March 24th, 2017

Listening to House Speaker Paul Ryan explain why his supposed replacement for Obamacare bill has failed miserably to gain enough votes to pass, and to those who tried to say it was Trump who lost, reminded me of a fight I had in Boot Camp in the Navy.

The other guy was my size, only he was a bully and so were his friends, and he kept on messing with me until finally I punched him in the eye and caused his brow to bleed pretty good. His bully friends were all angry with me and demanded the two of us go into a locked room and fight to the end. I agreed, in we went, the door was locked, and I beat the living crap out of him, only we were both lightweights and couldn’t really do much damage to each other. Finally after about an hour of fighting, he asked to quit, and asked if he could go out the door first.

Considering what he looked like, I really didn’t care, and let him. His friends outside immediately declared him the winner because he came out first, so I offered to go back in with him and do it again, and they shut up. I didn’t need to point out that his head and face were knotted up like a sack full of golf balls, while I didn’t have a mark on me.

Donald Trump maintained the position that he was doing his best to get any sort of repeal of Obamacare passed, because it would have been better than nothing, but that all he could do was try to help, and this is true.

Paul Ryan kept insisting that his crappy bill that no one liked was going to pass, and now the real loser is the one everyone is looking at, instead.

I’ve been expecting an outcome very much like this one. While many Conservatives were worried that Pres. Trump was being misled and fooled by Ryan, I wasn’t. I think that what really happened here is that Trump led Ryan right down the Primrose Path to his destruction. Ryan is anti-Trump and everyone knows it, he’s a RINO Globalist and everyone knows that too, and he needs to be removed as Speaker so we can start getting bills put forward that aren’t more Socialist crap.

Now, there’s a lot of talk by important Republicans of replacing him as Speaker. Who won this fight? President Donald Trump, absolutely, because he beat the crap out of Ryan and came out of it without a mark on him.


March 19th, 2017

Fox News says:

“FBI Director James Comey is set to testify Monday before a House committee investigating Russian activities during the 2016 presidential election, amid expectations he’ll provide long-awaited answers and evidence on that issue and whether President Trump was indeed wiretapped.”

James Comey is the same total weasel who told Congress that Hillary Clinton’s extremely felonious use of a private email server for the sending and receiving of classified information, and then the deleting and destruction of those emails, was “wrong but not prosecutable”. The plain truth is that she should be in prison for the rest of her life for her wanton disregard of her legally required duties and her endangerment of our nation’s security.

BUT, Comey took his orders from President Obama, and Obama didn’t want Hillary in jail, he wanted her to be the next president.

So a lot of us wondered why President Trump didn’t fire Comey right after being inaugurated, and now the possible reason is beginning to come out into the light. Congress again wants to interrogate Comey, this time about some supposed connections between Trump and the Russians, because the Dems and the RINOs want to attack Trump. If Trump had fired Comey, Comey might have lied to Congress about Trump and helped the Dems to attack him. By keeping him on the payroll, Trump has kept him under control, and made Comey his pet dog instead.

What do I expect to hear from Comey? That there were and are no connections, BUT, Yes, Donald Trump was surveilled prior to the election. Whether he’ll say that Obama ordered it or not, I don’t know, but I don’t think he’s going to make a liar out of his present employer, Pres. Trump, any more than he would have gone against Obama. Comey has no personal scruples, he’s a bought-and-paid-for guy.

If I’m right and this is what he tells Congress, the next obvious thing is to rout out those who instigated the surveillance and threaten them with prosecution. Get them to “turn state’s evidence”, to testify against others higher-up for a lesser sentence or even immunity. This could be a bloodbath within our security agencies, certainly I’d do it if I could, and we all know that The Donald knows exactly how to do this.

I do hope heads are going to be rolling all over Wash. D.C., and if they do, I’ll be one of those laughing the loudest.
P.S., I will be following up on this right after his hearing.


March 17th, 2017

“A federal District Court judge in Maryland is considering whether he should order President Donald Trump to double the annual inflow of refugees up to 100,000 per year.”

Twice now, activist, Liberal Federal Court judges have overruled Pres. Trumps executive orders regarding immigration in direct violation of our Constitution. Now we have another one who thinks he has the right to order our President around and tell him how to do his job, again in direct violation of our Constitution.

A Constitutional crisis can result in a breakdown in the orderly operation of government. A constitutional crisis can lead to government paralysis, collapse, or civil war. “It means that one branch of government has gone off the rails, that it’s acting in ways inconsistent with the text of the Constitution or well-established constitutional conventions.”

In our present situation, it’s the Federal Judiciary that’s acting in a manner inconsistent with the text of our Constitution. We have judges, who are given lifetime appointments and can only be removed through impeachment by Congress, who are acting to prevent our elected President from carrying out his duty to protect the citizens of the United States. This looks unlikely to stop, and it can only lead to a direct conflict between the President and the Federal Courts.

This judicial activism appears to be preparing to push things to the greatest limit possible and is close to it now, and we may be about to see a clash of armed forces fighting for control of our government. This may well be the plan, with the Liberals/Globalists believing that they have the greater power and will win in the event of an armed conflict. This is getting very serious, very fast.

There’s a considerable variety of armed forces in this country, from state guards to the National Guard, many police forces, private militias, the different arms of our military, armed groups like the NSA, FBI, CIA and others, not to mention the many millions of armed American citizens. A civil war would tear our nation to pieces and that looks more and more to be the plan the Globalists have in mind for us. One way or another, they want very much to destroy America as a global power, and since they failed at getting Hillary elected and reducing us economically, then wrecking us through civil war would accomplish the same goal.

Declaring Martial Law may become necessary. This is getting ugly.


March 16th, 2017

I don’t understand why so many people are still in authority in our government who are working against President Trump and who he could fire simply by saying so. There’s James Comey, who absolutely needs to go and should have been sent packing the day Trump took office. There are people in the State Department, for gods sakes, who not only work against him constantly but keep leaking vital information that harms him and our nation, and they can all be fired, no problem.

Why hasn’t he fired far more people than he has, and when is he going to start doing it, or is he, at all? My feeling of frustration over this is growing and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

Come on, President Donald Trump, CLEAN THEM OUT and be done with it.


March 13th, 2017

How times change, it wasn’t that long ago that the Japanese were all pissed off at us and wanting us to remove our military bases from their islands. Then the Chinese started building islands out of reefs out in the China Sea and militarizing them, and suddenly the anti-American voices in Japan went silent. They remembered why we were there, I guess, to protect them against Chinese or Russian aggression.

The United States is regularly patrolling the China Sea by air and ship, and Japan plans to dispatch its largest warship on a three-month tour through the South China Sea beginning in May, as countermeasures to China’s increasing aggression there. China wants to claim all that area of the Earth as it’s own property regardless of the fact that those waters are bordered by other nations with legally valid claims.

A rumor is going around that the Chinese president will meet with President Trump sometime in May, and it’s certain that the discussion will include those man-made islands. China will have to back off if they don’t want to do battle, and all the nations with a stake in that piece of ocean are gearing up for battle. This is the only way to stop the Chinese short of actual war. If the odds against them are imposing enough and a war isn’t worth what they’d win, only then will they stop.

We need to ask, WHY are the Chinese doing this? Why are they so aggressive, such bullies, and trying so hard to dominate all their neighbors, and the answer is pretty simple when you get right down to it. The Human Race may have developed some amazing technology but otherwise we’re still a race of belligerent, primitive, anti-social assholes who live in caves. We rave proudly about our technical achievements and never give a single word to our utter inability to grow up and behave.

This China stuff is just the same old crap we’ve always done, and will continue to be until we finally evolve into rational beings.


March 12th, 2017

Iran and Syria are closing a deal for Iran to set up a naval base on the Mediterranean Sea coast of Syria. Israel has conferred with Russia, telling them this is “unacceptable to the State of Israel” because of the huge threat increase it would create from Iran against Israel. We can take that to mean that Israel would attack it if it gets built. Russia seemed “receptive” to Israel’s concerns. What does that mean? Not much.

Turkey is all pissed of at the Dutch for refusing to allow their diplomats the ability to rally Turks in the Nederlands politically, in favor of Erdogan, and turned away an airplane carrying one of them in for that purpose. Now Erdogan is refusing to allow any airplanes from the Nederlands to land in Turkey.

Erdogan is also threatening to open up the barricades that currently are preventing millions of Syrian refugees from flooding into Europe because the EU is refusing to allow that increasingly dictatorial Islamist nation membership in the EU.

Syria’s Assad calls the U.S. forces there “invaders”. He’s right, they are. So are all the other non-Syrian forces there. Our part there is stupid, we should either nuke the place or get the hell out, this is going to go on forever as long as Iran keeps sending more people in there to fight for Assad and against us. We’re supposedly fighting ISIS, but are we? Who knows?

The Israeli parliament last Wednesday approved new laws that prevent the mosques in Israel from using loudspeakers to blare out the call to prayer 5 times a day every single day of the week. The Muslimes are furious over this, and I look forward to their retaliation. They’ll do it anyway, and Israel troops will swarm in and rip out their loudspeaker systems. So then the idiots will use bullhorns and their minarets will be knocked down with bulldozers. It’s going to be great fun to watch, I wish I could be there. With any luck there’ll be YouTube vids of it.

Last tidbit, the Arab-run UN is having a tantrum over the way Hungary controls its borders and prevents Muslimes from swarming in, calling them a bunch of Nazis for protecting their sovereignty. Gee, not very diplomatic, huh? Could the Hungarians be doing this because Sweden let them come in and are now the new Rape Capitol of Europe? Hmm? Or because Germany did too and are now the Other Rape Capitol? Maybe? It’s the Saudis who are screaming the loudest, in case you’re still wondering who the REAL promoters of International Terrorism are.


March 10th, 2017

This is a very small community of little scattered mini-towns here in the mountains. Total population of this roughly 400 square miles is about 12,500 people. Each area has at least one health clinic with a doctor or 3, and the entire area is serviced by one hospital.

This hospital is huge, with about 100 patient beds and all sorts of buildings and building extensions and lots and lots of fancy equipment that was bought with money provided for free by the hospital’s thrift store, which is located in a separate town from the hospital. The hospital provides far more services than this little population can use, but which the doctors can charge big money for, anytime someone does have a real or falsely prescribed “need” for some of that fancy free equipment.

The thing is, it’s also in an earthquake zone and now the state is demanding that parts of it be demolished and rebuilt to withstand earthquakes, and the hospital wants all of us land and home owners to pay for it, every year for the next 40 years. Certainly those doctors don’t want to part with any of their own paychecks to pay for their hospital. The hospital was built originally with public money and therefor is publicly owned, but the administrators have been lining their own pockets ever since instead of setting aside funds for the earthquake refitting they damn well knew was going to have to happen.

But no, they wanted the fancy toys that made more money for them instead, and just figured that when the state forced them to refit or quit, they’d panic us residents into paying for it. After all, it is the only hospital around. The next nearest ones are in Bakersfield an hour’s drive away.

Our community is slowly dying. Most of the homes here are mobile homes built 40 to 50 years ago, and not in the best of shape. Meth addiction is very high here and two outlying communities are almost “no-go” areas because almost all the residents are either meth or heroin addicts. Needless to say, their incomes are way below poverty level. There’s no industry, the majority of residents are retired on low, fixed incomes, and that’s the money that supports the businesses. In summer, tourism increases because of lake fishing and river rafting, but it’s not much. So there’s no new construction. No new homes, no new people.

I’ve communicated with a spokesperson for this hospital, and the responses clearly indicate a total lack of concern for the poverty of most residents. They have an island of wealth in our midst, they get people to volunteer to work in the hospital doing various odd nursing and cleaning jobs as well as manning the front desk and gift shop while charging lots of money for the services of the doctors and nurses. What a gold mine for them.

So when they tell us that they want us to pay for the rebuilding work that they should have been putting money aside for all these years, I tell them that they’re arrogant and inconsiderate and that they’ve mismanaged our money for their own benefit without regard for us. Doctors today are conceited asses. I stopped liking them when they stopped making house calls. Boy, that was sure a better time.


March 10th, 2017

Obamacare, aka the ACA (Affordable Care Act), which is anything BUT affordable for anyone except poor black people, who get it free on the backs of American taxpayers, is a form of Socialist totalitarianism. Speaker of the House Paul RINO Ryan is pushing a so-called “new plan” that does little to replace the old plan. The worst parts of the ACA are still there. What’s needed is a full repeal of the ACA.

President Trump has said that he’ll sign the bill if it passes the House and Senate, and I think he’s counting on it not even getting out of the House at all. If he is, he’s probably right as usual, because a lot of GOP senators are unlikely to vote for it, and if by some fluke it does pass on to the Senate, it’s going to be torn apart and reassembled into something a lot closer to what Trump said he wanted in the first place.

All this noise is nothing more than the usual bullshit by the Socialists, Globalists and RINOs like Paul Ryan to continue to depress our economy and repress the American people, and I have confidence in President Trump that he’ll find ways to get us to where he said he would in spite of those attempting to stymie him. The reality with American health care is that all the problems with it are based on just a few things that need to be corrected.

The first is to remove the entitlement that’s been given to the poor and the illegals to go to any hospital emergency room for services and not have to pay for them. Hospitals need to have their right to turn away those who can’t pay reinstated. It should not be the responsibility of hospitals, which are businesses, to provide free health care to those with no money, or the responsibility of those of us who pay taxes, to pay back the hospitals. It’s our job to buy health insurance if we want it, or pay for health costs out of our pockets if we don’t.

Along with this, the massive tax imposed on those who opt out of buying health insurance must be rescinded.

The other thing is to remove the restrictions on interstate health care insurance sales. It’s exactly this that’s destroyed competition in this market and driven insurance prices way up, and it’s not hard to guess whose money it was that forced this into law, when the only people it benefits are the owners of the insurance companies. Do this and the cost of health insurance suddenly will become much less, much more affordable, and a lot more people will have it.

NOW, on to HINDUS. CNN strikes again, making yet another religion look horrible. The only one they keep telling us is peaceful is the worst one of all, Islam. This time, they attacked Hinduism.
There’s this tiny, tiny little sect of Hinduism called the Aghoris, of less than 100 people altogether, who practice cannibalism, and CNN has a roving reporter, an Iranian guy named Riva Aslan, who did a news segment on these few, outcast, reviled Hindus, actually getting his face covered in cremated corpse ashes and eating cooked human brains.

Naturally, the Hindu community is highly upset with CNN over this, as it portrays Hindus in an extremely negative light.
There’s a variety of religions in India, the majority being Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam, and of the 3, Hinduism and Sikhism are the most peaceful. Islam is the only truly violent one, though the Sikhs can come close. They’re famous for being warriors. It also happens that Hindus and Sikhs hate the Muslims for what they are and what they do. People who hate Muslims are my kind of people.

There’s a lot of very good Hindu doctors and other professionals in the USA. Hindu’s tend to look like the rest of us, while the Sikh men wear turbans and let their beards grow, but both are respectful of their women and children, and others. Muslims are not. Hindus and Sikhs make good citizens. Muslims do not. Which, of course, is exactly why CNN wants to make Hindus look bad.


March 4th, 2017

The Obama administration had Pres. Trumps phones tapped, possibly including his offices and residence along with the White House phones and offices. They gave Hillary all of his strategies they could find, they gave Hillary debate questions on a teleprompter that was built into her debate podium. They hired anarchists to start riots at Trump rallies, they paid the fake press to lie about Pres. Trump and his staff and to make up false stories daily on him and his supporters. They paid the press and intelligence operatives to lie about Pres. Trump being a traitor and a spy for Russia without any evidence.

After all that, they still could not beat him in a democrat/government rigged election, so now they’re trying to force members of his cabinet to resign by making up lies and twisting normal events to appear as if his people are all a bunch of Russian spies.

So far, these efforts are having an effect, since they’re producing responses from Pres. Trump and members of his administration, and the attackers must expect counter-attacks. I have no doubt that criminal investigations will be launched soon against these attackers, among them Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, since they’re the ones pushing the attacks the hardest and they may have committed some crimes during their long times in office. At the least, it would be entertaining to see them have to sit before investigative committees and be interrogated about their pasts. Something like that just might make the rest of those traitors think more carefully before making false claims.

UPDATE: “FOX News host Sean Hannity went on the warpath against President Obama and Obama administration officials Valerie Jarrett, Ben Rhodes, and former senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer on Saturday.” (Breitbart News story).

It’s happening fast. Watch as the investigations start, big-name Obama people are brought under subpoena, the first indictments are handed out and deadly fear begins to set in among those who’ve been attacking Pres. Trump and his Cabinet members with false accusations. All the crap they’ve done that they thought was safe and secret and they’d never be prosecuted for it, because Hillary Clinton was all set up to win, all their crimes may now come to light.

I am absolutely loving this. This is wonderful.


March 3rd, 2017

I haven’t posted anything for a few days, I’ve been following the revolting developments as the Democrat loyalists keep launching attack after attack on our new President, with much disgust, waiting to see how it plays out.

I was gratified to see that Pres. Trump has finally counter-attacked, and he showed some serious statesmanship there, waiting for the attackers to hang themselves. Pelosi and Schumer, both of whom have been harassing Attorney General Sessions, in a desperate effort to force his resignation, turn out to have done the same thing that they’re saying Sessions did. It’s even possible that what they did is actually criminal.

Sessions met with a Russian diplomat in the course of just doing his job and they’re attacking him and trying to make it look like he was doing some sort of secret deal with the Russians. Now it turns out that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer both had one or more meetings with the same Russian ambassador. What a pair of trolls.

The primary purpose for this load of horsecrap was undoubtedly to take attention away from the truly excellent speech that President Trump gave to the assembled members of Congress. A few diehard Democrat cable news people tried their best to find things about it to be negative of, but no one paid them any attention. It was just a really great speech, and that really upset the Democrats.

The plain truth is that very few Americans care about politics at all, and most of us can’t recognize a picture of George W. Bush as being a former President. This is a true fact, I watch these “People In The Street” shows where someone with a microphone walks around asking people questions about our government, and our history, and perhaps one in ten might give the right answer to an extremely simple question. Most of them not only don’t know, they don’t care. This is exactly why we managed to not just elect but re-elect a black man of unknown background whose personal history was literally sealed and secret, who’s birth certificate proved to be a forgery, whose Social Security number belonged to a man now dead and from the Eastern U.S. instead of Hawaii, and who was a student of Communists, Socialists, a convicted terrorist and a long-term member of an anti-American, black-separatist church. No one cared. He was black and a politician and a great talker. That was all they cared about.

So I look at all the monkeyshines of these political-hack Democrat traitors, who care as little about America as most American people care about them, and just wait. For all their noise, they remind me of a line by William Shakespeare. “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing.” For all their posturing they’d be funnier to watch if they were mimes.


February 25th, 2017

The old Bozo, Donna Brazile, who was Chairman of the Democrat National Committee, has passed the gavel to Tom Perez, a true-blue America-hating Leftist, Globalist and Socialist, and close personally and politically to Obama..
Donna Brazile is the scum sucking piece of shit who passed on the debate questions to Hillary Clinton in violation of the law as well as the rules of the debates, and was never prosecuted because Bastard Obama was still president. This is the quality of people we have in the Democrat Party, which the DNC reigns over. So don’t expect anything better from Tom Perez, their new Bozo the Clown.

The voting for Chairman was closely split between Perez and Keith Ellison, the half-black or maybe kind of black but mostly white Black Muslim TOTAL ASSHOLE. Of the 435 votes cast, Perez got 235, Ellison the Black Muslim got 200 VOTES!!! If that doesn’t tell you how far left the Democrat Party is now, nothing ever will. After being elected, Perez promptly made Congressman Keith Ellison his Deputy Chairman. Ellison, besides being a Black Muslim and extreme racist, is violently anti-Semitic. He’s a close friend of Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, who has ties to terrorism.

Perez’s parents emigrated here from Dominican Republic, a little third-world island nation where the crime rate is high and the infrastructure is on a par with the Mexican countryside. It’s a lot like Mexico, in other words, where the people seem to be born already corrupt.

These Bozos are the new clowns leading the Democrat Party, and I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, the Democrat Party leaders are plainly going to stay well outside the mainstream of what most Americans want and continue to try to destroy us as a great nation. They insist that America must become part of their Globalist scheme when most of us want nothing more to do with it, and that’s going to keep dragging them down as a political force. They’ve never had so few elected state governors, mayors and members of Congress as they do now and next election they’ll probably have even less, because of this. So for that I’m glad.

BUT, at the same time, by moving so very much further to the Left than they even were before, they present a real danger to the rest of us and to our country. They’ve become so rabid and hateful and are planning so much disruption that they put us in danger of another Civil War. It’s hard to be glad about that.

I wish that they’d elected someone honest, someone without a Globalist mindset, who wanted to work with President Trump to rebuild our nation. Instead they elected people who are dead-set on continuing Obama’s agenda of destruction. I think we have a rough road ahead.


February 23rd, 2017

Eventually, China’s actions are bound to lead to war, they keep pushing out further and further into foreign territory and building heavily armed fortresses as they go, and their neighbors keep building up more and more weapons to stop them. I can tell you what will probably push them over the edge into war… As Trump keeps improving our economy and bringing back our manufacturing from China, and forcing China to trade more fairly, their economy is going to start sagging. It takes money to do all that they’re doing and as the money supply drops but their ambitions continue unabated, they’ll first reduce the wages they pay all the workers, sailors and soldiers who are building and manning their weapons industry and military and they may need to enslave workers to keep going. Slavery has always been a part of China.

The military resistance to China’s continued expansion will reach a state of impasse where the encroached-upon nations, Vietnam at the forefront, make it clear that one more small step forward by China will mean war between them.

At this point I think the leaders of China will decide to go for broke. It’s either wage war or give up on more than 65 years of planning to become the dominant world power and watch China sink back into decades, maybe centuries of being a second-class nation. In other words, when their economy shrinks down to a certain point, I think they’ll opt for war. I’m not familiar with the global economy so I don’t know what point that is, but I bet someone does.

It’s almost funny. When they had their Cultural Revolution, they wiped out every last trace of Imperial China and even made their very last Emperor become a common gardener. Now they want to become Emperors of Imperial China all over again, they just call it by a different name.


February 23rd, 2017

Franklin D. Roosevelt was our President back when our entry into World War 2 began with the Jap attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and the First Lady’s name was Eleanor. FDR had made a statement back in 1936 about the horrors of war, ending with “I hate war and Eleanor hates war”, and right away some comedian added “And I hate Eleanor” to that, which everyone in the country got a big laugh out of. In fact it was making a joke out of it that caused his statement to become famous, and it was sure remembered when we did get into the war in 1941.

So I wonder what jokes are going to spring up about China, as that nation prepares to go to war with the rest of the world. They are, you know.

China appears to have completed construction on its artificial islands of more than twenty buildings designed to hold long-range surface-to-air missiles and “announced that it will revise its 1984 Maritime Safety Law, with the purpose of barring selected foreign ships from passing through the South China Sea, which China claims. It’s believed that the changes are intended to target the United States. Foreign ships that enter without approval will be fined 300,000-500,000 yuan ($43,706-72,844) and those violating Chinese laws will be expelled, presumably by means of military force.”

China’s actions militarily threaten Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia as well as blocking their fishing access and their trade routes. So these nations are responding with military buildups. Vietnam has just purchased a fleet of conventional submarines from Russian capable of laying mines and firing both missiles and torpedoes, and are acquiring surface to air missiles from India. India, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, and Russia have formed an alliance to prevent China from blocking this trade route through which $5 Trillion in goods passes each year.

As Breitbart reports, “The populations of China and all of these countries today are in a highly emotional, nationalistic state, and this military buildup on all sides cannot end up in any way but a major war.”

This is exactly right. Annexing the territory of defenseless neighbors is what the Nazi’s did prior to the outbreak of the last great war, and it’s no laughing matter. There will come an open conflict, an attack either by the Chinese or on them by someone they threaten, it’s inevitable, because China threatens the existence of it’s neighbors and when pushed to the wall, at least one will fight back. That includes India, which may prove far more formidable than the Chinese might think.


February 21st, 2017

I wondered how long the honeymoon would last between Milo the Flaming Homosexual Conservative and Breitbart News. Today I found out. It’s over, the lovers have parted ways. Breitbart’s dropped him like a fresh baked potato. With alacrity.

Why? Because Milo made some statements about his attitude toward underage sex between grown men and young boys that expose him as a pedophile. Statements like “”Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who is sexually mature,” he said. “Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty.” So Milo thinks homosexual sex with a 13 year old boy who is sexually mature, is just fine. The young age is okay if the boy has pubic hair.

In another exchange, Yiannopoulos spoke fondly of “the sort of ‘coming of age’ relationship … in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable sort of rock, where they can’t speak to their parents.” Yeah, riiiight, give immature boys “security and safety and love” while porking them in the ass.

This is TYPICAL homosexual justification for having sex with kids. How many times have we heard this same crap from other queers? It’s always their excuse, they’re “providing a loving environment”, they’re “counseling and supporting”, they’re being “emotionally supportive”, when all the time what they’re really doing is grooming children for sex.

This guy is a typical NAMBLA type and now that his book printing has been cancelled by the publisher, his speech at CPAC has been canceled by them and Breitbart News has fired his pedophilic ass, his next best move is to become a Catholic priest so he can continue his abuse on the choir boys while drawing a paycheck. He’d fit right in.


February 18th, 2017

Trump's Florida rally, Sat, Feb. 18, 2017

I maintain what is called a “jaundiced viewpoint”. I’m cynical, I doubt things until proven by experience to be what they seem to be. I’ve held a doubt in my mind about President Donald Trump until today. Is he who he seems to be?

All our past presidents have kissed the ass of Media. Way before television and radio, when it was just newspapers, the ones with the largest circulation had the biggest political clout and could, and did, make and break politicians regularly. Smart politicians were very nice to newspaper reporters if they wanted to stay in office and get re-elected.

Today I can finally accept that he really is who he seems to be, and the reason why I can is because he continues to attack the Main Stream Media and call them out exactly for what they are, even as he knows full well that they hate him for it and will attack even harder. He has absolutely no fear of them. Yesterday he even called them “The enemy of the American people”, and he’s absolutely right. Today he held a political rally in Florida and attacked the MSM again for their dishonesty.

If this man was a fake, he’d never do this. If he had a hidden agenda that was in any way evil, he’d be all cozy with the MSM, not encouraging them to print ugly stories about him. But he is encouraging them to do this, and in that I find another stroke of his practicality, his genius.

Their stories have been getting more and more far-reaching, the MSM has been literally making up news, Fake News, and it’s steadily becoming less believable in their rage and haste to find weapons to attack him with. Breitbart says: “From Stephen Colbert’s Game of Thrones parody that put White House advisor Stephen Miller’s head on a spike to Conan O’Brien’s Nazi-themed jokes about the President’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, ratings-seeking late-night talk show hosts have apparently gone scorched-earth against President Donald Trump’s administration.” Other MSM have made statements about murdering Pres. Trump and given lots of air time to loons like Madonna, who says she wants to blow up the White House and kill Pres. Trump, and in doing all this, they’re quickly losing their credibility with the American public.

As uninformed and uneducated as the average American is, even the slowest among us knows that rocks can’t talk and trees can’t fly. There’s a limit to what people will believe, and the crazier the stories get from the Leftist MSM, the less people even listen to them. At the same time, Pres. Trump keeps saying over and over and over again that they’re liars and fake news, and people listen to Presidents. The attacks by the media are harming them far worse than they’re harming him. He’s going to win this.


February 18th, 2017

Tenure in the teaching profession is having a permanent job as a teacher or professor after working at the place of employment, a school, college or university, for 6 years. A person with tenure can’t be fired unless under very exceptional conditions, such as being convicted of murder, or having sex with under-aged students. This is why we have so many teachers and professors who preach their radical political beliefs to their classes and don’t get fired. They have tenure.

Tenure is archaic and destructive. I don’t know of any other job in America that gives guaranteed lifetime employment to a worker short of the Catholic priesthood. Just the educators, and if any group should be subject to oversight and dismissal for cause, it’s them. There’s so many tenured radicals in our schools and colleges now that rather than receive good educations, our children are mostly just getting brainwashed.

The fact is that while the USA spends more on public education than any other nation, our students rank about 20th in educational level compared to other industrialized nations. Since we spend more than the others, it seems reasonable that we should do better than the others, but there’s two factors that hold us back.

The first one is TENURE. Once a teacher has tenure the teacher no longer has to keep performing at a high level to keep his or her job, and can slack off. Way off, and many do. They stop worrying about how well they’re teaching and start pushing their own opinions and ideas as being facts. The quality of instruction goes down rapidly once tenure is achieved.

The other factor is the intelligence of the students and their will to succeed in life. Our social structure is nearly destroyed, far fewer people get married and far fewer that do, stay married. Drug usage is rampant, and the I.Q.s of Americans is steadily decreasing. This latter problem has a variety of causes and deserves it’s own post, it would make this one too long. However, it is true. The kids are getting dumber and dealing with that is a whole another issue. Right now, tenure is the primary problem in our educational system and it needs to be abolished so we can clean out the kooks, radicals and incompetents.


February 17th, 2017

The current head of the Catholic church, and also the last one if the prophecy of Saint Malachy comes true, persists in claiming that Islam is not violent and that Muslims are not terrorists. He says that “all religions promote peace and that the danger of violent radicalization exists equally in all religions.” In other words, Hindus and Christians are just as likely to blow themselves up on buses, in crowded marketplaces and at weddings and in places of worship, as Muslims are. Why do I have a big problem with that statement?

At the same time, he said that “we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system”. Global warming. He’s not a scientist and he doesn’t think that Islam promotes violence, yet he’s an expert on the Earth’s climate?

He can’t be getting paid to spout this harmful bullshit, and he has to know in his heart that it is all bullshit, so why is he doing it? The only possible reason is because he secretly hates Catholicism. If any two religions were ever completely at odds with each other historically to this present day, it’s Islam and Catholicism. Remember, it was the Catholic Church that sent knights to battle the Muslims during the Crusades. He should be speaking out against the atrocities of the Muslims.

Yet here we have this snake in the Vatican claiming that Islam is peaceful and Christians are just as likely to become terrorists as Muslims are. Another statement is “We know what happens when we deny science and disregard the voice of Nature, ….. I ask you again, all of you….. to defend Creation.” In one breath he says to accept Science and believe in Creationism. Creationism is pure superstition and anti-Science. That sounds totally nuts, and he was saying that in support of Global Warming.

The entire purpose of the Global Warming SCAM is the Carbon Tax, make manufacturers pay a high tax for burning fossil fuels, and generate more money for government and drive up consumer costs at the same time. This reduces the availability of goods while increasing poverty and results in greater government control of the people.

Pope Francis is an evil man driven by hatred of the religion he’s the leader of and he’s just like the Ayatollahs of Iran, who want to see massive and sudden deaths happen, because they believe that will bring back some “lost Imam”. I think that Francis wants to see humanity destroy itself just like the Ayatollahs do. Everything he says is against true Christianity.

Bear in mind that St. Malachy’s prediction that Francis will be the last Pope also includes this other prediction, that during Francis’ reign will also come the end of the world. Francis is 80 years old, and our Armageddon is supposed to happen while he’s still alive. The clock is ticking…..


February 17th, 2017

President Trump held a news conference yesterday that’s being described as epic. He confronted the reporters there from CNN, ABC and NBC, but had the most dialogue with the CNN reporter, who was openly hostile. The others were as well but the real juicy exchange was between Pres. Trump and CNN, when he repeatedly said that CNN posted False News, meaning lies, and preached hatred. He nailed the CNN reporter repeatedly for lies and spewing hatred, and I thought the guy was going to blow a gasket, he looked so pressured up.

It was great to watch. Pres. Trump went on and on about the dishonesty of the press, and the thing is, he’s right. Our media is no longer a source of news, now it’s almost all propaganda and lies, false stories, misrepresentations, unsubstantiated reports, twisted facts and just as often, no facts at all.

In the aftermath of that news conference, CNN and the others are whining that Pres. Trump has “reduced the prestige of the media” by speaking out about their hateful propaganda. I have news for the News, they have no prestige to lose, they’re like Madonna or Lady Gaga having prestige with the Pope, you can’t act like foul-mouthed idiots and be respected for your opinions.

Sooner or later the MSM is going to have to come to terms with the reality of majority public opinion. Of course there’s always a market for smears and lies with some people, but if you want to be on top, you have to be liked by more people than any other.

It’s like the American Nazi Party. Some guy who’s in it tried to get me to see things their way and join up, because he claimed, wrongly, that they and I share a similar view or two. The membership of the American Nazi Party has very few members, probably a couple hundred at most, because their ideas are unpopular with everyone except deranged homicidal maniacs. Nobody else likes them.

The MSM and especially CNN is going farther to the Left all the time. I see them as Fascist, which is what the Nazis were, and they deserve far less than the low third-place rating that they have now.

It’s long past time a President of the United States called them out for the harm they’re doing.
WOOPS, UPDATE… Trump just said that the failing media, “nytimes, NBCNews, ABC, CBS, CNN, is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”


February 14th, 2017

The month of February has been designated Black History Month by some jackass Libtards somewhere in our government, no doubt in collusion with that POS Barack Obama, and so far all it seems to mean is that black people also have histories.

Well no shit. We all have histories. But since it’s so important to someone somewhere that black people get a month dedicated to the enshrinement of the fact they existed before today, I see no reason not to expand that into the future and celebrate the future existences of black people in February as well. What the hell, why not?

Maybe someday this level of government racism will subside to the point to where we can just celebrate something like All Americans Month, but I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. Celebrating our racial differences is what the Liberals love to do to keep us divided and separate.


February 14th, 2017

I wondered at the time why Reince Priebus, the now former head of the Republican Party, suddenly started supporting Donald Trump when it became obvious that he was winning the election, after he’d been against him earlier.

After Trump was inaugurated as President he made Reince Priebus his Chief of Staff, which put Priebus in charge of the hiring and firing of White House and other government personnel. Since then, there’s been a literal flood of information leaks about secret conversations and private events within the White House which threaten national security as well as inhibiting Pres. Trumps ability to get things done, and now it looks like Reince Priebus is the leaker.

Breitbart News reports that there’s at least 50 people still in place, hired by Barack Obama, who are either likely to sabotage Trump’s presidency or are already doing so and that while Priebus knows who all these people are, he’s done nothing to get rid of them. Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General that Trump temporarily appointed, was known by Priebus to be one of those Obama holdovers, and he should have fired her before she had a chance to betray our new President.

I never did trust him and I can only assume that Pres. Trump didn’t either but gave him the Chief of Staff job anyway because that helped consolidate the Republican Party behind him. What happens now, once he fires Priebus, I can only hazard a guess. My hope is that his allies in the party, and he has some good ones, will stand up for him. Time will tell.