January 23rd, 2017

Feminism is the stuff that women believe will make them equal to men. Way back in the Victorian Age, from the 1870′s to around 1920 or so, Feminism was all about acting female and back then that meant behaving the opposite of men. Everything that men did, women refused to do because it “wasn’t feminine”. Men were expected to cater to the whims of women, to be gallant, protective, patient and long-suffering while women took their time and made men wait. Women felt they were making themselves equal to men this way.

Since Feminism required that women not do the things that men did, women didn’t vote, work for a living or use tobacco, since those were “man things”.

But times started changing, women found themselves needing to enter the workforce if they wanted to eat, and when they did, were paid wages much lower than men for similar labor. So the New Feminism was born, with women fighting for equal pay and the right to vote. Then styles began changing as well, with women wearing “slacks”, which were nothing but feminized trousers.

Feminism is still evolving, women are still trying to be equal to men, they want to fight on the front lines in war, they want to marry each other, they want to look like men. If they could take a pill that would make a penis sprout, they’d do it.

Not once does it occur to any of them that there can never be equality, but a lot of that’s because it never occurs to men either. Men are generally larger and more muscular, more mechanically capable and have more endurance. Men tend to be more logical and less inclined to become confused or to panic.
Women are better with their hands than men, can do finer work and can do repetitious work for long periods. Women have more patience and are more nurturing.

Where in that is there equality? It’s like trying to make a horse equal to a tree. There are many areas where men and women can compete on an equal basis, because both are human, but this equality is limited to their similarities. Never their differences.

Feminism exists because women are fighting back against their feelings of inferiority, and because too many men still treat them as inferiors. The problem is real, it’s just the way American women go about dealing with it that’s unreal. The worst offenders here are black, Hispanic and Muslime men, so who do the women scream at? The white men, of course, because they know the white men won’t hit back.

The Feminists of today would have a point if they spoke up for the abused women of color instead of attacking any white man who holds power, and they’d have more of a point if they spoke out against the vile abuses of Islam against all females. This is where Feminism needs to be at today. Women aren’t all that marches on, time and change do also.


January 22nd, 2017

“Death of a Salesman” was a famous play about a confused and mentally ill older salesman, in his 60′s, who committed suicide in the end because he was unable to deal with reality.

The same sort of salesmen are still around, on NBC, CNN, Fox, PBS and other media, sure that their stories are good ones, even though they’re usually disconnected with reality. Today on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” host Chuck Todd asked Pres. Trumps aide Kellyanne Conway “why press secretary Sean Spicer told a “falsehood,” about Trump’s inaugural crowd size.

He was backing up the lie that only 250,000 people were in the crowd for the inauguration after showing a picture before the crowd arrived and comparing it to Obama’s AFTER the crowd had arrived. In actual fact, about 1.5 million people were there for Trump. Todd kept insisting and repeating that Press Sec. Spicer lied until Kellyanne finally told him that “We’re going to have to rethink our relationship here,” if he continued to ask why press secretary Sean Spicer told a “falsehood,” about Trump’s inaugural crowd size.

This is a clear message to all of the Liberal and very prejudiced media. The only reason they’ve thrived for so long while distorting the truth, telling outright lies, defaming our nation and spreading dissent, is because Obama allowed it. President Trump will not, and Kellyanne just spoke the first words of warning. Slander is a civil crime and cause for a lawsuit, and no one is free to do it, including so-called newscasters like Chuck Todd.

More than that, broadcasting licenses are issued by the Federal Communications Commission, which is under the control of the President. If he says to yank the licenses of people who spread falsehoods and preach sedition, they will.

I’ve discussed this before and predicted that this would happen. Kellyanne Conway just fired the first salvo and they’d better be paying attention. The unremitting attacks on the Right by the Leftist media are going to end even if it means shutting down their cable networks and television stations. They’re breaking our laws and it’s going to end.


January 21st, 2017

All our worthless controlled media is full today of stories of marches, supposedly hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of people marching in protest of President Trump. I’ve no idea what they’re protesting, I looked at some of the signs they’re carrying, on the news videos, and they make no sense.

There’s Women’s Rights marches mostly, protesting for women’s rights as if Pres. Trump is going to take them all away or something, which he’s not.

What I don’t believe is that there are “hundreds of marches all over the nation involving millions of women” as the media reports. The media doesn’t seem to be very good at estimating numbers, as they said there were about 250,000 people in DC for Trump’s inauguration. In fact there were about 1.5 MILLION. They’re always short on his numbers and long on Libturd numbers. Going by that, there may have been a few hundred thousand altogether in all the marches. I did see one picture of a huge crowd who were said to be women marching. Maybe so, maybe not.

Another thing I don’t believe is that any of these were spontaneous events. Every one of them was organized by people who knew how to get lots of Liberal democrat women all fired up against a man, and you can bet any amount that there wasn’t one single Republican or Conservative among them. The organizers are using lies and fear to get these brainwashed fools to do this because there’s no threat whatever against the rights of anyone, with Trump’s presidency.

I’ll tell you what all these stories are. They’re Click Bait. They’re not even as valid as Man Bites Dog stories. Out of all those people, most have jobs to return to on Monday and families or classes to return to after a day of walking. They’re going to have tired feet and blisters and not many of them are going to do this again next weekend, especially if it rains. When the organizers run out of useful idiots they’ll bring in the paid trashers, to go around smashing windows and setting fires, and the NEW director of the FBI won’t be looking the other way like Obama’s Comey did. Our new Attorney General will be happy to prosecute them and their organizers, too. Watch it happen.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to see all those women getting out and getting some exercise, though, because most of them are fatties who could stand to do a whole lot more walking and a lot less eating.


January 21st, 2017

Jane Fonda, aka Hanoi Jane, once a beautiful woman back in the late 1960s and now a skinny, non-relevant, unemployed hag of an old actress. is speaking out and telling the world what an idiot she still is after all these years. She just called Trump the “Predator In Chief” because he made that remark many years ago about grabbing willing women by the pussies. Yet not once has she ever said a word about the terrible predations, assaults and rapes by Bill Clinton on women and underage girls, or the way Hillary attacked those women when they spoke up.

Many actors, comedians and newscasters are doing the same, vilifying Donald Trump, there’s a womens march going on in DC protesting Trump, and gangs of young people acting like Nazis who are destroying private property and throwing rocks and bricks at the police, supposedly also protesting Donald Trump.

All this is activities that are mostly organized by Globalists who want to create a sense of anarchy and tie it to President Trump. These actions are being carried out by Hollywood Libtards as well as paid agitators on the Left, and they represent only a small fraction of Americans.

The majority of Americans, regardless of their political convictions, are against this sort of behavior. The vile and very foul language, the disrespect for our flag and our Presidency, and especially the violence and destruction, fill most Americans with disgust.

The more the Left does this, the more they’re isolating themselves from the rest of our society, and the more they make the rest of us want this to end. No one wants this in front of their own house, in their own neighborhood. No one. The people doing this are a very small minority. They think they can create anarchy in America by these actions but what they’re going to create instead is an increase in our prison population.

What they’re succeeding in doing is making themselves extremely unpopular with the rest of us. Out of all those car windows broken, do you think that one person was glad? That approved of having their personal property destroyed? Out of all those building windows smashed, is there one property owner, one renter, one tenant, one business that was happy about it? Just the opposite, with each act of vandalism, more hearts are hardened against them, more people turn against them.

It’s a given that some of the victims are Liberals who defended these “demonstrator” vandals, right up until they became victims themselves, and now are rethinking that position. Suddenly, everything looks different when the people you were speaking up for start attacking you.

What the Globalists hope for is an increase in demonstrations and violence in order to create chaos in America. What they’re going to get for their money instead is to see citizens rally against them and help put an end to their attempts at disorder. They should take the hint from the thousands of bikers who rode to DC for the sole purpose of guarding Trump’s inauguration.

We Americans, who love our country, vastly outnumber these Socialists, Communists and Globalists, and we’ve only just started taking our country back. Those who oppose us had better beware, our tolerance is at an end.


January 20th, 2017

A new day, a new President, a new America! Santa Claus is coming down the chimney of America today and giving us a renewed gift of Freedom From Oppression, one that we had before and had lost. Today will be known as the greatest day in American history since our Declaration of Independence. Truly, today is America’s Second Independence Day and once again, the nations of the world are reacting, many with anger at our temerity for setting ourselves free of their tyranny, some with joy.

The Arab-Islamic nations are enraged that we will finally truly support our only ally in the Middle East, Israel, in the strongest way possible, by moving our embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as their capitol. We will be the only nation on Earth to do so, and the true test of who is really our ally will be to follow suit.

We will support the UK Brexit with a Free Trade pact that is only for them, that will boost their economy to the exclusion of the nations still part of the EU, which will encourage others to quit the EU and speed up those working at leaving.

We will at last find common ground with Russia and improve our trade, economic and military relations. We may even ally with them against China, which seeks domination of the Eastern hemisphere. The impossible may finally come to pass and see Russia as a member of NATO.

Today is Christmas Day and Independence Day rolled into one. I can’t wait to watch the endless opening of all the presents, gifts that will just keep coming. Today is a happy day.

The Inauguration has just begun, and at the same time it’s started snowing heavily here. It’s a White Christmas.


January 18th, 2017

I’ve seen a lot of Presidential inaugurations in my life, There’s been 18 of them since I was born, and the inauguration of President Trump will be the 19th.

Never, I mean never, have I ever seen such a widespread display of bitterness and hatred toward the winner of one of our presidential elections. Never have I ever seen so many people openly planning to disrupt an inauguration, so many Congressmen of the losing party refusing to attend an inauguration. SIXTY! Sixty Democrats from the Senate and House, refusing publicly to attend his inauguration.

Hollywood actors and a variety of other famous people, and many not at all famous, but all of them Leftists, Democrats, denouncing the President-elect, calling him names and telling lies about him.

Leftist Democrat school teachers denouncing him to their students, refusing to allow them to hear his speech or see the inauguration on television.

All over America, the Socialist Left is raging their intolerance instead of accepting the election of this fine man, and honoring both our Constitutional election process and our President.

When the Left elected a Socialist black man, the Right was deeply concerned and rightly so, as events have proven beyond doubt, but we, and I am one of them, didn’t join any Occupy efforts, blockade any streets and highways, riot, burn, loot, take over government buildings, march en-mass down congested public streets without a permit and so on. We did what we could within the framework of Civil Order, not Civil Disorder.

But the Left has no such compunctions. They violate our laws and create disorder at will because they don’t want a democratic system, they want a socialistic system, a communistic system. They want a government that guarantees them an income no matter how well or poorly they perform in the workplace, and this is what they’re teaching our children to want. They made a great deal of progress in this goal under President Obama and thought that they had it in the bag.

Suddenly, the rest of us revolted against Leftist Socialism and hoisted the banner of a man who promised to reverse this destruction of our society, and we won. Now the fury of the losers is being unleashed.

Even though the Left still plans to wreck the Trump presidency, I have confidence that the Trump team is well aware of these future efforts and have their own plans to defeat them. For one, we’ll have a director of the FBI who won’t cover up for Leftists, while going after those on the Right, and likewise for Homeland Security. We’re going to have new judges who won’t keep ruling in favor of the Left, and we’re going to have a Prosecutor who will see to it that these plotters and conspirators end up in Federal prisons.

Anyone here is free to hate this country. But that’s where the line will be drawn, as it was before Obama. Anyone who puts that hate into action is going to be wearing jump suits for many years, the message will soon be made clear, and I think the Leftists are going to crawl back under their rocks and claim they’re just waiting it out until Trump is gone.


January 17th, 2017

White people still run America and White people still run Russia and Europe. The effort to subvert that is part of Globalism and the Islamic horde, with the Chinese working to dominate both the Globalists and everyone else.

India and China already are allied to some degree, what keeps them separate is religion. Most Indians are Hindus, Janes, Sikhs and Muslims and they’re all pretty serious about it, while China would much prefer to stamp out all religions entirely. So the Chinese are pretty much on their own militarily.

The Arab Muslim world is poorly armed and equipped compared to pretty much everyone else, they’re trying to take over the world by jamming Islam down everyone’s throats, and actually having a fair amount of success.

It’s not religious war that is going to determine the future of humanity, I don’t think. It’s race war. With the Japanese in World War 2 it was race war. The Japs considered themselves superior to all other people then, and they still do, which is why they haven’t been able to get along with China since they moved to those islands and decided that they’re a superior race. Actually, they’re all Chinese, they just got kind of inbred because of the limited number of people who went there originally from China.

We’re bound to end up at war with the Chinese on some level simply because they’ll keep pushing until it comes to that. For the same reason, we’re already at war with Islam and have been, it’s just been at a slow simmer because Obama is himself a Muslim. With him gone, things are bound to heat up considerably.

We need allies in this war and the nations of Europe, those in the EU, are unlikely to side with us. Only if they break free from the EU before the war starts is there any good chance of us finding any true allies among them. Very possibly the UK, but the rest are likely to claim neutrality while covertly supplying aid to the enemy.

Our best chance for a major ally in this war is Russia, which is why the Globalists/Socialists/Democrats are trying so hard to alienate Russia from us all of a sudden. Every time Putin and Trump say something nice about each other, the Libturd Media goes berserk. But the thing is, we share much in common with Russia, the two most important things being that both are primarily white, and both are primarily Christian. Commonality of both race and religion is a very uniting thing. All that really stands between us is Israel. Russia is allied with Syria for economic reasons, Syria has a lot of oil but they’re also enemies of Israel.

If we can work something out between Russia, Syria and Israel so that Syria is no longer a threat to Israel, we could form a strong alliance with Russia. This is what I expect to see happen under the Trump administration, and if it does, the global balance of power is going to radically shift.

Another thing I expect to see in the next few years is a dramatic decrease in the power of Saudi Arabia to spread Islam in the world. It’s easy to imagine Iran turning it’s military against their enemies the Saudis, all we have to do is back off from our long-held support, by treaty, of Saudi Arabia. This will happen, because it’s based on our need for Saudi oil in case of wartime, and once Trump opens up the oil leases and coal mines again and lets the pipelines get finished, we will be energy independent and the Saudi treaty will become pointless. If we don’t defend the Saudis any longer, they’ll have to spend their decreasing oil money on firepower instead of mosque building and terrorism.

No offense to people of other races or mixed races. I’m of mixed race myself. It was white people who built modern civilization though, and it’s white people who need to join forces to keep it from being destroyed.


January 17th, 2017

All sorts of Leftist groups have plans to disrupt the inauguration of President Trump, from blogs to blocs. The Huffington Post blog is claiming that Hillary really won and our courts should throw out the election results and give it to her. CNN is claiming that their poll has Trump at only 40% approval and black politicians and scum like Al Sharpton are saying Trump “is not their President” or that he’s not “legitimate”.

Communistic “black blocs” are planning to form disruptive groups to attack police, throw stink bombs and commit other acts of vandalism and violence in an effort to disrupt the inauguration.

The people I feel sorry for in all this are the D.C. police. Every available officer is going to be on the front lines dealing with these so-called “protesters” and it’s likely that at least some of the anarchists will be carrying firearms. If anyone does get shot, I hope it’s the anarchists who suffer.

All sorts of disruptions and demonstrations are planned under the last hours of Obama’s “umbrella” of tolerance. Once Donald Trump becomes President Donald Trump, the prosecutions will become serious for such crimes. In fact, Trump said that anyone arrested during his inauguration can count on receiving a severe court sentence. That’s bound to deter at least some of those little Bolsheviks.

And those two black guys in the White House, Barry and Michael, will be sucking at the taxpayer tit one last time when they take Air Force One to Palm Springs. Never again will they impart their stink to anything Presidential, but they’re taking full advantage until the very last second.

This is their last dance, and what an 8-year-long nightmare it has been.


January 15th, 2017

If you want to own horses in California you have to be pretty wealthy. That’s because you have to own property outside the cities and not many areas are zoned for horses, and horses themselves are high upkeep and expensive to buy. SO. Only the well to do own horses in California. Okay?
Now, these rich people think horses are their children and their friends, and are horrified by the thought of people eating horses. A lot of people do eat horsemeat, I don’t know about now but it used to be sold in butcher shops in Oregon and Washington. I preferred it, horse steaks are much better meat than beef, by far.
Ah but, these rich people have a lot of political clout, lots of them are actually politicians, and they promoted and got passed, laws making it a felony to sell horsemeat in the state of California. You go to prison if you try to sell horse steaks here and to jail for a long time if you’re even caught eating horse meat. It doesn’t matter if your horse broke a leg and had to be put down, and you decided not to waste hundreds of pounds of excellent meat. Don’t get caught eating it.

Voters here always vote for bond issues that raise their property taxes. If you own a house in any California city, the already high property taxes are often actually less than all the bond issues you pay for on top of those taxes. This is true in Los Angeles County. How stupid is that? Bonds are interest-bearing notes, usually for $1000 each and up, and after all the idiots vote for them, the state sells them, gets the money, and then has to buy them back plus interest that you pay out of your taxes. It actually is cheaper to just have your taxes raised. Stupid.

Californian’s latest stupid law is the outlawing of plastic bags to reduce pollution. When you go to the grocery store, if you haven’t taken bags with you, the store sells you plastic bags at 15 cents apiece. Few of us remember to take those bags back to the store when we go again. I don’t. So today I came home with more goddam bags, and what did I do with them? I threw them in the trash, of course. I have too many of them now because I never remember to take any of them with me. Most people don’t and the result is that the plastic pollution is probably going to end up worse than ever, because the bags we have to buy are way thicker and we’re still throwing them away anyway. Really stupid.


January 13th, 2017

Both the House and the Senate have now voted to repeal the ACA, also known as Obamacare. Thing is, this doesn’t actually repeal it. It just “gives us the tools to start taking it apart” is how Speaker Paul Ryan describes it. There’s no time set to actually dismantle the ACA, maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe they just won’t find time to get around to it…..

This is the same pack of jackals that could have attacked the ACA in 2008 and did nothing. Maybe they’ll get on with it now and maybe they won’t but I still have serious doubts about Rex Tillerson as Trump’s Sec. of State. Either he was lying his ass off during his confirmation hearing or he’s not at all in line with Trump’s declared agenda. Maybe he’ll be okay, but maybe he’ll be another POS like Hillary, too.

We who voted Donald Trump into office want action. I hope we get it. Maybe we will.


January 12th, 2017

The human tool-making ability has outstripped every other facet of development. Human technology is at a level now that’s best used and controlled by a species that’s left it’s superstitious tendencies far behind in the dim millennia, and has it’s emotional stability to the same level as a lump of coal. Unfortunately for humans, this is not even close to the reality.

For instance, Trans-Gender. There’s no such thing as Trans-Gender presently. No matter how much plastic surgery and hormone shots, men are still male inside and women are still female. The term is a false one, yet we accept it as valid even though it’s insane. Irrational behavior is a monkey trait too.

Monkeys engage in homosexual behavior in that aggressive adult males try to poke it into young male’s behinds. It’s a dominance thing more than a sexual one, just like humans. Forcing submissiveness is a monkey trait that humans are fond of.

Humans are still fighting over territory just as they have for hundreds of thousands of years. Technology has only made the fights deadlier and bloodier instead of increasing tolerance and understanding. Humans act like monkeys throwing their feces at an invading tribe of other monkeys, only instead of feces and broken-off tree branches they’re throwing bombs and missiles.

They consume anything that will alter their consciousnesses, from alcohol to any sort of drug, then commit violent acts against anyone and everyone while under the influence of this stuff, and defend the use of it even as it’s making them sick and killing them. Monkeys will eat spoiling fruit that’s become fermented, get drunk, pass out and if they don’t get eaten by some predator while unconscious, will wake up hung over and do it again.

Humans build great civilizations, and then make war against each other as if that was the purpose of building a civilization. Monkeys grow into large tribes with large territories that split off into new tribes and then fight and often kill each other over the territories instead of simply continuing to share them with each other like they always did. They’re fighting their own cousins. We had a Civil War where it sometimes was brother against brother.

I look at the constantly, persistently thoughtless and selfish behavior of humans and see exactly the same behavior in jungle monkeys. There can be no doubt that we’re closely related, we act so much the same. We’re just a lot more intelligent than monkeys, or I would prefer saying that we’re way more CLEVER. Whether cleverness is really a sign of intelligence, I find doubtful. Intelligent creatures should be able to live together peacefully and with mutual respect. If a herd of cattle can do that, so should we, and maybe that means the cattle, while not at all clever, are actually much more intelligent.


January 11th, 2017

It was interesting to listen to President Trump’s press conference today, and some of what his opponents had to say during the
Senate confirmation hearings for Sessions and Tillerson. CNN’s representative at the conference was rude and obnoxious, tried to lecture Pres. Trump and ask an ugly and pointless question whose only purpose was to attack Trump. Pres. Trump refused to take a question from him and said that CNN is fake news. Which it is.

President Trump isn’t going to take any abuse from the MSM and after the inauguration some of them may find themselves excluded from the White House.

During the Senate hearings, Democrats and RINOs joined in their efforts to make Sessions look like a racist. When it came to Rex Tillersons turn to answer questions, he expressed many views that were opposite to Pres. Trumps views and agenda, which makes me wonder why Trump chose him. Secretary of State is the single most important job next to the President himself and their views should coincide. This is sounding like there may be a constant conflict between these two. Tillerson sounds more and more like a very bad choice and I’m at a complete loss as to why he was chosen.

With any luck, his confirmation will be denied, voted down, and Trump will then be free to pick someone more in line with the agenda that we voted Trump in for. The more Rex Tillerson speaks, the less I want him to be our Secretary of State. He’s sounding a lot like another Hillary Clinton.


January 9th, 2017

I have to add comments about these side-stories on Reuters. The first one is about a comment made by Pamela Taylor, director of the Clay County Development Corp., who said after Trumps’s election, that “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady (Melania Trump) back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.” Meaning tranny Michelle, of course. She had to resign after all the PC’ers freaked out on her, but she’s right and I and millions of others agree with her. I’m glad she said it.

One thing, tho, SHE SAID IT ON FACEBOOK. Every time someone says something non-PC on Facebook they catch hell for it and the message is plain, if you want freedom of speech, Facebook is NOT the place to practice it. I keep warning you. Listen to me.

Next… Taiwan split off from mainland China after WWII when China went Communist, and formed a second Republic of China on those islands. We allied with Taiwan China because they’re a democracy, so mainland China has never tried to attack and take the islands back. Some years ago we tacitly agreed to a “One China Policy” where we only recognize mainland China as being the only actual China, and Taiwan is no longer called “Republic of China”. It’s just “Taiwan”. But we still protect Taiwan.

Okay. So the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen met senior U.S. Republican lawmakers during her stopover in Houston on Sunday after China had asked the United States not to allow Tsai to enter or have formal government meetings under the one China policy, and now they’re peeing their panties in rage. The Chinese have actually threatened us, “If Trump reneges on the one-China policy after taking office, the Chinese people will demand the government to take revenge. There is no room for bargaining,” said the government-controlled Global Times.

The pompous assholes running China seem to think that they can tell us what to do and when to do it, and threatening us isn’t going to make us obey them, it’s going to make us take action against them and distance ourselves from them and that’s exactly what our response was to this crap. Even that snake, Ted Cruz, said that “The People’s Republic of China needs to understand that in America we make decisions about meeting with visitors for ourselves”.

Those chinks better start coating their words with honey, their economy is sagging even as they’re spending massively in a military buildup, while our economy is about to boom again and our manufacturing moves back here and our trade with China dramatically diminishes. They’re in deep doodoo and it’s about to rise above their lips.

And… Pres. Trump responded to her political attack on him with “Meryl Streep, one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes. She is a Hillary flunky who lost big.”

Streep turned a lifetime award acceptance speech at Sunday’s Golden Globe awards into an attack on Trump’s personality and his tough stance on immigration because she’s another Liberal actor who can’t stick to the script life wrote for her. Instead of simply accepting her award gracefully, she behaved like a complete ass. I’m amazed she didn’t raise a Black Power-type fist in the air or take a knee like that jackass San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and I’m glad we have it, but abusing that freedom is the act of a vandal.

What these entertainers are doing when they take advantage of some public event or ceremony to blurt out their personal political opinions is an insult to all Americans. Even Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, said on Twitter: “This Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won. And if people in Hollywood don’t start recognizing why and how – you will help him get re-elected.” That’s right, we the people are totally burnt out on Liberal, Politically Correct Crap, the crap that’s been fed to us for years and that’s been destroying our country and impoverishing us.

We made you rich, Streep, you asshole, for your acting, not for your politics. Shut the fuck up.


January 9th, 2017

Reuters News Agency put out a story today that President Trump has accepted “the fact” that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democrat Party. “Reince Priebus said Trump believed Russia was behind the intrusions into the Democratic Party organizations, although Priebus did not clarify whether the president-elect agreed that the hacks were directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in Russia, so that’s not the issue,” Priebus said on “Fox News Sunday.”" In other words, if it was Russians, it could have been anyone in Russia.

“Trump did not refer specifically to Russia’s role in the presidential campaign.” The RINOs are trying hard to get him to say something bad about Putin, and slander Russia, and he won’t do it, but at the same time he does have a lot of confirmation hearings coming up for his cabinet picks and he wants them to go smoothly. So this is his compromise and I think it’s all that the RINO Republican Obama bootlicker Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain and their buddies are going to get. They’re the ones pushing for this, which is part of Obama’s agenda.

I see a new and far better relationship with Russia in America’s future. Trumps cabinet picks will be confirmed before he takes office and once he’s in the saddle, the RINOs can try to pressure him all they like and it will be like a flea trying to have sex with an elephant.
The elephant won’t even notice and the flea might get squashed.


January 8th, 2017

Writing and publishing stories that are totally false but about real events is now the New Journalism. Politicians are quoted as saying things they never said and celebrities tell stories about politicians that never happened.

Women claim sexual harassment by famous people, mostly politicians, without proof and usually when the person they’re maligning was thousands of miles away at the time they say the harassment occurred.

I don’t know what the hell’s going on here but Fake News is increasing, fake stories are dominating the news media to a point that there’s no time left to tell the real news. I can’t help but wonder if that isn’t really the idea, to smother the reporting of real events because there’s more going on than the news media wants us to know about.

That might be a far reach, but it’s worth keeping an eye on. We’ve either learned by now that we can’t trust the news media, or we haven’t.


January 8th, 2017

In Hollywood, actors, singers, dancers and other performers all share the commonality of playing their parts in stories portrayed by them for our entertainment, whether it’s “Reality Shows” that don’t show a lot of the reality, to movies where many of the players are actually created on computers.

It’s all fantasy, all make-believe, and the writers and producers of these tales always insert their messages, their own political philosophies. Increasingly this has been Left-leaning. The old Clint Eastwood Conservatism has gone south and been replaced with a constant stream of crap portraying black men with white women in the war against white people, illegal aliens portrayed as victims, an extreme over-abundance of black entertainers, the ignoring of Islamism, and so on. True reality is no longer made into movies. Hollywood has become nothing more than a generator of propaganda.

In the 1960′s we had Senator Joe McCarthy going after Communists in Hollywood and it made the global news for quite awhile. McCarthy was all about rooting out the Communists who’d infested our movie industry, he held many Senate hearings, famous actors were subpoenaed into Congress to testify, and a lot of actor’s careers were abruptly ended.

He got too carried away, tho, and eventually was shut down for being excessive because soon he was almost finding Communists under everyone’s bed.

He was right, tho. There were a lot of Communists in Hollywood pushing their propaganda in movies, and there still are. Socialism, which is the precursor of outright Communism, has been in vogue among the successful Hollywood types for some time now, and it’s never been more obvious than now, with so many of them sucking up to Barack Obama and spewing hate at President Trump. They sound off all the time about political matters when in truth they haven’t a single clue what they’re even talking about. They’re so used to “becoming” the characters they portray when they act, that they’ve lost any ability to separate reality from fiction.

Charley Sheen is a perfect example of this. He played a womanizer on TV for so long that he’s convinced that he’s irresistible to women. Another is George Clooney. He’s rich from acting and, like Sheen, is convinced that his fame and wealth makes him smart and qualified to tell someone like Donald Trump how to run the Presidency. It’s like a contagious virus that’s infected them all and convinced them that because they became rich from acting, they know how to run the country.

It only proves to me that most actors are one-trick ponies, they do acting well and are hopelessly stupid when it comes to anything else. Ronald Reagan was a lousy actor, which probably has a lot to do with why he was a good President.


January 7th, 2017

According to Leftist Bloomberg Politics in the linked article, Putin developed “a clear preference” for Trump to win, the agencies said in a declassified summary of their findings. The agencies said they “assess Putin and the Russian government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him,” according to the report.
“All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence,” the report said.

If this is actually true, it means that Putin wants to deal with Trump, not the Clintons, and that he supports our return to democracy and away from socialism. I doubt the validity of these reports but if true and Putin “voted” for Trump, that’s not bad, that’s good.

Trumps reaction to this security briefing was that “Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing,” Trump said in a series of three tweets. “Only ‘stupid’ people, or fools, would think it is bad! We have enough problems around the world without yet another one.”

He’s absolutely right. Russia would make a great trading partner, just for starters. Both our economies could use a boost and the Russians make some pretty neat stuff. I can easily see us and Russia doing balanced trade and letting China go find new markets besides us. If we become economically dependent on each other instead of us being so tied to China, the chances of military conflict between us will be greatly diminished.

China, on the other hand, has displayed no concern for our trade with them as they continue to increase their threatening behavior against us while making it nearly impossible for us to sell them anything at all.

A good relationship with Russia would benefit Israel and our other allies, some of whom are seen by Russia as threats. It’s much easier to reach understandings on our differences when we’re on good terms and some trust has been established, and wouldn’t it be something if we and Russia finally became militarily allied? That may never happen, but it could, the way the world keeps changing. If we’re close trade partners and China began threatening Russia and us, it’s very likely it would happen. We were allied with Russia in WWII up until Germany was conquered. Then it ended, but that’s because that insane dictator Joseph Stalin was in power. He wasn’t interested in a peacetime alliance, he was interested in expanding his dictatorship, and he immediately began an arms race with us.

Vlad Putin is no average American Conservative and we need to be wary of him even as we work to improve our relationship with him. He’s probably going to be running Russia for a long time yet and he’s looking out for his own interests first. We’ll see how it goes, but maintaining a hostile attitude toward a nation that could well become an ally is, just as Pres. Trump says, the act of a fool.


January 6th, 2017

Our great and fearless leader giving us hope and change and poverty and crime and racism and hate and misery and Islam and perversion and child abuse and elder abuse and SO MUCH MORE.

Our exalted Comrade. This is only one of many medals he’s either awarding himself, has already awarded to himself, or will be awarded to him by all of our most favorite Communist and Islamic nations and terrorists, such as Iran, Cuba, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and others.

Hat tip to Ernesto for this one.


January 4th, 2017

It’s a majestic scene as our President Obama stands proud and straight while the man he appointed as his Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, pins on Obama’s chest the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service that Obama awarded himself and ordered Secretary Carter to arrange a ceremony for, and award to him his self-awarded award.

I want to laugh really hard but I’m so disgusted that I can’t and it leaves me simply stunned.


January 4th, 2017

Zero Obastard Soetoro, our outgoing POS, has just ordered American troops to the Lithuanian border with Russia. This is supposedly in response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea two years ago. Not exactly timely, and not exactly believable.

I didn’t know that he was going to do this but I thought he might, and said so. He’s trying his best to create tension with Putin, to poke a finger in his eye, before he leaves office. He’s going to stir up as much trouble as he can before we’re finally rid of him.

This isn’t a major provocation by him, it’s more akin to a telemarketing call at dinnertime, he’s just doing what he can to make as many things worse as possible.