September 4th, 2015

There’s this old hippie gal on my street, up the hill about 4 more homes from me, who’s been coming on to me ever since last year. She lives right next door to a place that needs fixing up, that I’m buying really cheap, just waiting now for escrow to close, to get started on it.

She’s also a bit fruity in the head, has regaled me in the past with tales of men displaying themselves to her, saying obscene things and so forth, all of it sounding extremely fantastic and unlikely. I mean, she’s old and wrinkled like me, and not exactly sexually attractive, also like me.

Anyway, I was feeling really expansive and decided to give her a break, and take her to dinner. She readily accepted my offer, but wanted to go eat at a Mexican food place. Mexican food is all starch and fat, mostly beans, rice and cheese, with guacamole sauce and not much of it. That’s about it, no matter what you order. If you get tacos you at least get some veggies with it and a shell made of corn flour – more starch. Well, okay, I agreed and we went and I kept my mouth shut about the crappy food because she raved on about how much she loved eating there, and decided that it might be a good idea to let her know where I’m at about things generally, right from the start. She had no trouble telling me that she smokes lots of marijuana and has tried pretty much every drug out there including LSD, and proudly stated that although she’s used cocaine and so forth, she “never spent any money on it”. That’s another way of calling herself a coke whore, I think, but let’s move past that…

Maybe it was a good idea to espouse my conservative views and maybe not, but she won’t talk to me now after I told her what a piece of homosexual crap I think Obama is. I guess she doesn’t care for my politics too much, eh? With a reaction as strong as hers, I figure I made the right move, as we wouldn’t have gotten along too well anyhow. Libtards are so freaking stupid that I can’t stand being around them, and I never was impressed with this chicks mental acuity.

Liberals are such cowards. She couldn’t bring herself to express her own views, or to give even a hint that she’d decided she didn’t want to pursue a relationship, she just won’t answer the phone if I call and won’t look at me when she drives by. She even looks a bit like an ostrich… :D

It would be nice to have some good friends around here, but the plain truth is that most of my neighbors are either druggies, whackos, paranoid delusionals, semi-psychotic drunks, one or more combinations of the above, or just too old and sorta senile to be much company. In other words, this is a retirement or otherwise unemployed for damn good reasons community and you either take what you can get, or shine it on.


September 3rd, 2015

Our media seems to have either accepted the idea that Donald Trump is going to lead the Republican Party’s ticket in 2016, and that a black man, Dr. Ben Carson, cannot be ignored as a contender, or they’ve been bought off, or they have secret plans to destroy Trump and Carson as candidates somehow and push their real favorite, that utter piece of dog shit, Jeb Bush. It all remains to be seen but you can be sure that the truth will come out before too long, since it’s at the debates that this issue is really settled and the debates won’t be put off.

Jeb Bush is just another crony, an undeserving rich person who wants to follow in his father and brother’s footsteps. He wants to be President because he wants to be President, no other reason, and just like Daddy and Bro, he’ll do exactly what the corporate moguls tell him to do. The whole Bush family is a bunch of traitorous Liberals in disguise, and so are the scum running the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is a corporate mogul himself, he just doesn’t appear to be a member of the Good Ol’ Moguls Club, which seems to have really upset the Good Ol’ Moguls. They have a ton of power, we may just see some serious action regarding Trumps financial holdings before this is all done with, and as far as Dr. Carson goes, a black man didn’t rise to be head neurosurgeon of a hospital without knowing the right things to say and saying them. I suspect that Dr. Carson is very adept at kissing ass, which isn’t really what I want to see in a President. I may well be wrong and once again, that’s something that will soon become apparent.

In any case, these two are topping the bill currently, and it’s plainly because they both buck the Political Correctness bullshit and say what they think. The American public has been starving for that from the bootlickers we keep electing, so it’s no wonder. What I do wonder is whether there will actually be an election or not. The Democrats sure don’t want one, with the chance of losing control of our government, and if they can keep fomenting unrest as they have been, we may see Martial Law declared before Election Day. Then all elections would be put on hold until the declaration of Martial Law is rescinded. So if it’s never rescinded…..


September 2nd, 2015

This evening I enjoyed one of the perks of living in this rather remote little mountain desert community as I sat on my deck and watched the sun set in the West. The colors were right out of a Maxfield Parrish painting, the startling, yet calming, perfectly pure blue overlaid with a bank of glowing orange, stratified clouds. Not just any orange, but exactly that deeply romantic Parrish orange.

Desert sunsets are like the ones seen at sea, often, and the view to the West from my perch high on the hillside is expansive.

Our natural world always has been my favorite entertainment.


September 1st, 2015

Consider this very revealing headline: “US Stocks Tumble as China Slowdown Deepens Concerns on Growth” and the first line that follows it, “U.S. stocks joined a worldwide selloff, after equities’ worst month in more than three years, amid continuing concerns that China’s slowdown will weigh on the global economy.”

Because China’s economy has slowed down, all the world’s stock markets have suffered. Plainly, investors the world over have put their money into China’s economy, and own shares in a lot of Chinese businesses.

There was a time, back before President Nixon, that treacherous bastard, opened up U.S. trade with China, that you couldn’t get a dime for any Chinese stock, and the world’s economy was wonderful. We were prospering, we were helping the Third World nations to prosper. But then, China rose up, Western manufacturing all went over to China, the Chinese began invading all those Third World nations, taking their mineral wealth away, impoverishing them just the way we and Europe were accused of doing. Now the Third World is back crawling on its bloody knees again, racked with misery, people are fleeing Africa and every other poor nation at the risk of their lives, in order to reach any other nation that looks even a little better or safer even though the economy of the West is in a shambles too. It’s still way better than theirs.

“Europe has been overwhelmed by a surge of migrants, with over 332,000 arriving so far this year”
“BUDAPEST, Hungary – Hungary suspended all rail traffic Tuesday from its main terminal in Budapest and cleared the train station of hundreds of migrants trying to board trains for Austria and Germany”
“Migrant crisis: up to 200 dead after boat carrying refugees sinks off Libya”
“More than 900 people – including 200 women and up to 50 children – are feared dead after the boat overturned”
“Migrant crisis: Scores of bodies found on Libya boat”

Ever watch one of those domino commercials? Long lines of upright dominoes snaking around in loops and curves? The first one is tipped over and they all fall, one knocking over the next. This is the same deal. If the rest of the planet’s economies were strong, China’s downward slide wouldn’t matter much, but they aren’t, they’re weak, and all the money is tied up in China’s economy. So when all the stock markets take a dive because China does, there’s less money to invest in anything, let alone China, and less interest in doing so. Right now, you can bet that a lot of investors are pulling at least some of their money back out of China. And guess what?

This will hurt China’s economy more, and cause it to dive again, causing the global stock market to dive again, causing more investors to pull their money out, causing China’s economy to further worsen, causing the global economy to suffer more, causing more investors to pull out……

This has all the makings of a possible global Super-Depression. There’s billions of Chinese. What will happen if China slides into depression and those billions start to starve? How about India with a few more billion? What will the several billion Muslims do?

What will you do?


August 31st, 2015

Coasting through life can be pretty comfortable, even on a modest but steady retirement income, but it gets damn boring after awhile. Lately I’ve been getting antsy for change, non-Obama type if you’ll pardon the mention. I’m an impulsive type, always have been but I’ve learned to somewhat temper my tendency to leap into action at the first sign of that bat signal beamed at the clouds, and generally I think about things for awhile before going ahead and leaping.

My reason for the leaps has always been “it sounds like fun” and nothing has changed there. If the reason for doing it isn’t to seek fun, yes and some happiness along with it, of course, then I don’t do it. Misery has an uncanny knack of finding us no matter what, so taking any chance that looks to have even a 50% possibility of becoming a drag, is out for this guy.

Okay, that’s enough preamble, now to the meat. Waaay back in the Hippie days I had a factory making candles and incense. I made Strobe Candles, as a matter of fact, as I am the inventor of them. Most people alive today have never heard of them, but they were super-hot, big-time sellers back in 1968 through 1970, I made and sold hundreds of thousands of them all over the USA and Canada. The Beatles used to trip out on my Strobe Candles. The incense sold like hot cakes at a cowboy breakfast, too. It’s brand name was Glad Stone Incense.

I miss those old days and lately I notice that with the increasing legality of marijuana, incense and candles are getting popular again. So all the supplies are ordered and about half of them have arrived so far, to start manufacturing Glad Stone Incense and Strobe Candles once again. Yeehaw, psychedelic, groovy man.

And… I have a place up the street in escrow, that I’m buying really, really cheap, that’s been vacant for years since the owners died. It needs fixing up. Anyway, there’s this old gal who lives next door who isn’t bad to look at considering her age, plus I suspect she’s an old Hippie like me. So I stopped by today to ask her out and she was clearly thrilled at the offer. Yep, looks more and more like my kind of gal, these snob types who don’t give a shit ain’t for me. So who knows but what I may have a new girlfriend after remaining obstinately single for the past 15 years.

It’s about time I got up off my ass and did something like this, but… opportunities have to present themselves in a timely fashion, too, and we have to be ready for them when they do.


August 29th, 2015

“This is a long-haul deal. There’ll be people moving up, and likely those people might go down. I’m the tortoise in the race. But I’m a joyful tortoise,” Bush told one crowd.

That’s great, Jebby old boy. A statement like that reminds me of Howard Dean’s shriek. Remember that one, the insane noise that came out of his mouth and doomed his bid for the Presidency? Remember? Just a few days ago you said that the invasion of illegal aliens was “an act of love”, and now you’re a “Joyful tortoise”? Oh, good one, Jebby, now say goodbye.

Too much of that Columbian cocaine, so much of it in Florida, so easy to get when you’re rich. Obama isn’t the only politician with a nose habit.


August 27th, 2015

Vester Flanagan, now deceased by his own hand, was killed by Political Correctness as much as his own mental derangement, and this is one more case for putting Political Correctness on trial, finding it guilty, and sentencing it to permanent banishment from human society forever.

PC has been around a long time now. I used to publish articles in a local Northern Calif. newspaper under the pseudonym of Captain Havoc, denouncing PC for the jackass movement that it is, back in the 90′s. I was right then and I’m still right now, Political Correctness kills.

Mr. Flanagan was a homosexual black man who rose to a high position in the company he worked for, as a television anchorman, and he was unable to cope with his own success. Part of his problem was inherently in being homosexual, as homosexuality is often accompanied by mental instability and over-emotionality, and this was true in his case, by all appearances. He was fired from his job after refusing to seek mental health care, because he was abusive and threatening toward other workers, to the point that they felt seriously threatened by him.

He simmered in his fury over his imagined mistreatment for several years before finally going back to the TV studio where he’d worked, and shooting two former, and white, employees to death on live television. Apparently he blamed white people for not understanding and appreciating him as much as he appreciated himself, and he missed his television fame, which is why he committed murder in front of a live television audience.

Political Correctness wants us to think and believe that everyone is the same, like rubber ducks off an assembly line, all the same, all equal. We’re not. The frequent mental instability of homosexuals is denied, as is their higher rate of child sex abuse. The different racial characteristics of our different types is denied, even when some of these characteristics are more toward violence, or more sociopathic behavior.

Promoters of Political Correctness blame white people for all our social ills, they promote homosexuality, they’ve created a whole new type of human, the LGBT person, and brand new human sexes, the Transgender and the Trans-Sexual. Political Correctness has taken our once united people and separated us out into opposing groups by color and form of sexual deviance, and then tells us we should all accept each others differences and love each other. Instead this has caused us all to be antagonistic toward each other by violating our social norms. PC has fragmented America, has caused the race riots in Boston and Ferguson, Missouri with it’s promotion of Black Entitlement, and we haven’t begun to see the end of it.

Bryce Williams, aka Vester Flanagan, dead by his own hand, is as much a victim of this insanity as the people he killed, that he most likely never would have killed if he hadn’t been convinced by the PC crowd that all his problems were the fault of white people. Mr. Flanagan was a victim of his own belief in his entitlement as a black person.


August 26th, 2015

Every so often, and especially in the mornings, I hear doves calling. They’re amazingly loud and with so much open space out here, their sounds carry well across the hills. A walk off into the brush will always result in seeing lots of little birds and a variety of insects. Right by the door of my chicken coop, in fact, our version of a funnel web spider has built it’s home, and a few weeks ago I spotted a huge, fat green preying mantis on one of my grape plants. Most every day I’m greeted by the clatter of acorns on the metal roof of my carport as some squirrel feeds on them in the tree above.

No doubt the folks who live out here and have never lived down in the L.A. basin, or the Southern California coastal region generally, take all these various critters for granted. Things are different down below. Back around 1987 and 1988 a campaign began to wipe out the European fruit flies that had found their way to California and prospered, and were happily drilling holes in every apple they could find. This played hell with the apple industry, of course, since people don’t want apples with little worms in them. So every trick was employed to get rid of them. Traps were put out by the millions, sterile male fruit flies were released by the millions as well, in hopes of causing their extinction. Crops were sprayed with bug poison.

But nothing seemed to work, until the Massive Mega-Death Fly Apocalypse Plan was approved and put into action by people who cared a whole lot more for worm-free apples than they did for their own lives and futures.

What they did was, they loaded helicopters up with Malathion spray. Lots of helicopters. I mean LOTS of helicopters, and at night, only at night, they flew grids, swarms of them, all in a line, and sprayed Malathion over literally the entire area of Southern California from San Diego to Santa Barbara. The result? No more fruit flies. Also, incidentally, no more flies. No more moths, mosquitoes, beetles, butterflies or any other bug. All gone, every last one, and soon, bats were falling out of the sky at night, dead of starvation, and dead birds, bony little things, were littering the ground. The last of the newts and lizards, frogs, toads and salamanders, that had survived the growth of the city, were dead. Everything was dead from poison or starvation. Oh, but the apple growers could prosper again, so very important, those apple growers, so much more important than Oregon and Washington apples.

I grew up down there, and every morning I’d hear the call of doves. The doves are silent now, no child hears the sound of doves or the songs of birds, no child there sees a moth or butterfly, or any other living thing except people and dogs and cats. But their apples don’t have wormholes, thank God for the little things, huh?


August 25th, 2015

No, I don’t refer to the Biblical fable of Adam. I’m talking about Michael. The First Man, you know, that guy in the White House who wears a dress. The cross-gender Negro who gives butt to Barack. No one in their right mind, or even their wrong mind, would have ever thought that a guy would end up being our First Lady.

I’ll certainly grant that he looks a lot like a woman, especially in the face. His mannerisms are patently female as well and most people are content to be fooled into accepting this misbegotten manticore as being an actual female. But he is not and the proofs that he is not have been so well and frequently reported on that I don’t need to repeat it all again here. The sole reason I’m ranting about this is that everyone chooses to ignore the truth about our First Man, while this chimera is racking up the most massive list of blatant expenditures of anyone who ever occupied the position of mate to our President. His June 2015 trip to the United Kingdom and Italy, accompanied by his adopted daughters and mother, cost the taxpayers $240,495.67 in flight expenses alone. No accounting is available to us for the security services, hotels, restaurants and shopping, but so far my guess is that since his global explorations began in 2008, entirely at our expense, this profligate fraud has easily spent over $200 million of our hard-earned dollars in travel costs alone.

Never let it be said that a Negro homosexual radical Leftist doesn’t know how to fuck the American public, and yes, I mean both of them.


August 24th, 2015

What is Glory? Glory is magnificence, rising above in splendor, great achievement that brings admiration.
Splendor, great achievement. The Taj Mahal has splendor and was a great achievement, and can very fairly be called glorious. The rise of the United States of America is a great achievement, and especially for the world at that time, glorious. The winning of the war against Germany and Japan was truly glorious. But the war itself?

Millions of people died in agony, their bodies burned, poisoned, punched full of holes, blown apart. They starved to death in concentration camps and fell by the thousands on death marches. Not just combatants but everyone who was too close. Old people, babies, along with millions of pets, dogs and cats and horses. The ocean and land were polluted and vast areas of Nature wiped out. This is not glorious. There is no glory of war, only of winning a war, and then, only for the winners, who are too busy, too exhausted, impoverished and bloody to feel any sense of glory but only gratitude that the war is finally over and they can stop fighting and dying.

The “Glory of War” is much the same as nationalism and patriotism, it’s all designed to keep rulers in power. If there were no nations, there would be no wars between nations. There would be no armies and no navies, and no taxes to support them. Just food for thought, as we still have wars and probably will for a long time yet before we grow up as a species.

Propaganda is what it is, and “glory” is just a word.


August 22nd, 2015

Latest robot news is a picture of a walking humanoid, sort of, robot strolling through a park. With a flex-hose coming out it’s back that disappears into the foreground of the picture, maybe 20 feet away from the metal and plastic critter. Wow, how very impressive, he said in small font. Hey, I have a cockroach robot I bought from China for a dollar, with solar cells on it, you put it out in the sun and it wanders around pretty much like the great big 400 pound animated pile of industrial materials with the tether on it, only it doesn’t need a tether. Oops, back to the drawing board.

A few years back I saw a big Woopidoo Taa Daa about a Jap robot that could climb stairs, that also had a similar huge cable growing out of it’s back. Hey fellas, a Slinky toy can climb down stairs all by itself, no power cable needed, but does anyone recall those little windup toys that ran around your table top and never fell off? Made back in the 1960′s? No power cord?

Instead of these whonkous-sized monstrosities trailing a power feed that could serve all of Lower Manhattan, if we MUST have droids that look like people, sort of, can they maybe be made smaller and lighter so they don’t need an umbilical cord three times the size required for a space walk? Or any at all? My cell phone can talk to me, make music, take videos and vibrate, and if it had mobile extensions it could turn book pages for me. All on battery power. The Roomba runs around sweeping up orts all day long and recharges itself, totally autonomously. Hello out there?


August 22nd, 2015

May have spoken a little too soon about feeling depressed yesterday. This morning I woke up very reluctantly and quickly went back to bed and slept for over four more hours. I’ve caught some sort of virus, with sneezing and runny nose and all, and that must be the cause of my blues yesterday. Today I don’t feel depressed, just unwell. Which is why I deleted what was written here before. So I wish me well and hope I get well soon and if I felt more ambulatory I’d send myself a few Get-Well cards just to let me know I care. :-)


August 20th, 2015

There’s a whole new sex tourism market just waiting to really open up, all that’s needed is for the word to get around, and I’m here to help. Do you want to rape boys? Go to Afghanistan, where they rape little boys, AND little girls, with impunity. Raping children is actually a national pastime in Afghanistan, and it’s encouraged by our own government under that worthless piece of shit, our Muslim President. The only hitch is you have to be a Muslim to get away with it.

To reinforce his support of child rape over there, our shit-licking President has directed Defense Secretary Ash Carter to order the U.S. Army kick out a decorated Green Beret after an 11-year Special Forces career, after he got in trouble for shoving an Afghan police commander accused of raping a boy and beating up his mother when she reported the incident. This great little story is on Fox News today.

The Green Beret soldier is Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, who’s served 11 years now in our Army and is considered by his peers to be the finest soldier they’ve ever known. Well then, now I understand why Dicknose Obama wants him out. Anyone who’s an actual CREDIT to any of our armed forces, anyone who makes us stronger and more respected, has to go, especially a career soldier. fucken-a.

I really do hate Obama, I fucking hate that piece of Communist homosexual shit, and I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire. Well, maybe on his face.


August 20th, 2015

Any questions?


August 16th, 2015

Right here, Dear Readers, is why black Americans have an attitude problem.

“The Rev. Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, told his followers in a sermon laced with racist invective and “allahu akbars” that white people deserve to die.

The three-hour sermon, delivered last week according to Gateway Pundit, came after reports that he had called for 10,000 volunteers to “kill white people if the government doesn’t give the black community ‘justice,’” the website reported.

In a video of the Aug. 13th sermon, Farrakhan said, “I wouldn’t bring our young women and young men into some place to be slaughtered. But that’s what the white man hopes for. That’s why he makes mischief with my words. ‘Farrakhan wanna get an army to kill people,’ because, you see, white people deserve to die. And they know so and they think it’s us coming to do it. No, no, no.” Farrakhan also said in the video that a God will send a UFO, “a chariot” or “wheel in the sky,” to rescue his followers and carry out justice if a race war began.”

Any questions?


August 16th, 2015

Ever since I was a boy I’ve read that there are mysterious places in Africa unknown to man, where old elephants trundle themselves off to when they sense their days are ending. Elephant graveyards, hidden places deep in the jungle where they can die in peace, safe from attack by ivory hunters and hungry lions.

Here in the desert, where we have neither elephants nor jungles for them to sneak into and expire in, we do have a veritable plethora of cockroaches. Now, before you think we’re all infested with them, let me assure you that this is not the case. These Desert Roaches live outdoors, under pretty much any object they take a liking to, rocks or whatever, but never inside our homes.

Until their time comes to die.

Then you might arise one morning and go into your kitchen to start a pot of coffee, and discover, on the floor, a large roach on it’s back, legs flailing about if it hasn’t expired yet. Only large, old roaches, never a small one or any of those little baby roaches that run about madly in all directions when you lift up the rock they live under. Just the large old ones, the dying elephants of roachdom.

Why make the dangerously exposed and arduous journey up the foundation supports and along the pipes to find some tiny point of entry into a house? Is there some ancient instinct that draws these virtual centenarians out from under their safe havens? Do they find solace in daring to enter the World of Man as a final act of Roachness? Will songs be sung among them about these Great Roaches who undertook the Great Journey, who earned a place in Roach Valhalla for their Death Quest? Do they become legends in Roachland?

Well, not being a roach or knowing if the little fuckers sing at all, which I sincerely doubt, I have no answer for you. I do wonder, though, when they’re tossed into my kitchen waste basket, if they consider those cavernous depths to be a fitting casket for their Final Exploit. I don’t, really, I just made that up.


August 13th, 2015

Today’s freakish news blurts: A guy arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, auto theft, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest dug one of his eyes out of it’s socket with his fingers while alone in a jail cell. Well, one more eye and he’ll be less prone toward violence against others, I bet. In fact, as long as he confines his violence toward himself, I’m really good with that. I can’t help thinking that the only reason he attacked himself was because there was no one else around whose eyes he could remove and he just had to do it to someone.

An otherwise healthy 75 year old woman went to a Swiss suicide clinic and ended her life because she didn’t want to grow older and maybe become enfeebled. In fact, over 600 Brits made this same trip in one 4 year period, according to the story. I can’t imagine being that bored with living. Hell, I want to live forever, you’ll have to beat me to death to get rid of me.

A picture of a young woman breastfeeding her friends infant son along with her own has gone viral. She’s got a fine looking rack so I can sure get behind that, yet a lot of people have had hissy fits over this. “Wrong, wrong”, they cry, ignoring the reality of wet-nursing’s history that goes back beyond Time itself. What? Are they jealous?

Some dumb shit, anal-oriented Chinese guy had to have a large flashlight surgically removed from his stomach. It got there by him shoving it up his ass. Now, what I want to know is, was it on? I mean, what the hell could he have possibly been looking for, up his asshole, with a flashlight? Once it was in, how could he see anything anyway? No, no, it couldn’t have been sexual, oh, come on, you don’t mean that…

Speaking of titties, I’m not alone in not wanting to hear any more about the focking Kardashians. Tits and ass are common, and that’s all they have. Orlando, Florida TV news anchor John Brown sure let the world know how burnt out he is on reporting “news” about them. When some bit about them came up on his prompter, he walked off the studio set screaming “Nobody cares about this family anymore!”. It’s about time someone did that.


August 9th, 2015

A black guy is in custody after murdering a family of 8 people, the husband, wife and their 6 children. It turns out that the wife was a trailer-trash, worthless piece of shit white woman, so the kids would all have been half black but raised up to act like any other black racist asshole American Negro.

While the soft-hearted among us are lamenting the deaths of those children, I’m not. These people were all trash, and now there’s 8 less current and future problems to deal with, 8 less people sucking away at our welfare system and one less violent black murderer free on the streets. Only one black kid in fifty million grows up to be a Dr. Ben Carson, most of the rest become more nightmares for society and only a few become valuable citizens. That may be an overstatement, but not by much if it is.

Since it was a white woman who was killed by a black man, not one of the mainstream media is reporting that fact. They only reveal races when it’s a white person who kills a black one, and if that isn’t a conspiracy to further divide us and stir up unrest and discontent, nothing is. I still think Obama wants to stay in office by declaring Martial Law before his term ends, and the path for him to do so is getting clearer every day. This is one conspiracy theory I don’t want to see become reality, but that doesn’t mean I deny the possibility.

It just pisses me off that we have this racial problem at all. Most white people I know are jerks too, it’s not that only blacks can act bad. It’s the attitudes of black leaders and white apologists that promotes bad behavior among blacks over and above what it normally would be. The plain truth is that there was a whole lot less black crime when there was a whole lot more racial prejudice and discrimination. When black Americans gained their civil rights they went apeshit with their increased freedom and are still going apeshit after over sixty years, and that has to be laid squarely on the greater tendency toward violence by blacks than other racial types and the deliberate divisiveness of our nation’s leaders. Our society needs to recognize this truth openly and operate accordingly instead of pretending that we’re all the same. We aren’t, but we’ve gone from knowing we aren’t to pretending we are. It’s time to stop pretending.


August 9th, 2015

Niggers push Dem. candidate Bernie Sanders off the stage where people gathered to hear him, so they could rant about racism. What assholes! This little rat pack assaulted the civil rights of another and took away his forum so they could take over and complain about their civil rights being taken away.

Niggers push Dem. speaker off stage and yap about equal treatment.

Personally, I think Bernie Sanders is an asshole as well, but at least he behaves himself in public.


August 9th, 2015

Now that the uproar is subsiding over the first Republican Debate, one thing I’ve waited to hear about has remained in silence. That is the fact that the Fox News moderators of that debate asked questions designed to demean and embarrass all ten of the candidates, and a few in particular, as well as almost completely ignoring one other, the Negro, Dr. Ben Carson.

My point is that Fox News is supposed to be Conservative and intent on seeing a Republican become our next President. If this is really true, then why attack the candidates, any of the candidates? Instead, why not ask them questions designed to make each of them look good? What Fox News has done is put doubts in the minds of the public about all of them. Does anyone really think that CNN is going to attack any Democrat candidates like that? In a pigs eye they will, they’ll ask questions about the candidates supposedly wonderful achievements and high moral values. They’ll do their best to make their candidates look like gifts from Heaven and ours like corrupt swine from Hell. The latter, they may not need to press too hard, since Fox News seems happy to do all that for them.