I’m getting a good taste of what it must have been like to have lived in a cave, thousands of years ago, when humans wore animal skins to keep warm, 40 years was a long life span and belligerence was a normal response to pretty much everything.

Every once in a while I hear my neighbor Brian start blowing off about something, and I usually step out on the back deck so I can hear him cuss and threaten better. Today was special. Today he, his idiot woman and some guy up the street (and on top of a roof – no, I don’t know why) were all screaming back and forth, cussing each other out, making threats and generally degrading the quality of life for all the rest of us without the slightest awareness of or concern for that

Brian is a coward and a bully. He’s a big guy with a big gut who loves to threaten people that he thinks he can beat up, always people who are smaller than him, preferably female and preferably much, much older. He pulled his shit on me once and chased me into my house, whereupon I got my shotgun and stuck it in his face, and that was the end of him threatening a 76 year old man half his size. I thought he was going to crap his pants there, for a bit.

Today, the skinny guy Brian kept screaming at walked right up to, and past, Brians home while Brian was standing out there screaming threats at him, and Brian did absolutely nothing. I would have been amazed if that chickenshit loudmouth had actually gone up and started punching. The thing about Brian is that he just wants someone to threaten who’s no threat to him. Nothing makes him happier than to have someone to bully.

There’s more than one certifiable asshole living on this street and not much to do about that except let them fight it out. Scream it out, really. It’s too bad I don’t know in advance when these eruptions are happening, I could make some good money selling tickets.


The Chinese are caught using Huawei communication technology, that they sell to the world, as spyware, and the US asks Canada to arrest one of Huawei’s top executives for extradition to the United States on espionage charges.

So the Chinese start arresting Canadians and have now sentenced one of them who had already been in prison there for a few years, to death. Canada responds with anger at China’s plainly vengeful behavior, China denounces Canada for “irresponsible remarks”.

In all of this, there are no reports of Americans getting arrested and imprisoned in China over the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei and I think this is because we have China in an economic choke hold and Canada does not.

The world is rapidly becoming aware that China is no friend to anybody. In Africa, Chinese “development loans” have turned into debt traps that enable the Chinese to take over strategic ports and installations if the payments fall behind. Saddled under Chinese loans, many countries from western, eastern and southern Africa are now looking at India for its goodwill and non-interfering approach to untangle themselves from the debt trap. India is advancing loans now to these debt-trapped nations to free them from Chinese entrapment.

While the Canadians are not major world players, they do have powerful allies and the USA and the UK are two of them. Those small nations in Africa that are targeted by China do as well. Some of them are our allies while others are long-time allies of India, and India is on the rise as a world power. I fully expect India to replace China as a major manufacturer in the next decade. India is also a nuclear power, something that’s good for China to keep in mind.

All the Chinese belligerence toward other nations is making them enemies instead of friends. For a country under economic siege by their biggest trading partner and being increasingly countered economically and militarily by many nations who now view them as a major threat, the last thing they should be doing is increasing hostilities between them. This is the same behavior we saw from the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan before World War II broke out, only this time the threats are being met with a different response, as the nations of the world are coming together against them.

If I were to bet, my money would be on China backing off it’s war plans and settling on just taking as much territory as it can grab from other, weaker nations like Tibet before it’s stopped entirely, and waiting for a future opportunity to conquer the world to roll around. They’re busy right now with plans to colonize the Moon, no doubt to use it just like those coral atolls they ruined and militarize it for attacks on Earth.


The Canadians have been taking a lot of sneers and flak lately for the antics of their PM Justin Trudeau. His fake eyebrows don’t help a bit, either, besides his openly Globalist/Socialist agenda.

But today he did something very right, in extending asylum to a young lady from Saudi Arabia who was fleeing a forced marriage arranged by her family.

She was barricaded in a hotel room in Thailand, trying to find a way out of the country, while her father and brother were making repeated efforts to get hold of her and take her back to Saudi Arabia. If they’d succeeded she would have been put to death, as she’d renounced Islam and they kill you for that. Trying to escape would have gotten her lashed nearly to death, if not killed.

Just how she managed to get from her hotel room to an airport and into Canada is not described and probably will never be, to protect those concerned, but they made it happen and she is now safe in Canada.

Anyone who was a Muslim and renounces that insane cult is okay with me. This whole affair has an added bonus, in that the Saudis will no doubt be even angrier with Canada than they were over Canada’s help in arresting that Huawei woman exec. for extradition to the USA, and when Canadian officials accused Saudi Arabia of human rights violations and demanded the release of imprisoned activists last summer.

The Saudi government responded to that by freezing all Saudi air flights to Toronto, suspending bilateral trade deals and cancelling scholarships for thousands of Saudi students in Canada. I don’t know anything one way or the other about air and trade with them, but getting their “students” out of Canada has to be a good thing for Canada. The last thing they need to do is help educate those who are plainly their enemies.


The Loons have landed and here’s photos to prove it.

This creature is a newly elected Democrat Representative and member of the House, from New York. She calls herself a Socialist, which is her word for fervent Marxist Communist, which she is. Her name is Ocasio (hyphen) Cortez.

In the top picture, she’s behaving normally for her, using her entire being to express an opinion based on almost no knowledge whatever and is probably wrong, as usual. Even her fellow Democrats are calling her an idiot, which she does seem to be, as she constantly contradicts herself and makes statements that are utterly devoid of facts.

In the lower picture, appropriately dressed in black just like the movie, she’s doing a perfect imitation of Alia, the tiny little girl who was the mini Bene Gesseret in Dune who was busy killing Baron Harkonnen. If you’ve seen the movie you will recognize both that pose and the expression.

Accompanying her into the House is a Muslim immigrant from Gaza named Rashida Tlaib, elected as another Democrat Socialist, this one from Michigan, whose very first act upon being sworn in on the floor of the House was to scream out about President Trump that “We’re going to impeach the motherfucker!” She and Ocasio hyphen Cortez are close friends.

These two are seriously embarrassing the Democrat leadership as well as all the rest of them, and with any good fortune will only serve their one term and then be gone from public life forever. They both act as if they’re afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome, which is no crime in itself but just doesn’t lend itself well to public speaking.


Pres. Trump gave his speech last night that I personally was very much hoping would be an announcement declaring a National Emergency at our Southern border and that he was ordering The Wall to finally be built out of the national emergency fund.

Instead, he did everything but. He expounded on the costs of having an open border, the crimes, loss of life, reduction in wages because of too much cheap labor, the drugs, gangs, murders, all the human tragedy as a result of no Wall. But that’s it. He pounded on the Democrat’s political posturing and refusal to come to the aid of the American public, as well. But no declaration of a national emergency.

Plainly he wants to force the Democrat leaders, Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, to concede. This is his goal and it’s why our government remains in partial shutdown. Trump won’t sign any spending bill that does not include Wall funding.

I get it that forcing those two harpies to do the right thing would be a fine political victory but why should any political victory be more important than getting a border wall in place? Just having that wall constructed should be enough of a victory by itself.

Enough with the talks and discussions and fruitless, useless “negotiations” that are nothing more than photo-ops for Schumer and Pelosi to keep spouting their anti-American lies. Declare a National Emergency and get it over with. BUILD THE WALL.


A Chinese naval admiral has publicly stated that the way to calm down things around their militarized atolls in the China Sea is to sink two American aircraft carriers. Statements like that are always approved of first by the top level of their government before being published, and the point of this is to observe our reaction, which is to totally ignore it as it deserves to be. No response is always the best response with threats like that.

The Chinese seem to think that this will get us to back off from our patrols of the South China Sea lanes, and if we should do this, it will encourage them to be even more aggressive.

I’ve been wondering just how aggressive China would get with the increasing trade sanctions against them. What is actually, literally happening here is that China is threatening to attack us if we don’t start buying more of their products again.

It’s our money that’s been developing the war machine that China wants to destroy us with, and they’re well along in this plan but not close enough yet to begin their assaults. Pres. Trump is on top of all this, of course, which is the real purpose of the tariffs and the trade war. China’s economy is crashing because of it.

So this is probably Crunch Time in China right now. Do they go to war against us with what they have, or wait decades for another chance? My guess is that they’ll wait it out. Right now they’re pushing hard to get their newest and most lethal weapons functional and into production but that will be years yet before they succeed, and meanwhile we’re doing the same thing.

There can be no doubt that war with China will come unless the USA can force them back into Third World status, or else make it impossible for them to win, otherwise, or both.


Not sure, or able to prove it anyway, tho the train of events look like it to me, that a less than fully competent technician with my service provider screwed up some files, ultimately resulting in WordPress starting this blog out all over again.

Well, what the hell? New year, new (old) blog. Why not. The only part I really miss losing is my blogroll. The rest can be reconstructed and my past posts aren’t important anyway. It’s the future ones that matter.

So Happy New Year to all, and have patience, this thing will come back together over the coming days.