeared to bother Donald, and none of her points were nearly as hard-hitting or as telling in their impact as what he had to say about her. She was angry and it showed.

The various opinion polls of the third debate last night had Trump winning 75% to 25% on average, even on the CNN and other Liberal MSM polls. The Breitbart poll was hacked to make it look like Hillary was ahead but the hack job was so poor and screwed up that it was obvious, and of course no one believed the false results it produced. The efforts to make Trump look bad are getting so heavy that they’re actually inspiring more confidence in Trump supporters. This is because the fear of the Democrats is becoming more obvious the more they attack. They know they’re losing.

During the last few days before the Brexit vote, the same thing was happening, with all the polls saying that Brexit was losing, that the betting odds were against Brexit and so forth. Then, of course, Brexit won. The leader of the vote to leave the EU says now that Trump will win as surely as Brexit did, as he sees the same sort of fear and false polls here as in the UK, and no doubt he’s right.

Trump 2016


October 18th, 2016

My millions of avid readers will be overjoyed to know that my marijuana crop is bigger and better than ever this year. It may be the last one depending on how the vote goes in November here in California. There’s several initiatives on the ballot involving The Weed, and one of them is to legalize it for recreational use, so that big money conglomerates can take over the production of it and make fortunes instead of it supporting little Mom and Pop operations like it does now, and the state can tax the living shit out of it. And us.

Of course, this would put an end to Medical Marijuana, since no one would have to get some lying hack of a doctor to swear that you need to smoke it for some fictitious medical condition, after talking to him for 3 minutes over an Internet video connection. You then pay $40 and voila, you’re a card-carrying person with a medical problem that requires the smoking of pot. The State takes a nice portion of that $40 but taxing it will make the state $billions instead of $millions.

I voted against it, absentee ballot, but even if we all do it doesn’t matter. We aren’t the ones who count the votes, and if they want it passed, no doubt it will be passed, and there goes my profit incentive. The price is low now with the medical pot laws and will go down a lot more when 1000′s of acres are planted and importing it from Mexico becomes legal. Which it will. Of course. I mean, if it becomes legal here to buy like liquor, hey, we import Mexican beer and liquor, lots of it.

So another weird chapter in the history of California is about to end, while an even wilder one begins. Everyone is going to grow the stuff everywhere and then what will the Mega-Pot-Farmers do about that, as their profits disappear for lack of sales? New laws, new restrictions, new crazy bullshit, oh what fun lies ahead.


October 17th, 2016

One police officer lawfully shoots an armed black man and a 1000 blacks riot, loot, burn, and assault or even kill white people. What do the police do about that? Do they act within the law to shoot the rioters, the looters? No, they do nothing.

Over in France, Italy, Greece, the UK, Muslims riot and burn. Their police have firearms but do they use them? No. They do nothing until after the terrorists have done their damage.

Only in Israel, Russia and a few other nations are threats met with immediate counter-force and this is because the leaders of these nations are Nationalists instead of Globalists. The Globalists want a one-world government and the end of national borders. This would be laudable in the evolution of humanity if it weren’t for the obvious fact that this is all about power and control and not at all about improving the human condition. In fact, what they have planned would enslave and impoverish all of humanity except for the ruling elite.

We’re at a new point, a turning point, in human history. That humanity will someday evolve enough socially to leave it’s national borders behind is just as certain and natural as the way we’ve left our tribes behind, and then our city-states. But it’s still too soon, and the effort to force this upon humanity will end in disaster. It has to. Too many nations have nuclear weapons and too many of their leaders have no intention of ever relinquishing their power. Combine this with the religious hatred of Islam, which also wants to dominate the entire planet, and the rejection of Islam by all other religions and many armed nations, and war is inevitable.

It’s not over terrorism that we’ll finally see countries like the EU nations start shooting back, it will be when the Globalists, Nationalists and Islamists all collide at once. The Globalists joined forces long ago. The Islamists have formed two separate factions, each with the same goal of domination. The Nationalists, many of whom were either enemies or indifferent to each other, will now find themselves engaged in a new alliance, they’ll have to, to take a stand against the others, and in the unlikely event that the Islamists win out, then a whole new war will begin between the two factions for dominance.

In World War 2, the unlikely combination of Germany, Japan and Italy was entirely the result of leaders seeking world domination and the Japs agreed with Germany to divide the world in half, the West to Germany and the East to Japan. Fortunately for the world, they failed but not before at least 60 million people were killed by their efforts. 60 million people. The mind boggles at trying to comprehend a slaughter on that scale. What may be coming will be far worse, because now we have nuclear weapons.

We aligned with Russia in that war, a totalitarian dictatorship run by a madman named Joseph Stalin, because he was the enemy of Germany’s Hitler. Alignments are strategic, not friendly, and it’s always true that the enemy of our enemy is our friend. So I’m watching with fascination as the nations of our planet go through this realignment. Most interesting will be those Russia takes to it’s side, and those China alienates. The Chinese plainly have their own non-Globalist plans to dominate the Earth, as well.

Finally, let’s make our list of power blocs seeking to take over the planet:
Sunni Islamists.
Shiite Islamists.

And their enemies?
All the Nationalists. And that’s a lot.

And in the war we will see China fighting everyone, the Nationalists fighting China, the 2 Islamist powers and the Globalists. The Globalists will be fighting the Islamist powers, China and the Nationalists, and the Islamists fighting the Nationalists and China. Only if they then threaten the Globalists will they and the Globalists fight. This is what makes the next world war so scary. The last one was very simple, one side against the other. This war is going to be a tangled mess with a variety of combatants and a strange mix of allies and foes.


October 12th, 2016

The Great Divide was the name given to the Rocky Mountain range that runs like a spine down the middle of the United States, that the pioneers had to cross over to get to the Western half of our country. It was a formidable obstacle and a great many people died in the attempt.

This is the name that I’m now applying to the condition of the Republican Party. When the Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan, actually comes out along with 31 other prominent Republicans and publicly denounces and rejects the Republican candidate for President, they have openly aligned themselves with the Globalist Elitists.

Two of that thirty two haven’t rejected Donald Trump even though they did denounce him. One is Dr. Ben Carson, who may yet abandon Trump, and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, and for him I’ll say this: Priebus gives me every impression of being a complete weasel and is not to be trusted. He’s sticking with Trump, actually traveling with him to his rallies, and I wonder if he’s doing this under the principle of “keeping your enemies closer”. This is one to watch closely.

Donald Trump has declared that “The shackles are now off” in regards to speaking out about the RINOs and traitors in the Republican party, about the Elitist whores who have been working hand in hand with the Democrat Socialists/Globalists to turn America into a third-world country. He’s attacking and exposing the corruption within his own party right along with that of the Democrats, and the Republican Party is splitting apart.

The thing is, it’s not Donald Trump who’s dividing the party, it’s those who’ve renounced their own candidate. You can’t do that and not be a traitor to your party. Once a candidate is chosen, everyone must support that candidate even if it makes them sick to do so. If they can’t do that, then they should go join the other party or start a new one. These 30 or 31 Republicans who’ve divided the party are like rats leaping off a sinking ship, only they’re responsible for eating the hole in the bottom that’s sinking it.

These quislings are purposely trying to destroy the Republican Party. Once they realized that a Trump presidency would ruin their plans, they set out to turn us into a 1-party nation of Fascist Democrats. Another Hitler’s Germany. Now they’ll not only be saying that Trump is the Nazi instead of them, they’ll be blaming the GOP party split on him as well, and the corrupt, Globalist-owned media will promote those lies.

Donald Trump is following a straight and true path, he’s traveling the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, he’s plotted a truly dangerous course for not just himself but also his whole family. I know the man is brilliant and he has a brilliant team with him and for him. Will it be enough?


October 11th, 2016

It occurred to me that Donald Trump has some very capable sons and daughters who could follow in his footsteps politically. Look at the Bush family as a good example of that. George H.W. Bush is a borderline mental case, his son George Jr. is a foolish, two-faced playboy and Jeb is just simply gutless. Yet one son also became President and the other became the governor of Florida.

George Bush Senior is mentally challenged in that he constantly spews out non sequiturs. I never knew that meant saying inappropriate things until he became President. This is the man who said bizarre crap like “Remember Lincoln, going to his knees in times of trial and the Civil War and all that stuff. You can’t be. And we’re blessed. So don’t feel sorry for – don’t cry for me, Argentina.” and “I stand for anti-bigotry, anti-Semitism, and anti-racism.” In other words, he’s FOR Jew hatred. That’s not what he meant, but he’s fumble-tongued. Something’s wrong inside that head.

But if someone like this, with secret agendas, behaving like a fool (he vomited in the lap of Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa in the middle of a state dinner in Japan in 1992, for instance) who took orders as our President from the Saudi king and attacked Iraq when it was the Saudi’s who committed the 9/11 attack, if someone like this can have one son become President and another son become the Governor of Florida, then surely Donald Trumps sons and daughters all have a good chance of being our Presidents and state governors.

And their children after them. Isn’t life interesting? You never know what’s going to happen next.


October 9th, 2016

First, the list of maggots, may they lose every election, become homeless and die alone of starvation:


Ohio Senator Rob Portman

Former New York Governor George Pataki, truly a born loser.

Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker

Minnesota Congressman Erik Paulsen

Dr. Ben Carson, conditionally. He disagreed with Trump’s crude remarks but still is very supportive. Maybe should not be on this list.

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse

Alabama Representative Bradley Byrne

West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito

RNC Chair Reince Priebus, who’s still Rinsed Penis in my book, the quisling RINO bastard.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, immature, emotional, selfish, unpatriotic sore loser.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson

New York Congressman Chris Collins

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson

Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets

Running mate Mike Pence, who should have just kept his mouth entirely shut. Now Pres. Trump will send him to Limbo. What a dumbass.

Republican Speaker Paul Ryan. A Democrat weasel who infiltrated the Republican Party to do as much damage as he can.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, suckass Elitist and Globalist.

Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney, arrogant and evil, probably has 5 Mormon wives under the age of 13.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, weak-willed RINO and Arab ass-kisser.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz, evil, two-faced and out for only himself, screw the rest of us.

Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who should wear diapers so he can stop pissing his pants in public, the whiny little liar.

Illinois Congressman Robert Dold

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr

Indiana Congressman Todd Young

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

Donald Trump beat the bitch’s ass to the floor and then wiped it with her, is the best way to put it. He was clearly the winner, he stood his ground, didn’t get sucked into any of her personal attacks, didn’t defend himself and didn’t give any impression that he needed to. He hit on important points that a lot of people had forgotten about, things that matter, things that Hillary Clinton had said and done that demonstrate her desire for open borders, her desire to flood us with young, unvetted Syrian Muslim men, her very many lies, her two-faced-ness in the way she tells her donors one thing and the rest of us another. He shredded her.

The attacks on him by both the Libtard moderaors and Hillary failed utterly, he not only met them full on but then turned their lies and spin against them. It was plain to everyone that he spoke simple truth while Hillary made excuses and the moderators were biased.

At this point, Hillary Clinton should be dreading the third and last confrontation coming up in 10 more days.


October 8th, 2016

Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and a bunch of Utah Republican politicians are loudly denouncing Donald Trump over the release of a video of him and one of the Bush boys making crude talk about women, 11 years ago. Not one of these RINO’s yapping is any surprise, we already knew they were Globalist Democrats who infiltrated the Republican Party, and Utah is the home of Mitt Romney, the RINO loser. Utah is also the home of Mormonism, a very bizarre religion that’s a takeoff of Christianity. Now I wonder if all Mormons are as two-faced and weasely as their politicians are?

The above named traitorous bastards have been waiting and hoping for something they could use to justify abandoning Donald Trump, and they think this old video is their ticket out.

This seems bound to hurt Donald Trump, as it’s intended to. I got sick to my stomach when I saw it because it was obvious what was coming next. Certainly the Leftist media is screaming about it and posting all sorts of attack editorials against Trump over this, but that’s to be expected. I just hate to see them get ammunition like this to begin with to assault him with.

The best course now may be to drop all pretenses and go totally Wart-Hog against Hillary and her rapist, pedophile husband bill. Hillary has nothing to offer in the way of positives about herself so all her speeches and ads have been about attacking Donald Trump, and her big problem is that there is so very much more to hit her with than there is to hit Trump with.

Trump hasn’t been using all the weapons he has against her. Wikileaks is unloading a lot of damaging stuff against the Clintons, so maybe now he will. In the meantime, I’ve been reading the comments of women in the news blogs and they all say that this is nothing to them, that women talk a lot dirtier than that about men. It’s just guy talk, which really, is all it was in reality.

One thing is certain, the bottom-feeders in American politics on both sides are making themselves known like never before, and if Trump is cheated out of the Presidency we will see a new political party arise that ends up burying every one of those maggots.


October 6th, 2016

33 days to go and many of us are wondering what the next trick Obama’s going to pull on us is. He gave away our Internet to the UN, which is run by Islamists now, and he’s importing as many Syrian Muslim men as he can manage, and I’m sure that’s not enough for him by any means. The one positive note in this is that he’s behaving like someone who expects to leave office. If he thought he wasn’t going anywhere, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to cause as much destruction as possible while he still can.

So I guess we can relax when it comes to him declaring Martial Law and making a dictator out of himself. For all the racial discord he’s caused, and all his efforts to turn the American public against the nations police, he’s only succeeded in angering everyone against black thugs and rallying in support of the police. His obvious efforts to create massive civil disruption, which would have enabled him to declare Martial Law, have failed.

Once Obama’s gone from the White House and Trump is in it, there’s going to be hell to pay for all those who’ve associated themselves with the Black Lives Matter thugs, and that includes all those moronic football players who refused to stand for our National Anthem. Not that Trump will do anything, I’m sure he won’t enter into that issue other than to speak out against those who insult our country like that. The attacks and the flak against them will come from US, because we’ll be free of the yoke of Political Correctness and we the people will make our feelings known with a lot more confidence and assurance.

That assurance will come from having an American as our President once again.

What I’m mostly interested in, however, is how he’s going to go about ridding us of the Mexicans and the Muslims. That’s a plan that he’ll be keeping to himself and we’ll just have to watch it as it unfolds.


October 2nd, 2016

The Main Stream Media manipulation of polls of potential voters has gotten so totally out of hand that it’s starting to anger a lot of people to even see another poll posted on one of the so-called “news” sites.

At Trump rallies people come in huge crowds, thousands of people, to hear him speak, while at Clinton rallies, only a few hundred show up. The independent online polls have Trump leading by as much as 97% to Clinton 3%, yet the MSM keeps publishing polls that claim “Trump is almost catching up with Clinton now, almost, never quite getting there, oh, he was ahead by 4 points yesterday but now he’s down by 3 points”. One supposedly “well-respected” pollster claimed yesterday that Clinton was 3 points ahead of Trump in Florida when the world knows, and certainly the people in Florida know, that Trump is way ahead in that state.

It was never so clear before that Globalists have taken control of almost all of our media. It took Donald Trump’s candidacy to bring this into the glaring light and display it before the American people. Trump has exposed the incredible level of corruption in our government by the Globalists who are trying to bury us in utterly false, lying, total propaganda, hugely skewed “polls” in an obvious effort to convince us he’s losing when we all know he’s winning.

This can only be because they have plans in place to steal the election, since they can’t win it fairly, we’re all becoming aware of this, and we’re all completely burnt out on seeing these lying, bullshit polls constantly being offered up to us.

The fate of the entire world turns on this election. That’s the plain truth of it. If the Globalists win, the balance of power will shift into the hands of
a cabal of ruthless dictators who will drive all of humanity into poverty and misery. If Trump wins, the world at least has a chance to push back the Globalists.


October 1st, 2016

Techies are already hard at work designing an entirely new Internet, and if I can think of a way to do that, our American Computer Geeks surely can.

The Internet still comes into people’s homes by satellite and cable, but the days of connecting up to your ISP with a telephone modem are long past. Hard-wired telephones are pretty much history as well, as almost everyone uses cell technology now and the Internet has gone Wireless. People now access the Internet from their cell phones, which are also video cameras and sophisticated computers. Creating a whole new Internet that’s entirely Wireless actually sounds easy. All the technology is already there.

I wonder what the Dots will be instead of com, gov and so forth?


September 30th, 2016

Our media, pretty much all of it, keeps telling us how very close, how tight, the Presidential race is between a corrupt woman that no one likes and a highly successful businessman who promises to lift our nation back up from the mess that woman helped put us into.

All the media polls keep telling us that Hillary Clinton continues to lead Donald Trump by a thin margin even though every single one of the online polls has Trump way ahead.

This makes no sense unless those who control the media are expecting to steal the election through voter fraud, and hope that by lying to us, there won’t be riots and civil unrest.

Since it’s a given that Donald Trump’s fully aware of the plans afoot to steal the election, and is persisting in his campaign regardless of this, I can’t help wondering how he intends to counter the plans of the Globalists/Democrats/Socialists/Islamists. That’s a powerful array of forces that plans to take over our election process in their favor.

39 days to go.


September 29th, 2016

On the day after tomorrow, Obama will give away ICANN, the Internet agency that assigns domain names, to the United Nations. This will result in the end of Internet freedom of speech as well as a financial disaster for the world because the various nations will fight each other over the removal of domain names and therefore, websites. Imagine when is no longer a searchable domain name, or, or any religious website other than Islamic ones.

It doesn’t look like our Congress intends to stop him.


September 29th, 2016

You can’t do it on Paypal, because you can’t see it on your Wallet page. You have to do it in ebay checkout. That’s the only place you can change or delete a credit or debit card.
Buy something for 99 cents including shipping, on Buy It Now, and at Checkout look on the left where you select your payment option and check Credit/Debit Card. There will be a link there that opens a drop-down window and LO, there before you is your place to change or delete your card. Just replace the information that’s there with your new card info and then finish up checking out.

Brought to you as a public service by, because neither Paypal nor ebay will tell you this. When I call Paypal I get some chick with a strong oriental accent in Manila who’s very nice and I can’t understand half of what she says, and she has no clue anyway so don’t bother. Just do this, it works.


September 28th, 2016

Our Congress just overrode Blackfag Obastards veto of the UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED bill to allow families and victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi Arabian government. Now they have to vote on the bill all over again to make it law.

I don’t understand why that’s necessary. If the whole Congress, both the House and the Senate, votes to override a Presidential veto, of a bill they’d already passed, why doesn’t the bill become law right then and there? Why should they have to vote on it again? No wonder it takes forever for our Congress to ever do anything except pass pay raises for themselves. That’s one thing they never have a problem agreeing on quickly. Anytime some special perk comes up for consideration, they approve it immediately. Special medical care for free, special security guards, special laws protecting them that don’t protect us, it’s a long list that keeps getting longer.

But, at least the conniving sons of bitches finally stopped Obama from crapping on American victims once again. Now let’s see if they stop him from giving control of the Internet away to the Arabs on October 1. This would be irreversable, we could never get it back again, and the Arabs would use it to kill off any website that didn’t promote Islam. They’d destroy the Internet. 3 days to go, this is a big one, that’s OUR Internet, stay alert.


September 26th, 2016

UPDATE: After more time on the phone with Paypal and ebay pursuing this, ebay finally apologized, admitted they were wrong and gave me a full refund. That may be a First in the Known Universe.


I recently made a small purchase of some kitchen items that seemed like a bargain price, they were shown in boxes of 10 and sold by the “Pack” in the drop-drop down list. So imagine my surprise when instead of boxes of ten items per, I got one loose item, of unknown brand, no box full at all. The auction was grossly misleading, that drop-down list should state Per Item, not Per Pack, and when I told the seller I wanted him to send me a return label so I could send it back to him, he refused. I then notified ebay directly that I wished to return the item.

2 days later an email from ebay came, saying that I had cancelled my return request and the case was closed. NO, I did not cancel my request, the seller asked ebay to and they did. So after fighting with their robot for a few minutes I finally got it to transfer me to someone to appeal this. The person I talked to was an absolute dickhead who talked over me and wouldn’t answer my question, why did ebay cancel my request? He refused to appeal my case but did transfer me to a generic Paypal number where, after dealing with another robot and 2 actual humans, I was able to get Paypal to appeal my case.

It’s a small amount of money. What matters is that I first was cheated by a seller, then ebay sided with this seller without considering anything I might have to say, then refused to hear me out, and I had to deal with robots programmed to deliberately misdirect until I finally talked to a truly rude asshole who would do nothing.

The seller is messing with a bulldog, I won’t let go of this now until I get some measure of satisfaction, at the very least by leaving the most damaging feedback I can conjure up for the cheap bastard. When I sell on ebay, I make sure everything is honest, clear and no room for error, and I insist that people I buy from do the same thing for me.

If I could stuff it up ebay’s ass I’d happily do that as well, but I’ll have to be satisfied with posting my gripes here, unfortunately.


September 24th, 2016

The United States has never had a single problem with rioting oriental people. There are oriental gangs and gang violence but no riots.
We have a lot of Hispanics but no Hispanic riots. Plenty of Hispanic gang violence and Hispanic crime, but they don’t engage in rioting and looting.
Native Americans don’t do it either, or people from India, and white people haven’t started a riot since the Great Depression that I know of.

Just blacks. It doesn’t take anything for blacks to riot and loot. They don’t need a reason, merely an excuse, usually when some armed black thug gets himself killed by the police, but mostly it’s when anything happens between blacks and police. Black Americans just love to riot and loot, that’s really what it’s about, and they don’t give a crap about some black getting killed, not really, in fact they’re happy for it because now they have an excuse to start another riot and loot some more stores, and maybe find a few innocent white people to beat hell out of.

Black people in the USA have the highest homicide rate of any group. Black women also have the most abortions of any group, by race or religion or anything else. Black people have no respect for life at all, not for their own lives and not for their children. When one of their children dies the women scream and rage but they never cry real tears, while the fathers talk about what a loss the death is to them and what a wonderful child they lost. But no tears, not ever, because it’s all just noise, they don’t really care.

After watching their jungle-savage behavior in the riots this summer, and the one still going on in South Carolina, I’m glad that they kill each other off a lot. I’m glad that they have lots of abortions. I wish they’d kill each other off faster, and that all of them have abortions. I wish there wasn’t a single black American, not one. The vast majority of them are bad people and bad for America. They contribute far more misery and unhappiness to our society than the small amount of positivity and improvement some of them bring. Far too few are Dr. Ben Carson types or anything remotely close to that man. They aren’t worthy of being Americans, and they aren’t worthy of the gift of life. If I could push a button and rid our country of every single one of them, I would.