July 26th, 2016

Did I just hear a faint brrrrrrip noise? Do I detect the odor of an open sewer? Can that be a faint whiff of a Russian fart?

Erik Snowden is still in Russia, the guy who published thousands of hacked communications between diplomats and other U.S. government officials. He has thousands more that weren’t published but you can rest assured that the Russians got every single last one in exchange for giving him sanctuary and keeping him safe from American prisons.

Now we have Wikileaks publishing hacked emails proving that the Democratic nomination for President was rigged in favor of Hillary and against Sanders.

Espionage experts in the field of Internet security say that it’s a certainty that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks to release, and that the Russians most likely hacked all of Hillary’s emails too.

It seems that Vlad Putin really doesn’t like the Clintons very much, and very likely favored Bernie Sanders instead, which is why they released those DNC emails to Wikileaks to publish. On the other hand, Putin does seem to like Donald Trump, and when it comes to which person he’d rather deal with, who knows? That might be Trump. It looks that way, otherwise why show the world that Sanders was cheated? That makes Hillary look pretty bad.

There’s a chance that the Russians are going to expel some bad gas soon, in the form of released Hillary Clinton emails. I believe that they hold the future of our next president in their hands, and if so, I have no doubt whatever that they’re making a deal with Donald Trump right now, and I think I know what they want, too. Either a free hand in Turkey without our intervention or a backing off of NATO. Or maybe both.

The Russians hate NATO, it’s poised as a constant threat to their security and has been used primarily to force economic concessions from them instead of being simply a watchdog and guardian of the member states, as it was originally meant to be. Donald Trump has been speaking out against NATO members not paying their fair share, and this must be delighting Vlad Putin. You, the reader, can see where this is leading, and if the Russians do have really incriminating evidence against Hillary, they may end up blowing a monster vodka and borscht fart all over her campaign. The hitch in this is that by releasing any of Hillary’s emails, the Russians will be revealing that they know all the secret stuff she sent, too, but they also must know that the CIA would consider that a given in any case, and may consider it worth doing it to get NATO off their backs.

Now, wouldn’t that be fun to watch? I doubt that she’d be prosecuted by Obama’s racist Attorney General bitch, but she would surely go down in flames on Election Day.


July 24th, 2016

What is the point of groups of murderous Muslims going around killing both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, indiscriminately, all over the world? Like the attacks in France one after another. First they virtually wall off sections of cities and take over, make them exclusionary Muslim-only zones, which pisses off the French to no end, then they riot and burn lots of cars that aren’t their own, and now they go around shooting people and running over them by the hundreds with big trucks.

As tolerant as the French are, and especially from being under the thumb of that abortion known as the European Union, still, the French people have had enough and are about to erupt all over the Muslims. They can overpower and push out all of the Muslims and the sentiment is growing that doing so is the best move. That same sentiment is rapidly growing in all the rest of Europe as well. Terrorism is self-defeating.

Terrorism worked fine for spreading Islam back when the known world was all city-states and the most advanced weapons were crossbows and catapults, and you could surround a town from all sides and scare hell out of everyone. All it does anymore is piss people off, it’s a Stone Age methodology. When some lone Muslim or small group shrieks Allahu Akbar and starts murdering people, people don’t suddenly fear Islam and tremble before the maniacs, they kill the maniacs, go looking for more maniacs to kill, and go from respecting Islam as a religion to hating it as a vile plague. That doesn’t help spread Islam, it helps repel it.

Look at Donald Trump here in the U.S., and the positive response he got saying that we need to stop letting Muslims into our country. Most of us agree with him, it’s common sense. Today I see he pacified the RINOs in the GOP by saying “From certain areas”, openly explaining that he’s doing so to shut up the PC people about saying Muslims. But he still means Muslims and we all know he still means Muslims and we still approve of that.

It seems to me that Islamists are working pretty hard to kill Islam. They’re trying to take over the world the way Mohammad did back around 670 AD, with swords, hacking and mutilating people, demanding that they submit to this new cult or die. IT CAN’T WORK, all that does is get everyone to buying more guns and ammunition in preparation. Governments are too big and too strong. I can’t imagine the Chinese government submitting to some screeching bunch of gun-waving Islamists. The Chinese would wipe them out if they tried that crap on them. So would the Russians, hell, even the Polish would, they don’t let those people in, they see Islam for what it is.

All the Islamists are succeeding in doing is killing innocent people and angering all the rest. The only reason more pressure hasn’t been brought to bear by Europe is because the Cheap-Labor Elitists still hold power over there, and we have a Muslim President over here.

That’s all going to change soon. The Islamists are self-destructing and it can’t happen soon enough. They’ve caused enough misery in the world, time for them to go.


July 23rd, 2016

I watched the Clinton Cash movie earlier this evening, courtesy of Breitbart.com and YouTube, and it’s pretty astonishing. Astonishing that those two people are running around free instead of being imprisoned for life or already executed by a firing squad. The level of corruption in our government is staggering and far greater than I’d ever imagined. If every elected official isn’t on the take, then most of them must be for this situation to exist.

We need a revolution. A military coup would be fine with me, our top generals and admirals could fill D.C. with troops and arrest all of them from the President on down, and should. My poor country.

Rome fell because of corruption from within and we look to be as corrupt now as they were before their collapse, maybe even worse. I hope I’m missing the big picture, Donald Trump surely has a more comprehensive view of our situation than I do or he wouldn’t try to become President. I hope.


July 22nd, 2016

Donald J. Trump is now officially the Republican candidate for President, along with Mike Pence, Governor of the state of Indiana for Vice President.
There’s an old saying that “The proof is in the pudding”. I’ve no idea where or how that originated but the meaning is plain, at least. You’ll know if it’s any good or not when you start eating it. In the case of Donald Trump, if he’s elected we’ll know soon enough if all that stuff he said was true or not.

I woke this morning with the thought that we could end up with a right-wing dictatorship, but I really wouldn’t mind that. We’re on the verge of having a left-wing dictatorship right now, and in a choice between the two, I’ll take right-wing any day. If that’s what we end up with, all the drug addicts and dealers would suddenly find themselves on the short-shrift list along with open borders, illegal aliens, Black Lives Matter and other thug groups, inner-city warfare and many other illegal activities. He says he’s the Law and Order Candidate. That would be a damn good thing up to a point.

We have too many laws now, there isn’t an attorney in the nation who knows a tenth of them all, yet “ignorance of the law is no excuse” if you find yourself charged with some crime. Of course, most of the time we know when we’re doing wrong, but it’s a problem when someone is arrested for doing one thing and is charged with five or six crimes that all stem from the one crime, and this happens on a regular basis. So we’ll wait and see about our Law and Order candidate and hope if he’s elected he doesn’t go too far.

Anyway, right now our job is to get him elected. Failure to do so will be the end of the America I was born into. Talk about troubled times, I was born at the very beginning of 1939 when Hitler was invading Eastern Europe. I was almost 3 years old when I heard President Roosevelt announce over our radio that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and we were declaring war. We had a long, hard fight and millions gave their lives to preserve our nation from the tyranny of a Nazi dictatorship, Hitler’s National Socialist (NAZI) Party. Now here I am at the other end of my life span, and we’re having to fight socialism all over again.

You have to give the bastards credit, they never give up. Well, neither do we.


July 20th, 2016

The United States has an air base in Turkey, Incirlik Air Base, and stockpiled there is a large number, the exact quantity is secret, of gravity type atomic bombs. Tayip Erdogan, the Islamist ruler of Turkey, has been demanding that the Unites States extradite a Muslim cleric over here named Gulen, for reasons I’m not privy to, but he clearly hates this man with a passion, and now it looks like he’s holding our 2700 military and civilian personnel on that base hostage. It’s five days now that he’s had all commercial power shut off and our base has been running entirely on base generators.

If Obama refuses to blink and hand over someone who’s been granted asylum here, Erdogan may attack Incirlik Air Base. It’s possible. This so-called coup is a fraud and while our government won’t say so outright, they know it is. It’s simply too obvious and Erdogan is clearly on a roll, arresting thousands of dissidents to strengthen his position as Islamic dictator.

He and Obama have been at odds lately. The reasons aren’t entirely clear as the White House keeps denying reports of things supposedly said between the two, but Erdogan has been verbally abusive of Obama’s administration ever since last April and Obama’s expressed unhappiness with Turkey’s involvement in Syria. Whatever the reasons, this act of holding Americans hostage by a supposed NATO ally is way over the top. This is an act of war. The fact that we have a large number of nuclear weapons stored inside the territory of an Islamist dictator should scare hell out of everyone who’s paying attention to this situation.

We need to do two things. First, get Erdogan to back off and Second, get our people and our nukes the hell out of Turkey. Afterward I suggest that we kick Turkey out of NATO.

This is an incredibly dangerous situation right now, and I sure hope our best diplomats are fully on top of it. It would be unimaginable for Erdogan to get his hands on a stockpile of atomic bombs.


July 17th, 2016

There’s forces in play on the global stage that no one in the media even whispers of, but it’s obvious that these things are going on.

This phony coup I just wrote about is one example. The latest attack in France is another. In fact, there are terror attacks going on all over the world in remote nations right now, that we never even hear about. That there’s a concerted world-wide effort by the Islamists to conquer the world could not be more obvious, and yet we don’t see our governments leaping into the fray and taking this as seriously as they say they do.

Why not? Globalists.

What nations are not allowing the Islamists to push them around? Russia, China and Japan are all anti-Islam. They lack tolerance for Islam itself. In Japan, the few Muslims they allow in are watched 24 hours a day. China dislikes all religions and especially Islam, while the Russians under Putin are having a Christian revival and a rejection of both Islam and all that LGBT crap.

Nations that reject the Islamists and don’t want Muslims in their countries can be considered not to be Globalist, since the Globalists are using ISIS and the Islamist agenda to further their own One-World dictatorship plans.

So now I look at Donald Trump in this light and ask myself, which nations is he aligned with? Certainly not those of Europe since the EU’s leaders and most of the political leaders of it’s member nations are deep into the Globalist plan. Trump has spoken well of Vladimir Putin more than once and just recently he said again that he expected America to start getting along better with Russia.

Obama’s made repeated overtures to Putin and Putin’s apparent response has been to laugh at him. There’s no love lost there. likewise, Obama has totally alienated not America but himself from Israel, and I suspect that this powerful little country is on better terms with Russia than they let on. At the same time, Putin can’t be happy with Erdogan, since much of Russia’s oil and natural gas is piped through Turkey, and the Islamists are a threat to that.

I’m starting to see that the nations of Earth are taking sides, the Globalists and Islamists on one side and the Free Nations on the other, and that’s what this election in the USA is all about, choosing our side. Obama’s been pushing hard, desperately, even, to put us on the side of the Globalists/Islamists, and Trump is pushing hard to keep us on the side of the Free Nations.

If Trump wins the Presidency I feel certain we’ll see a new bloc of nations come together, and the United Nations left behind as the outmoded and useless farce that it’s become. We, Russia, Israel and Japan will become allies or greater allies along with the Philippines. Probably Australia and New Zealand, that one’s iffy but we’ll see, and no doubt there’ll be some surprises as nations we didn’t expect to will come around to our side, which will form not just an alliance but a military alliance.

China, I think, will continue to stand alone. The Chinese have always wanted to rule the world but they’ve always been too busy just trying to feed themselves. It’s the Globalists who gave away all our manufacturing to them but the Chinese have no intent of reciprocating and joining the Globalists. Instead they’ve been building their own army of conquest with their new wealth, and this is going to end up biting the Globalists in their collective ass. I think it already has been. The question is, when a really serious effort is made to yank back all those manufacturing jobs, will the Chinese be prepared by then to launch their battle plans? Because it will be then or never.

Our pending presidential election is a unique event that will affect the entire human race, into perpetuity. This election will have far more impact on humanity than the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan. It’s more comparable to an extinction-event meteor strike, and that’s not an exaggeration. Either way, the results will be profound and lasting.


July 17th, 2016

This whole thing stinks to high Heaven. You don’t hold coups when the person you want to overthrow is hidden away somewhere on a convenient “vacation”. The first thing you do in a coup is grab the leader. And how is it that all the social media access in Turkey was shut down? As one person commented on Breitbart News, “Budda • 17 hours ago: Ummm, how does a group of folks plotting a coup, shutdown social media? The assets controlling the systems probably aren’t even located in Turkey. I smell a rat. The only people who could shut down social media would be a combination of Erdogan, Obama and Obama friends like Zuckerberg.”

Far too few people were involved in pulling off this so-called coup attempt and they gave up far too quickly. A bunch of people were killed, it’s true, but that was necessary to give it credibility, or try to.

Nope, this whole thing is bullshit, and it’s purpose is to allow Erdogan to purge the rest of the people he considers his political enemies. He’s arrested over 6000 people including a lot of judges, and you can bet those are secular judges, not Islamist ones. This fake coup’s purpose is to increase his power as a dictator of Turkey.

Here’s the punch line: When this started I wondered why they didn’t wait on the coup until Obama was out of office, since they were bound to get support from Trump, but only opposition from Obama. Here’s why, Turkey is facilitating both ISIS and the flood of migrants into Western Europe and now is the time for Obama to do all he can to strengthen ISIS and the migrant movement. This was not a real coup attempt, it’s purpose is to make sure that Erdogan stays in power by ridding himself now of the rest of his enemies before they can get rid of him, and it was done with the help of Obama and his cronies while that help is still available. If Trump is elected, all that will change, so now is the time to strike.


July 16th, 2016

The politicians of this land are also often referred to as Lawmakers, or Legislators, which they are. Their job is to pass laws that govern us, supposedly laws that are constitutional, written so as not to deprive anyone unfairly of their rights under our Constitution. This is often not the actual case, and then those laws have to be challenged before our Supreme Court, which lately is overwhelmed with such lawsuits. This fact is a good indicator that too many laws are being passed and too many of them are designed to promote some cause or agenda unfairly.

Many of these new laws are aimed at restricting American’s access to and ownership of guns, from preventing us from carrying them on our persons at all, to buying ammunition, to creating databases of gun owners as if they need to be registered like sex offenders and arsonists. The purpose of these laws is to take our guns away entirely, through years of attrition, the steady creep of more and more restrictive laws and the confiscation of more and more guns while working to shut down both our own manufacturing and the importation of guns. This is an effort at totalitarian government control, conducted by Socialists/Liberals/Communists in our government. A disarmed populace can’t fight back.

The excuse given for these laws is that crimes of violence involving guns will be less, with less guns.

This is an impossible goal, because those who wish to commit violent crimes will always be able to obtain firearms. Gunpowder is the easiest thing in the world to make, and so are single-shot pistols. Smuggling imported firearms will always be easy, we have about 6000 miles of land borders besides our two coasts.

The proven reality is that in our increasingly violent world, the more people who carry firearms, the less crimes are committed. An armed criminal can’t be stopped by an unarmed crowd of people who could become dead victims, but let one of them be armed and shoot back and the whole picture changes.

The plain fact is that laws don’t stop crime, guns do.

This article is Copyright July 2016 in it’s entirety including Title.


July 15th, 2016

Military coup underway in Turkey

Wonderful news!!! The Turkish military has traditionally been charged with keeping Turkey secular and there have been other coups in the past to rid the country of Islamist rulers. Erdogan is an Islamist and has been pushing Sharia Law since he was elected, doing his best to make himself a president for life, aka Dictator, and make Turkey into an Islamist state. He’d purged the military of a lot of high officers to prevent his being ousted. I thought he’d been successful, no doubt he did too. This coup means only one thing, a return once again to Turkey being a secular state. Just like Egypt did. Obama must be crying in his milk right now.

Erdogan is reported to be on a vacation in the seaside city of Antalya, and had not been seen in public for six days.

From Breitbart: “There were no immediate reports of any casualties, though local media reported that ambulances wre seen in front of Turkish military headquarters.

Soldiers blocked entry to Ataturk Airport where four tanks were stationed, according to the private Dogan news agency. Two other tanks and a military vehicle were stationed in front of the VIP terminal. The report said the soldiers had entered the tower and stopped all flights.

Dogan reported that one-way traffic on the Bosporus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges in Istanbul were blocked. Video footage showed the bridge being blocked by military vehicles.”


July 10th, 2016

Before I wasn’t sure, I thought we were going to have an election, that Donald Trump would most likely be elected, and we could start to get this country back under control and into shape again.

Not anymore. Now I’m certain. Between the things Obama says, the attacks he keeps making on our police, his efforts to force local police jurisdictions to adopt Federal policing practices by bribery and threats, his support for BLM (Bunghole Licking Monkeys), the obvious fear he instilled in FBI Director Comey to make him give Hillary a free pass, his aiding and promoting racial unrest, his importation of tens of thousands of young male Muslims from Islamist, Sharia Law nations, his attacks on our industries, on coal production, on employment, all his efforts point to one thing.

Now, communications have been intercepted between the recently arrested leader of this “Black Lives Movement” and members. :“Black Lives Matter leader @deray was hacked, and Twitter DMs were leaked of BLM leaders discussing mass rioting at RNC & DNC to influence Obama declaring “martial law” and extending his Presidency •First name referenced in the leak refers to a “Mrs. Lynch” (June 6, 2016) Undoubtedly Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Alternate Source (Intellihub.com)

Leaked BlackLivesMatter Leaders DMs

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Johnetta Elzie(@Nettaaaaaaaa):

“ Have you spoken with Mrs Lynch (Racist black Attorney General Loretta Lynch) recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections

Deray Mckesson (@deray):

“ We spoke two weeks ago and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump is now instead of waiting so the others can start getting protesters ready to shut both conventions down. We have to make sure that we use our voices to keep people disrupting Trump all summer and through the fall so martial (law) can be declared before the election.

Johnetta Elzie(@Nettaaaaaaaa):

I’ve been watching the deliberate escalation of these supposed demonstrations, and it’s overwhelmingly obvious that they’re trying to get the police to become violent and give them the excuse to really create riots, work up the blacks to create as much havoc as possible. They hope that white citizens will start shooting blacks, they want this, they want, basically, a race war, a civil war between blacks and whites, so that Obama can declare Martial Law and stay in power.

This isn’t just his plan, he’s just a player on the stage. Our whole government is riddled with Globalists, which is just another name for Communists, and the purpose is to take over the country.

What I’m really worried about is, I think they’re going to succeed. If you think you’ve been having hard times, the hard times haven’t even started yet.


July 9th, 2016

Blacksheep • 1 minute ago

No, BLM is not a hate america group. They’re far worse. Someone commented here during Ferguson that it was a practice run, and it was. No whites, alone or militias, came charging in, whites gave them no reason to attack us. So now it’s dead white cops in Dallas. Riots and marches all over. Still no armed white intervention, BLM is failing to start a national race war, AND THAT is what they’re about. Not “hate America”, DESTROY America.

James Murphy • 22 minutes ago

Black Lives Matter is in fact Obama’s own private army. Like Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs before them, they even have the equivalent of a Horst Wessel anthem: “Pigs In a Blanket.” Those who have the fortitude to call this organization what it really is, a terrorist organization, are going to face the full and furious retribution from Obama’s (In)justice Department and America’s version of the KGB, that is, the FBI. Better be careful what you say about these people (Sarah and Rush take note). In a few years if not sooner, a lot of them will be wearing fancy uniforms supervising a nationalized combined state, county, and local police force, directly responsible to Mr. President and Mr President alone. After all, we are in a national emergency that calls for extraordinary measures by America’s “beloved leader.” As he would say, “Folks are demanding action. OKey-doke, make-my-day policemen have to be either disarmed or re-educated.”


SirRuncibleSpoon James Murphy • a few seconds ago

He did say he wanted such a force as an antidote to standard police, didn’t he? You’re right: he’s got one! Black Panthers are the tip of his spear.


July 8th, 2016

Anyone with sense who’s paid attention to the actions of our President knows that he’s out to do as much damage to our country as he possibly can. Concerning the Black Lives Matter (BLM) thugs and the shootings of black thugs by white police, he’s consistently come out against the police and for BLM.

Last night in Dallas, Texas, a bunch of these BLM thugs staged a demonstration over the killing of a black man by police, and of course there was a police presence at this demonstration to maintain order. It was a setup, snipers with rifles were up in high places so they could shoot down at the police, which they did. Five police officers were murdered and six others are hospitalized with gunshot wounds. So far, one of the snipers has been killed, two others are in custody, and more suspects are being sought.

Black people at the scene celebrated the deaths of the officers and taunted the police over the deaths.

BLM is clearly using the exact same tactics as the Islamists, and Barack Obama is doing absolutely nothing to put an end to BLM. Just the opposite, he promotes their actions, he speaks up for them, he makes excuses for them by talking about white racism and the oppression of black people, when he’s the one causing the oppression of black people by destroying their jobs and forcing them into poverty.

He still has six months of his Presidency to go, and I can’t help wondering if anyone at all in our Congress, anyone with a voice in either the House or the Senate, is going to speak out about his many crimes and derelictions and demand that he be impeached. Do we have one actual patriot out of the 535 senators and representatives?


July 8th, 2016

This post comes from the previous one. I woke up this morning thinking about it.

Trump brags on himself a lot. Way too much, in fact, which has a lot to do with his level of unpopularity. Donald Trump is someone who’s driven not just to succeed, but to have his success recognized. His personality, his image projection, is that of The Successful Man.

Most very successful people don’t make an issue of their accomplishments, their past histories of success, because recognition from others was not their reason for striving to succeed. Most people succeed out of a desire to simply have more than what they have, for the sake of pure greed, or for the sense of security wealth gives them. This is not so with Donald Trump.

I can’t say if it was his father who might have equated approval with success, or something or someone else in Trump’s history taught him that to have approval as a person he had to be successful as a person, but this is where he’s at today. Remember (from the previous post) that our emotional maturity is maxed out at the age of 5, and then listen to Trump’s constant repetitions about all his wonderful achievements, and see if you don’t hear a 5 year old.

Trump says he was a good father, and I believe it. He couldn’t have allowed himself to be a failure as a father. He’s had 3 marriages but even though the first two ended in divorce, he made sure to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wives. Not a total success, but not a total failure either.

So it’s not success in and of itself that Trump desires, but the approval that comes with success. He can’t get the approval he wants most of all without having successes.

Now. What does this mean to the world if he’s President? The more people that approve of him, the more he’s going to like it. Becoming President will be a great success for him, but then he’s going to have to succeed as President. Ever more successes, there can be no end to the successes. This is a man who will not sit still while in office and let the country run itself. He will be a Captain at the helm of state and he’ll steer the course he’s told us that he will, and he’ll bargain and haggle, deal and finagle to achieve his goals. I would expect him to bribe some people, threaten others and ruin the lives of the rest who persist in opposing him, but this is no different than what many of our Presidents have done and certainly no different from what Obama and both Clintons have done. This is what powerful businessmen do, it’s how they become powerful.

The methods aren’t and shouldn’t be a concern, it’s the goals that are a concern, and Trump’s goals are exactly as he’s stated them, to build the wall and control immigration at last, to protect our borders and our sovereignty, to destroy ISIS, to control the Muslims among us, to bring back our manufacturing, to reduce both taxes and government expenditures, to restore our military, to replace the ACA, (Obamacare) with something sensible and affordable, to get rid of Common Core and return education requirements to the states, to reverse the carnage wrought to America by Barack Obama and all the Socialists, Communists and Islamists that have corrupted our government and our nation.

Trump makes himself unpopular with his personality, but it’s not his personality I’ll be voting for, it’s him.


July 7th, 2016

A fact you don’t hear very often about us humans is that we reach emotional maturity at age 5. This is a true thing. You are only 5 years old, emotionally. When you see a 5 year old being mean, that person will be mean all their life, and when you see a 5 year old being happy and friendly, that person will be outgoing all their life. At the age of 5, your emotional development ends and is set in cement.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see through people who fake it. When someone is lying or trying to cheat, their 5 year old is showing. When someone is being kind and generous, their 5 year old is showing.

But to have this sort of mental eyesight, you have to be honest and have no motives. If you’re in the middle of playing some 5 year old emotional game yourself, you’ll never see the one being tried out on you. Sometimes this is called “Making a good first impression”. People who are worried about being liked by someone or some group will “Be on their best behavior”, which actually means they are not doing all the things they usually do that get on people’s nerves or make people think they’re stupid, crazy, uncouth, uncool, things like that.

I’m one of those admittedly rare birds that was born without motives, so I see through people pretty easily. When you don’t want anything from a person, if you don’t want their approval or their money or whatever, you aren’t blinded by seeing what you want to see instead of what is. This has what is probably a drawback, as I don’t try to make Good Impressions and I’m never On My Best Behavior. I express how I feel and what I think at the time, unless it seems like a waste of effort or to do so might get my ass beat, and the result of this is that I make very few lasting friends. I just don’t play the games. Not because I’m pure or better, but because I’m extremely poor at them. I’m totally unconvincing, doing so makes me feel out of place and phony.

Personalities are like those full sized cardboard standups of famous people, personalities represent how we want people to perceive us, not how we really are. How we really are, we prefer to keep inside our heads. Personalities are false fronts, pretend. “Here, this is me, this cardboard thing, speak to it, I’ll stand safely behind it and react according to this image I’m presenting to you.”

But I don’t have one of those things, a personality, a projection of how I want people to see me. I don’t care how people see me, and they see me all sorts of different ways, and almost never actually look at me. Finally the day comes, sooner for some, later for others, that they see that the person they thought I was, isn’t me at all.

This is why I have so very few friends, because the only people who like me long term are the few who see me instead of what they were looking for. As for me, I’ll be friends with anyone, for life, as long as they don’t try to do me any harm. It doesn’t matter if they like me for some idea they have of who I am, I can like them simply for having the capacity to be a friend.

It’s always cost me money to find out who my friends are, because most people will steal from me sooner or later, or at least try to. That, or talk about me behind my back, or try to con me in some way. When they do, I know, and that’s the end of it. Fortunately, not everyone does or I might take a dimmer view of my species than I already do, and I’d have no friends at all. Most of us are very forgiving of that sort of behavior, and I think it’s because most of us also engage in that kind of behavior. I don’t. As I said, I’m poor at it, I’d be caught out in an instant if I tried and I’m not interested in trying, anyway. So I tend not to be forgiving of it, either, which seriously limits my friend count.

I guess this is why I’ve no use for things like Facebook, either. Having a bunch of total strangers “liking” me just doesn’t appeal to my 5 year old. That kid could play by himself all day long and be perfectly happy, and he still does.


July 5th, 2016

Today was eventful. We watched the director of the FBI tell us that Hillary Clinton’s handling of a large amount of classified email, on a secret private server, while acting as Secretary of State, was grossly careless. This is behavior deserving of a felony prosecution, yet the Director recommended no prosecution and gave Hillary Clinton a free pass.

Then, some hours later, Donald Trump gave an hour-long speech and spent a good part of it denouncing Clinton’s illegal actions and describing her as “crooked” and unfit for the Presidency. This speech was carried for about 20 minutes by Fox News, ostensibly the only Conservative TV news channel, until 5 PM when the Bill O’Reilly show came on. At that point, Trump was dropped.

But if you then tuned in to the CNN channel, which is notoriously Liberal/Socialist oriented, there was Trump continuing his speech. CNN not only covered his entire speech, which contained constant attacks on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but afterward there were repeated flashbacks and recaps as his attack points were repeated and discussed.

Then a regular panel of CNN commentators came on to discuss Trumps main points, a group I call The Liars Club, and they had a difficult time trying to find anything wrong with anything he said. There was a scattering of denials but they were unconvincing.

On looking over the CNN website, we find more coverage of Trump’s speech and more scathing assessments of Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior, instead of the usual litany of denials and counter-attacks. Clearly, the people at CNN understand that if they want better ratings on television, they’ll get more from covering Trump than from covering Clinton, and they’ll lose more by attacking Trump. The bottom line is always money.

The reason for this turnaround by CNN is less important than the fact that it’s happening, or at least happened this time, today. Our country desperately needs more honesty in the coverage of news and especially of our politics. Biased reporting is harmful and destructive to all of us.


July 4th, 2016

Today is the Fourth of July, the day our nation celebrates it’s independence from the King of England. It’s been a grand run, I’ll say that.

Freedom isn’t free, it wasn’t for those who fought the British and died or were wounded and survived. The British looted and burned, a lot of toil and pain that went into creating new lives on the new continent went up in smoke and covered in blood, but in the end, the colonists who demanded their freedom prevailed, the nation grew, and became the greatest nation in the world.

The American public has become complacent and soft. Crime and obesity are enormous problems, our media’s been taken over by Communists, there is almost no Free Press anymore and our government has become corrupt from top to bottom. We are losing our freedom, our rights are steadily being stripped from us as our society is being dismantled and our moral values destroyed.

Our military’s esprit de corps is disintegrating with the changes being made, the inclusion of women on Navy ships, allowing overt homosexuals to be in the military, and now “trans-genders”, which is just another name for cross-dressers, to be active military personnel. All our top officers have been removed, retired or prosecuted under false charges and discharged from service, and replaced with Socialists, Communists and homosexuals. Our public schools teach the children now that homosexuality is normal, and confuse them about their own gender.

Racism was fading from the American scene but now it’s worse than ever, only reversed. Now it’s the blacks who are getting away with crimes against whites, and Hispanics are getting away with crimes against everybody.

Our corrupt, Communist-filled government is attacking all of our Constitutional rights. Not just our gun rights, which is getting most of the attention, but all our rights. Our rights against unreasonable search, our freedom of speech, our basic rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Our economy has been trashed, our jobs given away to China along with our manufacturing, our wages radically decreased, the welfare rolls swelled to bursting, an invasion of illegal aliens in the tens of millions, perhaps 30 million people all willing to work for almost nothing to keep from starving, and driving down our own wages even more. The corporations get rich while the rest of us become impoverished and it never seems to occur to these people that as our wages go down our buying power does too, and that depletes their wealth.

America may rise again or we may continue down the path to collapse, Nations rise and fall, they always have, and the most common reason is apathy, not caring. Only after the oppression gets to be bad enough for long enough for the fallen will they rise up again and fight for freedom, leaving piles of the broken and dying in their effort to be free once again.

People never learn, we really don’t. Anything worth having is worth stealing, and we’ve left the gates open and unguarded just like our border with Mexico.


July 3rd, 2016

Social networking sites attract most people who use the Internet, and in fact are the only reason many of us use the Internet at all, that and doing Google searches. We post all sorts of details about ourselves and our lives on Facebook, we tell where we work and live, post pictures of ourselves, our friends and our relatives, discuss our likes and dislikes. We reveal everything about ourselves that a person looking to steal identities for profit or invade and rob a home would want to know.

Pedophiles use Facebook and other social sites to find pubescent youngsters to engage in sex with, pimps use them to find lonely women they can turn into prostitutes, Muslims look for young women they can either groom for sex or abduct and sell as sex slaves. Right now, Israel is having to draft laws allowing them to force Facebook to delete messages inciting terrorism against Israel, since Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg refuses to set Facebook screening policy to do so. He has no problem screening out anything political he dislikes, particularly if it benefits Republicans, though. Zuckerberg has thoroughly established himself as a Liberal, and very likely a Socialist and anti-Semite, since those seem to be part of the Liberal mold.

Personally, I’m against all social media. I did join Facebook for a short while as I was advised that it’s a good Internet marketplace, and quickly learned that it’s a good place to get ripped off, instead, and did all that I could to remove my information from them. But Facebook makes that impossible in spite of Zuckerberg’s claim. He keeps all your data no matter how hard you try to quit being a Facebook member. Zuckerberg is evil, his level of greed is literally insane, and I’ve no doubt it will end up being his downfall.

Social networking sites may be attractive to people who either want to stay in contact with friends, find new friends or both, but we can do that at the corner bar, through email and at other actual, physical meeting places like social clubs, a gym, school PTA meetings, a church, community centers, there’s all sorts of ways to make real friends that you can shake hands with instead of virtual friends who may be out to rape, rob and/or kill you.

This should be fair warning to anyone who reads this that social networking sites are there to profit from your presence and give you back nothing. They don’t care about your personal safety and in fact place you in great danger. Continue to use them at your peril.


July 2nd, 2016

When the Attorney General, a person appointed to that position by Barack Obama himself, holds a private meeting with the husband of Hillary Clinton, and Obama does NOTHING, the obvious corruption of our Presidency is too much to bear.

Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation for using a private email server to send and receive Classified, Secret documents that directly affect our national security, and it is the Attorney General who decides whether or not to prosecute people who violate Federal laws. The fact that the FBI has yet to say whether she has violated laws or not, after all this time, speaks very poorly of the FBI, but the fact that the Attorney General herself is having secret discussions with Bill Clinton is absolutely beyond the pale. At the very least she must recuse herself and appoint a Special Prosecutor to deal with any recommendation from the FBI to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and she’s refused to do this. Therefor, President Obama MUST fire her and appoint a new Attorney General. Yet he’s said and done nothing.

This is Dereliction of Duty, grounds for impeachment. This isn’t the first time he’s been guilty of this, but this is far and away the most blatant, and if our Congress does not move to impeach over this incredibly obscene disregard for law, not one of them deserves to be re-elected.


July 1st, 2016

Loretta Lynch, as a reward for refusing to recuse herself in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email crimes, will be appointed our next Secretary of the Navy by President Obama. Lynch was caught having a secret meeting with ex-president Bill Clinton in violation of her oath to remain neutral in criminal cases.

Lynch will wait until being promoted to full Four Star Admiral first before going totally Transgender and wearing a male naval officers uniform. “I’ve always felt like a man inside even though I don’t have a penis and testicles”, she said, “and being a man in charge of all those pretty sailors is going to be so fulfilling, and fun too.”

Lynch will be given a thorough course in nautical terms so she’ll know things like which side of a ship is Port and which is Starboard, what a Bulkhead is, and so forth, things a modern Navy admiral should know.

This is a spoof story, none of it is true, at least right now it isn’t but you never know what the future will bring with Bastard Obama And His Gang in charge.


June 29th, 2016

Barack Obama has at last stated unequivocally where he stands regarding United States sovereignty in the world today, coming out plainly and fully in favor of Globalization.

“The integration of national economies into a global economy, that’s here. That’s done,” he said after meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Neito at the North America Leaders’ Summit in Canada.
He accused the United Kingdom of trying to escape global responsibility by voting to leave the European Union.
“Their argument was not against trade generally. They just didn’t want any obligations to go with the access to the free market,” he said.

The only problem with that speech is that he’s wrong on all counts. There’s always been trade between nations, that’s not a “Global Economy”. A Global Economy is when there’s only one form of currency and one set of rules for everyone. This is what the EU tried for and failed at, because they wanted more than that, the elite among them wanted to dominate all the other nations and still do. Which is why it fails. People don’t like being dominated.

The British never opted for “Global Responsibility”, they joined the EU on a limited basis, turning down usage of the common Euro currency in favor of keeping their own, the Pound Sterling, and the EU is a long ways from being a “Global” economy. If Obama doubts that he should discuss this with the Russians and Chinese.

The “Free Market” has never been free, in the sense of no taxes, levies or duties, between nations. A pound of grapes might sell for 1 Euro in Italy but by the time it gets transported to England, those costs are added and probably a Value Added Tax as well, so it ends up at 2 Euros. A grape farmer in England might be faced with a massive import of Italian grapes, pushing the market price of his own grapes down to less than it cost to grow them and putting him out of business. Free markets are not free, and import duties serve a very valuable purpose in protecting local producers. When you eliminate duties, you don’t “Free” the market, you destroy it.

More than that, you destroy prosperity, you enable a wealthy few to manipulate prices, control who produces and who fails to survive, and the “Free Market” becomes a slave to the manipulators.

There must be national sovereignty if everyone is to prosper, if there’s to be balance and equality in the marketplace. We’re far from being evolved enough as a species to all live under one form of government. We’re more like a wolf pack where the weak get eaten. This effort to Globalize us must either die out or lead to global war, because everyone will want to be the Emperor.