May 1st, 2016

CNN, the media promoter of Obama, the Clintons and other Socialist haters and abusers of our nation, has just posted an article asking what was so great about America before that we need to make it great again.

I’d like to answer that. Before our nation became infested with Socialists and Progressives, the following conditions prevailed:

1. We were prosperous as a people. Unemployment was very low, poverty was very low and the Middle Class included most working Americans.
2. We were respected militarily throughout the world.
3. There was no Islamic terrorist threat.
4. There were very few Muslims in our country or in Europe.
5. There were very few Mexicans in our country and illegal aliens were not a problem.
6. Drugs were a minor problem, not the huge, major problem of today.
7. There was no such acronym as LGBT.
8. We didn’t have a homosexual black racist Jew-hating Muslim Communistic President out to destroy America along with his trans-sexual “wife”.
9. Blacks were not rioting for weeks at a time in our cities over the killing of a black murderous thug by a white police officer. Racism has always been a problem but it was contained. We mostly got along with each other.
10. Marriage was between men and women as it had always been.
11. Homosexuals did not parade naked in broad daylight, in front of children, down our streets.
12. Public restrooms were not Unisex and women and children were safer from sexual assault in them.
13. People did not defecate and urinate anywhere they liked in public, in San Francisco.
14. We had NO “Sanctuary Cities” that welcomed in illegal aliens.
15. People here illegally could not get drivers licenses.
16. Our President was not sneaking in several million Syrian Muslims who had never seen a flush toilet.
17. We did not have Muslims taking over cities like they do in England now and creating “No-Go” areas that keep non-Muslims out.
18. We had not been attacked by the Sunni Muslims of Saudi Arabia on 9/11, the attack blamed on the Shiites in Iraq, and $Trillions spent on a failed war to take over Iraq’s oil by the Bush family.
19. Our National Debt was about a third of what it is now.
20. Our dollar was worth roughly 20 times then, what it’s worth now.
21. We never had home-invasion robberies, road-rage killings, drive-by gang murders and Mexican drug cartels shooting our Border Patrol agents.

This is only a partial list. What was so great about America before? Seriously?

What was not great? Racial and gender inequality in the workplace was the number one problem in America. But the only other real problem our country had then, it still has now, which is political corruption and that’s become worse as well. Otherwise, damn right America was far greater than now, thanks to the hard work put in by Obama and the Progressives. I would gladly go back to how it was, racism, corruption and all, compared to how it is now.


May 1st, 2016

The dignity and decorum of the single most respected residence in our nation was brought to a new low last night by our President, who threw a party for the people of the press, a traditional affair known as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. For moderator of the speeches to be given he chose black (of course) comedian Larry Wilmore, who proceeded to conduct what’s know as a “roast” of the more famous attendees, and spewing highly insulting jokes about those who oppose Obama.

He did give out some praise, all directed at black journalists only, and mentioned that black CNN host Don Lemon was in the crowd. Don Lemon responded by laughing and giving him the finger. How very classy a thing to do in the White House, huh?

At the end of his litany of supposedly humorous verbal attacks, he said of President Obama, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”

I will be so happy when this racist Marxist, this incredibly horrible and evil man, is long gone from our Presidential House.

April 29th, 2016


April 29th, 2016

Four days ago, last Monday it was, I switched to cable Internet from satellite, and as soon as it was done I got online to all the various accounts that connect to me by email and updated them with my new email address. This includes ebay and PayPal. Several days later an order for one of my products came in, followed by another the next day, and both payments to PayPal were sent to my old email address instead of the new one, along with the auto-generated notification emails. Today I got that all straightened out by getting on the phone with PayPal.

Now here’s the thing. The nice lady at PayPal had a strong oriental accent, very Chinese, and I had a hard time understanding her. Even when the words were clear enough, I still couldn’t grasp what she meant because the syntax that Chinese people use is very different from the way we express things. The same is true of people in India and most other nations. It’s not just that accents make understanding difficult, but also the choice and usage of words. People of the various nations all express similar things in different terms.

I applaud anyone who speaks more than one language. English is the only one I ever learned, or ever even needed to learn, so I’m lucky there. To get along well in this country you do need to speak English, and English is one of the most difficult languages to learn, I’m told.

However. People from foreign nations, who have accents and lack a strong command of the American style of speech, have no business being hired to deal verbally with the public. When I was trying to get my satellite service working right (and finally gave up on) all but one person I spoke to had a strong Mexican-Spanish accent which made communication really difficult, especially over my not-so-good Verizon phone connection.

After all, anymore we can all “press 2 for Spanish”, so why can’t we “Press 1 for English” and get an actual, non-accented American born English speaker to help us? These companies are making billions of dollars. $Billions$. They can afford to hire a few people to talk to us that we can understand without an interpreter.


April 29th, 2016

Mexicans Suck and so does Mexico

Look at this. Piece of shit Mexicans flying their piece of shit flag in our country and screaming at people who want to stop them from entering our country illegally. AND WE ALLOW THIS CRAP? This is EXACTLY WHY we need Donald Trump to be our next President, to put a stop to this Obama/Bush invasion of Mexican SCUM.

None of the people who came here from Mexico legally, who went through the process of becoming real American citizens, wants these pukes here either, and they’re ashamed of them. Mexican SCUM make the good, hardworking Americans of Mexican descent look bad by association and you can bet they’ll be voting for Trump right along with all the other patriotic Americans.

I have noticed that it’s the Liberals, the Democrats, who are the drug addicts in our country. Not all, that’s not a blanket statement, but MOST of our drug addicts are Libtards. This should explain why so many in Hollyweird are Libtard Socialist idiots who come off as traitors to their country. Most of them are into drugs and early deaths from overdoses are common. Prince is just the latest one. So they support open borders, because that’s where their drugs come from.

California is loaded with drug addicts and Mexicans, but this is about the Republican Party’s nominee, not the national election, and all those worthless wetbacks are succeeding in doing by this is telling the world exactly why we need that wall, and Donald Trump to be President. I do have to give them credit for one thing though, they really are incredibly stupid to not have thought of this. What they thought is that this was going to make people afraid to vote for Trump, but again, this isn’t the election, the dumb bastards, this is about choosing the GOP nominee, and the GOP doesn’t like Mexicans very much anyway, to start with. Now Republicans just like them even less and Donald Trump even more.

But, what do you expect from people who don’t know how to use a flush toilet?


April 28th, 2016

If I had the power to do so, here’s what I’d do to fix our problems.
First, I’d declare the death penalty for all persons caught sneaking into our country and I’d order tens of thousands of troops to be stationed along our border with Mexico and instructed to shoot on sight anyone entering illegally.

I’d also impose the death penalty for anyone caught with seriously addicting drugs such as meth, heroin, cocaine and so forth, and require that anyone caught with any usable amount of such drugs be sentenced in any court by any judge and publicly executed within one week of arrest. No appeals, you have a usable amount of any such drug, and “usable” will be defined by law, then you die.

Everyone here illegally would have to leave within 30 days of the proclamation. Anyone caught after that would be put to death. Any retaliation for this by Mexico, any sort including economic retaliation, would be considered an act of war and responded to as one.

Any act of espionage, electronic or otherwise, committed by China or any other nation would be met by seizure of all that nation’s assets within our borders.

China must either rein in North Korea and get rid of the Kim family dictatorship, or I would put such high tariffs on all Chinese imports that they would collapse economically. That would end the N. Korean problem.

I would use our economic power to bring our enemies into line. Not to try to change their national philosophies or any of that, just to teach them that screwing with us can be painful.

I would make sure the winds were blowing out to sea before dropping several nukes on the so-called Palestinians, putting an end to that cancer. I would drop some more on Saudi Arabia, to wipe out their entire military, the royal family and most of the wealthiest Saudis, thus ending a lot of child sex slavery abductions and putting the rest of the OPEC nations on notice to start playing nice or else. I’d nuke hell out of Iran.

The Russians would then have no problem securing Syria, and ending the fighting there. They’re long time allies, they deserve each other, no problem. I’d send in enough troops to wipe out ISIS and then go into Africa and wipe out the various Islamist terror factions like Boko Haram.

All these acts would put a screeching halt to Hezbollah in Lebanon and elsewhere, because they’ve been supplied and supported by Iran, and I would have put paid to Iran. With no Islamists shooting missiles into Israel anymore, the Israelis could focus on making Jerusalem their capitol at last, and maybe even replacing that Dome with their own temple once again.

With the war in Syria ended, all those millions of refugees can be sent back home. I would heavily pressure the Western European nations to expel all Muslims back to their countries of origin including their children, and to pass laws outlawing the practice of Islam. Somewhere during all this I would have also outlawed Islam in the United States, and ordered the destruction of all mosques as being dangers to our National Security. All the Muslims would have to go home including any born here, or else abandon Islam for some other religion or no religion. Death penalty for anyone caught cheating.

The only way to get people to play nice is to scare hell out of them. If a smoker knows that smoking “might” give him cancer and kill him, he’ll keep smoking, but if he knows that he’ll get a bullet in his head if anyone even smells tobacco on him, he’ll quit. People only stop screwing up when they’re forced to stop. Death is a great stopper.

It would probably only take me about 3 months to end all the terrorism in the world and get everyone to live in peace. Too bad I’ll never get the chance to try.


April 28th, 2016

LOL, I see that Raphael Cruz has announced that Carly Fiorina is his Vice Presidential running mate. They make a great pair. Cruz is a sneaky, lying bastard who gives everyone the creeps and Fiorina comes off as abrasive and nutty. She has a harsh, negative way of saying things, a harsh-sounding voice, and all the time she’s talking her head is jerking back and forth, up and down, and her eyes are jumping every which way. Yeah, now THAT really inspires calm confidence in us, huh? She makes people nervous just watching her jitter and twitch.

Well done, Ralph. Great choice. Go Ralph. LOLOL.


April 28th, 2016

Got the cable Internet hooked up yesterday morning after 4 days without any connectivity. Then called the satellite internet company, Exede, told them to discontinue their service and got a long, bitter sounding harangue from the bitch there about how I just paid a month ahead automatically via my credit card and they weren’t going to pro-rate a farking dime back to me, and I have 30 days to return their crappy equipment or I’d be charged $300 and blah blah blah. I knew in my heart the greedy bastards weren’t going to refund me the money for the 26 days I overpaid, but their greed is a big part of why I dumped them. That and the really crappy service from day one. We didn’t have cable out here when I moved here and it was a choice of which of two high-priced satellite services we picked, and both were bad.

Within about 30 seconds of my hanging up on the nasty bitch, my email through them was disconnected. I expected that too, after listening to that whip-cracking voice, and of course there was no way I could find to save my email. So I said Screw it, worse things have happened, and deleted the whole thing. I did save the email files to a separate folder first and I’m still trying to figure out a way to open them or associate them with a new email address. But it will all come together. I did discover that the address of every email I ever sent is stored in some inner sanctum of the program, and if I start a New Message and type in one letter, all the emails that start with that letter appear in a drop-down box. So content may be lost but the basic contact info is all still there.

With Exede/ViaSat, I paid about $60 a month and got 10 gigs of in/out a month, with a download speed of around 1 meg a sec or so. I now pay cable $25 a month, get 300 gigs in/out a month and a download speed of up to 50 megs a sec. Exede has always given me problems. The service would go out on perfectly clear days and of course it always went out during really bad weather. Connectivity was variable at best, and would change from hour to hour. There’s a $95 service charge to have someone make it work again if they had to come to the house, or you could pay $5.99 a month insurance against breakdowns of their equipment that you were already being charged rent for.

So BUYER BEWARE, as far as I’m concerned, Exede/ViaSat totally SUCKS.


April 24th, 2016

I got that from Xoggoth’s blog. He frequently uses that in an expressive manner and I do kinda like it. FNARR!! Kind of a snarl with a Kiss-My-Ass attitude.

So why the Fnarr? I will tell you ( and thanks for asking. ) Yesterday morning I got up, turned on the old computer and LO, no satellite internet service! So I called the company and talked to someone somewhere who told me that they know there’s an outage in my area, they’re working on it, and my service should be restored within an hour.

Fully two days later and 6 calls later, and I’ve been told twice that diagnostics showed there was nothing wrong with my equipment here, but if I’d like to pay them $95 they would send a repair truck out. I couldn’t get any clear explanation why I should pay anything if my equipment is okay but if I’d like to sign up permanently instead to pay them an extra $6 a month, that would ensure that I never have to pay the $95 a month. I tried to explain to this scammer that warranties are what you buy when you own the product, not when you rent it, and that I already pay them rent on this gear.

When he persisted in talking over me, I hung up on him and did two things. First I called the cable company that was not doing business here when I moved here, ah but they are now, and found out that they can hook me up to their cable in a few days for $25 a month instead of the $60 I pay now, that I would get 300 Gigabytes per month instead of the 10 I get now, and a download speed of 50 mb instead of the 1 or so I get now. It broke my heart leave the shitty, sporadic satellite service I have but I agreed to anyway, and no doubt I’ll soon stop crying like a baby and gnashing my teeth over this heartrending decision.

The OTHER thing I did was to unplug their modem and beat it violently against the carpeted floor 4 times and plug it back in. It is now working again.

Then the other Other thing I did was to check online and yes, their automatic monthly charge to my credit card was made today. they’re paid up and current, so I called the Credit Card company and had them re-issue the card with a new number, so the satellite company can’t make any more charges to my card. FNARR, you bitches, FNARR.


April 22nd, 2016

UK Prime Minister Cameron, Britain’s elected piece of dog shit, is getting backing from our very own piece of dog shit, Obama, in his effort to keep the UK in the EU in spite of the fact that its totally destroying the UK. Most of the rest of UK politicians are enraged at Obama for his willingness to interfere in their affairs, as they should be. We’d be crapping bricks over here if Cameron were to come over and endorse one of our candidates or tell us who we should vote for. I don’t think this is what’s usually called “Hands across the water”.

Fox News TV has really toned down the negative attacks against Donald Trump, with some commentators now speaking up for him and defending him against the attacks of the more Leftist media. I think several things are happening here. One is that Fox has lost a lot of viewers for leaning Left, which costs them a lot of ad money. No doubt some advertisers have left them, as well. Also, Rupert Murdoch, Fox and other media owner/mogul has become unhappy with Obama, whom he formerly supported. No doubt Murdoch’s getting flak from the rulers of Muslim countries where he owns TV stations over Obama, too, and sees Trump as not just inevitable but a far better option than Hillary when it comes to favoring his business empire.

The headlines over the death of Prince have been topping the news for 2 days now. The guy obviously died from a drug overdose just like so many others, and sorry but I’ve no idea what songs he even sang. So no tears shed here, one more gone. It’s like when John Lennon was murdered, we were all shocked but it really wasn’t much of a loss, musically speaking. He wasn’t doing much of anything anymore, the Beatles were gone as a group, and the only one really carrying on with new music was Paul. Same with Prince, his best was long before. Tell you who I miss more, Bing Crosby, Les Paul. Dates me like hell, I know.

Some idiot who’s the leader of the so-called “Pro-Life Movement” told Trump that babies resulting from rape should be protected, and by that he means that raped women should not be allowed to abort these unwanted pregnancies. No shit? I fail to see how it’s “pro life” to destroy the lives of women, who can always have another, WANTED, child instead. Self-righteous religious fanatics is what these people are. Imagine your mother getting raped by some genetically defective, stupid, really ugly wart of a human and having to grow up beside this nasty little bastard that was constantly messing with you and your stuff, and didn’t look like anyone else in the family. Would you like that?


April 22nd, 2016

It’s against the law in the U.S. to deface coinage. People do it without thinking much about it, and most of us are unaware that it’s illegal to damage a coin, but it is. Unfortunately, there is no such law regarding paper currency. I say unfortunately because Obama wants to uglify our $20 bills by removing President Andrew Jackson’s face and replacing it with Harriet Tubman’s.

Harriet Tubman was a black woman, a slave back in the Civil War days, who escaped and went back to guide other slaves to freedom. Slavery was a very unfortunate chapter of the history of some of our states – just some, not all – and when those states tried to secede from our Union in order to continue to base their economies on slavery, the rest of the states, our national government, went to war, ended slavery and united the country. So while slavery was allowed in parts of our country during it’s early history, the fortunate side of our history is that most of us found this to be unacceptable and a huge number of Americans died to end it. Nearly all of them were White Americans.

Andrew Jackson was a great president who added Florida to the United States, among many other achievements, and while Ms. Tubman was a hero to black people, she didn’t remotely compare to President Jackson. She compares a lot more to World War heroes like Sgt. York and Audie Murphy. So why not put a war hero’s face on the $20? Have you seen a picture of Ms. Tubman? Talk about UGLY. I hope that if this actually comes to pass, that all $20′s ever handed to me after that are done so face down. This woman was hideous.

Did anyone one suggest to Brakk Obastard that maybe we should have one of the great Native Americans on that bill? Squanto? Sitting Bull? Red Cloud? Cochise? Geronimo? How about Pocahantas? There’s a lot of them who were all far more accomplished and certainly as courageous as Ms. Tubman.

This racist asshole President of ours wants to deface our money by taking off the faces of white people and replacing them with portraits of blacks. If we’re going to change the appearance so drastically of our paper money, then let’s be fair. Blacks have done more to harm this country than to help it, and it was only when they were slaves that they controlled themselves. Once they were freed, they became a constant source of crime.

It’s the Native Americans who are owed a debt by this country if any racial group is, so put a great Chief or other Native American on the $10 and put Tubman’s face on the $2 bill and leave the $20 as it is. That would be fair and equitable.


April 20th, 2016

What fun this is, I couldn’t help it, I set the Beatles “For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” on loop play for background music while I type. Our Presidential election has never been more entertaining, not ever!
During past such elections, the nominating process of both parties has always been a bit rough, with accusations, snide asides, innuendos, every hopeful had their personal histories exposed and laid bare, and sometimes a real scandal would not just end the effort for the nomination but the political career itself. John Edwards, a former U.S. Senator, comes to mind right off for his sex affair and felony prosecutions. He avoided prison but his run for the Presidency was over.

We normally have regular politicians who vie with each other within their parties for the nomination, Governors, Senators, Representatives and this time’s been no different with one remarkable exception, Donald Trump. Out of a starting field of 17 hopefuls, he’s risen quickly to the top, followed by a Cuban-Canadian Senator and a Governor. Trump is a business tycoon and TV entertainer with a massive ego and a genius I.Q., who’s so totally politically INCORRECT that he says what we all know is the truth instead of the garbage spin lies we’ve been getting fed for years. With the result that everyone who’s sick and tired of what’s been happening to our country is galvanized in his support, and that’s the majority of us.

This man has exposed the corruption in our government so well and plainly that the rats are running for cover in all directions. The truth has set our politics on fire, we finally actually not only have someone who is honest and tells it like it is, but has the experience, knowledge and ability to set things right again and the Establishment, the political elite, are out to get him, to cheat him, steal votes, steal representatives, lie about him. The media’s bias has been so obvious that it’s almost comic, they’ve virtually created caricatures of themselves. What a circus.

The Cuban-Canadian may yet be found to be ineligible to be President, not a “Natural Born Citizen”, and he’s exposed himself as a liar and cheat. On a personal level, he gives me the creeps and I’m not alone in that. This guy has an ugly mind.

Meanwhile the Democrat Party, which has become as corrupt in it’s own way as the Republicans, has as its two vying candidates for their nomination a crazy looking, wild eyed and wild haired Marxist, Bernie Sanders, and a heartless, evil, power mad criminal, Hillary Clinton of “What difference does it make now?” fame when talking about our dead Benghazi ambassador. Hillary of the very illegal emails. Hillary whose husband masturbated Monica Lewinsky with a cigar while she gave him a blow job. That Hillary. Millions of Americans are nuts about her, love her, vote for her. Are we a circus or what?

The suspense just keeps growing. Will Trump gain enough delegates to win the nomination? Will the GOP Elitists block Trump from the nomination? Would he run as a third party candidate? Will Evil Cruz manage to steal more of Trumps delegates? Who will pull the next dirty trick and what will it be? Does Trump have some bombshells to drop on Ted Cruz? Who, where, what, when? Will they perform without a net? Will all the famous clowns be there? How many elephants will they have and will the lion tamer put on a show?

And “Lastly through a hogshead of real fire”. Carnivale.


April 18th, 2016

Hearty congratulations to the people of Brazil in finally getting that Leftist mess, Dilma Rousseff, out of office. While the job isn’t done yet and it will take a few more months to see her out of office and into prison, it looks very solid that this will happen. NOW PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN. That’s what Americans need to do, clean out the bad politicians, by force if necessary, and put in people who work for the people instead of their rich cronies.


April 16th, 2016

Our Constitution says that we have the right to say anything we want, with exceptions. People don’t seem to understand this.

You can’t use speech to cause riots, panic, or other harm. For instance, you can’t leap up and scream “FIRE, FIRE” in a crowded theater. It could cause a panic run for the exits that would get people trampled to death. You can’t go creating public disturbances, it’s against the law everywhere to disturb the peace. You can’t verbally threaten the lives of people.

You can lie about others and slander their names without being jailed for it, but you can be sued for slander in civil court, so slandering speech is only free until someone sues you for doing it.

The issue of Free Speech has been coming up frequently lately in our politics, especially regarding social media sites which appear to be doing some censoring of postings on the candidates. Social media sites are private companies and they can censor anything they like, anytime, just as I do here on Newsbleat when someone posts some comment that I think is patent bullshit or otherwise not to my liking. People have bitched at me, saying that I’m violating Freedom of Speech. I am not, Newsbleat is MY freedom of speech, not anyone elses. It goes back to the old saying that if you want a free press you need to own one.

Protesters disrupting speakers, drowning them out with noise, is not protected Free Speech. It’s Disturbing the Peace. Although they’re usually allowed to get away with it, they are violating the law. If it happens on private property the protester can be removed for trespassing. This is why Trump was in his legal rights to call for the removal of various protesters at some of his rallies. It’s simple. If I pay to rent an auditorium, I get to say who comes in the doors and who has to leave.

The protesters at these events seem to think that they can say and do anything as long as they don’t commit assault, under the shield of Free Speech, and they’re wrong. The people they’re harassing have a Constitutional Right as well and it’s called Freedom of Assembly, which also has certain limitations, the most important being PEACEFUL assembly. Even in a public place, if the assembly is peaceful and protesters are noisy and disruptive, the police have the right and obligation to remove the protesters and charge them with Disturbing the Peace.

People need to remember that our Constitution’s laws are designed to maintain a peaceful society, not allow one that is disruptive under some misconception that everyone gets to freely annoy everyone else if they feel like it. That’s not how it is.


April 15th, 2016

Rupert Murdoch owns the New York Post newspaper, and the Post has fully endorsed Donald J. Trump for President. I never thought I’d see the day. I had noticed a softening of tone toward him in Fox News, also a Murdoch property, and thought that it was an effort to improve their ratings, which may still prove to be the reason. But I’d like to think that it’s because Murdoch is beginning to see the light. If you read the NY Post story, right here, it sure does sound like it.

Well, HAPPY DAY! Now maybe the total media onslaught against Trump will begin backing off and we, the American Public, will start to see some honest political reporting for a change. We certainly deserve it, and it’s way overdue.


April 14th, 2016

Other bloggers and I have repeatedly suggested the possibility of Obama declaring Martial Law, which would suspend the pending Presidential election and give him dictatorial powers. To do this there would have to be a national state of civil unrest that threatened the security of the nation.

I see that Leftist protestors are being bused in to New York and California to start raising hell at the various political conventions, both Democrat and Republican. Violent groups like Black Lives Matter are fully involved. Is this the plan? Stir up so much political and racial violence that he gets away with declaring Martial Law? Would the Political Elite sit back and allow it, rather than see Donald Trump get the GOP nomination?

I hope not, but with this crowd, who knows?


April 13th, 2016

The insane pedophile who started the blood and death cult of Islam, one Mohammad, took his first wife at the age of 7. Supposedly he didn’t start forcing sexual intercourse on her until she was 9 years old, but that’s hard to believe considering things like this:

“An eight year old bride in Yemen died from internal injuries on her wedding night, bleeding to death after deep vaginal tearing caused by sex with her 40 year old husband.” A 40-year-old Muslim man jammed his dick in that little girl so hard and often that he tore her apart inside and she bled to death. I can’t even imagine it.

This goes on all the time, all over the Muslim world, it doesn’t matter which country, the Muslims are fully in favor of child sex and if the poor little girl who got raped dies, the husband isn’t charged with any crime because he has the right to have sex with any of his wives whenever he wants to.

The story above took place in Yemen where such marriages are common. What no one ever reports on is the child sex slavery that’s rampant in Saudi Arabia. They like little boys a lot in Saudi Arabia, too, possibly even more than in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This disgusting shit is built into Islamic doctrine and an indelible part of the culture. This is why Muslims not only do not belong in America or any Western nation, but why Islam should be eradicated entirely as a belief system.


April 13th, 2016

“Panicked members of the elite are buying luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers because they fear mass civil unrest might be on the horizon.” “The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”. “Where will you go when pandemonium strikes?” asks a promo for the luxury shelters.”

The mega-wealthy, the supposed Elite among us who lust for power over the “common people”, are getting worried that us “common people” are going to settle their mettle, fix their wagons, and generally hand them their asses. Gee, does this sound like they know they’ve gone too far in wrecking our world for their enrichment? Do they fear violent reprisals? They should.

These are the same people who’ve used fear time and time again to keep us in line, to get us to give up Constitutional Rights in the name of safety, security and “The National Interest”. They’ve stuffed the Patriot Act down our throats, and insane, excessive, personally violating airport security checks, extreme invasions of our privacy on the telephone and Internet, massive landgrabs of what was formerly Public Lands that we all could go on and enjoy. Fear this, fear that, and yet have done almost nothing to actually deal with the sources of this supposed fear, the Muslims. Instead, they’ve imported Muslims into the country as fast as they could arrange it and then screamed FEAR all the louder.

So burrow into the dirt, fuckers. I hope that when you emerge from your bunkers after we “Common People” riot and go berserk and destroy the hell out of what’s left of this mess you created, you find that we’re waiting for you with whipping posts and lashes, all at the ready. We’ll welcome you to the world you created with your greed and stupidity, oh yes, we will. All those Muslims you forced on us will have helped destroy all that you had built, before we finally either wipe them out or they’ve managed to create a new, well-barricaded country of their own. I’d nominate Illinois for that, since it has the most Muslims in the U.S., and a lot of blacks who are attracted to Islam. It would be a proper fate for such a craphole of a state.

You will emerge from your rat holes with only your lives. All that wealth and power will be long gone, and your lives will soon follow.


April 12th, 2016

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet

April 15th is the deadline to file Income Taxes. After that, there’s penalties, and interest, and penalties on the interest and interest on the penalties and it just keeps getting rapidly worse until it doesn’t matter if you lived to be 1000, you can never pay it off.

The Internal Revenue Service has been called other names by the victims of it’s tax collectors, who have the power to seize homes, furniture, autos, bank accounts, pretty much everything and leave you standing there nearly naked in the cold. Granted, that some people should pay more attention to what they spend and make a better effort to set aside enough to pay their taxes, but it’s also true that our government takes a larger share by far than what it needs.

This is because our government has grown much too large and spends much too much. In fact it spends so much that in spite of all the revenue it takes in, in taxes and other sources, our government still borrows well over a half-$trillion$ dollars a year. Obama’s proposed budget for 2016 totals $4.1 Trillion Dollars, while the projected income for our government is $3.3 Trillion Dollars. That’s a shortfall of $800 Billion Dollars. I suppose if we can’t borrow all that we could just print up whatever part we lack, huh? The reason his proposed budget is so high is because his Wrecking Bar for America, the ACA, also known as Obamacare, the socialist health plan, will alone take up over 26% of that $4.1 Trillion budget.

The more Socialistic our government becomes, the worse the tax burden on the people, the lower our standard of living gets, the more unemployment there is, the more people apply for some sort of government dole, which increased the amount of taxes imposed on those still working, and so it goes. Expanding government is like a cancer that eats a nation away from within until only a hollow shell is left. It reminds me of desert termites. A stick lays on the dirt until a rain comes, then termites seem to come up out of nowhere and cover the stick with wet sand and spit glue. Once covered they eat the entire stick, and the next time it rains, the sand covering collapses and disappears into the soil as if nothing was ever there. Medical coverage for everyone is a wonderful ideal, BUT, not when it includes illegal aliens, non-citizens who never paid into the cost of it, and lazy people who sponge off the system. NOT when private insurance plans are actually cheaper. NOT when people are forced to sign up for it or pay a fine. Not everyone can afford health insurance, and not everyone can afford a new BMW and a heated swimming pool in the back yard. Does this mean that we must all be taxed so that we not only all own BMWs and heated swimming pools, but that owning them IS MANDATORY?

We don’t all get to be rich, or to live long and healthy lives, that’s just how it is. We shouldn’t be made to pay for the care of some drug addict or some coal miner with black lung disease. They made their choices, yet the rest of us are being held responsible for their choices. This is wrong and it’s costing us over 26% of our national income that could be used to rebuild our decaying infrastructure and put everyone back to work.

The whole world needs reform, and no one any more than us.

The truth is that poor people who get sick are never the ones you hear about. The tear-jerking sob stories are always about upper Middle-Class families where some member suffered a catastrophic illness and the medical costs reduced them all to poverty. Well, WELCOME TO THE CLUB. Now you know how the poor people live. We all get sick and die of something. “Natural causes” includes disease. Just because you might feel entitled to live better and longer because of your circumstances, you’re not.


April 10th, 2016

Update to my IMAGINE post… This Oh So Happy Sunday over in Europe brings the cheerful news that thousands of happy aliens are trying to crash the very stout fence on the Macedonia/Greece border and being pelted with rubber bullets and tear gas. What wonderful fun everyone is having because they all looked the other way at Islamist expansion and immigration.

The Greeks are doing their damndest to keep the invaders out, while Trevor Phillips in England, and yes, OF ALL PEOPLE, he’s now denouncing the same Muslims and Islam that he used to champion as immigrants. He’s the butthead who coined the word Islamophobia.

As I type, Angela Merkel, the Socialistic and disastrous idiot, and Chancellor of Germany, is openly regretting her decision to allow over a million of these people into Germany.

Turkey is demanding a payment of billions of Euros and immediate entry into the European Union, which would allow free passage to another 70 million Muslims, in exchange for allowing the EU to pass through Turkey in deporting unwanted immigrants to Pakistan.

The EU is more under siege with each passing day and can’t last. The only way that the individual nations of the EU can act on their own to keep out all those Muslim immigrants is to ignore EU rules, and that’s what they’re starting to do. Political Correctness is crumbling under the onslaught of Muslim invaders raping women in public and the outrage is growing toward a crescendo. Things are going to go Boom.