November 29th, 2015

It’s been a few years now since I was in Australia, but one of the outstanding memories I have of that isolated land is the aboriginal people. I’ve traveled a fair amount of our planet and met a pretty good variety of native peoples, and they were all pretty much the same in terms of intelligence. Different cultures and ways of doing things, different skin colors and facial shapes and so forth, but people all over seem to be generally about the same mentally. Except for Australian aborigines.

Aborigine is a relative term. Africans are aboriginal because they evolved there. The first Australian peoples arrived there from somewhere else, about 40,000 or 50,000 years ago, near as anyone can figure. My best guess on how they got there is that there was a huge tsunami that swept up their little coastal settlement and carried a few of them, along with a mass of coconut trees and other debris, way out to sea on the wave’s rebound. Most likely they came from New Guinea, which is very close to Australia and there’s a strong physical resemblance to the natives there.

That their ocean passage was purely accidental is obvious by the fact that the first ones were the only ones to make it across, and I bet DNA testing would tell us that there was only one couple. That’s because you never saw any single population of people anywhere who all looked exactly alike. There’s almost no genetic diversity between them even after 50,000 years. The first couples children were having sex with each other and probably the parents were having sex with their children. Generation after generation, incest must have become the norm out of necessity, and the result today is the stupidest single human type on the entire planet.

Today, the only intelligent “aborigines” are actually the half-breed offspring that have resulted from matings with white settlers. While there I attended a number of shows and displays of abo culture, in which they proudly demonstrated their brutish nature and minimal skills. They can throw a spear quite well but never learned to knap stones into spearheads and other tools, and they never invented the bow and arrow. They learned how to make music by blowing into a hollow stick, like you would a bugle. They say the sticks were hollowed out by ants, because they can’t tell the difference between ants and termites. They learned that a flat, curved stick will come back to you if thrown right. That’s it. They never learned how to make fire or clothing.

They told me how superior their form of law was to the white man’s, When someone broke a taboo they would tie the person to a tree and then smash both his or her collar bones with the edge of a big flat sword-like board. If the person was able to use their useless arms to free themselves before the dingoes ate them alive, they could return to the village and start over. Of course, they’d never be able to throw a spear or do anything else useful again and would die anyway. That’s “superior” abo justice.

Pureblood Australian aboriginals are lazy, brutish and stupid and the bottom rung of humanity. So why am I going on about this? Well, here it is, another Sunday, and I’m still waiting for the Russians to kill something Turkish and meanwhile, what’s the point of knowing how to type if I don’t type something? Huh?


November 28th, 2015

I’m not much given to conspiracy theories. If one is presented that’s backed up with sufficient verifiable facts to lend it credence, I may dig into it myself, just out of curiosity, to see if it holds water.

That there is a global conspiracy by Islamists to create a global Islamic state is well established fact now, with the conspirators themselves freely admitting to their goal. What’s nebulous and cloudy are all the mechanisms of this conspiracy, and I think I see at least the surface now of what clearly is a deeper and more vast conspiracy than I’d imagined.

Two things. Canada is about to take in at least 10,000 Syrian refugees right now with plans to take in a lot more next year, and the daily scenes on television of lines of Syrians, 20 abreast, stretching off into the distance as they walk by the tens of thousands into Eastern Europe, not only with no one stopping them and turning them back, but with them actually being encouraged to march into Europe.

These people are almost entirely all Muslims and they’re walking freely into Europe by the millions, even as the various European national rulers, the Presidents and Prime Ministers, have full awareness that Muslims do not assimilate but instead demand that everyone else become a Muslim, and knowing that this massive influx does terrible harm to their national economies, makes jobs for their citizens scarce, increases poverty and crime, and overwhelms their infrastructures and food production capabilities, and worsens the threat of terrorism. Why would they do this?

Not just that but Liberal Canada is compounding their own terrorist threat and ours. Now we not only have our Southern border to worry about but our Northern border as well, when before at least our border with Canada was always considered to be safe.

Well, there’s nothing like an endless war to produce millions of refugees, now is there? I can’t help but notice that NONE of these refugees are heading for Russia, many are coming in our direction instead. A lot of them are staying in the Middle East, fortunately, with many going to Turkey and Jordan. Even so, a number of South American nations are also taking in a lot of them. I find it hard to believe that even one of those leaders is driven to do this by a feeling of compassion.

Muslims do not belong in Western societies. They’re like importing poisonous snakes that slowly wipe out all the indigenous fauna, they’re like kudzu, an oriental vine that was accidentally introduced into our South and now clogs formerly navigable rivers and grows all over everything non-stop, and nothing gets rid of it. This wave of undesirable immigrants would never happen without the force of a war that could easily be stopped at any time.

Clearly, all the governments of the world, at least those that can contribute in some way to this global religious realignment, are complicit in it. India and China are much closer to Syria than Canada or the United States, yet there are no Muslim hordes marching to those nations. Just Europe and the West, with the open aid and assistance of Europe and the West.

I have no documentary proof so I can only suspect that huge sums of money and other influences are being used by Muslim Arabs to bribe Western leaders into allowing and abetting this massive migration. It is a fact that G.W. Bush and Barack Obama jointly created ISIS, it is a fact that the “Arab Spring” is a Bush – Obama-created disaster. All during that time, the leaders of the UK were complicit in this. To deny at this point that Western leaders, et al, are enabling the Islamization of Europe and the West is blind and foolish. They are.


November 27th, 2015

Putin and Erdogan have been responding back and forth to each others comments and moves, and it’s not what they say but the way in which they say it that reveals, to me anyway, where they’re really at.

Putin has been yanking the economic rug out from under the feet of Turkey and Erdogan’s political strength. If Turkey suffers too much from Erdogans foolishness, I would expect to see him removed from office ala Mohammad Morsi style in Egypt, with riots, civil unrest and demonstrations. I’m calling it foolishness now because of what the tone of his responses reveals to me.

Putin has done the following so far: Sent in anti-missile missile batteries, jamming systems, a guided missile cruiser, bomber escorts and Electronic Surveillance aircraft, all for one purpose, to counter Turkish military and even attack it if needed. He has cut off all economic exchange between the two countries, confiscated huge amounts of imported Turkish foods, banned further tourism into Turkey, stopped all commercial traffic into Russia from Turkey, blocked all Turkish services from operating in Russia and requested that all Russians now in Turkey return to Russia. This brings to an abrupt halt over half of Turkey’s economy. He’s also blocked all communication with Erdogan, making it impossible for Erdogan to try to reach some sort of private deal. Think on that one. Erdogan either does a very public and humiliating mea culpa or watches as his country’s economy suddenly crashes. No doubt more sanctions are coming. All of this could have been avoided by Erdogan if he’d apologized for attacking the Russian jet as Putin initially demanded.

Erdogan’s response is to refuse to apologize, but says he hopes to speak with Putin at the global climate summit that begins in Paris on Nov. 30. That’s it, nothing else. Putin is wiping his ass with Erdogan’s face, and Erdogan is cavilling and wanting to talk. This is why I think what Erdogan did was foolish, and not well planned.

I think that Obama told Erdogan that shooting down a Russian bomber would be a good way to get Putin to back off of his attacks on those fighting against Assad, gave him the flight info that Russia had provided the US of their aircraft flight paths, and Erdogan went for it. Now Erdogan is in the soup and looking for a way out without making himself look like an idiot by apologizing.

The thing is, Erdogan is totally in the wrong, and I applaud Putin for not taking a diplomatic approach to this assault. Turkey under Erdogan has gone from being secular to being Islamist, and has become a real trouble-maker in the region. If this does expand into a war between Russia and Turkey, that’s a good thing. France, Germany and England are all aligning with Russia RIGHT NOW, and if Obama tries to get our troops to fight our allies, our Congress will finally unite regardless of party to prevent it.

There’s only one more move by Putin before actual war begins between Russia and Turkey, so watch for it, and that’s if Putin ORDERS all Russians to leave Turkey. If he does, expect a major Russian attack on Turkey’s military and infrastructure to commence within a few days afterward.


November 26th, 2015

Today is Thanksgiving Day, to celebrate the day that a bunch of British settlers sat down with a bunch of Indians, aka Native Americans, and ate together. Turkeys are the traditional Thanksgiving meat, but no one really knows what was eaten on that first Thanksgiving day of November 26, 1621. It could have been ducks. The settlers had founded Plymouth Colony, arriving at Plymouth Harbor in 1620. After surviving starvation and disease, those who lived through the first year and the fall harvest of 1621, shared a harvest meal with the local indigenous people. This was the first Thanksgiving dinner. I celebrate Thanksgiving each year because if those people had never come here, I wouldn’t be here. Thomas Rogers and his son Joseph were on the Mayflower and I’m one of their many descendants.

I’ve always been grateful just to be alive, and after seeing much of how the rest of the world lives during my hitch in the U.S. Navy, I became very grateful to be born an American, and not a Greek or Ethiopian or Italian or any other sort of nationality. Some of them were better off than others, back then, but that’s just a nice way of saying that some were a lot worse than others. Being an American is a privilege that most of us here never seem to comprehend and it’s not one that we earned. Those who came before us, earned it for us.

I’ve seen the tradition of Thanksgiving fade a great deal since the first Thanksgiving I remember as a small boy. Back then we were all very aware of the historical significance of this holiday, and we expressed our thanks to each other at the table before we ate. I doubt anyone does that anymore or is even aware of the reason for the holiday, and the day may come when even the name is lost to time. Today is commonly called Turkey Day now by many of us. People have a hard time relating to the idea of spending 2 or 3 months aboard a primitive wooden sailing ship, with no toilets or fresh vegetables, water in barrels that got more stagnant as time went by, none at all to wash with, and supplies running out except for a few hard biscuits weeks before making landfall at a place with no buildings for shelter or amenities of any kind. Where you have to get out and kill game and build shelters as quickly as you can because the weather is growing cold.

That was serious hardship, the people were beset with diseases and many died, it was wintertime, they weren’t prepared. Today you see these reality shows like Naked And Afraid, and in almost every case, they only manage to get through their 21 day adventures by starving for 3 weeks. These so-called “trained survivalists” find themselves unable to feed themselves. None of them would have survived the first year at Plymouth Harbor.

We need to be revitalized, re-wound, every few centuries or so. We need to tear down our civilizations, let the weakest die off, and start new civilizations from scratch, just to keep us fresh and strong as a species. Each time we’ve done this through the millennia, our civilizations have been more technically advanced and robust. Our old traditions and days of celebration are fading away, and have lost their meaning. I’m thinking it’s time to create new ones.


November 25th, 2015

World War 1 was started by the assassination of an obscure Austrian duke, which resulted in the various European alliances eventually declaring war on each other. In other words, it was started by a fairly minor event that got out of hand because the different hostile nations misjudged each others intentions and will.

Right now, our President Obama is on TV telling Russia, Turkey and the world that Turkey has a right to defend their airspace. Well, they do, but the Russian aircraft came down in Syria. Obama is defending Islamist Turkey. We and Turkey are members of NATO, as are France, Germany and Great Britain. France, Germany and Great Britain are busy putting together an alliance with Russia against ISIS as I type this.

Germany had the living hell beat out of them in the 1940′s by the United States, England and Russia. France and England were devastated by Germany. Germany killed millions of Russians. So. We can take it as a given that alliances between these nations are going to have at least some fragility, considering their historical relationships. Russia is not a member of NATO and Putin sneers at NATO.

Quite a mess, huh? So what would happen if the Russians knock down some Turkish aircraft and the Turks demand that their NATO allies come to their aid against Russia? Would they?

I can see Obama using this as the perfect excuse to finally put troops on the ground in Syria, claiming that they’re there to fight ISIS but actually there to fight Russians. I don’t think France would send troops to join him, they want to destroy ISIS, not fight Russia. But Cameron in England is likely to give him some support and Turkey will then also, -probably- send in troops and aircraft against Russia and Assad.

If this happened, and if I were Putin, I would invade Turkey. Considering how close together Turkey and Russia are, it would be a snap. If this happened, the waves of Muslims fleeing the area would be in the millions and they’d pour into Europe in overwhelming numbers. This would provide Obama with an excuse to bring as many Muslims as possible into the United States even as the economic crisis this created in Europe steadily worsened. Meanwhile, the war in Turkey and the Middle East would continue to widen, and as nations weakened, Putin would seize opportunities to gain further advantage and expand Russian influence…

It is just possible that the downing of that Russian fighter jet by Turkey may be the mistake that brings us into another world war. Like I said in my previous post, the suspense is killing me.


November 25th, 2015

The suspense is killing me. ISIS people and Syrian rebels (which I think are the same thing) both announced that the two Russian pilots of the downed fighter plane were killed by shooting them as they descended from parachutes, and that they were dead by the time they hit the ground. However, this turns out to be a total lie, as one of the pilots was killed by the enemy but the other was rescued by Syrian Army commandos. Another lie, according to the pilot, is that there were no warnings at all from the Turks before they fired a missile at his aircraft. The official Turkish story is that there were up to 10 warnings. Since Turkey was not under attack and any incursion of their airspace was borderline anyway, they had no valid reason to shoot down the Russian airplane.

So far, Putin has responded to Turkey’s attack by bringing in a massive array of anti-aircraft and anti-missile batteries, and any further assaults by Turkish aircraft on theirs will be met by a surface to air missile barrage. A Russian guided missile cruiser is also on it’s way to the scene “with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger.” This may mean any Turkish aircraft anywhere near any Russian aircraft, regardless of what it is. I can see Putin now, grinning and saying “Oops”.

Some important points: Russia and Turkey had just signed a deal for Russia to build oil and gas pipelines through Turkey to Western Europe. This has been halted. Turkey gets half or more of it’s natural gas from Russia. The gas still flows but the price may go up. In addition, Russians are Turkey’s primary source of tourism income, accounting for a $34 Billion boost to the Turkish economy last year. Tourism has now been halted and Russia is advising it’s citizens to get pit of Turkey. Last, NATO is weak and Erdogan’s attempt to fault Russia with NATO by creating this crisis is unlikely to get anywhere.

The gas still flows because Russia does want the continued income, and Turkey still needs it, so will keep buying it. But Turkey needs to hold a new election and get rid of their Islamist ruler. Turkey was secular and kept so by the military until Erdogan was elected and booted out all the generals before making Turkey Islamist.

What the Islamists want is for all non-Muslims to get out of the fighting in Syria, and that’s not going to happen. It appears that Turkey’s President Erdogan has committed himself to a foolish course of action, as Turkey has much to lose and nothing I can see to gain by making an enemy of Putin. Erdogan has undoubtedly gained esteem in the eyes of ISIS leaders by this attack on a Russian aircraft, but after ISIS is defeated, what then?

Turkey’s leaders need to decide which way they’re going. Go all the way over to the side of ISIS, join fully with Russia, or back off and be totally neutral, because right now they’re burning both ends of a candle and holding it in the middle, and pretty soon the fire is going to burn them.

Just a little personal side note, early this year I imported a large shipment of a rare type of agate stone from Ankara, Turkey, most of which I slabbed up and sold on ebay. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any more business in Turkey. Goes to show, you just never know.


November 24th, 2015

For the first time since the 1950′s, a Russian warplane has been shot down by a NATO member, Turkey. The excuse given was repeated violations of Turkish airspace, but let’s get real here. NATO members and the Russians have been violating each others airspace since forever and nobody shot anybody down simply because no one was being attacked. The Russians come within our airspace all the time, we radio warnings to them and send up some fighter jets to let them know we’re still on the ball, and they fly away. We do the same to them, it’s just a little cat-and-mouse game. Again, why shoot when you’re not being attacked?

So why did the Turks really attack that Russian airplane? Because Turkey is Islamist now and they’ve been aiding ISIS as well as Al Qaeda, and Russia is aligning with NATO powers like France and the UK against ISIS, and Turkey wants to put a stop to it. Turkey is a NATO member, and part of the NATO charter is Article 5, which is an “All for one, one for all” thing like the 3 Musketeers story. A nation under attack can invoke Article 5 and all the other NATO nations are required to come and fight for them. So if Russia enters a conflict with a NATO member, like Turkey, this may prevent France and the UK from joining forces with Russia against ISIS in Syria. Certainly it enables Obama in saying NO to any Russian alliance against ISIS.

Just for fun, I’m going to try and guess what Putin will do in response to this act. One thing I’d do for sure would be to use any pressure or bribe available to get the French to denounce Turkey’s support of the Islamists, maybe a “new discovery” about their pro-Islamist activities. It would be easy, the facts are there already, all France has to do is start screaming. I’m sure the Russians could make this well worth it to France.

What I wouldn’t do is retaliate militarily until NATO opinion had turned against Turkey. Then I’d force a situation that resulted in some sort of Turkish incursion into Syria where the Russians “had no choice but to defend themselves against the Turkish attack”, and I’d do some really major damage to Turkey’s military. Totally justified under International Law, of course.

Watching this jockeying for position between these leaders is interesting, but at some point it’s going to really blow up if Putin is pressed too far, simply because he’s not all that enthused about diplomacy. Diplomacy is mostly just pretending something didn’t happen, and finding a workaround where everybody’s ruffled feelings get soothed. Putin is a Realist, and not a bullshitter, and diplomacy is only useful to him if it gets him what he wants without a fight. Otherwise, screw it, he’ll fight, because he doesn’t like pretending and being nice to someone who’s messing with him.

Tayyip Erdogan is the name of the President of Turkey, and he’s an Islamist. No doubt an intelligent one or he wouldn’t have risen to the top, but he made a serious mistake with this little scheme of his to disenfranchise Russia. Putin is not only smarter, he’s deadlier and Russia can stomp Turkey flat.


November 23rd, 2015

The argument over whether to bring thousands of Syrian refugees from the fighting there, 8000 miles to the U.S., is mindless. There will be some among them who are intent on terrorist acts and there will be others with them who will be persuaded to join them. Obama wants 10,000 brought here as the starting point, with possibly hundreds of thousands following, instead of simply setting up safe areas for them over there or compelling neighboring nations like Jordan to take them in. The United States is not required to save every displaced person. For that matter, it’s not our problem anyway. Did we lift a finger when Chairman Mao was killing off tens of millions of Chinese?

At a time when our poverty rate has never been higher, wages lower or jobs of any kind harder to get, Obama wants to flood us with refugees who are unskilled or skilled in crafts no business here has any use for and who are almost all Muslims hostile to democracy who will never assimilate, and who will all go on welfare programs. This even as illegal aliens are pouring in over our unguarded southern border in record numbers.

The leaders of France and England are uniting with Russia’s Putin to aggressively attack ISIS, while Obama makes aggressive noises and tells Russia they can’t support Assad in Syria. Syria and Russia have been allies for decades, and Obama’s mouthings are nothing more than farts in a paper bag.

The Democrat Party is starting to rebel against Obama, because while many of them are sincere Socialists, they don’t agree with his desire to wreck our country. Turn it into a nanny state, yes, they want that, but turn it into a third-world nation, no. His veto-proof majority is shrinking rapidly.

Obama IS a maladjusted homosexual and he WILL try extreme measures to achieve his goals. So far he’s gotten away with many violations of our Constitution and his Oath of Office, but only because his party backed him up. When that support is gone he’ll be like a one-legged cripple whose crutch was snatched away, and he will act out of panic. That is the point at which he may declare Martial Law. So now we wait and see.

Back to Syria, the British and French are absolutely not going to do anything to counter Putin’s support of Assad. They will unite against ISIS and may even help beat down the Syrian rebels that Putin and Assad are also fighting. After all, how do you tell the difference between ISIS and rebels when they’re both attacking Assad and wearing the same sort of clothes? French and British strikes against the rebels would be met with howls of anguish from Obama, and could cause our President to use that as an excuse to create a lot of discord with those allies and pull out all of our already diminutive support. This would be very disruptive to NATO too and weaken us with those allies. Another Obama goal realized.

The alternative to his pulling our military out of Syria is the possibility that he may order some “accidental friendly fire” strikes against French, British or even Russian troops. He really might do this, I don’t put it past him, and there will surely be hell to pay if he did.


November 22nd, 2015

Both Christians and Muslims proselytize. The Christians do it by coming to your door and trying to convince you that whatever your religion or lack of it is, you’re wrong if you don’t believe what they do. The Muslims do it by subjugating you, taxing you, taking away your property rights, enslaving you and killing you. No other religions proselytize that I’ve ever heard of. The Jews never do it, and I’ve never had a Hindu or Sikh come to my door with some message of salvation. This is because other religions respect the opinions and privacy of others while Christians and Muslims do not.

Christians, at least, will tolerate the presence of people with other faiths, while Muslims can’t, won’t and don’t. Christianity, while looking down on all other religions as being inferior, at least isn’t hostile or violently inclined toward them. Islam is so inherently violent that even the sects attack and kill each other.

Bahai Faith is a branch of Islam, as is Sufism, but both are hated by the two largest sects, Sunni and Shia and are heavily persecuted. This would be like Catholics murdering Jehovah’s Witnesses, it seems ludicrous and barbaric because it is. Likewise, Sunnites and Shiites hate, persecute and murder each other even though the differences between them seem minor to outsiders. That difference is solely over who the next leader of Islam was to be after it’s founder Mohammad died.

The word islam is Arabic for submission, and in order to make everyone submit, the leaders must have dominance, which is why Islam is violent. Dominance is the primary theme.

The vast majority of Muslims want to live and enjoy life just like all other peoples, which is why we don’t see over a billion Muslims all rising up at once in response to the call for jihad against the West that’s been demanded of them for over a decade now. At the same time, there’s only a few who have spoken out against the call for jihad, because nearly all of them are in favor of jihad. They just don’t want to get into the fight if they don’t have to. As the jihad grows, though, more and more Muslims gain confidence and join it, and this will become a bigger and bigger global conflict until the majority of Muslim men and many Muslim women are actively fighting against the West and Western values.

Unless a truly major Western effort is made very soon to stamp out this jihad to achieve a new Caliphate, several billion people may die before the battles end. Since removing all Muslims from Europe and the USA is necessary to accomplish this, it won’t happen. A massive assault against all the bastions of Islam is needed to end this and Political Correctness will stand in the way until all the Chamberlains running our world are finally pushed aside through dire necessity. Of course, then it will be too late for an easier solution and just like before, in World War II, millions will have to die and the world trashed, when most of that could have been avoided.

If Islam should happen to win out, the battles will start anew between the Sunnites and Shiites and there will be heavy competition between them to convert the most of the conquered to their sect, while they continue to reduce modern civilization to rubble and the human condition to poverty and misery.


November 19th, 2015

So far, ever since the Paris attacks, Obama’s various spokesmen have been making it a real point to get in front of some media camera and tell the American public that there are no credible threats from ISIS here in the USA.

The only people with guns (besides the American public, of course) that he does seem afraid of is the police of our nation. He’s made them look like the worst, most racist enemies a poor black looter or rioter ever had, but ISIS? Heeay, no problemo, dude.


November 18th, 2015

Adolf Hitler was head of the German National Socialist Party. Francois Hollande is head of the French Socialist party.
Hitler imposed what we now call Martial Law, enabling him to have virtually unlimited power within Germany.
Hollande has declared Martial Law in France and seeks an extension of it for 3 months. In France it’s called State of Emergency.

Statements have come out of France that the terrorist attack was “just a matter of time”. I have to ask, if it was expected, why wasn’t it prevented? Immediately afterward, the police went out and arrested a large number of people connected to the attack and to other terrorists cells. They knew right where these people were. Isn’t that strange?

Here in the USA, our own president has increased poverty, increased racial tensions and disrespected the nation’s police. There’s been riots and those in charge, the mayors and governors, have stood by and done nothing to stop them, while our president validated the rioters by saying it was the fault of the police.

In Nazi Germany, riots were deliberately instigated in order to gain popular support for a police state. Was the slaughter in France allowed to happen, or even instigated? It worked for that other Socialist, Adolf Hitler.

Can’t help seeing the comparison, though, between Hollande’s behavior and Obama’s. Hollande is saying “WAR on Islamic terrorism” and Obama can’t even bring himself to say “Islamic terrorism” or speak of ISIS in terms of war at all. What he does do, over and over, is call ISIS “ISIL”. His appointees are also careful to say ISIL instead of ISIS, though the rest of the Democrat politicians say ISIS. The difference is simply that the L stands for The Levant, which is Israel, and Obama is obsessed with the idea of ISIS over-running and destroying Israel.

My point on mentioning the difference in the way Hollande and Obama are acting is that the more uproar going on in France, the easier it will be to declare and maintain Martial Law, or “State of Emergency”. The fact that Obama keeps shying away from this, tells me that he places his love of Islam above his desire to create massive social unrest, which would let him get away with declaring Martial Law. It’s possible that his tweaked homosexual personality will end up being his worst enemy in achieving his goals. I’ve seen his behavior before in other homosexual men. They have to have their way, they have to dominate, but in an effeminate way, so they lie and evade and pretend rather than act forcefully like Putin or Trump, then stamp their feet and threaten to do some non-violent retaliatory act if they’re challenged. That’s Obama.

Not being able to call Islamic terrorism what it is, Obama falls back on dissing the police and inflaming racial discord, but that won’t be enough to do the job because, very simply, white people just aren’t going to rush in and start fighting the blacks. The blacks do a great job of attacking each other without any help, and when the cops are ordered to stand down, all the blame falls on the politicians and the blacks and no one else. Ferguson proved to be a bust for Obama and his efforts to make America’s police look bad have backfired and made him look bad instead.

No doubt Obama will do his best to follow Hollande’s lead in declaring Martial Law, but first there has to be some sort of nationwide calamity. I guess he hopes that all the ISIS agents he’s allowed in will create a mini-holocaust before he has to leave office, since that seems like the only possibility left.

I have a suspicious mind when it comes to “leaders”. They always seem to lead us down the road to Hell.


November 17th, 2015

“While France and Russia tout their aggressive air campaign, the U.S. has carried out 95 percent of the airstrikes in Syria since the coalition air campaign against Islamic State militants began in 2014…” Yeah, but Russia has never been a part of the coalition. Hello? Any brains in there? France has been operating under the US imposed and very restrictive Rules of Engagement and was only in on part of the attacks. Duh? That’s called SPIN DOCTORING, Fox Supposed News. If you tell all the truth, the picture changes.

Anyway, JUST NOW Putin has ordered the Russian Navy to “work with France as allies against ISIS. What’d I say yesterday?


November 17th, 2015

In the early days of radio, they all had 3 or more knobs just for tuning in stations. That was refined to 2 knobs and finally to 1, and for many years now, radios have just one tuning knob. Radios transmitters back then used low frequencies and wide band widths. Just like refining the tuning of the receivers, the radio transmitters had to reduce their band width so more people could transmit without overlapping each other.

The widening use of radio required higher and higher frequencies as well as smaller and smaller band-width usage per transmitter to make room for more and more users. Then we left radio tubes behind with the invention of the transistor, electronics bloomed into an array of different uses and devices, and became smaller and smaller. As their size went down, so the frequencies they used went up, because the higher the frequency, the tinier the pulse.

This is where we are today, with smaller and smaller devices that operate on tinier and tinier band-widths. If something can operate at 1.1 megacycles, how about 10.1? Or 100.1 MC, or a Gigacycle? If that’s what it’s called… and of course, cycles are also called Sine Waves.
sine waves

What I’m leading to here is this: That as we learn different ways to refine our tuning and transmitting more and more, it’s inevitable that we will be able to transmit and receive on exactly the same cycle. Say, “1.223242 Megacycles” and be able to divide the range between 1 MC and 1.999999 MC, for instance, into a million separate frequencies.

And finally. Having gained the technical ability to do this, there is still a Next Step, which is, to transmit on one exact specific point on that exact cycle. In other words, to break an actual specific frequency, a to-the-exact-cyle frequency, into parts. Into half, first, which would instantly double 1 million transmitting frequencies to 2 million. Next step is to refine this even more and divide by 10. Then by 100, and finally reach the limits of Time/Light/Speed and transmit/receive at THE EXACT SPOT on the cycle with no deviation regardless of the frequency. When the laws of physics reach their limit in doing this, then this technology will have reached it’s limit. That it might progress this far may sound at least a little crazy, but it’s also the current course of this technology and has been from the outset.

I personally believe that the ability to transmit at a single exact and unvarying maximum point within a given frequency will open up a vast new type of technology. Instantaneous transmission of data between two unconnected points has been achieved using light as the carrier. So the tuning systems in place to achieve this may be applicable to normal radio even though the science is different. This might give us the nullification of gravity, traction and repulsion beams, super-powered lasers…. The closer you get to the limit of some function within magnetism, the more comes from it, magic happens. Things like lasers and cell phone become better and stronger.

So what happens when quantum mechanics provides us with instantaneous and unlimited data transfer? Someday it will. It will because this is where some different branches of science are headed, just using different methods to get there. Once they arrive, they’ll blend together and another sudden expansion of our technology will happen. To think this all started with the invention of the battery. Or was it a piece of amber and a bit of wool? We’ll never know. ;)


November 17th, 2015

In the news this morning is the joining of Russia’s military with France’s in the bombing of Raqqa, Syria, which is a major ISIS stronghold, allegedly. While no formal military agreement has been announced between the two nations at this early date, Putin’s made it clear by this that he’s willing. I think we may soon see an actual formal defense coalition between Russia and France. How about them apples, huh?

There are side issues here, it seems. The Russians had ordered two Mistral amphibious assault ships, helicopter carriers actually, from France for about 1.2 billion Euros or so, and France built them and installed lots of secret Russian electronics and other gear. Then the US, through NATO, put pressure on France not to deliver the ships because of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. France complied and made a deal with Russia to pay back their costs, which they did. Now Egypt is buying those ships and plans to equip them with Russian attack helicopters.

What does this mean? The way I see it, Russia still gets the ships, just by proxy. Russia will train the Egyptians and there will be both Russian and Egyptian pilots and other personnel operating the ships and aircraft, and the ships will have a warm water port, something Russia lacks. France is paying back about a billion Euros to Russia and is probably getting it all back from the sale to Egypt, that Russia is very likely financing, since Egypt is actually dirt poor and can’t afford those ships. See how each part fits the whole?

Like a game of Chess, we could carry this scenario way into the future just by looking at the present position of the game pieces and reviewing the possible moves. Once Obama is out of office, assuming he does leave office at last, our alliances in the world are bound to change some. Up to now, most national alliances have been economically based and we’ve accommodated for our own benefits, economically, nations that otherwise are enemies. Now, ISIS is forcing a change in these alliances.

For all the outcry over Russia’s takeover of Ukraine, there’s been no further effort by them to absorb other Balkan nations and I personally think their actions were justifiable. Regardless, Russia is an ally against the rise of Islamic State, and we need to be on their side and them on ours. Allying with Russia would be good not just for the US but for the world, both militarily and economically. Just for starters, such an alliance would finally end the insanity of Mutual Assured Destruction between us and the colossal and perpetual expenses of our mutual arms race. Humanity could then actually start hoping for a bright future. Wouldn’t that be nice?


November 16th, 2015

French President Hollande has just offered to join forces against ISIS with the United States AND RUSSIA. I knew he was going to side with Russia. Obama will mutter some worthless words of demurral, but Putin will welcome France with open arms. This just keeps getting better.


November 15th, 2015

Before the 4th of July, our Independence Day, arrived, our various law enforcement agencies discovered and stopped terrorist attacks that were planned to take place all over the United States. At that time, no specific Islamist group was quoted as being behind them. Time and events marched on and I’d forgotten about that affair until the Paris attacks. Now I’m starting to put it all together, and it doesn’t make sense.

Clearly ISIS was behind the planned mass killings in the USA. We were to be the first, then Russia was assaulted with the downing of an Airbus and the deaths of everyone aboard, and now the attacks on France. I’ve no doubt that more attacks are planned, most likely in Canada and Australia, since those are the only other non-Islamic nations involved in the fighting in Syria.

These terror attacks and attempted attacks on major military powers by ISIS don’t make sense because what they succeed in doing most is bringing massive retaliation onto ISIS. Attacking the USA is fairly safe as long as Obama is president, because while Western media keeps calling him the leader of the fight against ISIS, he really isn’t doing much of anything. We fly an average of 8 missions a day in Syria, while in Iraq we flew over 2000 missions a day, just for comparison. We aren’t a bump on a gnats ass over there in Syria.

France was following our lead, or lack of it actually, until now. Now they’re very likely planning some major ISIS ass-kicking, and you can be real sure that the Russians are as well.

So why did the ISIS leaders stir up this hornet’s nest against them? Right in the middle of their efforts to take over the Middle East, they launch attacks against the most powerful nations in the world? Don’t they have enough battles going on now? What the hell are they thinking?

The leaders of ISIS are very capable people who know how to plan for the future, and they’ve proved repeatedly that they’re excellent tacticians. So what am I missing here? Only one possibility comes to mind, that they hope their murderous terror raids will bring millions more Muslims to their side, to fight for them, and I don’t think that’s likely to happen, nor is their real reason.

I do think that they have much bigger plans involving a lot more dead bodies. They keep switching brands. Before, it was kidnapping people and finding novel ways of killing them, like that soldier they had in the cage. Then it was cutting their heads off with knives, videotaping the gory mess and putting their little movies online. Then they switched to a Taliban tactic of destroying ancient artifacts and ruins. Lately they’ve been murdering groups of people and not bothering with videos or beheading ceremonies and now they’re conducting simultaneous terror attacks designed to kill as many people in as many different kinds of places at once as they can.

So what’s next? An even bigger assault than the one in Paris, maybe in Australia this time? Do they have a dirty bomb they could kill a whole city with, or an actual nuke? They keep escalating, as if they’re demanding that the world join together and stamp them out, which it eventually must do, and that just makes no sense at all to me if they really want to achieve a caliphate.

THE SAGA UNFOLDS or something like that…

November 15th, 2015

In breaking news I see that France has just launched bombing attacks on ISIS strongholds in two Syrian cities, and the Kurds have just announced that they’ve taken the Iraqi city of Jiddah back from ISIS.

The first thing that seems reasonable to wonder about is, what will Obama do to counter these successes and help empower ISIS?

I think that he’ll do either nothing, or next to nothing, and instead focus even more on destroying the USA. One of his spokesmen answered the question, an hour or so ago, of whether the Paris attack by “Syrian refugees” has changed his plan to bring in at least 10,000 Syrian “refugees”, all of whom will be Muslims, you can bet on it, and none will be the true refugees, Christians. God forbid that he help out any Christians, right? He’s doing everything he can before his term in office ends to load us up with as many Muslims as possible, knowing as many of us do that as the Muslim population grows here, so will their attacks on us and their efforts to take over the country.

The political pressure is on for him to take greater action against ISIS, which he alone now still calls ISIL, which means Islamic State in the Levant. The Levant is Israel, to give you some idea of his persistent hatred of the Jews. There can be no doubt that Obama is a Muslim.

Looking to the more distant future, say, the next couple of months, I can see a possibility of the Russians going full at it and wiping out ISIS for good. They can do it just as easily as we can, and we can do it easily. I previously posted on the chance of France allying with Russia against ISIS, and Putin’s no fool. If he ended ISIS, the Russians would be world heroes, everyone would praise them, and they’d make the United States look like a bunch of wimps. Russian prestige would elevate pretty dramatically in the world. So let’s see what happens.


November 15th, 2015

In Christian society, it is believed that professing a belief in a god shows that you’re a good person. Our politicians all profess to believe in a deity, and the approved deity is the Christian God. So they all claim to believe in this god, so people will all think they are good persons. The opposite of this, of course, is to not believe in a god. That means you’re a bad person.

Then along comes Islam, whose devotees make it a point to slaughter innocent people and particularly Christians and Jews. They believe in a god, too, very much so, maybe a lot more than the Christians and Jews do, because they’re the only religious group that murders people in the name of their god and because of their religious beliefs. All the rest of us murder others for either wealth or power or both. Not Muslims. They murder simply to make everyone become Muslims. Now, THAT is belief.

Now that everyone is getting a real good look at the nature of Islam, and the devout belief Muslims have in their god, don’t they have to ask themselves, “Does belief in a god make someone a better person, or a worse person?”

Christians and Jews worship pretty much the same god, except that Christians also worship a Jew as the son of their god. That must make Jews feel pretty special. I know I would if I were Jewish, all those many millions of people worshiping a Jew. Feeling special is a big part of both religions, as the Jews call themselves God’s Chosen People, and the Christians consider themselves superior to all others of other religions, so both are very self-righteous in their attitudes toward people of other faiths. There’s a lot of inter-faith discord and snobbery as well, with all the different churches and little sects each considering themselves to be right and the others all going to Hell or some other imaginary bad place.

When you consider that, the idea that professing a religion makes you a better person just doesn’t hold water. Just because your faith doesn’t have you running around murdering innocents, that doesn’t mean it makes you a better person. More likely it makes you a much worse person.

The worst thing about most religions is that they get people to believe that they come back to life again after they die, and if you obeyed the crap you were taught you go to a good place, and if you didn’t you go to a bad place, and if you confess your wrongs to a priest or to your god, you are forgiven, and can go do more bad things, and get forgiven, and then go do more bad things and be forgiven….. While those who don’t believe in a god or a religion don’t have forgiveness to fall back on and have to do right as best they can if they want to feel right with themselves.

That’s the real difference between faith and non-faith. Non-believers can’t blame anything on a god so they have to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Believers don’t. They can get away with all sorts of bad behavior and be forgiven, and feel good about themselves because God or Jesus has freed them from their sins.

How do you keep a grip on reality if you constantly pretend that the bad things you keep doing are okay because your god has forgiven you? Especially if your god approves of the bad things you do, as the Islamic god does?

It’s time for the idea that believing in a deity makes us better people, to die and be buried. It doesn’t. It makes us worse.


November 14th, 2015

Whack-A-Mole is a mechanical game where moles pop up from holes in the game board and the player has to whack them with a little plastic hammer and knock them back down again. As fast as one goes down, another pops up, and the player’s turn is lost if he isn’t quick enough.

Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Jewish contender for the Democrat party’s presidential candidate nomination has just announced that terrorism is not our biggest problem. Climate change is the “leading threat”. Whack a mole. Since Global Warming has been proven to be political bullshit, they changed the name to “Climate Change”, but a rose by any other name…

Some of our colleges have set aside rooms as “safe spaces” where students can go when they don’t want to hear about things they disagree with. Whack a mole.

Our Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge to Texas laws restricting abortions, and the religionist anti-abortionists are freaking out, since abortion is legal whether they like it or not, and they don’t like it. Very real possibility that the Supreme Court will shoot down the Texas anti-abortion law and all the other states similar laws along with it. This crap has been going back and forth now for over 50 years, ever since abortion was legalized. Whack a mole.

Donald Trump made a very valid point when he said that the people of Paris “should have been armed.” Like most European nations, the French are without weapons. Their governments made sure that the people stay helpless to overthrow their governments by force when it becomes necessary, which it sometimes does. I guess all those “royals” learned their lesson from the Magna Carta fiasco that took power away from the English king and gave it to the long-suffering people at last, and have been disarming the populace at every chance, ever since. Whack a mole.

The number of armed criminal assailants being shot dead by their intended victims is on the rise in America, while the number of innocent people being killed by armed criminals is going down. That’s because as more Americans arm themselves, more bad guys are dying instead of good guys. Very simple. So of course our president wants to disarm us and bring in hundreds of thousands of Syrian “refugees”, after Paris was attacked by some of those same refugees. Whack a mole. WAIT, I have a better idea. Whack the president.


November 14th, 2015

This morning, a short while ago on Fox News, I heard Greg Palkot, an American war journalist, remark that America is leading the fight against ISIS. I’m sorry, that’s total bullshit, RUSSIA is leading the fight against ISIS. Another Fox commentator said that the Syrian regime is responsible for providing a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists, when in fact Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad has been fighting those same terrorists for years now while our leaders keep fighting against him. So more bullshit. One person, a former ambassador, did say that Saudi Arabia is not our friend but our enemy and is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism, and that was the only truth I heard out of all that.

French Pres. Hollande has declared War against ISIS. He’s the first national leader to actually call this attack an Act of War. Remember, now, that Russia’s been attacked by ISIS – the Russian airliner that was downed with a bomb – and while our leaders keep claiming that the Russians are fighting the people we support and not ISIS people, the very fact that ISIS attacked Russia makes a lie of that. They wouldn’t do it unless they were trying to stop Russia from attacking them, the same way they just attacked France for aiding in the attacks against them.

My reason for pointing this out is that France has a good chance of allying with Russia in the war against ISIS. Obama’s statements about the Paris attack is that the people involved need to be “brought to justice”, as if they were just common criminals and putting them in jail will solve the whole problem. Does anyone with a brain think that France is now going to rely on the United States to assist them in their newly declared war? Watch for them to drop us like a hot rock and ally with Russia. There’s a good chance of it. Remember too that France and Russia both have nuclear weapons, and atomic bombs come in all sizes including Small. They’re called Tactical nukes, and are made to affect small areas. They’d be very effective in wiping out ISIS, and before anyone gets the horrors over this idea, remember also that we can drop conventional explosives that do more damage in one blast than a small tactical nuke. Nuclear weapons were made to be used and we already know that the Russians have less scruples than the West.