And lollipops and rainbows everywhere, it’s wonderful, that’s how I feel…..

Spring is spranging, or sprunging or something like that. It’s still cold in the mornings but the day is warming up faster and MORE, and it’s the MORE warmer that makes all the difference. All the wild seeds of last fall have woken up and sprouted, the hills are losing their brown winter hue and rapidly turning green again.

I know it’s Spring when the flowering pecan tree in front at the street turns into a huge ball of white blossoms, which it has now. A lovely sight that lasts less than two weeks and then fades to green.

This has been an especially cold winter, not just for here but for our entire nation, from the far northwest to the Florida Keys and it’s ending is a thing of joy. It’s not over yet for many but now the end of it is in sight for them.

Now we can start making serious plans for summer, for traveling to meet old friends and make new ones, for work on our homes and gardens and all the other trips and projects that have been chilled and stilled as if they and we were frozen along with all the ice and snow.

Winters are a waiting time, summers are for doing.


Ann Coulter is a journalist of some notoriety. I’d say fame, but the word is really too kind. During the election campaign she came out as a big Trump supporter and staunch Conservative, but for the last 4 months or so she’s been attacking him more and more often over getting The Wall built and she’s just done it again, going so far this time as to call him an idiot for supposedly failing to get the wall built.

She does this while overlooking the fact that both houses of Congress have been unsupportive of this effort, and the fact that the wall IS under construction and has been for some time in spite of all the opposition by Congress.

Ann Coulter is her own biggest fan. She apparently believes that she’s qualified to tell our President how to do his job and when to do it, and expresses her outrage that he’s not doing what she says.

She’s now firmly in the same stable as that other horse’s ass, Glenn Beck, who rubbed Cheetos all over his face in parody of the orangish hue Pres. Trump acquired from a tanning booth. Beck went on to turn his career into a dumpster fire and Ann Coulter is sitting in one right now and playing with matches.


Cause I’ve been checking it out, and it can’t happen here. It could happen in Minnesota, Minnesota, but it can’t happen here. No no, it won’t happen here…. Frank Zappa song.

Right now, the Mu-Slime population of America is at 1.1% or thereabouts. The population of these insane baby rapers in England is 5%. Only 5% and yet look at the horrible mess that country is in because they allowed in this human trash, who are taking over the whole goddam country. ONLY 5% of them, and they started seriously taking over when they were at 3%!!!!

To say that it can’t happen here is flat out wrong. In Germany where Globalist Merkel and her band of traitors rule, they’ve brought in so many Mu-Slimes that they now make up 6% of the population and women are raped at will while boys are being butt-fucked, and the government does absolutely nothing about any of this because it’s normal behavior for Mu-Slimes, so the people are just going to have to get used to having their women and children raped.

Right now, today, here in America, the Land of the Free, where any worthless fucking asshole from anywhere can be elected to Congress, we have 2 new Representatives in Congress who are Mu-Slimes and Communists, and who are attacking our allies and our way of life. These fucking Mu-Slime idiots want to take the hell of Somalia and other cesspool nations and bring it with them to us. In their company and forming a threesome is one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of Puerto Rican parents and born in New York, who is also a devout Communist. Like the other two, the Mu-Slimes, she calls herself a Democratic Socialist, which is what Adolf Hitler also called himself, and she espouses similar policies.

The major difference between her and Adolf is that he was a genius while she’s really rather stupid. Even so, or perhaps because of it, she’s now the current darling of the Democrat Party, with her two Mu-Slime girlfriends close behind in favor, and her moronic ideas are actually being adopted by the Democrat-controlled House while the two Mu-Slimes are casting hate slurs at Jews and Israel. Publicly.

What’s actually the best current defense against Islam in America right now are all the fucking illegal aliens swarming in from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and so on, because these people are both violent and Catholic and a match for the Mu-Slimes. Isn’t that some crap? That’s like boring holes through your walls and leaving food everywhere, and then buying mousetraps to control the infestation that results.

We’re really between a rock and a hard place. We’re allowing our population to soar because our enemies are too and we need a larger and larger army to compete. Likewise, more people working more jobs grows economies, another competition that matters for our national security. It was Obama who let in all those fucking Mu-Slimes, and now Pres. Trump is doing his best to reverse that inflow in spite of the Liberal courts that Obama loaded. Meanwhile a veritable horde of Communists has managed to take over control of the House, and there’s a few in the Senate as well, so now a battle is literally going on between the Socialists (read Communists) and the remaining Conservative Americans in our government.

On a state level, we have governors, like the succession of assholes governing California for example, who do everything they can to fight our President and fuck over our American way of life. Like having sanctuary cities where illegal aliens can be safe and get drivers licenses without insurance and rape, rob and kill and then drive back to Mexico where they’re safe, then come back and do it again, get caught, be released, do it again, get caught, be released, not get deported, so why bother running back to Mexico anymore? Now those swamp critters are calling the whole state of California a “sanctuary state”.

So yeah, it can happen here, the only question is what. There’s a whole bunch of different things that can happen here. We can become Islamicised, or a Socialist state, or both, or become mired in religious wars and street fighting, or split apart the way California and some other states are separating themselves off right now. The last time states tried to secede from the Union, we had a civil war to stop it and I can see troops marching into Sacramento and taking over, if this stuff goes much further.

Anything can happen in America, we have room for it all. It can happen here.


The Nazis never died, they remain alive and well in the form of Muslim Democrats in our House and Senate. Ilhan Omar, a freshman Democrat Representative, has been making anti-Jewish statements reminiscent of the early days of Hitler’s campaign against the Jews. Her fellow freshman, Rashida Tlaib, another Muslim, openly sides with her along with Democrat Senators Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Democrat House Majority Speaker Pelosi tried in vain to get an apology out of Ms. Omar, and when that failed, attempted to get a resolution passed condemning anti-Semitism which so far is a non-starter. Democrats who are against expressing hatred of Jews are afraid to come out and be counted. Exactly the same way it was in Germany.

The rise of anti-Semitism isn’t just happening in Europe, it’s happening here too. History teaches us that if our government openly endorses hatred of any group, the majority of us will adopt that hatred and the rest of us will keep silent. It’s just human nature to go along with the crowd, especially if it’s a lot safer to do so than not, and that’s the basic principle behind Fascism. It’s why nations can be turned into dictatorships.

It’s very plain to see that our form of government is under attack from within, that our courts and our Congress have been loaded with Communists. Our colleges have been creating generations of haters of Jews and democracy since the 1960s and the surprise election of Donald Trump has exposed these cockroaches to the light.

This is the reason for their hatred of him. He’s forced them out into the open and to fight instead of the silent and stealthy takeover they thought was theirs. Barack Obama almost finished the job, but now Donald Trump is doing his best to wreck decades of planning and effort and the Democrats will stop at nothing to win out.

Which is why military intervention seems inevitable to me. Pres. Trump has already employed the military at our southern border and intends for military construction of sections of border wall. I fail to see what would stop the Democrats from finding a way to employ our military in ways that counter Trumps efforts, and I don’t think it will be very long before that happens. The clash between Legislative and Executive powers may result in a declaration of Martial Law, which itself would fire up worse reactions.

The shit hasn’t hit the fan yet, really, what we’re seeing now is just minor spray. But absolutely, it is coming. You’d have to be a special kind of fool not to see it. Whether we become a Fascist nation or not after the fighting is done, is the question.


Can’t verify the accuracy of this count so I’ll just quote it and leave it to the reader to dispute it. A news article recently stated that there are now 3000 mosques in Britain and 100 Sharia courts that issue judgements recognized as legal by Britain.

The article went on to state that the majority of those mosques were financed by Saudi Arabia’s Wahabbist sect of Islam, which is the most violent and virulent of all the various forms of Islam and is the same sect that was behind the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Wahabbism is the only Islam they have in Saudi Arabia. It’s the one that made the girls in a girls school that was on fire, stay inside and burn to death because they weren’t allowed outside without their head coverings, which they couldn’t reach because of the fire.

Wahabbism is the Islam that demanded and got the beheading of a Saudi princess and her lover for having sex outside of marriage. Wahabbism is the Islam that will put you to death for having a Christian Bible within the borders of Saudi Arabia. Wahabbism is the Islam that allows women to be traded for goats and fully approves of slavery and child sex.

Muslims are still pouring into Britain and British politicians show no sign whatever of being a bit concerned, even as the citizens of that nation do their best to maintain their composure and not go into full panic mode, which would actually have been their smartest move, and a long time before now.


Fathers, husbands, male parents have several primary roles in human society. In any marriage or family, they are first, the provider, and secondly the sperm donor. The woman is the creator of offspring and their nurturer.

So when time passes and parents age, the woman is venerated as the creator by her children, and continues to be seen as the nurturer while the father no longer has a function in the children’s lives.

He’s no longer their provider as they’ve gone off on their own and become providers and nurturers of their own. Since these parents are no longer having more children he’s no longer the sperm donor either. He no longer has a function in the family, he’s probably retired and the parents may have divorced and gone their separate ways, and in this case the children’s focus, beyond themselves and their own families, is their mother, not the father.

Parents are often left behind and forgotten and especially the male parents. When I was young I often heard it said that raising children was a thankless task. I didn’t understand that, then, but now that I’ve been at the peripheral age for so long, I very much do.


While I’m not the savant of the age or a master of politics by any means, I do know when things don’t make sense and when they do.
What has not made sense to me is why Pres. Trump hasn’t done a lot of things he could have done, beyond all that he has done, and it’s looking to me like his agenda has a primary focus that simply isn’t getting any direct attention called to it by anyone, and it’s this, that his first concern is to keep the country strong in the face of Chinese aggression.

While the invasion of illegal aliens is being euphemistically and incorrectly called “illegal immigration” and the American public has been demanding an end to it, it’s clear now that preventing this inflow of people is not a genuine concern. The concern is stopping the inflow of drugs and unwanted criminals. The rest are welcomed as cheap labor to keep expanding commodity sales to more and more people, and the increase in our population provides us with an increasing source of military personnel. Bigger armies make stronger nations.

So his focus has been on criminal and drug interdiction and I’m betting now that this is going to be the primary use of the money he’s getting together to create an effective barrier. We’re going to see more agents patrolling more of the border along with lots of drone surveillance and intrusion detection technology emplaced along our border.

But ultimately we’re going to have to do something about Mexico. We get a huge amount of our vegetables, fruit and beef from them and both nations need the commerce. We rely on each other that way so closing the border is not an option. Outside of tunnel smuggling and “mules” backpacking drugs in, the primary source is trucking. Individual people coming in can be stopped and vetted and this system is currently being expanded, with larger holding facilities and changes in lenient laws. With a high tech border, the mules can be detected, arrested, processed and deported or imprisoned. That leaves the trucks. There has to be more inspections and more thorough inspections. ALL entering vehicles must be thoroughly inspected. That’s my personal rant on the subject, and the bottom line here is that drugs and criminals weaken us and threaten our national security and some way is going to have to be found to destroy the cartels and the gangs, even if it means taking over the Mexican government. First The Wall, and then, invade and conquer, may be the plan.

It isn’t about people coming in illegally, it’s about anything that damages our national security. That’s his agenda and it’s what we really need to be paying attention to.

Summing up,


This morning Pres. Trump signed a government funding bill that is loaded with traps and pitfalls designed to prevent him from building The Wall, and no doubt including other blocks to his power as President. He said he was going to declare a National Emergency to fund the wall when he signed this mess but still has not.
Why would he sign a bill that prevents him from moving money around to build The Wall when that’s what he has to do to get it built? Why sign a bill without funding when he said that he wouldn’t do that?

This bill was drawn up by both Democrats and Republicans and it passed the Senate. That means that the majority of the Senate approved of the new restrictions on his powers, which also means that the Senate Republicans don’t want The Wall any more than the Democrats do, it’s just that the Democrats are the ones catching all the blame for blocking it.

If Trump really wants to stop illegal aliens, he would enforce the laws against hiring them, which he’s not doing, and he would have seen that wall built long ago. He would have declared that National Emergency long ago. Yet this drags on and on.

It is true that he’s done wonders in reviving our economy and rebuilding our military. He’s reversed much of the damage that Obama did to our nation. But it’s now glaringly obvious that he’s our PM May when it comes to stopping the invasion of illegals, just as she’s not really trying to facilitate Brexit, because as long as the illegals can swarm in, wages will stay low and the big corporations will flourish.

True, crime, drugs, poverty and disease and all the misery that goes with them will continue to increase, but so will corporate profits.

I am convinced now that The Wall will only be built in highly populated areas for show. All that open desert will remain open. All the drugs and crimes give politicians something to make speeches about and get elected on and it will never go away, the poor will continue to believe the lies that tomorrow will be a better day if they vote for whoever.

Nope. I’m no longer in the Trump camp. Not in any other for that matter, except my own. The truth is that even a nuclear war would not be a great disruption in my life and even if it were, I really don’t care. In fact I’d look forward to that as one way to finally end the status quo.